Seventh Annual Memorial Picnic - 1922
Prairie Point Cemetery
Kerens, Navarro County, Texas


Prairie Point Cemetery



Crowds estimated at 4,000 attended the 17th annual memorial picnic at Prairie Point Thursday. Large representations from Bazette, Chatfield, Roane, Kerens, and other points in the eastern part of the county, including many from Corsicana were present.

Rev. L. C. Howell, pastor of the 11th Avenue Baptist church of Corsicana, delivered the memorial address during the morning. J. C. Wells, of Kerens, and former pioneer resident of Bazette, was general master of ceremonies and directed the activities of the celebration as president of the Prairie Point Cemetery Association.

A big old time basket picnic feast was served at noon. The lunch for the multitudes was spread upon the improvised tables erected about under the giant oaks.

The Kerens Municipal band playing under the auspices of the East Navarro Chamber of Commerce.

In the afternoon precinct and county candidates for office made their assembled about the speaking, platform. All the candidates, except the aspirants for the county judgeship were present and made short campaign speeches, the speeches being along similar lines made at other localities within the county, except that no reference was made by any to the opposition.

For seventeen years the memory of the dead who lie buried in Prairie Point cemetery have been commemorated with a basket picnic and outing. The remains of many pioneers of Navarro county repose there.

Among the first white settlers in the county made pioneer homes in the eastern portion of the county around Bazette, Chatfield and other points near the timbered belts of the Trinity river. Many of the pioneers made settlements as early as the 40ís and early 50ís. among them were the Browns, Westbrooks, Roots, Wells, Albrittons, Banks, Morgans and others. Prairie Point cemetery was set as a community burial ground in the latter 60ís, where many of the first settlers have been buried. Since its institution as a community burial ground when the body of A. J. Morgan was interred there November 22, 1871, there are at the present time 822 graves. Mrs. D. M. Brown, wife of Judge Brown, was probably the nest body buried there December 27, of the same year. The bodies of Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Wells parents of J. C. Wells, Jr., of Kerens, and Mose Wells, were interred there August 6, 1873 .

The body of Uncle Wesley Westbrook is also buried at Prairie Point. Mr. Westbrooks is said to have taught the first log house school in that community, which was during the Civil War.

The cemetery was originally laid out in a small grassy plot shaded about with small cedars. About a quarter of a century ago more ground was taken in enlarging the plot considerably. When the cemetery associated was organized the place was cleared of all underbrush, weeds and grass and in its stead more evergreen cedars and flowers were set out and made to grow. A regularly employed caretaker has been in charge of keeping the grounds cleaned since that time. It is one of the best kept and groomed cemeteries in the whole country. Citizens of all east Navarro county take a deep pride and interest in keeping the grounds in a high state of cleanliness and beautification.

Each year the memory of Prairie Point dead is fittingly observed with a community picnic, memorial and prayer services.


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