Jeremiah D. Caddel
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Jeremiah D. Caddel

Private / Sergeant, Was wounded at Battle of Gaines's Mill on June 27, 1862 and was killed at Petersburg June 176, 1864.

Obituary - its true that Jeremiah was an older brother of Joseph Doty I, who died in late 1862, before the other Joseph Doty, for whom the obituary was written, was born.  He died in Young County and is buried in Jack Co.  His mother was Sarah Melton Caddel (later Green) and J. D. II wasn't born until early March,

1863 after his father had died.  Joseph I was in the Civil War for nearly a year and for years people confused the J. D.'s as one and the same in the war.

I finally decided to go to the library and get all the records I could find on both of them and it was soon obvious that Jeremiah and Joseph were two different people though their names were usually just J. D.

Joseph D. He signed for  his last pay in Nov., 1862, hired a substitute and died before the first of 1863 -  Where, how and exactly when we don't know.  Andrew's will verifies the fact that he was not living in January by leaving extra money to  his wife and children, which were only two girls at the time.

Hope this straightens that out or confuses you completely.  I've followed every lead about everywhere, turned every rock I could in every cemetery of Navarro Co., which is where he had a farm and his wife and children lived.  Even talked to the curator at the Museum in Wyoming when someone said there was a letter from him there.  There were none on display and he was nice enough to even search their files.  Some of the Caddel's were cattle drovers and were connected with a company farther south, as I understand it.  Maybe someday the mystery will be unraveled. 


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