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Navarro County, Texas


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Prepared by Elnora Frances Cook-Wyrick,  <[email protected]>

Family Surnames:
Cook, Hawthorne, Willit, Wilson, Bozeman, Osteen, Nichols, Patterson, Scarborough,
Goodson, Slaughter, McPhaul, Prosser, Tenery, Nally, Boiles, Hines, Sutherland, Pierce, Scott, Rich, Slane, Myers, Alexander, Gayler, Lloyd.

Biography; HENRY COOK:

Henry Cook,  the 9th and youngest child of  James and Margaret (? Hawthorne) Cook;

first known location for his family was in Effingham Co., GA. They  migrated to Jefferson and Franklin Counties, MS area in the very early 1800s.

James Cook Family is found on the 1810 census for Jefferson Co., MS. His
Will is dated 1812 in Jefferson Co., MS, the Will names all of his children
except,  first daughter Mary, and his first son Samuel Cook:
1. Mary Cook, b. abt. 1774, m. (?) Willit  (their daughter Ritty Willit;
named in Will)
2. Samuel Cook, b. abt 1776,  nothing more known.
3. Elizabeth Cook b., m.  Jessie Wilson, 10 August 1796 Effingham Co., GA
4. Nancy Cook b. 27 July 1780  in GA. d. 9 Oct 1869 in MS.
m.  #1. Howell Bozeman, 1802 Bladen Co., NC #2. Simon Osteen,  2 September
1814 Jefferson Co., MS
5. Ellender Cook b. abt 1784 , m. Henry Nichols, location and date unknown.
6. Margaret Cook  b. abt 1788,  m. 1806 in Effingham Co., GA, Peter
7.  Able Cook b. abt 1792  m. #1. Rebecca  Patterson,  5 December 1816,
Jefferson Co., MS   #2. Harriet (?)   (Date unknown, in Jefferson Co., MS)
8. David Cook  b. abt. 1796  m. Elizabeth Scarborough, 22 February 1821 in
Jefferson Co., MS
9. HENRY COOK, b. 20 May 1801, in GA. d. 14 May 1883, Navarro Co., TX .

Henry was married twice and fathered  fifteen children, all but one survived to adulthood, his youngest child a daughter Sally Mae was born only one year before he died at the age of  82, on May 14, 1883,  in Navarro County, Texas,  we do not know where he is buried.

Henry married first wife, MARY POLLY GOODSON, 18 January  1825, Franklin Co.,  MS. Mary Polly Goodson was born  May  14, 1804 in GA. and died between 1860-1870, probably in Dresden, Navarro Co., TX.  She was the daughter of Benjamin & Elizabeth (Unkn) Goodson. 

Their Children; 

1. Nancy COOK  b: 1 November 1824 in (Probably) Hinds Co., MS d: 6 January 1891 in

Kemp, Kaufman Co., TX.  She married Thomas Jefferson TENERY  b: 22 April 1816 in Giles Co., TN d: 20 January 1901 in Kemp, Kaufman Co., TX m: 18

January 1846 in Navarro Co.,  TX

Father: William Daniel TENERY    Mother: Nancy Smith YOUNG

2. William COOK      b: Abt. 1829 in (probably) Hinds Co., Mississippi    d: Aft. 1880 in (probably) Texas. He married Cyntha Ann NALLY      b: 14 February 1840 in Missouri

d: 23 July 1923 in Calvin, Hughes Co., OK      m: 3 March 1853 in Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., TX. Her parents are Unknown.           

