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Nicholas T Sneed  b. 1826










Nicholas T Sneed, a son of Rev. Joseph Perkins Sneed..1804-1881... migrated from Williamson Co. Tennessee to Navarro Co. Texas at some point prior to 1858, perhaps as early as 1854.  Joseph Perkins Sneed was born near Brentwood, Tennessee January 10, 1804, a son of James William Sneed.


Nicholas T Sneed was 5' 10" tall when he enlisted in the Dresden Cavalry in 1862 and was named as a farmer, born Williamson Co Tenn.  R J "Uncle Bob: Wright stated that Sneed was serving as a Captain when they were discharged.




Nancy Ann Snead  c1762....married Richard Wilkes 1762 who was born Lunenberg Co VA and lived at Sumner Co & Maury Co Tenn.   Their children included Minor Wilkes (Giles Co TN) , John Wilkes, and  Richard Stone Wiles......


Milton Alexander Wilkes, who married Jane Wright, settled Liberty Hill area...exactly where Sneads were.   Their children were:   James LaFayette Wilkes, A B Wilkes, Joe Thompson Wilkes, Alice Wilkes, Willis P Wilkes, John T Wilkes, Merrell Alexander Wilkes, Duncan Brown Wilkes, :Lillian Elura Wilkes


James William Sneed b. 1764 VA, d. 1853  Brentwood TN.  was a son of Zachariah and Martha Patsy Nance Snead-Sneed who had lived Henrico Co. Virginia prior to moving to Tennessee.   He married 1789 Bethenia Harden Perkins 1770-1812, daughter of Charles & Mary Tate Perkins   She died in 1812 when Joseph was eight.   Their children were:


Constantine Perkins Sneed   1790-1864

married Susannah Perkins Hardeman

Their son, Robert Scales Sneed,

born Williamson Co Tennesseee March 20, 1835.  


Their daughter, Bethenia Perkins Sneed born May 10, 1828.



Charles Ellis Sneed                          1792-1838

b. Pittsylvania Co VA             m. Ann T Beamis

Migrated to Tuscaloosa Co AL


James Pleasant Sneed  1794-1853

            m.  1836  Julia C Herbert  Williamson Co Tenn


Martha Nance Sneed              1796-1835

            m. William H Simmons

            Migrated to KY...had ten children


Nicholas Tate Sneed              1798-1822



Geo. Washington Sneed 1799-1851

b. Pittslvania Co VA...Lived Williamson Co Tenn

            m. Mary Polly DeLoach Sneed...a 2nd cousin 

Methodist Preacher found in  Maury Co Tenn


William Temple Sneed            1801-1869

            m.  Elizabeth Guinn Critchlow

            Lived Williamson Co Tenn


Joseph Perkins Sneed            1804-c1881

            m.  Achsah Bond Harris

            Moved to Texas 1838


Bethena Harden Sneed            1807-1865

            m. c1824  Josiah Crenshaw Nance at Charles City VA


Sarah Perkins Sneed              1810-1822


Alexander Ewing Sneed            1812-1852

            m. Elizabeth Gutherie

            Lived Williamson Co Tenn


James William Sneed remained a widower for ten years after the death of Bethenia Harden Perkins.   He remarried in 1823 Miss Mary Polly Hunt  1788-1851.





George Washington Sneed...married Carrie Ann Herring...lived OK

            Uncle Wright & Aunt Price were in their family

            Burials at memorial Park..Tulsa


Col. Richard A Sneed...buried Lawton  Sect of State OK

            Sneed Cem...Canton MS

            (Susan Brogdon..Greystone Cir  Atlanta GA)

            Family gave 130 boxes info Museum of Gr Plains..Lawton

            Sneed Reunions..alternate Dallas & Ft Worth...Brentwood TN


Sam W Graham...m. Margaret Crisp..dau of Mansel Crisp

            went to TX by way of AR


Check out Jordans...Carthage, Smith Co TN

            Samantha Sneed & sister Cornelia Sneed..both

            married..John B Jordan


            Israel Sneed Jordan...b. 1793...Richmond Co VA


John W Wilhite...m. Frances Herring....1867  Morgan Co AL..Decatur

            Herring Cem....Near Massey, Morgan Co AL


BILLS...John Dysart Jr 1804-1870  buried Bills Cem..Marshall TN

Gideon Blackburn Dysart             m. Mary Polly G Bills

Mary S Dysart                         m. James A Ewing

Jennie B Ewing                          m. John Will Turner


Rebecca BARNES...m. 1834  Thomas Langford  KY..moved to Davies Co MO




Relationship  to other Sneeds unknown


Nancy Sneed b. 1795 NC.....dau of Robert Sharpe Sneed of Wake Co NC....

sister Sarah Sneed

m. 1806  Green Hill  b. 1801 NC    Brother John Hill b. 1806 NC

married in Maury Co Tenn   - 

Rachael Sneed.......dau William  & Kizzia Graham Sneed, early settler of  Arkansas

m. 1818   John Ramsey...Son married Mary Ann from Georgia

Mary Ann "Something"Ramsey  1825-1879  buried Spring Hill Cem.


