George & Sina Langford Saurenmann-Kantoric
of Emmett, Navarro County, Texas


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Back in 1998 I found myself in Emmett, trying to find out information about my great grandmother and her 3rd husband.

I was told that they were both buried at Prairie Grove Cemetery.

Across the church from the cemetery is a corrugated tin building. This was a blacksmith shop that was owned by George Kantorik and his wife, Sina Rebecca Langford.  Sina was the daughter of Thomas J. Langford and Frances (Gilmore) Langford.  In 1882 she married my great grandfather, Arnold Saurenmann and they had 8 children. Arnold died in 1909 and she then married George Kantorik. George was born in 1887 in Turzopka, Bohemia (Austria) and he died July 23,1964. Sina died Jan 29, 1938. She was born Aug 6, 1863. She did not have any children with her other 3 husbands.

Across the street from the blacksmith shop (to the west) is where George and Sina lived, the house is no longer there.
Catty-cornered across the street from the blacksmith shop is the Prairie Grove Baptist Church and Prairie Grove Cemetery.
Next door to the blacksmith shop stands a brick ranch. I had a conversation with the owner and he said that he knew George Kantorik and that he was buried in the Prairie Grove Cemetery. He also pointed out to me that the metal building was their blacksmith shop and they had lived in a house across the street from him, which no longer stands. I did not get this man's name, but he was around the age of 75

I interviewed my great aunt back in 1994 and she told me that she and her husband (Roy Saurenmann - son of Sina) had buried her in the cemetery at Emmett.

Sina, by the way, was also a blacksmith. My father remembers her and he told me that she was a great big powerful woman.

This picture is of my great grandmother who was married to George Kantoric.  This is the only known family photograph of her. I do not have any pictures of George - but I am sure he probably had a strong Austrian accent. Sina is also described as being about 6 feet tall - a big red headed woman.
Lately I have been trying to find out some information on Sina's half-brother. His name was James H. Langford and he lived in Corsicana but have hit nothing but dead ends doing internet searches.  I am hoping something will turn up later on as more and more information is added. 


  • Joanne (Saurenmann) Walters - jsaurwalt @
  • See Emmett Blacksmith Shop
  • Her youngest son looked after her, he lived in Kilgore.  His widow told me that she died of pneumonia, that she was taken to a hospital in Corsicana because she had a half brother living there.  ... Joanne Walters, Aug 2012




Aged Resident of Emmett Is Buried
Mrs. George Kantorik, aged 74 years, resident of Emmett for a number of years, died at the P. and S. Hospital Saturday morning at 3 o’clock.
Funeral services were held at Emmett where interment was made.
Surviving are her husband, four sons and a daughter.







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