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Mack "MC" Hughes moved to Navarro Co. 1844

Town of Spring Hill, Texas from the State of Georgia


James Hughes entered Texas abt. 1840, fought for the Republic of Texas. Received Bounty's for his serving, d. December 1846 in Texas. He purchased lands from Jos T Bell in 1842 , located in Navarro County Texas near the town of Purdon.

Heir was Moses M Hughes, Brother of James Hughes.

Moses moved from St. Clair County Alabama to Navarro Co. Texas to administer the estate. The 1850 Texas Census shows Moses Lived in Alabama in 1846 and was in Texas by 1850. Last child Born in Alabama was Anguish M Hugh’s.

Note there where Five different Moses Hugh’s living in Alabama in 1830 Census. All of which had left the state by 1840 except for one.

Also should be told three of them Moses Hughes; Moses Sr. and Moses Jr. all lived in the same County, St. Clair. The best Match was Moses Hughes of this County. They might very well be all related to each other . Moses Sr. and Jr. where much older than just Mr. Moses.

In 1854-1858 the case of heirs of James Hughes to set aside a deed of gift for several large surveys (Suit brought against James Hughes Heirs; Moses Hughes) created precedents for Innumerable Court cases for many years to follow.

Moses M Hughes died before 1858. Before the case was settled in Texas Supreme Court. (Research pending to locate Court Documents)

Moses Hughes signed petition to move Court house in 1847

Wife of Moses, Martha Carolina Hughes registered the Hughes Cattle Brand year Abt. 1856.

Martha is shown being called to many Court cases concerning settling Land deeds of James Hughes Heirs. Records run for many years.

Mack Hughes is shown in NAVARRO COUNTY HISTORY BOOK, as being one of the

First settler's to Purdon, Texas.

M. C. Hughes registered to vote in Texas after the Civil war on Aug. 1st 1967. Stated he Lived Spring Hill, Texas Navarro Co. for the past 23 years.

Shown first in Navarro County Tax records year 1865 not owning any land , but was taxed for six horses and 30 head of cattle. (Need to research Martha C. Paying Taxes on land and locate her will. He may have inherited the land being the only son) Might have been running the cattle on her land. She would have be up in years.

I believe MC Hughes real name is Anguish McAlester Hughes Son of Moses M. Hughes. Just used MC short for McAlester as his first name.

 I have found many different Land deed records for M. C. Hughes where he Bought and sold lands to various persons during the 1800’s in Navarro Co. Texas.

To Many records to list here.

Amelia Hughes registered the HUGHES BRAND in July 1865 in Navarro, County Texas.  Everything seems to point to them Locating to Navarro Co. in 1865 after the marriage. Amelia Family lived Wise County Texas near Decatur.

But of Most Interest to me is MC Hughes deeded land to his wife Amelia Hughes.  Multiple properties where given to Amelia in 1873.   Abt. 180 acres

Same year 1873 he purchased more lands from the Widow BELL living in Austin, for himself.  Abt. 150 acres

Last shown selling lands in 1878 to Jno M. Burch.  (Research still Pending)

Shown in 1878 Tax Rolls with wife Permelia "Amelia" Hughes.

MC Might have been shown paying taxes as late as 1882. Tax Rolls Show MC Permelia Hughes (Short hand for both of them maybe) 

NOTE:   This is the last time I can find M.C. Hughes in any type of Records living in Navarro Co. (Research on going)  But I believe he may have divorced and moved to the Texas Panhandle

Source: Memory Cups of Texas Panhandle Pioneers.

 The book states a "Mack Hughes" lived near Fort Elliott Wheeler County Texas had previously been married. Lived there in about 1885. 

I found land records where a M.C Hughes was trying to obtain a land grant in Clay County in the year 1883 (Grant denied). If this were my GG grandfather M.C. Hughes this would also help prove His northern migration to Wheeler County Texas.

Moses Hugh's was deeded land in 1947 From James Hughes.   JT Bell

Original land owner of 1 League surrounding Purdon, Texas abstract # 43 

Immigration certificate # 169.

Moses M Hugh’s lived Alabama before moving to Texas Abt 1847.

He was b.1806 in Georgia.