William A Sneed  m. Catherine Lucretia Wilhoit 1832-1912 , dau of Claiborne Wilhoit b. 1802 Green Co Tenn.  She  is buried Ward Cem. McMinn Co Tenn.   Catherine had a brother whose name was John James WILEY Wilhoit.   The Wilhoit name became Wilhite and a Wilhite family owned land in the area where the Sneeds settled in Western Navarro Co.   Wiley Wihite married daughter of Dr. Livingston Barnes





It MAY be that the Sneed/Sneads, Wilhite/Wilhoits, Mannings, Sidell-Siddle, Ruckers, Etters, Cunningham, Wilkes, Rhea, Barnes, Jordan., Herring, Scales, Graham, Lancaster, Lawrence, Osborne, Crews, Walkers... and several other Liberty Hill families were inter-related.


Jesse Wilkes Rhea, brother of Knox Rhea lived Mt Pleasant TX

sons of ...H Tolbert  c1840 & Sarah Sneed Rhea


A Liberty Hill school teacher was a Mr. Rhea....

Rhea family lived in Hubbard until the 1950s.


(Bastardly Bond 1837 Blount Co TN $25. Eliz Rhea & Tolbert - 

Eliz was GD of Rev.Joseph Rhea who came from Ireland..

dau James & Eliz Snapp Rhea)


H Tolbert Rhea came to TX with John Sneed

Mother of H Tolbert was Elizabeth Rhea..later m. Mr. Henry


Claiborne Wilhite  1802-   s/o Julius & Margaret Wilhite

            Claiborne migrated to Alabama.....

                        Margaret previously m. William Ballard Phillips

                        dau:  Susannah Phillips Wilhite  b. 1806

            1825            Margaret Wilhite                              m. James Harvey Fryer

            1827            John  James Wiley Wilhite

            1829            Susannah Wilhite                               m. Valentine Etter

                        1857            Milton L P Etter   d. 1857

                                    dau  Margaret Findley Etter 

                                      b. McMinville Warren Co TN

                                                m. 1824   Wm Parks Shelly

                                    dau  Elizabeth Etter

                                    dau  Mary Etter                 m. Rev William Cunningham

                                                Rev. Cunningham wrote from China 1854


                                                A Cunningham family lived Liberty Hill


                                    son??            Lemuel Etter  b. c1837 Green Co TN

                                                s/o Frederick Washington Etter

                                                Lived Joshua, McMinn Co TN in 1890

                                                Dr Livingston Barnes m. Lemma Etter

                                                Etters lived Dawson for decades


            1832            Mary Jane Wilhite                           m. Richard Hickock

            1834            Catherine Lucretia Wilhite                        m. William A Sneed

                        dau  1860  Susan Frances Sneed



Elizabeth Wilhite...m. 1839....Roane Co TN



AL..            Morgan Co....

            Wilhite Cove

            Wilhite Cemetery

            Wilhite Historical PO

            Wilhite Hollow

TX...    Fannin co...

Wilhite Branch

TN...            Marshall Co....

Wilhite Creek, Church


WILHITE...Early ministers of VanZant Co TX

Wiley EJ H Wilhite                        Did the Wyley Wilhite name move from AL

Porter  Wilhite                        to East Navarro Co TX?

Walter Wilhite                        1900 NavCo Census might help



WILHITE STATION...was on the  AL North & South RR


John Wilhite...Major in 15th AL Volunteers


WILHITE...1st Alabama Cavalry


James C

John Jarman

Wiley                          (Wyley Wilhite married daughter of Dr Livingston

Wyley                          Barnes.  Dr. Barnes had lived in the LiBerty Hill

Benjamin                    area...some family buried at Spring Hill


Caroline Wilhite...widow...Falkville AL 1871


John F Wilhite....delegate to 1868 AL Constitution  ..from Winston AL




William A Sneed  b. Blount Co TN 1827, son of Zachariah Taylor & Frances Sneed

Also had....Andrew J, Minerva Jane, and Rachael


Many Wilhites were found in Blount, Bradley, and McMinn Cos..Tenn


N J  Sneed may have married a lady whose name was Hill.    The 1862 Will of John R Hill indicates that he was a nephew of Benjamin J C Hill and a cousin to siblings Mary Jane and Benjamin J C Hill Jr.    This would indicate that John R Hill was a son of George Washington Hill, a son of John Ashley and Lucinda Langston Hill.    John R Hill, also, left property to Anna C Sneed, daughter of N T Sneed.




