Issac Newton Killion
Land Grant
Navarro County, Texas


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No. 1230                                                                                           640 Acres

THE STATE OF TEXAS                                            BE IT KNOWN THAT,


          THIS CERTIFICATE entitles Isaac Killian to six hundred and forty acres of Land, to be located on any vacant land, within the limits of the COLONY of CHARLES FENTON MERCER and his ASSOCIATES, not otherwise appropriated, he having taken the oath and made the proof required by law, of his citizenship.  And the said Isaac Killian may locate, transfer or donate this Certificate and exercise all rights of ownership over it.

          IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I hereunto set my hand, at the town of Corsicana this 24th day of April A.D. 1851.                             

                                                                             J. M. Crockett (sic)

                                                                   Commissioner of Mercerís Colony


  • The land grant for Navarro County is about 7.5 miles northeast of Corsicana, near Roane, Texas. It is right below a large section of land granted for school land. My great-great grandfather sold the grant, but it was interesting to research all the surveys and patents. It is the only proof that he was in Texas by 1840.  ... Ron Nelson

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