Wife Martha C. b. 1806 in North Carolina

Oldest child Dorcas Elizabeth b. abt 1830 Alabama Married John W.Bailey in Texas.

Amelia Annette Hughes b 1835 in Alabama married Elijah G. Fuller 1857 Texas.

Alzada Hughes b. 1837 in Alabama married Frank Phelps 29 Dec 1858 Texas

Avaline Adaline Hughes b. 1843 in Alabama married William G. Platt Texas

Anguish McAlestor Hughes b. 1846 in Alabama (No marriage records have been found in Navarro County to date) which help proves he is Mack Hughes married Permelia Parson probably in Wise County.

Found another James Hughes served in the Army's of Texas with his bother Moses, first enlisted in Navarro and later near San Antonio, Texas.

Also maybe shown in 1840 land records as owning 15119 acres, land Patent's never been filed on property.

Another document shows a James Hugh's in a tax roll as being Under age 21 @ the time making his birth abt. 1819.  No property showed except for horses cows etc. 

July 1877, Land Record shows M.C Hughes and Wife Permelia Hughes selling Land to A. J. Woods in Navarro County.

1879 Land Record shows M. C. Hughes and Wife Permelia Hughes selling lands To Mattie E. Stroud at the Corsicana Courthouse.

M.C. Hughes also states he purchased said land while married to Permelia Making it Community Property. They married Sept. 8th 1864. (Source Parson Family Bible) 

MC Hughes named his son's James M. Hughes "Joe" b. 1870 and William D. Hughes b.1879 Navarro Co. Texas. Both sons listed their father’s birthplace M.C. Hughes as Georgia in various census records In Texas and Oklahoma.  Also listed own birthplaces as Texas. Birthplace should the town of Purdon, Texas.

 Early Tax rolls show William, James and <Moses> Hughes paying taxes in Navarro Co. Abt 1846.

Did find where Wm. Hughes owned land first in Shelby County March (Third Class Headright) 1852, But sold the land at the Navarro Court House April 1852 p.232 Vol. 31.

Land was given by Legislative act. Probably for living in Texas before it was a state (Homestead) 

Mr. Robert Hughes was shown as swearing to his residency.

Census records 1860 showed D. Hughes (Boarder) occupation as farmer Living SpringHill, Texas Navarro County. No other Hughes or Hugh’s family shown to be living in Navarro County that year.

Permelia A. " Amelia " Parson-Hughes was born 1844 in Kentucky (Source Census Records) [portrait of Permelia]

Father b. Germany 1812 name Joseph E. Parson d. 1891 in Blanket, Texas Brown County.  
Mother b. Virginia 1814 Elizabeth A. Robertson/Robinson d.1849 in Henderson Kentucky.

Joseph Family moved to Texas near Dallas in November 1858. Then moved on to Wise County in Nov 1866, Where Joseph filed for a homestead. The Land Patent was granted in 1871. On File @ the land office in Austin. They lived there until 1880 when most of the family moved to Blanket Texas in Brown County.

During the time their Joseph was ordained a Baptist preacher in 1872. Permelia gave birth to seven Hughes children ending in 1879.  Of which only Two where shown still living in the 1900 Texas Blooming Grove, Texas Census. Also shown where two Tickle children from her second marriage to a Robert M. Tickle. Their names were Lillie and Andy Tickle. Marriage ended in 1899.

Later years Permelia stayed at the Home of her Son Andy Rusty Tickle in Corsicana, Texas until her death. Permelia married Robert M. Tickle in 1886.

Daughter Lillie Tickle b. Feb 1885 and later had a son Andy Rusty Tickle b. 1889, in Texas. (Word has it their might be a third child) Research pending.

Lillie Tickle married Luther Bolton. Children are Lucile Bolton d. at the age 20,Annie Bolton and Isabelle Bolton. Lillie is interned next to her Grandmother Permelia at the Younger Cemetery.

Andy never married as of the 1920 Census. Worked as Electrician for the City.

Andy and Lillie Tickle are interned next to each other in Younger Cemetery, Birth records in Navarro County Courthouse show Lillie Tickle b. Feb 1885 Father Robert Tickle; Mother AMELIA PARSON. Midwife Addie Tickle-Kenmore. She was born at the family home.