3.  James COOK  b: Abt. 1830 in (Probably) Mississippi, date, place of death and burial unknown.                    

4.     Mary Ann COOK  b: Abt. 1832 in Texas      d: December 1856 in Peoria, Hill Co., TX

She married John Gideon (Jack) BOILES      b: 12 August 1827 in Pike Co., MO Or KY Or AR    d: Bet. 1909 - 1910 in Eastland, Eastland Co., Or Lubbock Co., TX    m: 16 June 1850 in Navarro Co.,  TX Father: Daniel BOILES   

5.     Thomas COOK        b: Abt. 1837 in Texas      d: Abt. 1862 in (Probably) Texas. He

married Mary PIERCE  b: 1840 in AR or TX d: Abt. 1862 in (Probably) Texas

m: 1 July 1857 in Navarro Co.,  TX Father: Lewis PIERCE    Mother: Alsey UNKNOWN

6.     Rebecca Dulaney COOK        b: 1839 in Probably Navarro Co., TX     d: 1873 in Blanton,

Hill Co., TX. She married   John Milton HINES      b: 24 April 1832 in TN    d: 15 January 1909 in Blanton, Hill Co., TX  m: 1 July 1857 in Navarro Co., TX

7. Elizabeth J. M. (Bessie) COOK      b: Abt. 1841 in (Possibly) Navarro Co., Texas  

She married first W Ashley SUTHERLAND  b: Abt. 1825 in Probably Texas d: Bef. 1865 in Texas   m: 22 July 1860 in Navarro Co., TX      

Her 2nd Husband was Hugh PIERCE  b: Bet. 1841 - 1842    d: 29 September 1932 in Vera, Knox Co., TX    m: 24 August 1865 in Navarro Co., TX  Father: Lewis PIERCE

Mother: Alsey UNKNOWN

8.     Sarah Francis COOK  b: Abt. 1845 in (Probably) Navarro Co., Texas   d: 16 August 1901 in Kaufman Co., TX                      

9.   George Washington COOK  b: 22 November 1847 in (Probably) Navarro Co., Texas   d: 1909 in Frost, Navarro Co.,TX. He married Mary SCOTT      b: 15 October 1854 in Mississippi    d: 15 February 1944 in Frost, Navarro Co.,TX    m: 17 July 1873 in Navarro Co.,  TX Father: James Jackson SCOTT    Mother: Mary HAMILTON

Henry married second wife Effie Jane MCPHAUL, 29 June 1870 in Navarro Co., TX

b: 12 April 1837 in MS  d: 28 December 1901 in Childress, Childress Co., TX

Father:  Daniel MCPHAUL    Mother: Sara Jane Smith

Their Children;

1.   Henry David COOK  b: 14 May 1871 in Navarro Co., TX.. Date and place of death unknown.  He married Minnie L RICH,   5 August 1900 in Jack Co., TX., Minnie died January 1904 in Childress, Childress Co., TX. Date, place and identity of second wife is unknown.            

2.   Laney Ann COOK  b: 4 March 1873 in Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., TX d: 6 January 1934 in Portales, Roosevelt Co., NM. She  first married  James Cromwell MCPHAUL  b: 12 April 1850  d: 17 October 1890    m: 1886.  

2nd Husband of Laney Ann COOK was  Ben Hugh SLANE  b: June 1861 in Indiana d: 22 February 1901    m: 12 July 1894  Father: Hyman SLANE    Mother: Mary Polly UNKN.

3rd Husband of Laney Ann COOK was  George Bee MYERS      b: 23 August 1875 in Decatur, Wise Co., TX    d: 23 March 1956 in Portales, Roosevelt Co., NM      m: 23 December 1903 in Decatur, Wise Co., TX    Father: George Valentine MYERS    Mother: Nancy Lou RENDEE

3.  Archie B COOK      b: Bet. 15 February 1874 - 1875 in Navarro Co., TX d: 4 January 1952 in Coleman, Coleman Co., TX.  He married Cora Bell ALEXANDER      b: 27 January 1880 in Blooming Grove, Navarro Co., TX d: 31 May 1954 in Lancaster, Dallas Co., TX    m: 30 May 1897 in Navarro Co., TX     Father: Alexander Archibald ALEXANDER    Mother: Lou Verne WHEELER

