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Here is the email from a family member.  This is very confusing but the death certificate shows the parents of Little J.T. as J.T. Wylie and Thelma Carter.  And J.T. Wylie is the informant.  I don't know why this is on the death certificate.  John Thomas Wylie was born in 1868 and little J.T. was born in 1925 .... Karen Rost

J. T. Wylie (initials only, but was presumably named after John Thomas Wylie buried here with his wife), is buried in Boardtree Cemetery and was born 06 Jul 1925 in Dawson, Navarro County, Texas. He died of leukemia 03 Nov 1928 in Waco, McLennan County, Texas. His parents were Henry Versa Wylie, who is buried next to his son & Thelma Beatrice Carter is buried in Dawson Cemetery. Henry committed suicide or was killed by his father, John Thomas, in the family’s barn in Rodney on 25 Aug 1930 because of gambling losses, depending on which story you believe. Henry was born 31 Oct 1897 in Navarro County, Texas. Thelma was the daughter of Charles Devane & Roxie Anna (Jordan) Carter, buried here also. She was born 17 Feb 1901 in Rodney and died 06 Jun 1980 in Waco. She is buried in the Dawson Cemetery and was my grandmother and mother of my father, C. D. Wylie, who is buried in Dawson Cemetery too. Henry has a makeshift headstone from concrete that is close to the ground with his name etched into it. I quite often find it grown over with grass.

Thelma’s brother, Arthur, used to take my brother & me to this cemetery as children and explain how we were related to everyone in it. LOL. It didn’t mean much as a child, but since I started researching the family, it seems he was somewhat right.

Nick Wylie

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