Jacqueline Logan
of Navarro County, Texas


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(Nov 30, 1901 - Apr 4, 1983)

Silent screen leading lady, former Ziegfeld Follies girl of 1920. She was the daughter of an architect father and an opera star mother. A noted red-headed, green-eyed beauty of her day, she briefly worked as a journalist, then made her stage debut in 'Floradora', appearing on screen from 1922

Date of birth: 30 November 1901 Corsicana, Texas, USA
Date of death:4 April 1983 Melbourne, Florida, USA

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Born to a noted Texas architect and a prima donna of the Boston Opera Company, American actress Jacqueline Logan was one of the most popular stars of the 1920s. Before becoming an actress, she worked as a reporter; she then debuted theatrically in the 1920 Broadway revival of Floradora. This lead to a brief career as a Ziegfeld girl, and following that she headed for Hollywood to star in numerous films. Though at one time she was quite popular, Logan's career died when talkies took hold. Later she moved to England to try to make a comeback, but after starring in one film and co-directing another, she gave up and retired in 1932. ~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide.


Jacqueline Logan was born on November 30, 1901 in Corsicana, Texas. Her mother was an opera singer and her father was an architect. The popular silent screen star was the most beautiful woman in Hollywood ,California during her heydays in the 1920's. She had been married twice and she had no children on her own. She was an animal lover. She was working as a pillar at the John Birch Society in New York City before she moved to Melbourne, Florida until she died at 78 on April 4,1983 there. What were the names of her siblings and their parents ?. Let me know if you will find any informations on Jacqueline Logan and her family in Corsicana, Texas.



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