4.   Lauchlen D COOK  b: 18 January 1877 in Navarro Co., TX d: 23 January 1877 in Navarro Co., TX                  

5.     Effie Jane COOK  b: 1 February 1879 in Navarro Co., TX.  Date and place of death

unknown.  She married William T GAYLER  m: 3 May 1896 in Jack Co., TX  

6. Sallie Mae COOK      b: 1 May 1882 in Navarro Co., TX d: 17 August 1961 in San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX.  She married  R. C. LLOYD  b: 1869    d: 24 January 1941 in San Angelo, Tom Green Co., TX  m: Unknown in Possibly  Roswell, Chaves Co., NM                 

From His earliest days Henry was involved with the land, he is consistently listed as a farmer on the  3 census we have found him on,  I suspect he was also a rancher, raising livestock, both cattle and horses as his Livestock ownership brand “JHC” was the first registered in Navarro County, TX.   He did have slaves as shown on 2 slave schedules for Navarro County, and  appeared to be  of  Confederate Sympathies as 2 of his sons were in enlisted in the Army of the CSA from TX.  His 3rd son Thomas  may have died in the war in 1862.   

His life is best described by the many deeds we have collected for him. He moved often and was very active in obtaining land which he appears to have shared with his children.

He appears to have had some education as he utilized the Court Systems for conducting his business and  was Administrator and Guardian for his two insane children and his orphaned grandchildren.  There is no personal knowledge of any family history of him as a Father or Grandfather,  so the best I can do is provide a Chronological History of his Life.  

25 February 1825:   Hinds Co., Mississippi;, Henry Cook is named as Executor/Administrator of Last Will and Testament of "John Slaughter", husband of Rhoda (Goodson) Slaughter , older sister of his wife, Mary Polly (Goodson) Cook. Witnessed by Honorable Judge W (N. S. Smith?) ESQ. Probate Judge for the Orphans Court of Hinds Co., MS, and  William Goodson and William L (Avick or Arick), Orphans Court page 149, J.R. Enloe, (Registrar?).

13 November 1826: Records in my possession  show Henry was living on an 80 acre tract of  Public Lands in Hinds Co., MS,  he  purchased  15 January  1827, signed by, “John Quincy Adams”, President of the United State of America.

Property description:  The west half of  the South East quarter of  Section 25, Township 6 Range 4 West, in the district of Choctaw and State of Mississippi, containing 80 acres and forty seven hundredths of an acre.

On March 7, 1829: Hinds Co., Mississippi,   Deed witnessed by Stephen Holt J.P., selling  property located at Section 25 of Township 6 Range 4 West, the west half of described tract by a ? division from south to north containing forty acres more or less, in  Hinds Co., MS, to Rhoda Goodson-Slaughter and her children, the heirs of John Slaughter, Deceased;     Signed by both Henry and Mary Cook. 

* I do not have a deed of sale for the other half of this property.**

8 November 1828:  Again Henry is found living on another 80 acres tract of Public Land in Hinds Co., MS, that he purchased 1 December 1830, signed by “Andrew Jackson”, President of the United States of America.

Property Description:  The West half of the North West quarter of Section Twenty five in Township 6 of range 4 West, in the district of lands offered for sale at Mount Salus, Mississippi, containing 80 acres and forty seven hundredths of an acre.

*I do not have a deed of sale for this property.**

1829: Hinds Co., Mississippi, Receipt #32: Recorded on page 191, signed by (M/TW Boica?) Clerk;  from Henry Cook "All of the  Goods chattels personal  Estate of John Slaughter.  Signed by Rhoda Slaughter (by her + Mark)  25 May 1829."  Henry Cook  resigns his duties as Executor for Estate of John Slaughter, Dec’d.

1832:  Hinds Co., Mississippi, 23 April 1832, Annual Settlement in the Estate of John Slaughter, Dec'd Filed by  Rhoda Goodson-Slaughter, Recorded in Inventory Docket page 352, July Term of County Court; Lists two disbursements made to Henry Cook, on 2 occasions (no dates)  in the amount of #1. $70.00 and #2. $30.00. Henry was reimbursed for duties performed prior to his resignation as Executor of Estate of John Slaughter, Dec’d. 