There was a large contingent of Hill  family members in Warren Co were Sneeds


Bethenia  Perkins Sneed married John R Ogilvie  born May 17, 1826 and was listed as coming to Navarro Co Texas 1854.   John Ogilvie served with Winklers 4th Texas Volunteers as a 2nd Lt.  He resigned in October 1861 and returned to Texas....possibly due to the illness of his wife who died in 1864.  One John Randolph Ogilvie..born 1826...near Nashville, Tenn....married 1881 at Bellvue LA to Theodocia "Docia" Baker....born 1844 Jasper AL.   He was said to have been a son of William & Matilda Burton Ogilvie.  He was reported to have been a Union Soldier in the Civil War and was buried at the Harris Ogilvie Cemetery,  Ogelsby Tenn in 1906.


John R and Bethenia Harden Perkins Sneed Ogilvie lived in the Liberty Hill area, possibly on the Joseph Sneed properties.   Traditions holds that they were both buried at Spring Hill Cemetery, but no such record has been discovered.


Ogilvie Children......

George Allen Ogilvie            1849-1910    m.            Maggie A Hanson                

                                                            Jan 16, 1873

Mary Eliz Ogilvie            1851-1883    m.             Robert Dysert Bills   

            This Bills family was from Marshall Co Tenn...

cousin to Gersham Alexander Bills

Eugenia M Ogilvie            1854-1917    m            Gersham Alexander Bills                

Dec 24, 1872

Eduora M Ogilvie              1855-1881    m            J F Freeland                                

Feb 2, 1871

Willie Ida Ogilvie            1859-1939    m.            J Harry McReynolds  

        son   Will McReynolds  lived at Dawson  until his death 1939                       

Robert Ogilvie            1863-1886    `            Never married          


                        G A Ogilvie filed for a Cattle Brand              NavCo              1866

                        Sarah C Ogilvie filed for a Cattle Brand NavCo                        1867




When Joseph Perkins Sneed was fourteen, his Father sent him to one of the family owned farms in Alabama, in all likelihood, to be overseer.    Such responsibility being placed upon a fourteen year old boy speaks well of the abilities of Joseph, that he was mature beyond his years.      He remain in that position for ten years, but no record exists for him during that period.    It is probable that he married and had several children before 1829.    N J Sneed became Grand Master in 1858 and could not have been a child of the 1842 marriage.   However, had he been born when Joseph was twenty-two, N J..whose name was Joseph….would have been thirty-six when he first served as Grand Master of the Spring Hill Lodge.


Joseph Sneed was twenty-four when he experienced a "Conversion."     There is suspicion that he had married, had children.    His wife may have died attempting to give birth to still another child.  He may have turned to the church in the midst of his grief.     He began serving as  Junior Preacher when he was twenty-four.   Two years later, he was appointed as a full time minister of the Methodist church, serving in the swamps of Mississippi and Louisiana.   He became a circuit rider in 1838, serving in the State of Texas.   He would remain there for four years. The fact that he was a circuit rider gives some indication that he may have been single during that time.


He returned to Tennessee in 1842.     Friends introduced thirty-eight year old Joseph to  eighteen year old Achsah Bond Harris, daughter of a wealthy Nashville family.   They were married in October of that year.      They immediately left for Texas with several wagons and a number of slaves.


The Harris name is of interest in that the Lowrimore family; who came to the area from Maury Co Tenn via Tishomingo Co the 1870s....with the Walkers.  The Lowrimore family descended from a Rev. Harris who was a preacher in Maury Co.


Joseph Perkins Sneed had married well in Tennessee.  His holdings included land and sufficient slaves to work the land, but he foresaw early that a threat to slavery was looming over the nation.  He liquidated his Tennessee holdings and on Christmas Eve 1858 purchased 2800 acres of land in the far west of Navarro Co. Texas.  The total price was $1400.


His family members are mentioned in Navarro Co. Texas History

            N J Sneed filed a Cattle Brand in NavCo              1860                NavCo

            W O Sneed served in Dresden's Texas Cavalry

Sally Sneed             m. J H Burgess, a  Spring Hill Justice of the Peace

            Martha Sneed               m. Alfred E Treadwell                    1855                NavCo

            Fanny Sneed  m. C A Mobley                                   1879                Navco


Mrs. Mary D Sneed, possibly a daughter-in-law,   m. James E Patton  1854  NavCo


                        Jim Sneed fmc-m. Mrs. Ellen Wade                          May 1892    NavCo

                        James Sneed fmc - m. Rena Gasper                        July 1882         "    



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