James Monroe Farmer & William Callaway Farmer
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Now I know where some of the confusion came from in the James Monroe Farmer/William Callaway Farmer families and who is whose son!
In 1930, William Callaway Farmer (son of Isaac Denton Farmer) has died and his wife Annie Ruth has married another Farmer....Thomas Ira Farmer (a son of James Monroe Farmer).  I had wondered why Annie Ruth was buried in Younger Cem. while Callaway was buried in Dresden....Thomas Ira Farmer, her second husband, is buried in Younger Cem.
Apparently Thomas/Tommie has adopted Letha and Denton "Bud", or else the census taker just assumed since the last names were the same that they were Thomas' children....but they were actually Callaway's children.

On the 1920 census Annie Ruth is 25, Letha is 7, and Denton is 4. (Callaway is 28, he died in Jan. 1929)
On this 1930 census Annie Ruth is 35, Letha is 17 and Denton is 14. (Thomas Ira is 33 and was first married at 32...so they married sometime in 1929 since he turned 33 in Jan. 1930)

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Descendants of Annie Ruth Whittenburg

1 Annie Ruth Whittenburg b: 3 September 1894 in Navarro Co., TX d: 12 April 1989 in Corsicana, Navarro Co., TX Burial: Younger Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX
. +William Callaway Farmer b: 1891 d: 5 January 1929 in Dresden, Navarro Co., TX Burial: January 1929 Dresden Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX m: 16 December 1911 in Navarro Co., TX
........ 2 Letha Farmer b: 30 September 1912 in Navarro Co., TX
............ +Andrew Vernon Davis d: 7 April 1966 in Dallas Co., TX m: 24 December 1933
........ 2 Denton "Bud" Farmer b: 5 November 1915 d: 12 June 1944 in FRANCE, Battle for Gourbersville, WWII Burial: Dresden Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX
............ +Joyce Morris m: in Navarro Co., TX
*2nd Husband of Annie Ruth Whittenburg:
. +Thomas Ira "Tommie" Farmer b: 22 January 1897 d: 29 August 1968 in Navarro Co., TX Burial: Younger Cemetery, Navarro Co., TX


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