1832 Arrival in Texas:  

Henry and Mary Cook are shown on “Stephen F Austin’s, Register of  Families”,

with their 3 oldest children, Nancy, William, and James, arriving from Northern

Mississippi.  There is no date on the document I have and the number (35) is listed above Henry’s name, I do not know the meaning of this number? Article states they had not selected their land at that time.

1836: Exact Area that Henry Cook Family was living in is Unknown: 

Henry is shown on the Records of Republic of Texas, Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas. "Muster roll, of Company of Rangers, (formerly commanded by Sterling C. Robertson), under the Command of Capt. Boales, served for four (4) months, from 11 Sept. 1836, with the Rank of Private.  Signed 29 March 1838, by Colin Boales."

26 January 1838: Issued, Head Right Land Grant Certificate #207:

File #84, Milam Co., First Class,  1 League and 1 Labor (4605 acres).

Confirms date of arrival as 1832.

(Patent #313, date 29 September 1849)

Lee County-177 acres, Surveyed, 16 March 1838: Abstract #66.

(Patent #314, date  29 September 1849) 

Lee County-535 acres, Abstract #392. Surveyed; 17 April 1838:

Milam County-141 acres, Abstract #125. Surveyed; 17 April 1838:

Williamson County-3752 acres, Abstract #126. Surveyed; 17 April 1838:

1845: Robertson County, Texas: Listed on the Robertson Co., Tax Roll (probably lived in present Navarro Co., portion); per "Old Northwest Texas, Vol. 1-B, Navarro county, 1846-1860".

1846: Navarro County, TX:  17 August 1846: First recorded Cattle Brand of Navarro Co., TX.  Listed on Tax Rolls of Navarro Co., TX, also owned land in Burleson, Milam and Leon Counties. 

1847: Navarro Co., Texas: Taxed for 4 Surveys in Navarro Co., also owned land in Milam Co., TX.

From; The Handbook of Texas Online:  DRESDEN, TEXAS.

Dresden is at the junction of Farm roads 744 and 55, fifteen miles west of Corsicana in west central Navarro County. The first county elections were held there on July 13, 1846.  A three-acre town site was set aside in March 1847 with Jacob Hartzell, Ethan Melton, and Henry Cook as trustees.


Annie Carpenter Love, History of Navarro County (Dallas; Southwestern, 1933)

Wyvonne Putman, comp., Navarro County History (5-vols., Quanah, Texas: Nortex, 1975-84)

1848: Navarro Co., Texas; Taxed for 854 acre Knott & Ramsey Survey, Henry also appears on the list of Jurors for  Navarro County, Texas.

1849: Navarro Co., Texas: Road From Tarrant’s Toward Springfield:

From Old Northwest TX, Chapter III;   The road from Edward Hampton Tarrant’s, in present Ellis County, to the county line, in the direction of Springfield, Limestone County, went across what is now western Navarro County.  It was worked in two sections in 1849. According to the February 1849 court minutes, the northern portion of this road was to begin at Jacob Hartzell’s and end at the center channel of Mill Creek to the north.  Daniel Boyles/Boiles was appointed overseer for this section of the road with hands:

John Boyles/Boiles, John Carr, Henry Cook, William Cook, James Cook, Hiram Parker, John Parker, John Pevehouse

1850: Navarro Co., Texas; Listed with family on the 1850 Census, Navarro Dist. Navarro County, Texas enumerated on 8 Oct 1850, listed as a farmer worth $7,900,

 page # not listed.

He was also taxed for portions of Joseph Knott, J.A. Ramsey, W.J.French, W.Myrick and Leakey Surveys, He probably lived on Knott Survey in the Dresden, Navarro Co., TX area. (Per Old Northwest Texas, Vol. 1-B; Navarro County 1846-1860]. Other information includes, " Henry patented the Claiborn Jarrell 640 -acre 3rd Class survey 28 August 1854.  Henry is listed as a Slave holder in 1850 on the records of Navarro County, TX.

October 1856 to April 1857: Guardianship of Son James Cook.

Henry Cook is appointed as Guardian and executor of the estate of his son, who had been tried and found (Insane) by a jury of 12 men, in the Navarro County Court.

James is never mentioned again.