Land deeds indicate land was Western direction to Purdon, Texas. Property Later shown inside City limits.

Mrs. Permelia Hughes is shown Paying taxes in years 1879 to 1884 R. M Tickle shown paying taxes on property 1886 until 1899.

Tax records suggest she Divorced R.M. Tickle abt 1899, After 14 years of marriage. Mrs. Permelia Tickle shown paying taxes on land in 1900 tax rolls. Along with land Deeds found where she leased the land for Oil Exploration in 1899.

She never remarried.

Land sold to the Sam and Jim Skinner 1929/30 after her death.

The Brothers where operators of two Cotton Gins in Purdon, Texas. (Source Mrs. Putnam lives in Purdon, Texas. Year 2001).  Permelia lived out her life in Navarro Co. Texas until March 25, 1929, passed away at the age of 85 in Corsicana, Texas at home. She is Interned at the Younger Cemetery near Silver City, Texas Navarro County.  Tombstone inscribed: PERMELIA  TICKLE [view Marker Photo]

Oldest son James M. Hughes AKA "Joe Hughes" left Navarro County about The same time Permelia remarried, at the age of about 16, Year 1885. He was known to be in the Twin Territories in Okla. 1892 for land run near Berlin, Oklahoma Roger Mills Co. where he married Nettie Snell Banks year 1893.


Frank Isard Hughes b. 1894 Berlin Ok. d. 1970 Trinidad Colorado, Interned Pampa, Texas

George C Hughes b. 1896 Berlin Ok. d. Abt. 1930 Interned in the State of Wyoming

Robert Lee Hughes b. 17 Feb 1899 Berlin Ok.  d. 1979 Pampa, Texas

Roy Eva Hughes - Turner b.1902 Berlin Ok. d. 1940 Garden City, Kansas

Florence Ruth Hughes - Buzzell b. 1 July 1904 Berlin Ok. d. Abt. 1980 Corning, California

Berti M. Hughes b. 1907 d. Berlin Ok. d. Abt. 1914 State of Oklahoma

Unnamed Hughes child b. 1900 /d. 1900 Berlin, Oklahoma

Census records shows the family moved to Canadian, Texas by 1910.  Where Family records indicate the family tore apart by 1913.

Joe Hughes Moved to Dodge City, Kansas with daughters Roy Eva and Florence Ruth. Sons Frank and George set out on there own. Robert was taken to live with his grand father Robert Banks in Oklahoma. Berti M. was shown in a family letter to have been taken to live with an unknown family.

Joe is later found living in Enid Oklahoma for many years. Worked his last years as a Hotel Detective at the Oxnard Hotel. Joe passed away at Enid, Oklahoma in the Later months of 1933. Family Letters show Robert his Son trying to locate his Trunk. Letter dated January 1934. 

Many of Robert Hughes sons tell the story about when their dad left to bury his father Joe Hughes. It was blizzard Conditions. Willie Bee Hughes stated Robert took the body from Enid, Oklahoma to Woodward, Oklahoma for interment.

Research ongoing to find the cemetery.

Son William D. Hughes was shown living with his mother in 1900 Census Texas in the town of Blooming Groove, Texas Navarro County.

1910 Census Shows Permelia living with son Rusty and married daughter Lillie Tickle – Bolton and husband Luther along with Child Lucille.

1920 Census showed in Purdon, Texas William D. Hughes b. Oct 1870 Texas   

Wife "Lizzie" (Martha Elizabeth Kenmore) b. 1871 Georgia        

Married June 15 1902


Not shown: Anguish McAlester Hughes "Little Mack" son b. 11 July 1903 d. 1905

Eunice Hughes - Foster Daughter b. 25 Jan 1905

Aileen Hughes - Freeland Daughter b. 05 Sep 1907

John Will Hughes Son b. 25 Jan 1910 d. m. Pearl Pritchett       

Elvan Elizabeth Hughes - Gladney Daughter b. 13 Apr 1912

Annie Mae Hughes - Frisby - Calvary Daughter b. 9 Apr 1915

Mary Lou Hughes  - McPherson Daughter b. 31 Mar 1916

Mildred Nell Hughes - Pricer - Walker Daughter 8 Sep. 1918

Loma Hughes - Sawyer - Gladney Daughter b. 5 Nov 1920

Lora Hughes - Dollar - Ford Daughter b. 5 Nov 1920

Audra Lee Hughes Son b. 25 Jan 1923

Lizzie Zoette Hughes - McGee - Rogers Daughter b. 13 mar 1925

Tommie O'Neal Hughes son b.6 Sept 1928 d. 1998 State of Alaska m. Bonnie Blackwell

