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"The name of Absolom Posey Ballew, age three, is listed on the census roll of 1850 of Polk County, Tennessee," says Mrs.
Agnes Gill of Fort Worth, reporter for the annual Ballew family reunion. "His parents, David Ballew and Malinda Leopard, crossed the mountains from South and North Carolina many years before, with the family of George and Martha Coxsey. Partelia Coxsey and A.P. Ballew were married, and in 1894 came to Emmett, Texas with their six sons and three daughters. Emmett has been called 'home' by the family ever since. 'Andy', George, Will, John, Frank, Charlie, Malinda Northern, Laura Miller, and Nancy McAfee were a musical family, having brought their banjos, 'fiddles', etc. from Tennessee. Mary, widow of
Frank Ballew, is the only living member of that generation. She resides in Fort Worth and has attended almost every annual
reunion. They encouraged all of their descendants to enjoy and make music. Many of them were in the Emmett choir singing
contests of the late 1920's." Mrs. Gill goes on to say, "Sunday, July 15, the family met in its annual reunion in the Barry Community Center. After a delicious lunch, they took advantage of the piano and some song books which 'just happened' to be handy, and had a real 'old-time' singing."

Those attending were: Arthur Ballew, Carmel Ballew, Eunice Omberg. Becky Watson, Sam Watson, Joey Watson, Mertens, Skip Miller,' Both Miller, and Ronda Miller, Lena Ruth Road, Rebecca Hodge. Maudie King, Odus Holcomb. Athaleo Holcomb, Jimmy Caffy, and Ludy Caffy, Corsicana, Richard Ruiz, New Orleans; Shep Baggett. Hallie Baggett, Silver City; Edna Hallow and Lillian Horn, Frost; Leonard Rubenkoenig, Ina Rubenkoenig, Carolyn Sherwood. Marvin Sherwood. Melissa Sherwood. Kim Becler, Alvis Ballew, Mary Ballew, Agnes Gill, Charles Gill, Beulah Stevens. Rill Day, Sandra Day, Steve Day, Terri Day, and Randy Day, Max Omberg, Joanne Omberg, Terry Omberg, Kathy Omberg. Kyle Omberg, Fort Worth: Alvin Baggett, Margaret Baggett, Wayne Greenup, Leah Greenup, Lee Ann Greenup, Nanatte Greenup, Robert Ballew, Velma Ballew, and April Ballew, Houston; Bill Miller, Irving; Virginia Walters, Leslie Walters, Arlington; Ruth Pond, Austin; Harold Ballew, Barbara Ballew, and Susan Ballew, Hillsboro; Essie Raye Lawrence, Waco; George Ballew, Ann Ballew, Susan Ballew, and Joel Ballew, Dallas; Wayne Cosby, lunette Cosby, and 'Mica Cosby, Grand Prairie; and Prientice and Viola Stroder, Emmet


Ballew Family Reunion held here

The annual reunion of the decendants of Absalom Posey Ballew and wife Partelia Avaline (Coxsey) Ballew was held Sunday, July 10.  Approximately 100 relatives and friends gathered in Corsicana at the  YMCA OptimistYouth Center to visit and sing together.

Each annual reunion is marred by the absence of the deceased ones and those who are physically unable to attend; in this instance, Mrs. Eunice Omberg in a Dallas hospital, Cecil Ballew in the Hurst hospital, and Mrs. Mary Ballew of Fort Worth.  However many look forward to this time of renewing acquaintances and meeting new relatives.

It was in 1894 when the A. P. Ballew family, along with her parents, George and Martha Coxsey, boarded the train in Polk County, Tenn., for Emmett, Texas.  Other members of the Coxsey family already living there were Jim and John Coxsey and their families and Mrs. Melinda Christian and family.

Those attending this year were:  Arthur and Carmel, Wayne and Dorothy, Buddy, Fern and Don Ballew, Pat, Dwayne, Joey, Becky, Belinda and Stacy Watson, Max and Kyle Omberg, Mr. and Mrs. Van, Perry, Beverly Elmore, all of Mertens;  Leonard and Geraldine Ballew of Waxahachie;  Bufore, Wilma and Carrie Johnson, Alvis and Chris Ballew, Doris Krupa, Dianne Mooney, Leonard and Ina Rubenkoenig, Agnes Gill, Beulah Stevens, Carolyn, Marty and Miss Sherwood, and Kim Beeler, all of Fort Worth.

Also, J. C. Kornegay, Coolidge;  Bill and Lora Lee Miller of Irving;  Leroy and Ethel Hambrick and Effie Ballew of Olney;  Robert and Myra Guinn of Graham;  Joe and Faye Hambrick, Jimmy and Lucille Caffy, Lena Ruth Read, Rebecca and David Hodge, Steve Ruiz, Clara, Donald, Don, Jr., Donise, Aaron and Lance Northern, all of Corsicana.

Also, Ronnie Slaughter of Megargel;  George, Anne, and Joel Ballew of Dallas:  Denice Ruiz of New Orleans;  Mary Joyce Caraway of Mabank;  Keith and Shirley Ballew of Longview; Patricia Ballew of Red Oak;  Johnny, Elizabeth and Johnna Singleton of Kerens;  Robert, Velma, April, Lowell and Edna Ballew of Frost;  Wendy Ballew of Los Angeles;  Jack, Melba, Deborah and Mary Beth Morgan and friends, Chris and Cheryl, of Austin;  Anelle, Bill, Diane, Cathy and David Thompson of Wautauga;  Mildred Miller of Palestine;  Ruth Pond of Garland; and Lillian Horn of Frost.



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