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Proven Lineage for HENRY AMOS BALDWIN:

JOHN T BALDWIN b ca 1470-9 England

SYLVESTER b ca 1510 d 1593 England m SARAH GELLY d 1565-6

HENRY will proven Jul 2, 1602 England m ALICE KING will dated Jun 4, 1622 Henry was (HENRY was Lord of the Manor “Dundridge” located in Aston-
Clinton, Buckinghamshire, England. Oldest son Richard inherited

SYLVESTER d bet Jun 4, 1622 – Mar 18, 1632 England m Sept 28, 1590 JANE (WILDE) WILLIS

SYLVESTER B BEF 1600 Aston-Clinton England d Jul 21, 1638 Mid Atlantic aboard ship “Martin” in route from England m early 1620 SARAH died 1669 Milford, Ct

JOHN bapt Oct 28, 1635 Aston-Clinton d Aug 19, 1683 Stonington, Ct m Jul 24, 1672 REBECCA PALMER d May 2, 1713 (I am also descended from REBECCA’s brother GERSHOM PALMER. The PALMER family came to America ca 1628 and were original settlers in Ct. PALMER line connection proven to Mayflower)

THEOPHILUS b Jun 1, 1783 Stonington, Ct d 1733 m May 25, 1710 Stonington PRISCILLA MASON b Sept 17, 1691 d 1719

“CAPT” JOHN b Jul 12, 1711 Stonington d 1762 Stonington m Jul 3, 1740 EUNICE SPAULDING b Jul 28, 1720 d Jan 1819 (SPAULDING line proven to Mayflower)
ZIBA b Feb 16, 1755 d Sept 27, 1803 both Stonington m Jul 20, 1775 ANN “AMY” BROWN b Oct 7, 1759 Preston, Ct d Dec 29, 1827 Lenox, NY (ANN BROWN is another Mayflower line.)
AMOS b Jun 4, 1779 Stonington d 1816 Bridgewater, NY m May 2, 1807 or 09 SALLY WHITE b
ca 1786 Hartford, Ct

GILES WASHINGTON b Aug 9, 1814 Stonington d May 30, 1855 French Corral, Yuba Co, CA m CHARLOTTE WALKER b ca 1815-20 Maryland d 1850- 51 (Yellow Fever) Houston, Harris Co, TX (GILES one of original settlers in Houston,
Shown in group who protected the young Houston settlement. He was granted land by Republic of Texas, but was a tailor and carpenter and was paid for tables for Rep of Texas offices when it was located in Houston. GILES went to
CA in mid 1850 with Gold Rush leaving his wife and son in Houston.
CHARLOTTE’s untimely death left their son HENRY AMOS BALDWIN
Alone in Houston at age 12.)

HENRY AMOS BALDWIN b 1838 Houston, Texas d July 20, 1884 Navarro Co, TX
M Feb 20, 1867 in Navarro Co, TX NANCY CAROLINE “CARRIE” ELIZABETH BUFORD b Feb 4, 1849 Haynesville, LA d Mar 29, 1915

HENRY is buried at Hamilton – Beeman Cemetery at Retreat, Texas (see note below)
CARRIE is buried at Richland Cemetery at Richland, Texas (see note below)

HENRY was left alone in Houston in 1850 on the death of his mother CHARLOTTE. He was taken in by a local family (we have not been able to prove the family as yet). By March 10, 1862 HENRY was in Corsicana and joined McKie’s Squadron, Texas Rangers, of Morgan’s Regiment, Cavalry on that date.

During the War, he met NANCY CAROLINE “CARRIE” ELIZABETH BUFORD, (the BUFORD line is proven also) at her grandfather’s plantation house in Haynesville, Louisiana. We believe that HENRY met CARRIE’s first cousin Nathaniel Ridley Buford at the Battle of Pine Bluff. Nathaniel was killed in this battle. However, family legend says the couple met when HENRY was on picket duty outside the BUFORD plantation. CARRIE was about 15 when they met and HENRY was 26. He told her to wait and he’d be back for her after the War ended. She waited and HENRY came back to Navarro County, bought land, built a house, got a job, and went back to Louisiana and brought CARRIE (and her mother and stepfather) to Navarro County.

We think HENRY lied about his age when he met her. We think so because he changed his age on every census and even his tombstone has the wrong age (of course, the tombstone was not erected until CARRIE died about 20 years later. And his death date is wrong on the tombstone too).

Some years ago I arranged to have HENRY’s grave marked with a Republic of Texas marker and our family had a large gathering and a ceremony at Hamilton-Beeman. (My paternal grandparents, EDWARD ALBERT ZUBE and MARY “MOLLIE” (DEPEW) ZUBE as well as my father HENRY EDWIN ZUBE are also buried in Hamilton-Beeman).

After HENRY’s death, CARRIE married John G. Matlock on March 2, 1887 in Corsicana. CARRIE and John had one son, “Johnnie”, who was killed trying to catch a freight train. I have no idea when he died. According to other family members, Johnnie had a son living in either Dallas or Ft Worth in mid 1920s but I have no information on him. So CARRIE is buried in Richland Cemetary as Carrie Matlock. (My maternal grandmother MARY ELLEN “HART” BOLLMAN SAWYER BROWN, my maternal grandparents, DON MAYO SAWYER and his wife WILLIE RACHEL (BROWN) SAWYER, and my mother MILDRED MAE (SAWYER) ZUBE WILLEY are also buried in Richland Cemetery).

My BALDWIN line is fully proven for DAR, Mayflower Society, Daughters of the Republic of Texas, United Daughters of the Confederacy, and I’m working on Colonial Dames.

I’ll gladly share information with anyone who’d like it.


IDA RACHEL BALDWIN b Aug 7, 1868 Navarro Co d Nov 7, 1895 Navarro Co
M Sept 1, 1886 Corsicana ISOM CARROL BROWN B Mar 11, 1866
Tennessee d Oct 16, 1903 (both buried David White Cemetary, Mt
Nebo, Navarro Co. See JOHN G BROWN line)

WILLIE RACHEL BROWN b Jun 12, 1887 Richland, TX d Dec 11, 1959 Houston,
TX m Jun 3, 1904 Corsicana DON MAYO SAWYER b Feb 28, 1878
Macoupin Co, IL d Dec 16, 1938 Angus, TX (both buried Richland)

(The ZUBE line originated in Prussia. The family immigrated with the
Fisher – Miller Colony to Texas in 1847. The original ZUBE family
Settled near Houston)

PEGGY JEAN ZUBE m JOHN TERRY THOMAS (The Thomas line is also


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