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Navarro County, Texas


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Louvenia Jane Crum,
William Benjamin Rutherford,
George Samuel Rutherford,
Sara Elizabeth Rutherford Hellums,
 Standing: William H. Hellums

Husband: William Rutherford    #891   died at age: 87

Born:        1714 in: Jedburgh, Scotland
Baptized: 25 Apr 1714 in: Jedburgh, Scotland
Died: by Jan 1801 in: Goochland, Virginia
Military: Patriot Index in: DAR
Religion: Occupation: Planter, Merchant
    Father: John "Sir" Rutherford #916
    Mother: Elizabeth Cairncross #917
          Book: Stephen Lacy Family.  Immigrated 1746 to Philadelphia. 
                 Died by 13 January 1801.  This line traces back to the
        Magna Carta Barons.

Wife: Ursula (Ursley) Parrish   #892
Married:     ca 1743 in: Goochland, Virginia
Born: in:
Died:   before 1801 in:
    Father: Humphrey (Sr.) Parrish    #902
    Mother: Mary (?) Walker    #903

1 David Rutherford    #893
M Born:         1758  in: 
Died:                in:
              Never Married

2 William Rutherford    #894
M Born:         1762  in:  Goochland County, VA
Died:         1813  in:  Smith County, VA
             Never Married

3 Susannah Rutherford    #895 died at age: 89
F   Born:    ca 1750               in: Goochland, Virginia
Died: 26 Jun 1839              in: Goochiand, Virginia
     Married Matthew Lacy, 9 children.

4 Ursula Rutherford    #897 died at age: 89
F Born: 1754 in:
Died: 1843 in:
Married 28 Jul 1780 John Richards, 7 children

5 Elizabeth Rutherford    #896 died at age: 44
F Born: 1757 in: Goochland, Virginia
Died: before 1801 in:
Married 5 Jan 1775 Thomas Bailey Eads, 3 children.

6 Mary Rutherford    #898
F Born: in:
Died: in:
Married James Davenport

7 John Rutherford    #899
M Born: 1760                     in:
Died:                          in:
Married Nancy Ann Johnson, 3 children.

8 Samuel R Rutherford    #871 died at age: 76
M Born: ca 1763     in: Goochland, VA
Died: 02 Dec 1839   in: Hardeman, Tennessee

9 Archelaus Rutherford    #900
M Born: 1766              in:
Died:                  in:
Married Jean Burgess

10 Archibald Rutherford    #901
M Born:        1768  in:  Goochland County, VA
    Died:  25 May 1825  in:  Smith County, TN
Married Margaret M. Parrish, 12 children.


Husband: Samuel R Rutherford    #871 died at age: 76
Born:     ca 1763           in: Goochland, VA
Died:  02 Dec 1839          in: Hardeman, Tennessee
   Father: William Rutherford #891
   Mother: Ursula (Ursley) Parrish #892

Wife: Ann Hamilton Parrish    #872 died at age: 70
Married:  10 Aug 1791  in: Goochland, Va  his age:28 her age:21
        Born:12 Oct 1769 in: Goochland, Virginia
        Died:16 Jan 1840 in: Hardeman, Tennessee
  Father:  Booker Smith Parrish #880
        Mother:  Constance Massie #881
Ann died 45 days after her husband

1 Mary Rutherford    #873
F      Born: 1792 in:
       Died: in:
Married D R (B?)rurris

2 Nancy Rutherford    #874
F      Born: 1793 in:
        Died: in:

3 Elizabeth S. Rutherford    #875
F       Born: in:
        Died: in:
  Married 21 Dec 1812 to Benjamin Bradshaw in Goochland, VA

4 William 0. Rutherford    #855 died at age: 43
M Born: 09 Nov 1795 in: Goochland, Virginia
Died:  22 Oct 1839 in: Fayette, Tennessee
5 Ann Hamilton Rutherford    #876 died at age: 81
F Born: 1797 in:
Died: 1878 in: Mississippi
   Married 1)DR Wilson 2)Daniel Aston 3) Nathaniel Gordon

6 Samuel Cable Rutherford    #877
M     Born: 1799              in: Goochiand, Virginia
Died:                         in: Tippah Cty, MS
  Married 1824 Eliza Waidon, 6 children.  Was a State Senator.

