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Rev. & Mrs. W. H. Day

Submitted by Jane Bell Smith & Carla Graves

Rev William Henry (Will) Day was born 23 Aug 1877 in Bethpage, Sumner, TN and died 21 Aug 1960 in Grapevine, Tarrant, TX.  He married 17 Nov 1897 in Castalian Springs, Sumner, TN Miss Ida Elizabeth WILKS who was born 18 Jun 1877 in TN and died 23 Oct 1965 in Southlake, Tarrant, TX. Three of their seven children, Ed, Ada Elizabeth Higgins, and Bill survived to adulthood.

Rev and Mrs Day moved to Texas in 1904 and to the Rice community around 1921. Between 1921 and 1940, they served at the First Baptist Church in Rice, the Cross Roads Church, the Freeman Church, the First Baptist Church in Streetman and the Texas Baptist Orphanage in Waxahachie. 

Rev Day served as a Baptist Minister for 51 years and retired in 1956. Ida, his faithful helpmate for over 50 years, supported him in whatever capacity needed to fulfill his calling to the ministry of the gospel.  

Submitted by Carla Graves and Nellva Underwood - great granddaughters.


Submitted by Carla Graves, great-granddaughter of Rev. Day
Lonesome Dove Cemetery, Southlake, Tarrant Co., TX
Father - Rev. William H. Day 1877-1960
Mother - Ida Elizabeth 1877-1965


Last Rites Held For Rev. W. H. Day

Funeral services were held at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in Lonesome Dove Baptist Church for Rev. W. H. Day, 82.  Rev. Claude Meadows and Rev. M. E. Patterson officiated. Burial was in Lonesome Dove Cemetery with Foust Funeral Home in charge of arrangements.

Grapevine Masonic Lodge No. 288 conducted graveside services.

Rev. Day, a retired Baptist minister, died Sunday at his home after a long illness.  A native of Tennessee, he had loved in the Grapevine area for almost 50 years.

Rev. Day had been pastor of the Lonesome Dove Baptist Church for a number of years before retiring in 1956.   He had been a Baptist preacher for 51 years.

Survivors include his wife; a daughter, Mrs. Earl Higgins of Grapevine; two sons, W. J. of Mercedes and J. E. Day of Combes; a sister, Mrs. Molly Bedine of Ft. Worth; two brothers, Charlie and Thomas Day of Bethpage, Tenn.; five grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.



GRAPEVINE, Aug 21 (Spl). - Rev. W. H. Day, 82, retired Baptist Minster who would have celebrated his 83rd birthday Tuesday, died Sunday at his home. Rev. Mr. Day was born in Bethpage, Tenn., and came to Texas in 1903. He lived at Garland before moving to Grapevine in 1911.  He retired in 1956 after serving as pastor of Lonesome Dove Baptist Church west of Grapevine a number of years. Rev. Mr. Day, who had been a Baptist preacher 51 years, and Mrs. Day would have celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary in November. Also surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Earl Higgins of Grapevine; two sons, W. J. Day of Mercedes and J. E. Day of Combes; a sister, Mrs. Molly Bodine of Fort Worth; two brothers, Charlie and Thomas Day of Bethpage; five grandchildren and eight great grandchildren. Funeral services will be held at 2:30 p.m. Tuesday in Lonesome Dove Baptist Church. Grapevine Masonic Lodge 288 will conduct graveside services in Lonesome Dove Cemetery.


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  • Grapevine newspaper dated August 21, 1960
  • Submitted by Carla Graves, great-granddaughter of Rev. Day


This is a letter written by Mrs. M. S. Miles, (Ida Mae Miles Dukeminier's mother) in 1956 from the Rice First Baptist Church to Pastor W. H. Day on the occasion of his retirement. It was years after he was pastor of the Rice Baptist Church, but still dearly remembered.
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Dear friends;

Throughout the years we have known you, you have even been our friends.  And what is more important, you have loved us even when we were in the wrong as well as when we were in the right.  That is what all humanity hungers for and so sorely needs.  For if we are loved only when we are in the right or are good, then this would be a lonely and loveless world.

You have not only been our friends but a friend to all you met.  To our way of thinking, that is true Christianity.  For “God so loved the world” and was “The Sinners Friend.”