1860: Navarro Co., Texas;

Henry and Mary Polly Cook Family is Listed on 1860 U S Census of Navarro Co., TX, Living in Dresden Post Office district,  enumerated 12 August 1860, page 86.

Henry is listed as a Slave holder in 1860 on the records of Navarro County, TX.

15 February 1861, Deed Abstract:  

I do not have these deeds;

 Henry Cook of Navarro Co., TX, Gift Deed to Heirs of Daughter Mary Ann (Cook) Boiles and to Daughter Sarah Francis Cook, (Unsound Mind);

569 acres each, from Patent on “Middle Yegua”, located in, Williamson County, may extend into Lee or Milam also.

14 July 1862:

Henry Cook of Navarro Co., TX. For the Natural Love and Affection for daughter Nancy (Cook) Tenery,  569 acres in (part of his headright) cannot read the county land is located in, but, I believe it is Williamson County, may extend into Lee or Milam also. I have this deed, most of it is unreadable.

1860-1870: Mary Polly (Goodson) Cook died, Date and location are Unknown.

1870:  Henry Cook Family is not found on Census, of Navarro Co., Texas;   

29 June 1870 in Navarro County, TX:

Henry Cook married,  Mrs Effie Jane (McPhaul)  Prosser: Marriage License, and Certificate of Marriage, signed by J.S.M Shigog, J.P.: 

24 January 1874:   Deed from Henry Cook and 2nd wife Effie Jane (McPhaul) Prosser Cook, to his Children:

In consideration of  the Love and Affection for his children, George W. Cook, William Cook, Sarah Cook, Elizabeth (Cook) Pierce wife of Hugh Pierce, Heirs of John Hines by his daughter Rebecca (Cook) Hines dec’d, Heirs of John Boiles by his daughter Mary Ann (Cook) Boiles dec’d, and one dollar in hand,  and

the further consideration that the Heirs herein mentioned  [do consent and agree to and with Henry Cook and Wife Effie Cook to leave to the entire control of the parties of the first part,] one tract or parcel of land, situated in the state of Texas and County of Navarro now used, owned and claimed as the homestead of Henry and Effie Cook. The same being four hundred and forty acres off of the six hundred and forty acre survey.

Have this day bargained sold devised and conveyed., and do by these presents sold bargained (aliened?) and convey, unto the Heirs above mentioned [Two tracts or parcels of land situated and described as follows, to wit.

The first being Three Hundred and Twenty acres granted to Henry Cook assignee

of **Myrick in Denton District Jack County on the waters of [?] creek, a tributary of the west fork of the Trinity River about 7 miles east from [?] by virtue of Certificate No. 40, issued by the board of Land Commissioners of Milam County on the 6th day of May A.D. 1844 and transferred to the said Cook on said day. Beginning at Nancy P Overby or P. Middleton’s S. E. Corner a pile of rocks from which a [?] post oak bears --------------back to the beginning.

The Second tract being situated in the South E Corner of Williamson County and partly in Milam county and state aforesaid on the Head Waters of the Middle Yegua and is part of my headright League and bounded as follows. Beginning at the NE of said League a stake from which a post oak marked  W. bears--------------------……………..to the corner of a Survey of 569 acres made for William Cook, a stake from which a Post Oak--------------Back to Beginning,  Containing 569 acres to have and to hold [??] the within mentioned Heirs, their Heirs and assigns forever

** Wm Myrick 320 acre survey in Jack Co., Tx, said survey patented to Henry Cook Assignee by patent no 697, Vol. 15. Information per court minutes in estate of daughter Sarah F Cook, filed in Navarro Co., TX; August 1901, sold to J.D. Caddel, for $140.00, entire tract of land ***


The State of Texas]  County of Navarro]

