Spring Hill - Dawson Masonic Lodge
1854 - 1889
Navarro County, Texas


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Early SPRING HILL-DAWSON Masonic Lodge Members



Ed Baker


Josiah Montgomery Berry    b1843  son of James Gilmore Berry


                                                m. Sarah Elizabeth Walker

                                                            Sister of William Walker (below)


William Booth                        b1837  son of John and Nancy Booth,

                                                Warren Co MS

                                                CSA….enlisted Dresden 1862

m. Emma Blackstock


G W Brewer 

G W Clary


J J Cleghorn                           b1830  Tennessee   1870 Census list him as Engineer

Matt Cleghorn                       b1862  son of JJ


David W Cook                      

S L Cooke


Brit Dawson                           b1817  SE Alabama

                                                m. c1838   Elizabeth Walker

                                                m.   1848   Susannah Cannon

William Henry Dawson          b1844  son of Brit Dawson


Peter Elberry Farmer            b  1822  Franklin Co Tennessee

….family from Germany

                                                d. 1917  Navarro Co TX

                                                m. 1857 Margaret Eveline Morrell  at Dresden


W D French                            b1832


William W Frost                     Father of Judge Sam Frost


Jim Furgerson                                    ????

Mattie, wife of J M Ferguson 

b. ?????     d.March 1883  Dawson Cem


Henry Fullerton                      m. Nancy Walker

sister of William BILL Walker, Spring Hill Lodge


            George Fullerton                    m. Fannie Boyles…

niece of

    Macca Orange McCandless Lawrence

                                                            She remarried  James Maginnis Lee

William Fullerton                   Member Spring Hill Lodge

Henry Fullerton                      m. Laura Booth

John Fullerton                         m. Mary Boyles

                                                Niece of

                                                   Macca Orange McCandless Lawrence

Ephrain Fullerton      

James Patrick Fullerton        m. Mary Alice Rucker          

Sarah Jane Fullerton m. Henry Clay Garner          


William Hall Garner              c1810-1868     m. Nancy Rogers

            Margaret Garner                   m. Mr. Curry

            Cornelia Garner                     m. William A Treadwell

            Henry Clay Garmer               m. Sarah Jane Fullerton


A Hanson


B J C Hill                    b.1829   son of John Ashley and Lucinda Langston Hill

                                    Lucinda Langston was sister of John Langston

                                    Father killed by Indians 1838 Robertson Co TX

                                    m. Ann Sneed    License issued Waco TX 1852

                                    2nd Lt CSA    Returned to Texas 1861


J Honstat                    May be John Houston


T Howard                    Howards lived near Blooming Grove


DG Kerr                     Kerrs lived near Blooming Grove


William Langston                   Son of John and Clarissa Matthews Langston

                                                Was in Navarro Co TX by 1850

                                                Member of Spring Hill Lodge 1857


J T Lawrence                         Joseph Thomson Lawrence…

                                                b. 1825  Rutherford Co TN

                                                m. Macca Orange McCandless


                        Carrie Lawrence

                        Ann Eliza Lawrence                           m George Washington Savage

                        Mary Jane Lawrence

                        John D Lawrence                               m.Anna D Dawson

                        William J Lawrence                           m. Emily Dawson

                        James O Lawrence                            m. Lenora Wright

                        George Lawrence                              m. Carrie Bell Dempsey

                        Sarah Medora Lawrence

                        Fannie Lawrence                                m. James M Sowell


F M Onstatt                           Francis Marion FRANK Onstatt

                                                m. Margaret Laxton….Langston??

                                                d. Wilson, Comanche Co TX

J H Onstatt                             Half brother of Francis Marion Onstatt

                                                Both were sons of Joshua Onstatt


William McWheaten


Frank McMillen

T McMillen


J R Mauldin


John R Ogilvie                       John Randolph Ogilvie


A Roberts                               Probably Aaron Roberts


William Richey                       b.  1804  SC

m. Mary  Cannon….

dau Susannah Connor Cannon

         m. Brit Dawson


J K Sanders


Robert F Slaughter                Son of Francis &

                                                    Minerva Kathryn Matthews Slaughter

                                                Dau  Bobbie Anna Slaughter  1868-1888 

m. Will Matthews

son…Ottma Matthews


A J Smith


John Z Reed



William M Roberts                b.1806 VA

                                                m. Sarah Matthews, Overton Co TN 

dau of Thomas Matthews

                                                Spring Hill Census 1870

                                                Moved Melton’s CSA Troops to Milligan TX


David Self


Nicholas T Sneed                   Capt. Nicholas Joseph Snead, CSA

                                                Son of Joseph Perkins Snead who arr Texas 1838,

Purchased  8,000 acres Liberty Hill area



Cyrus W Spence                    m. 1883   Sally French   Navarro Co TX

L W Spence


George Stokes


James H Treadwell                James Harris Treadwell

                                                b. c1835    m. 1855 Sarah Elizabeth French

                                                d, 1889  Throckmorton Co TX

John Treadwell                       Probably John Payne Treadwell

                                                     who married Addie Booth

                                                b. 1843    Was living in Dawson area 1891


H W Ward                              Brother of John Ward…migrated to Texas from

                                                Macoupin Co IL with Vinson, Sawyer, Scroggins,

other families


W T Westmoreland                b.1840  Maury Co TN….arr TX 1862   Served CSA

                                                Lived Arkansas for some time

                                                School Teacher at Mt Calm & at early Dawson

                                                m.  Miss Lou Coleman

                                                Father of Dalton Westmoreland


William Walker                      b.1825

                                                m. Mary Minerva McCandless

                                                Brother in Law of Joseph Thompson Lawrence

                                                Grandfather of Spart Berry


M C Williams

W Williams


M L Wortham


A H Wright                             Son of Joseph A Wright, nephew of Sam Wright

Robert J Wright                     Son of Samuel Wright

                                                Served CSA under his father

Sam Wright                            b. 1816  Maury Co TN

                                                m. Prudance Shaw Matthews

                                                Capt. CSA

                                                Judge, Navarro Co TX


Robert A Younger                  b. 1830 TM

                                                m. Louise Slaughter

                                                           dau.  Francis & Minerva Matthews Slaughter

                                                Died 1863…CSA

                                                Dau Lizzie Younger m. John T Wilkes


HELP....I have been attempting to identify as many of these Lodge Members as possible....perhaps, you can help.    Any additions/corrections,  PICTURES..  deeply appreciated.




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