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  • This Information is from a book written by Betty Trammell -Snyder
                            2303-17th, ST., Lubbock, TX.  79401-4436.
    Submitted by Roberta Isenhower



THOMAS   TRAMMELL                  -m-                     PATSY   BOATRIGHT

b, ca 1794-1800                                              b, ca 1794-1800

pl.                                                               [Patsy d/o Thomas &.

M,                                                               Amy Boatright]

d.  Ca.  13 Aug.  1834                                              Father: Thomas Boatright

Father: David                                                                                                Mother: Amy Trammell           .

b..  1760-1770; Mother Elizabeth                                                             

David was listed with his wife and six children in the 1810 Census: Ill 1810-1818.

3 children to 10 years, 3 children to 16 years and he and his wife was listed as to 45 years.

(He had 4 boys and 2 girls.)


            (Thomas and Patsy were the parents of Seven children)

                        This record is    of #5 Child LEWIS TRAMMELL

            For other Trammells check Book by Betty Trammell-Snyder



LEWIS M.  TRAMMELL                   -m-                  SARA EMMALINE ISENHOWER

b.  1824                                                                      b.  1829

pl.  AR                                                                        pl.  Cape Girardeau Co.  MO

m.  17 June 1847 Montgomery Co., AR.   He -23 : She - 18

d, ca 1860-70 TX                                                      d, ca 1931, TX

                        (later information said Sarah E, was 103 when she died.)


            Sara Emmaline Isenhower was a doctor with Herbs.  She carried a pistol in the satchel with her Herbs.

She lived to be 101 years of age.  Some how her nephew, William Martin Isenhower, did not know about her.




1.   Thomas Jefferson Trammell     -m-   #1.  Amanda Price, 12 June 1872

      b.  1849 Montgomery Co.   Ark,              #2.  Miss L.N.  Britton,                                                                                                       11/9/1878

      d,                                                               #3.  Mrs.  Bessie Brooks

                                                                                           9 Mar.   1887



2.  Jonathon Franklin Trammell       -m-     Margaret Lucretia Williams

    b.  22 Mar.  1852                                           b.  20 Apr.  1862

    pl.  Navarro Co.  TX                                     pl.  Naverro Co.  TX.

   m.  30 Oct.  1877   Navarro Co.  Corisecana

    d.   27 June 1910                                      d.   17 Sept.  1935

    pl.  Nanarro Co.  TX.                                                 Pl.  Grady Co.  OK.



3,  Orlena Trammell                         -m-            F.  M.  Bennett (widower)

    b.   22 Mar.  1854                                                  b.  24 Jan .  1834

    pl.  Navarro Co.  TX                                                         pl.  TN.

    m.  22 Jan.  1874

    d.  21 June 1936                                                  d, 18 Nov.  1923

 pl.    Navarro Co.  TX                                                          pl.  Navarro Co.  TX.



  4.  Samuel H.  Trammell               -m-          Alamedia Harris

      b.   Ca 1857   Navarro Co TX.



5.  Amanda Trammell                                  -m-           James L.  Swink

    b, ca.  1861                                                ( died of mad dog bite)

    pl Navarro Co.  TX

    m.  8 Apr.  1880 Navarro Co.TX.

    D, 12 Aug.  1962  .  Richland , TX.



6.  Mary Margaret Trammell b.  Ca.  1864, Navarro Co.  TX.  , Died young?



7.  Elizabeth, (Bettie) Trammell        -m-             Edward Lee Sellers

     b.  17 Oct.  1867

     pl.  Navarro Co.  TX,


*Note:  Sara Emmaline Isenhower-Trammell is buried in     Mt. Napp Cemetery in Richardson Texas.

I do not know if there is a marker.

(sent in by Roberta Isenhower)


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