Know all men by these presents that we, Elizabeth Pierce, joined by her husband Hugh Pierce and William Cook all of said County of Navarro in consideration of a deed of even date herewith made to us and others of our brothers and Sisters and the heirs of two of our deceased Sisters by our father Henry Cook and his present wife Effie Cook have rented and leased and do hereby rent and lease to said Henry cook our undivided interests in and to Four hundred and forty acres of land near Dresden in said County of Navarro now used and occupied by said “Henry Cook” as a homestead for the full Term ---of his natural life, giving to said Henry Cook and his said wife Effie Cook the entire control of the same and the rents, profits and products of the same from this day until the death of said Henry Cook, when this lease shall end and we again have the right to the use and the right to the use and permanent use of the same.  To have and to hold the same as aforesaid it being our intention to accept and receive the one half interest of the said Henry Cook in and to the lands mentioned in said Deed hereinbefore described to us as payment for this lease  and for the use and care of said Four hundred and forty acres of land during the Natural Life of said Henry Cook and do hereby in no way effect our titles to the same.

Witness our Hands this the 24th day of January 1874.

Signed: Hugh Pierce, Elizabeth Pierce and William [his X  mark] Cook

Signatures are stamped Sealed 

Filed for Record on March 3, 1874,

Signed:  J.M. Doolan, C.D.C. NC

by, Deputy, L.H. Kerr

14 October 1874;  Republic of Texas Pension Application Abstracts;

Henry Cook, Navarro Co., Served in Army of Republic of Texas, for 3 months in 1836. (Per records from Texas State Archives, Austin, Texas)

Served under Capt. S. C. Robertson.

Suspended November 1870 and re-filed 14 October 1874, Approved, for "Bounty Warrant and Pension of $250.00", Age 69.

Bounty warrants #343 for 320 acres and #2035 for 320 acres. Michael Boren and Britton Dawson, Navarro Co., affirmed identity. Do not have locations for these warrants, I suspect they were in Navarro County.

1876;   His daughter Sarah Francis Cook has been judged (Insane) and her affairs are being  administered by a Guardian,  Attorney Bryan T Barry of Navarro Co., TX. 

Sarah is apparently still living  in her Father’s  home but her care is being paid for from proceeds of sale of land given to her by her Father in 1861. I believe she remains in Henry’s home at least until his death in 1883.

The Guardian Bryan T Barry is still filing annual reports for  Sarah’s care and board

until 1899 when he files his final report and requests to be discharged  as her Guardian, but the record does not give location where she is living or with whom. 

Soon after Bryan T. Barry is discharged as guardian, Attorney, R.E. Dodson files for Guardianship of Sarah’s estate in Navarro Co., TX .  Part of his petition reads; 

Sarah F Cook a female lunatic, about 54 years of age, who is now on the poor farm in Kaufman Co., Texas, is the owner of real property within this state of the probate value of Five Hundred Dollars, and that said lunatic will soon be precluded by the statue of limitation from its recovery from parties, who are now on it unless immediate actions is taken, and it is waiting for the proper care and attention.  The said lunatic has a brother George Cook of Frost, Texas, who does not wish the Guardianship of the said Sarah F Cook and request your petitioner is not legally disqualified from performing the duty thereof.  Your petitioner would further show that Bryan T Barry of  Dallas, Texas, qualified as the guardian of the said Sarah F Cook in 1876 and has remained in that capacity down to the present time.  That on May 1st, 1899 the said Bryan T Barry filed herein his final account, and application to resign said guardianship.  That on the hearing there of and his discharge your applicant asks to be appointed in his place and stead. Wherefore your petitioner prays, that citation issue and that at next term of said court your honor will grant your petitioner letters of guardianship of the person and property of said minor, and your Petitioner will ever pray. Etc.

Signed: R. E. Dodson         Filed September 2, 1899.

J H Galbreath, C.C.C. N.C.T.       By HC Talbot deputy,

This request for Guardianship is approved,

And as quoted from information provided by a Cook Cousin;

“Sarah Cook was arrested from the "poor farm" and on the 12th of August, 1901, The State of Texas vs. Sarah Cook: a jury of 6 found her "of unsound mind." I find this amusing, since on every Texas census she had been listed as "an idiot." Her "self-appointed guardian", W.J. Weaver, of Navarro Co., knew she was of unsound mind, and wanted her portion of Henry's estate.