William Daniel Hughes Lived South of Purdon, just over the railroad tracks after his marriage. His Children where born on the property.  Later moving to Hubbard then to Purdon, Texas several Times. Then moved his family to Kilgore, Texas Gregg County in 1944 from Hubbard, Texas. Source Mrs. WD Obituary. Obituary

Its known William lived Kilgore until 1953 when His wife Martha passed away @ Home.

Then he is found living near his daughter In Hill County in the town of Hubbard, Texas. William passes away @ Hillsboro Clinic Hospital, year 1963. Lived to be 83 years old.

William Daniel Hughes is interned @ Oakwood Cemetery (Section "G" map in Local Genealogy journal of Corsicana, Texas. 

(Family Plot, no other family members interned there as of Dec. 2000)


                             Inscribed on stone:


      WILLIAM D. HUGHES                               MARTHA E. HUGHES

 b. 10 OCT 1879 d. 17 OCT 1962               b. 06 SEPT 1886  d. 02 APR 1953

       (Picture shown of them on Stone, but damaged along with Vases)

 I'm hoping to find Living relatives of the Hughes/Tickle families from Navarro County. Allowing me to exchange information concerning the Families History and

Reunite the lines.

Brent Tod Hughes
Odessa, Texas

Mail: 1100 Sierra Drive
Pampa, Texas

Work #  (915) 640-8903
Home #  (915) 337-1532

The Hughes Stories

Part One                                         A New Beginning


The story as far back as I can trace my family roots this day is Ireland in early 1800’s. W

here it is known James Hughes by enlistment records states his birth lands was, He goes on to state he is red headed, Grey eyes, 5 ‘ 31/2”tall, profession Laborer, age 30. He started his service with the Republic of Texas down in the City of Galveston Texas. Records showed he was given bounty for his services in 1840. A Land Bounty was issued N0. 292 in now called Burleson County total acres 640 for this award.  Records show a total of two or more bounty’s where given him for his service to the Republic.  Research pending on remaining bounty.  Navarro County Tax records year 1845 shows James Hugh’s, no land recorded, two horses and six heads of cattle. Also note worthy was a Wm. Hughes  shown same page paying tax on one horse. Although James has never been located in any census records in Navarro County, its known he made a land deal which eventually went before the Supreme Court of Texas 1857/58 session of Austin concerning a land grant owned by a John Welch. A bond was signed between them giving James 1000.00 dollars for 1/3 of his league of land when patent is made on lands of his. No records have ever been found in land deeds records of Navarro County or Burlenson County of Texas between the two men. But Land Deed records in Navarro County show taxes being paid on a bond between once made between Wm. Bartell and James. The Order was issued to uphold the judgment made in favor of Mr. Welch handed down in District court. Lands where taken from the estate of James Hughes in the year 1858. Martha Carolina Hughes was admin now for James Hughes. Her husband Moses M. Hughes passed before the courts rendered their decision. He became the Admin. Of the estate in December 1846. Navarro County Tax record show M.M. Hughes paying tax on a total of 1767 acres as heir of James Hughes, lands shown in other counties, year 1846. I don’t exactly know the final resting-place of James. But records suggest he died in Texas near Navarro County. One location might being note worthy is The Springhill cemetery where stories tell of Nemours unmarked graves that have been unearthed.  Other records shows James Hughes signing petition to send relieve to Citizens of Robertson County from Indian attacks in 1838.