You baptized so many of us and our children, you married many and said the last sad rites over our loved ones, that we can never forget you.

You led us in paths of peace and happiness and made us to know more of God’s majesty, power, mercy and love.  For all these things and many others too numerous to mention, we love you.

As to your retirement, we feel you deserve it.  We sincerely hope for you many years of peaceful retirement.

Be sure that anytime we can be a help to you, we will be glad to be called on.

The Bible tells us that “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”  So we are sure you will reap the love, esteem and goodwill of people and at last the precious words from our Heavenly Father, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant, enter into the joys of thy Lord.”

God bless you richly for all your many kindnesses to us and all mankind.


(Signatures follow)


Mrs. M. S. Miles                                             Lillie & Charlie Murphey

Mrs. Jim Hays                                                 Mr. & Mrs. John Spencer

Sloan Gallemore                                              Randell, Ida May & Randell Allen

Mrs. B. D. Poarch                                           Dukeminier (with Houston address)

Mrs. Lola Cochran                                          Charles & Joan Murphey

Mr. Grafton Goodwyn                                   J. T. Allen

(Dallas address)                                              Alvin Jones

Mrs. Frances Bradleywilder                            Ruth Jones

(Wichita Falls address)                                   Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Burdine

Mrs. T. H. Wear. Lane                                    Harvey & Myrtle Graves

Mr. & Mrs. John Bowden                               Dale & Frances Weaver

Mrs. T. H. Bowden

Mrs. M. E. Cummins

Mrs. E. H. Goodwyn


1926 and 1951 Journals of W. H. Day

W. H. Day’s Book
Rice, Texas
1926 & 1927

Cross Roads (Church)

Sermons 49

Visits to Sick 3

Visits Otherwise 49

Baptisms 2

Private appeals to unsaved 10

Public Appeals to unsaved 24


RICE (First Baptist) CHURCH

Church Roll 12

Baptism 20

Pastor’s Salary 21

Sermons Preached 23

Visits to Sick 25

(Visits) Otherwise 28

Money Handled 85

Sermons 100

Work for T.B.O.

Total for Year Oct. l to Sept. 30 p. 29


 Pg 2

 Funerals Oct 1 – 50

 Jan 2.51.  Rice Church

2 P.M.

Mrs Jess Ribble Age 71

5 Sons. 3 Daughters



Jan 4. 51 Rice Church

2 P.M.

Mrs Violet Gallimore

Age 80. 1 D Merle Hays, Rice

3 Sons. Edwin Pampa Tx

Hugh Ft Worth. Sloan. Grand Pr


Feb 7.  White Chappel Ch

2:30 P.M.

John Jasper Hardin.  88

Surv – 1 Daughter Mrs

Sarah Reynolds


May 22 – 1 Bapt Ch Grapevine

L.W.Parker.  63 yr – Burried

At Dove camitary

Wife and 3 Sons                     $5.00

                        By L.W. Parker Jr


Pg 3


Sept 31 51


July 3.  1 Church of

Cockrell Hill: R. H. L. Bob

Avery.  Age 80y 10m 21 Da


Ill Joe C. and Monroe  1 Daugt

Mrs Pearl Summers – all of Cockrell Hill



Mrs Kate Hoffman

Carrollton Bapt Church

July 20

Age 70 Yr 6 mo

Husband. 2 Daughters


Mrs F. ? Dupont

Age 85 yr 2 mo 5 days

Smith and Lamar F Home

One Step Daughter

Mrs A. E. Power


Pg 4


Aug 16  1st Baptist

Church Rice

George Mosley Travis

59 yr

Wife Janie.  2 Sons

J.P.H Rice  Oscar Denton



F7 - $55.00


 Nov. 15 51

 CC Cook – Age 58

Lucas Funeral Home

Wife Mamie  2

Daughters.  1 Sister

Helped Bro Jack ?


