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Navarro County Man Pushes Wheelbarrow to Top Pike's Peak




Bramblett is Back From Long Bicycle Tour of the Southeast

J. W. Bramblett of Blooming Grove returned to Corsicana Friday morning, after spending several months in a 3,500 mile tour of the Southern and Atlantic states, with a bicycle as his mode of transportation. Bramblett brought back several interesting articles of Florida flora, including huge stalks of sea cane and small coconuts, and was displaying them here this afternoon.

The Blooming Grove man last year pushed a wheel barrow to the top of Pike’s Peak, and recently made an extended tour of South Texas on a home-made scooter.


Headed for Chicago

J. W. Bramblett of Blooming Grove, left Corsicana early Friday morning for Chicago to visit the Century of Progress. He will make the trip on a bicycle. He recently returned from a trip to Florida and other Southern states on the bicycle. When he returns he expects to go to Old Mexico.


Blooming Grove Man Will Travel Scooter Route to Florida


To gather material, from which he plans to write a book of his experiences, J. W. Bramblett, of Blooming Grove, plans to leave immediately on a home-made scooter for Jacksonville, Florida. He recently returned from Colorado, where he pushed a wheelbarrow to the to top of Pikes Peak.

En route to Florida, Bramblett hopes to make his expenses by putting on a mechanical show. He expects to make the trip from Corsicana in sixty days.

The scooter is made from two small bicycle wheels, and was built entirely by Bramblett. The wheels are braced with steel frames, and are connected with a base-board, upon which the operator stands, and propels the vehicle. The front wheel is surmounted by a steering device and a half-steering wheel serves as handle-bars. The seat is a toolbox, in which the rider plans to carry his mechanical show.

Bramblett recently returned from Pikes Peak, and says he has already written a 75,000words account of his experiences, to which he will add events of his Florida trip.


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