He was also shown in Texas land office records as given power of attorney for Joseph T Bell.  Bell was issued a league of land for immigrating to the USA. League encompasses the town of Purdon, Texas in Navarro County.  Moses M. Hughes was shown paying taxes on lands owned in the Bell grant starting in 1846 until his death. It should be noted that its not sure if Moses and James where actually brothers, but the fact is numerous records state Moses was the heir of James and this along with they shared the same last name would certainly suggest family ties.   Other possible family ties are in Burlenson County where as shown in the will by Bradford Hughes, also a original land owner of Texas, listed Rebecca Hughes ; John; Moses and Isac Hughes receiving property. 

Publication Old North West Texas shows in Washington County before the Board of Land Commissioners a Moses Hughes emigrated in 1838 and proved residency was issued a 1/3 league of land. Bradford Hughes appeared before the board at the same time, stated he had immigrated to Texas in Feb. 1834 and was issued a cert. for one league and one labor of land. Other possible family ties found are when Martha renders lands for payment to settle the lawsuit of James Hughes. Land given in the settlement once belonged in the name of Peter M. Hughes 738 acres located in Meridian County, assumed deceased at the time. Martha was shown paying taxes on the land in 1858. 

 An interesting note is my research will soon show another fact is a many suspected Hughes men having relations shared the middle initial “M” believed to be the  Irish name of “McAllester”. Records to date show Hughes is in the top forty percent of Irish names used and is shown to have originated in Wales England. Where it is in the top 20% of most commonly held family names.  Hughes was derived from being the son of Hugh.

Also should be noted the name has held two similar but different spellings. Hughes and Hughs are shown in many records in Texas. But most documents record the spelling as Hughes. The other was user discretion or simply how they wrote it out. I have never felt like anything other than “Hughes” is the correct spelling since the time of Hugh.


Part Two                                      A Place to  Call Home

The Moses M. Hughs family is first shown in Census Records of St. Clair County Of Alabama. Records list a total of five Moses M. Hughs in the 1830. But only one matched later known descriptions of the family. They shared the same age and there first born was a girl in 1830, census showed no children to date. 

1850 Navarro County Census list :

Moses M. Hugh’s birth 1806 in the State of Georgia, farmer, and age 44. Wife: Martha C. Hugh’s.  Born State of North Carolina, Age 44.  Children where all shown born in Alabama and listed as follows: Dorcas Elizabeth b. 1830; Amelia Annette b. 1835; Alzada Adaline b. 1843 and lastly there only son Anguish M. Hughs b. 1846.  The girls all married in Navarro Co. Texas. A publication Old Northwest Texas Volume I-B records Dates and Married names from courthouse records for each of them.

Land Records of the Mercer Colony show Moses was granted land that was first located in Navarro County in early 1846.  The land was in dispute for many years and finally awarded in 1850 Abstract # 407 total of 640 acres. Later the land became part of nowadays Hill County near Aquilla Creek. He sold the lands @ the Navarro County Courthouse to Ethan Melton year 1852.

At which time he lived in Navarro County on lands once belonging to the JT Bell grant near Purdon, Texas located near Richland Creek until his death in circa 1857. Place of Internment to date has not been found, but again SpringHill Cemetery is most likely place.  In the year 1848 MM Hugh’s deeds all lands to Wife Martha and becomes her agent to await the court decision concerning the Lands of James Hughes and his previous bond.

Tax and Deed records of the County shows Moses and later Martha Hugh’s have held the land from Nov. 1847 to 1863 in Navarro County. Where it appears in 1863 there only son then takes over the remaining 200 acres of the original 899 acres located on the League belonging to JT Bell in Navarro Co. Texas. I term this piece of property the “Homestead of my forefathers in Texas”.  Tax records in 1864 show only 160 acres remaining.  The rest of the lands where either sold or render to settle the Lawsuit concerning James Hughes Bond. I have searched Records to find prove that Martha C. Hughes is still alive after 1864 none where ever found. Concluding she probably passed away around 1864 or shortly there after. The civil war was ending and Anguish just married Permelia A. Parson, the youngest of there Sibling was starting a whole new chapter in his life as Moses and Martha’s had ended. Records show Anguish M. Hughes son of Moses M. Hughes used the name MC Hughes instead of using his christen name. I can only assume he choose to because neither of his names where suitable for life on the Frontiers of Texas. So he used the MC abbreviation from his middle name. Some books also show Him being shown as  “Mack” Hughes.

