Jackson High School
1930 Commencement
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Diplomas were awarded to nine
graduates at the Jackson colored
high school Friday night by W. P.
McCammon, president of the Corsicana
board of education, after an
interesting pageant in four episodes
was presented by the graduates.
H. D. Fillers, superintendent
of the Corsicana public schools
made a short talk prior to the diploma
Honor students of the class are:
Nannie B. Curtis, valedictorian;
Malcolm Ashford, salutatorian; and
Leona Burkes, honorable mention.
The following program was followed:
The Chronicler of the Achievements
of Men unwinds his scroll to
read the tale of the Negro, of
whom, because of race hatred, little
is known.
Episode I.
"The Rape of a Continent.
Depicting the care-free life of the
African and the coming of the
slave trader.
Episode II.
The horror of slavery and the
rise of some of the slaves.
Episode III.
A new Day Breaks.
Episode IV.
What of Today?
The Children of Genius—Music,
Literature, Science, and Art.
His is not the end but the be-
ginning of Negro contributions to
American life.
Graduates receiving diplomas included:
John Edward Choice, senior
class president; Nannie B.
Curtis, vice-president; Leona
Burkes, secretary; Earline Gilkey,
treasurer; John Degraffenreid,
Thelma Harris, Roderick McGriffe,
Malcolm Ashford, and Mary Washington


The Corsicana Daily Sun - May 31, 1930
Submitted by Diane Richards



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