Nov 19. 1st Ch Rice

Mrs. Eula Dukeminier

Age 69

Leaves Husband Clark

1 Son Randall

Bro Bell Helping


Dec 1 – Bap Ch Grapevine Bro Starns

As helper to Bro Jackson


Pg 36


4-30-53     Dove Ch


R.C. (Rick) Blevins

B. June 15 1870 D

April 29. 1953

82 yr. 10m. 14 days


1 son Henry. Dallas

1 Adopted Daughter

Mrs Estell Sparks

Raymo??? Tex

4 Grand Children –



James Henry Long

B Jan 15 – 1875 D May

12 – 1953:  Age 78 y 3m. 28d.


Sun – 3 Sons 2 Daughters

S Clarence: Clem: Carl:

D Eva- Clara – Buried –

May 13 – Dove, Cem


Pg 37


Mrs R. A. Bowden

Baptist Ch Rice May

21: 53.  Age 102 yr 4 ½ mo

100 Living descendents


June 11-53.  Stewart Creek Ch

?Gainsville Ft.  Assisted

M Bro John Slater ??


Mr John Wesley Slater was born

July 29, 1883 and passed away Jun3 9,

1953 at the age of 69 years, 10 months

And 10 days.


Mr Slater is survived by his wife:

Mrs. Beulah Decker Slater; a son:

C. R. Slater; a sister: Mrs. Dean

Walker all of Lewisville; two brothers

Joe Slater, Lewisville; Arthur Slater,

Albuquerque, New Mexico; four grand-

Children; three great-grandchildren.


Pg 45


Aug 54


Assisted M  Mrs

Will Brown at River

Side B Church                        $5.00


Sept 15 54


John Clark Dukeminier

82. 1st Baptist Church


One Son. Randell. 1 grand

Son. Randell Jr            $15.00


Oct 18 54.  Shannons Funeral

Parler.  Ft Worth 2-P.M.


Henry Bennett Coulson

Age 67 – 22 days.  Survivors

Wife Evah: 3 Sons Fred, Billy

& Ray:  Ft Worth:  2 Daughters

Mrs Fred Lindsey.  Hurst Tx

Miss Bobbie ? Coulson

Ft Worth: Mt  ?? Cemetary


Pg 54


May 13

Mrs Ella Dora Foster

Age 82: Died May 11th 56

1 Son. Glenn F. Grapevine

1 D Mrs Clarence Ratliff

Arlington, Tex

2 Bros. ? Williams Olk.

Herbert Williams, Lamesa

2 Sisters;

6 G Children; 9 G. G. Children

Sunday Dove Church 3 P.M.


May 18th Keever F Home


H.C. Noel. 72 yr old

Leaves wife 4 sons

Marshall. Ridgewood

? Mersey

? Beaumont Tx

James Bay City Tx

Leon Dallas Tx

Two sisters                  $50.00

1927 Rice  Baptism

Left to Right:  Brother Day, Unidentified, Girl Ray, Beatrice Harris, Frances Bradley and Unidentified boy


Baptisms Rice 1927
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(Taken from the journal of W. H. Day, Pastor, Rice Baptist Church)

Mrs. Lil Compton

Duey Mahaley

Dowl Mahaley

Miss Lusk

Andy Ray

Mrs. Andy Ray

Hazel Ray

Florence Cooley

Otho Cooley

Lester Emmert

Marquard (?) Emmert

Mrs. Latham

Tommy Hays

John Henry Dukeminier

Jeneva Curry

Desmonia Curry

Hugh Sparks

Lusk Boy

Miss Henrietta Durbin
Anna Durbin
By Letter:

Prof Sanders, wife and two children

By Statement:

Jessie Dyer

By Letter:

Mrs. Jessie Dyer

Mable Harrison


Rice C. Roll

 Pg 1 | Pg 2 | Pg 3

(First Baptist Church, Rice, Texas)

(Taken from Journal of H. W. Day, Pastor 1926-1927)


Allen, T. J.                                        1.

Allen, Mrs. T. J.                      2.

Allen, Ima                                3.

Allen, Mable                            4.

Allen, J. T.                               5.


Atchley, Dave                                   6.

          Atchley, Mrs. Dave                 7.

          Atchley, Jessie                         8.


Ayers, Viola                                      9


Aston, Stella Mae                             10.


Bradley, Frances                               11.


Bowden, T. H.                                  12

          Bowden, Mrs. T. H.                13

Bowden, T. M.                        14.