Its know by records Moses and Wife where first farmers and later part of the original settlers to the Texas frontier. Which lead them to become cattleman and land barons.

At the height of land dealings the Moses Hughes family held well over 4600 acres in what later became the State of Texas. Mostly located from San Antonio to the Dallas, Texas region. The task of tracking down all land records for such a wide span of territory is still on going.

In 1847 Moses M. Hughes signed petition to move the county Seat. In 1849 Martha C Hugh’s registered the family cattle brand. The civil index of Navarro County 1855 –1891 shows numerous times Martha was called to proceedings concerning previous land dealings of Moses and James Hughes.  Seems anytime lands where sold at later dates, she had to appear. Not much else has been uncovered about their lives in Alabama and Texas.

But it certainly should be noted with out any doubt to as that the untold hardship they must have endured to bring my family name to Texas Frontier during the Height of the Republic. And to which we are still a part of in this day of the year 2001. Raising are families as they did in this great State we call today Texas, 180 years later and counting. With hardship still arising to us all. But no hardships of today can match theirs nor be as proud of an achievement to be apart of are family heritage.

Their efforts where not in vain as we look further into the Future.


Part Three                     Texas to Stay, and The Unknown

The story continues with my family line beginning with the birth of the Son of Moses Hughes. Born in Alabama in 1846.  Shortly after his birth he was brought to the Texas Frontier near the Ghost town Of SpringHill, Texas Navarro County its believed.  A very young man now given cause to arise against a vast and untamed land.  He lived many years in the Texas Frontier.

His father passed in the year of his tenth birthday, but had many older sisters and a mother to see him through his rise to manhood and the leader of his family affairs. His mother didn’t pass until circa his 17th birthday. Very much a man now using the standards set by the 1800’s and the Texas frontier. He soon took a wife named Permelia A. Parson born Henderson County Kentucky in 1844.  Her father homesteaded in near by Wise County of Texas. How the two meet is still up for debate. But Permelia’s father was a Circuit preacher known to ride the frontier with bible in hand and his songbook in his saddlebag. This might explain how the two meet or maybe Angusih was just out speculating the frontier in his younger days. The only facts to present to the time of their marriage are the Parson bible entry: MC Hugh & Pem A. Parson was married on the 8th of Sept. 1864.

Since no record of marriage has been found, its must also be assumed she was married by her father on the Texas Frontier.  Navarro County records first show Anguish M. Hughes in the 1850 Texas Census, Shown as a male ages 4.  Second record of Anguish written as MC Hughes comes from Navarro County Tax records. He shown paying taxes on Abstract # <not shown>. Original Land owner JT Bell 180 acres of land.

Next notable record is a Special Voters registry taken After the Civil War to determine eligible voters in Confederate States. Taken August 1867, Name listed as MC Hughes, Place of Residence SpringHill, Texas, Precinct #2 , Time of residence 23 years, Native yes of USA, Signature of Elector <Shown>

Tax record finally shows a connection between Abstract numbers recorded earlier for Martha Carolina Hughes and MC Hughes. In 1871 MC Hughs is recorded as paying taxes on abstract number 31, amount of land was 160 acres, same Abstract number last recorded for Martha in 1864, amount of land then was 200 acres.  I feel Abstract # is a misprint or had moved shortly after the lawsuit was settled concerning her involvement in the James Hughes estate.  But its known the number recorded for the Bell land grant in later tax records and today by the General Land Office of Texas is abstract # 43. Which in tax records for the year 1878 suddenly changes to Abstract # 43 from #31, Original landowner JT Bell, 160 acres of land, 3 mules, and 10 head of cattle. The year 1879 goes on to expand the same information with now certificate # 169, now only 155 acres of land. But Permelia is shown separately paying taxes on 150 acres of land Abstract # 43 Original Land owner JT Bell. Land deeds records show MC Hughes deeding lands to “Amelia” Hughes his beloved wife as a gift to her in Navarro County in the year 1873.

Backing up Permelia is mostly shown paying taxes on lands between 1864 and 1879 off and on. Permelia one year MC the next or both names recorded.

