Dr. Samuel Burnett
Navarro County, Texas


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  Dr. Samuel H. Burnett.  I'm guessing that the picture was taken about 1945. 
 I have several comments from my cotton mill mailing list concerning his employment by the mill that I will
also send you when I get them together. ... John C. Barron



The following is an exchange between John Barron and John P. Thompson (who worked at the mill in the '40s).

Dr. Burnett was paid by the mill.  Each pay period they deducted ten cents from your check for the doctor.  They paid on Friday every other week.

Dr. Burnett made house calls or you could go to his office.  Never heard of anyone that objected [to the payroll deduction] and never had to pay.  He had an office on the corner of Main and the second street from 7th going north.  He took good care of the whole family and when all needed shots he would come and set up and all got shots.  He was a great fellow. ...John P. Thompson Jr.

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