Bowden, R. M.                        15.

Bowden, John                         16.

Bowden, Leona                       17.

Bowden, Mrs. Josephine          18.


Burdine, Addie                                  19.

          Burdine, Josie D.                     20.

          Burdine, Ruth                          21.

          Burdine, Mrs. Maude              22.


Bolt, Lillith                                       23.


Barfield, Mrs. George                       24.


Brown, Mrs. C. M.                           25.

Cummins, M. E.                                26.

          Cummins, Mrs. M. E.              27.

          Cummings, Earnest                 28.

          Cummins, Mrs. Jimmie           29.

          Cummins, Myrtle                    30.


Cardwell, H. M.                                31.

          Cardwell, Mrs. Irma                32.

          Cardwell, Ira                           33.

          Cardwell, Mrs. Bula                34.


Cochran, Mrs. Lola                           35.


Cassell, Mrs. J. A.                             36.

          Cassell, Miss B.                       37.

          Cassell, Lillian                         38.

          Cassell, Arington                     39.


Crawford, R. S.                                 40.

          Crawford, Mrs. R. S.               41.

          Crawford, Ruby                      42.

          Crawford, Vernalee                 43.


Cooley, Mrs. Otha                             44.


Clark, Mary Etta                               45.

          Mrs. Myrtle                            46

Dukeminier, Clark                            47.

          Dukeminier, Mrs. Eula             48.

          Dukeminier,         Randal           49.


Durbin, Mrs. Sallie                           50.

          Durbin, Flora Mae                 51.


Day, W. H.                                        52.

          Day, Mrs. W. H.                      53.


Edmondson, Joe                               54.

          Edmondson, Miss Edith         55.

          Edmondson, Mrs. Jane`          56.

Emmert, Jake  S. J.                           57.

          Emmert, Mrs. S. J.                  58.


Gallamore, Mrs. J.A.                        59.

          Gallamore, Myrtle                  60.


Goodwin, E. G.                                 61.

          Goodwin, Mrs. E. G.               62.

          Goodwin, Hazel                       63.

          Goodwin, Grafton                    64.


Green, Mrs. Rush                              65.

          Green, Clyde                           66.


Gattin, Mrs. W. C.                            67.

          Gattin, Jessie                           68.


Hays, Merle                                      69.


Hobbs, E. E.                                      70.


Loop, Mrs. D. W.                              71.

          Loop, Kellley                           72.

          Loop, Hazel                             73.

          Loop, Dorothy                        74.


Lusk, Mrs. L. O.                               75.


Miles, M. S.                                     76.

          Miles, Mrs. M. S.                    77.

          Miles, Lala                               78.

          Miles, Bessie                           79.

          Miles, Ida Mae                         80.

          Miles, Sherman A., Sr.            81

Meadow, Mrs. Myrtle                       82.

Meadow, Joe                           83.


Murphey, Charles                            84.

Murphey, Mrs. Lillie               85.


Mahaley, Mrs. Jim                           86.

          Mahaley, Nora                        87.


Marshall, Mrs. Will


Noel, H. C.                                        88.

          Noel, Mrs. H. C.                      89.

          Noel, Wayne                            90.


Norvell, Mrs. Tom                             91.


Pollan, Jim                                        92.

          Pollan, Mrs. Jim                      93.


Page, L. B.                                        94.

          Page, Mrs. L. R. (Jimmie)        95.

          Page, Eugene                           96.

          Page, Rosie Lee                       97.

          Page, Mrs. Mildred                  98.

Perry, Minnie                                    99.


Ribble, Jess                                       100.

          Ribble, Mrs. Jess                     101.


Rutherford, Mrs. Tom                      102.

          Rutherford, T. B.                     103.

          Rutherford, Mrs. T.B (Ophelia) 104.

          Rutherford, Willie                    105


South, J. P.                                       106.

          South, Mrs. J. P.                     107.

Sparks, John                                     108.

          Sparks, Mrs. John                  109.

Spencer, John                                   110.

          Spencer, Mrs. John                 111.

Ware, T. H.                                       112.

          Ware, Hermosa                       113.

          Ware, Mrs. Hermosa               114.


Woods, Mrs. Pearl                           115.

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