Census records tell us she had nine children born to her from two separate marriages. First surviving child Born circa April 1870/71 named James M. Hughes, second surviving Hughes child was born October 10, 1879 named William Daniel Hughes. Both births took place near the town of Purdon, Texas in Navarro County. Presumed on the Moses M. Hughes homestead.   After 1879 MC Hughes is no longer found Paying taxes in Navarro Co. on any lands and his story starts to become unclear for any facts.

 But in 1882 Permelia is shown selling land to an unnamed Railroad Company. Which might be the second property of MC and Permelia listed in previous tax records, 1879 Navarro County

 Not much is known about MC Hughes after that. He is not shown in 1870 Texas Census records, but in 1880 a MC Hughes is shown living in Robertson County married to Annette, same age as my MC Hughes would have been, no children shown. Then an MC Hughes in 1883 was shown trying to obtain a land grant in Clay County Texas. But was refused by the land office of Texas, for the reason the land was already part of a homestead claim. Further records might be a book written by Millie Porter speak of a Hughes family living in Wheeler county Texas in the late 1800’s. Millie wrote a MC Hughes supplied milk to the soldiers of Fort Elliott. She goes on to tell that both parties had been previously married. Which would fit my MC Hughes profile of the day. Also written was the fact the family had been hit by a cyclone and there milk business disrupted and they appeared for the most part to have religious ways.  To date I have never found in Wheeler County a final resting-place for any Hughes family. But its known his eldest son James M. Hughes made his way to nearby Indian Territory in what’s now named Roger Mills County of Oklahoma near the town of Berlin where State of Kansas records show he married Nettie Snell Banks in 1893 and Oklahoma Census records.  Something I have always wondered is how did he meet the Banks family. Was it in Wheeler County where by land records they lived 5 miles north of Hidetown nowadays Old Mobeetie, Texas or was during the land runs of the Oklahoma Territory of 1892.  Where its known they married in 1893 and all-there children where born between 1894 and 1917 their. Texas records then show residency in Canadian, Texas.

I know Robert Banks remained in Oklahoma from 1892 to until first his wife death in 1907 and his own death in 1922 both occurred near Sweetwater Oklahoma.  They where moved and Interned @ Rock cemetery in Wheeler Co. Texas. I believe the two families Banks and Hughes lived the same farm or neighbored until the early 1900’s where both families are listed in the township of Berlin Oklahoma.

 Searches of land deeds records list many of my Banks families homesteads, and only two listing for first James A. and second James N. Hughes, no other listing shown for any Hughes line in the region.  Which proves neither James nor his father MC Hughes ever homesteads in Oklahoma. Its not even know truly if MC Hughes ever left Navarro County. The Question has to be raised since he had a Child born in October 1879 and all records stop recording him there at that time. If he died then or a divorce took place and he is the man shown living in Robertson County 1880 Texas Census and later headed north to Wheeler County by way of Clay Co. Texas. And finally on in to Oklahoma after the closing of Fort Elliott. Where his son could have joined up with him in either place, coming to live with him after the remarriage of his mother Permelia A. Parson-Hughes to a Robert M. Tickle when he was the age of sixteen.

The facts may never present themselves to us proofing where either of the final resting-places is for my Great Great Grand father Mack or Great Great Great Grand father Moses. The only proof that he even changed his name from Anguish M. McAllestor to “Mack” comes from the William D. Hughes family line, namely a Ms. Patsy Walker-Vanderpool. She provided me with a cassette tape of Family members in 1980, recorded sister discussing the first born son of their father was named after his own father. Further prove comes from the monument for the child standing in Younger Cemetery and 1850 Census records are a match. Along with funeral records of WD Hughes states father’s name was Mack. Informant Tommie Hughes, the youngest son of Martha Elizabeth Kennemore – Hughes and William Daniel Hughes.  It was the missing link that was unknown to me connecting this family line any further back than MC “Mack” Hughes in Texas was.


Part Four                  How Was it We Remain Today

This segment is about My Grand Father James M. Hughes born Texas in circa 1870, passed away during the great depression on December 25th 1933 near Fairview Oklahoma. I have always felt his name came from the brother of my Great Great Great Grandfather Moses M. Hughes. I believe it was the last time are family line would use the McAllestor for a family members middle name. Only exception might be James and Nettie named their last daughter Bertie M. Hughes.


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