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The Bills Family of Navarro County started with Amos London Bills of Marshall Tennessee in the Farmington area. Amos married Mary Ann Dysart and had four children before dying at the tender age of 36. His widow never remarried but took over the family farm and raised her four children as well as another young lady that she adopted.

The two oldest children moved to Navarro County beginning with the oldest, Robert Dysart Bills who first appeared in the 1860 Census living in the household of Cpt John Ogilvie and John's wife, brother, son, and 4 daughters. When the Civil War broke out, Robert was an early enlistee, and has been chronicled on other pages in this website. After the war, he married John's oldest daughter, Mary "Mollie" Ogilvie and they had 8 children before her death in 1883. He then married the widow Margaret Powell who had 5 children from her two previous husbands. Robert and Margaret proceeded to have 5 more children for a total of 18.

Meanwhile, back in Tennessee, younger brother Gersham "Gary", served in the Confederate Army before following Robert to Texas in about 1871 where he married his sister-in-law, Eugenia Ogilvie and they had twelve children.

The attached files document the descendants of Robert and Gary through their grandchild which would be my father and other members of the greatest generation. There are some interesting folks in the family including the youngest member of the Texas House of Representatives, the founder of a Dallas Company that is still around, a prominent Doctor, an architect, the Superintendent of Navaro Schools, the editor of the Corsicana Newspaper for many years, an Athletic Director of Texas A&M, the winningest High School Football coach in Texas (although recently surpassed), the Director of Admissions to LSU Med School, two folks with schools named after them and many more.

It has been fascinating to study the family and get to know my "cousins". If you are related and have something to add, please contact me. My contact info is at the end of each pdf file. Hopefully I'll get to meet some more cousins and do more just to your family biography.

Surnames in the family include Bills, Bryant, Ledford, Moore, Coxsey, Slater, Wilson, Reynolds, Tull, Loveless, Roper, Brown, King, Briscoe, Head, Cox, Smithson, Oldham, Cheney, Meadows, Cook, Wollard, Kelly. Green, Carmichael, Grimes, Ligon, Mayes, Guidry, Perkins, and Martin.

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