I will quote from one article that I found. "To the Honorable County Court of said County (Kaufman), your petitioner W.J. Weaver, a resident citizen of Navarro Co. TX, respectfully shows to your honor, that Sarah Cook, who is now a resident citizen of Kaufman Co., TX, is of unsound mind, that she has some property situated in Navarro and Williamson Counties, State of Texas, and is without any lawful guardian of her person or estate. That condition is such, as to render it necessary that this court appoint a guardian to take charge of her property for the welfare of herself and in justice to the county and general public".

To make a long story short, they summoned a jury, found her of unsound mind, and then had to set the order aside and cancel it,  WHY? 

Sarah was found dead in the county jail on Friday night, 16 August 1901!!!

Among other things, one of the questions the jury answered was, #2 If the defendant is of unsound mind, is it necessary that she be placed under restraint? Answer: YES.”

An Order to have Sarah committed to the Asylum in Kaufman Co., is part of her court records, but of course it was too late.

We know that Sarah Francis Cook died in Kaufman County, TX, and her burial expenses were $51.60 , paid by a bank in Corsicana, to “Wood Nash”, in Kaufman Co., TX.  There is no record of which cemetery she buried in.  Usually there were no costs associated with the burial of a person at the Poor Farm, leading me to believe she was not buried at the Poor Farm, but at a private cemetery.

22 January 1880: Deed from Henry Cook to George W. Cook:

The State of Texas]

County of Navarro]

Know all men by these present that I Henry Cook of The County and State aforesaid for an in consideration of one dollar to me paid and for the natural love and affection I have for my son G. W. Cook, I have this day given, granted , bargained, sold and conveyed and do by these presents give, grant, bargain and convey a certain tract or parcel of land lying  and situated in the County of Navarro, and State of Texas about 15 miles east of Corsicana on Post Oak Creek and is part of a 640 acres grated to me as assignee of Claiborn Jarrell Survey and is bounded as follows;

Beginning-------------------…………….back to the beginning.

Containing one hundred acres to have and to hold unto the said G.W. Cook, his heirs, and assigns forever and I the said Henry Cook, do for myself, my heirs, executors and administrators do convey all of my rights, title and interests I have in and to the above described tract or parcel of land in testimony in hereby I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my scroll for seal, this the 22nd day of January A.D. 1880 

Signed: Henry Cook


Sam R Frost and H. G. Dawson,

Filed for Record, March 13, 1882

Signed; S.H.Keon (sp?), C.C.C.N.C., by Deputy; T.J. Keon (sp?)

1880: Navarro Co., Texas; Listed with his 2nd Family on 1880 US Census, Enumeration # 125, house # 124, page 17, 7 June, 1880. Listing wife E.J., and  children; 2 males H.D, and A.B., 2 females L.A. and E.J. , Mother in-law, S.J. Newberry, and (mistakenly listed as son, was indeed his grandson) David Thomas Cook, (should read Thomas David Cook)., and 32 year old   daughter Sarah F Cook, listed as " Idiot". 

1883: Navarro County, Texas: Reported to have Died 14 May 1883, Birth and Death dates were reported in Family Records, kept by members of Henry’s second family, burial location was not given in those records.

 Henry died in Navarro County, TX;  is confirmed by a letter from John D Lee, Attorney, in Navarro Co., TX, regarding settlement of the estate of Sarah Francis Cook.

His surviving children migrated to other Texas counties, and by 1900 his Grandchildren were found in many other states. He was the Father of 15 Children and Grandfather of  68, may have been more we do not know of yet.  

I admire the strength of our Grandmothers who faithfully followed, bearing the children and nursing the ills which always accompany a family, with few resources at hand. Leaving parents and sibling in other states, often never to see them again. Keeping families together while their husbands were out scouting for more prosperous land or new challenges to undertake. Their Strength and Courage is a marvel to me.

I have 2 wishes,  the first is that we could find a picture of  Henry and  second that we could find his final resting place, and that of our Grandmother Mary Polly and the others that died in Navarro County, TX.


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