7 Mary Frances Rutherford    #878
F Born: 1801 in:
Died: in:
Married 1821 John M. Aitken in AL

8 Cassandra Rutherford    #879
F Born: in:
Died: in:
Married George Gray


Husband: William 0. Rutherford    #855 died at age: 43
Born: 09 Nov 1795 in: Goochiand, Virginia
Died: 22 ??? 1839 in: Fayette, Tennessee
Buried: Rutherford Cem in: Benton Cty, MS
    Father: Samuel R Rutherford    #871
Mother: Ann Hamilton Parrish    #872
            Cemetery lists birthplace as Highland Cty VA.
             Married Mt.  Zion Methodist Church

Wife: Elizabeth Isbell    #856
Married:15 Feb 1820 in: Humboldt, Knox county, TN
Born:      21 Apr 1799 in:
Died: in:
       Father: George Isbell    #860
        Mother: Susana Eubank    #861

1 Susan A Rutherford    #857
F  Born:       1822           in:
Died:                         in:

2 Benjamin B. Rutherford    #858
M Born:         1825 in:
Died:      in:
Married Safronia Grace

3 William Rutherford     #859 died at age: 62
M Born: 07 Mar 1827             in:
Died: 23 Aug 1889             in:
Married Delight Gordon

4 George Samuel Rutherford    #849 died at age: 86
M Born: 27 May 1830 in: Grand Junction, Tennessee
Died:14 Aug 1916 in: Navarro cty, TX

Husband:George Samuel Rutherford #849 died at age: 86
Born:	27 May 1830	in: Grand Junction, TN
Died:	14 Aug 1916	in: Navarro cty, TX		
Buried:	Cryer Creek Cem  in: Navarro cty, TN
Buried:	Cryer Creek Cem  in: Navarro cty, TX
Military:CSA, Lt.  in: Civil War
Religion:  Church of Christ  Occupation:
Father:	William 0. Rutherford #855
Mother:	Elizabeth Isbell #856
	Source:Earle Hellums, Lila Rutherford. 5'10" Moderate 
	build, blue eyes, slim.   In 1915, could clog dance, often 
	walked 8 miles & carried a stick to fight off dogs.  Good 
	at wood carving and basket weaving.  Have family photo.
	On Tippah County Slaveholders List 1850, along with B. B., 
	Thomas, & William 0. Rutherford.  History note: Corinth MS, 
	pop 300-400 in 1861 was important because it was the junction 
	of the Memphis & Chattanooga RR and the Ohio & Mobile RR.

Wife:	Louvenia Jane Crum #850 died at age: 53
Married:19 Dec 1850 in:Benton/Tippah, MS his age:20 her age:17
Born:	10 Dec 1833	in: Jefferson Cty, Alabama
Died:	16 Apr 1887	in: Tippah Cty, MS
Buried:		in: Tippah Cty, MS
Religion: Church of Christ	Occupation:
Father:	Benjamin Crum #913
Mother:	Elizabeth McWilliams #914
		HAVE COPY OF OBIT.  From her grand daughter, Lena:
	"She was graceful in carriage soft blue eyes, dark hair, always 
	smoothly combed, parted in middle with waves just above 
	her ears.  Dressed plain but neatly & that patient sweet voice 
	was her most attraction.  She was reared in wealth, lived in 
	a southern mansion.  Grandfather Crum had all the real estate 
	he wanted, was of the "King type" of the South." See picture.

1Sara Elizabeth (Sallie) Rutherford #805 died at age: 70
F	Born: 01 Jan 1854	in:	Blue Mountain, Tippah, MS
	Died: 25 Jul 1924	in:	Pursley, Navarro, TX
	Married William Hellums December 1871

2	Susan Ann Rutherford #851           died at age: 2
F	Born: 25 Nov 1855	in:	Benton Cty, MS
	Died: 21 Dec 1857	in:	Benton Cty, MS

3	William Benjamin Rutherford #852 died at age: 94
M	Born: 21 Sep 1864  in:	Tippah Cty, MS
	Died:	31 Oct 1958   in:	Navarro cty, TX
		W B was an avid historian and genealogist, and strove for accuracy in his research.  This work has been carried 
	on by his daughter, Lila.  WB moved his family to Navarro county, TX in 1900.  Most of the information in this line 
	was given by Lila Rutherford.  There are also biographies and pictures of this family in Navarro County History, Vol II, 
	page 270.

4 	Minnie Parrish Rutherford #853 died at age: 2
F 	Born:         1868               in: Tippah Cty, MS
	Died: ca      1870              in: Tippah Cty, MS

5 	Luvenia Anne (Annie) Rutherford #854 died at age: 33
F 	Born: 14 Apr 1876         in: Tippah Cty, MS
	Died: 1 Nov 1909          in: Navarro cty, TX


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