Corsicana Cotton Mill
Roll of Honor
Corsicana, Navarro County Texas


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Corsicana Daily Sun, May 29, 1943

Corsicana Cotton Mill, Roll Of Honor (Our employees serving in the armed forces of the United States of America).

James N. Brinkley*

James Leland Howard

Alphus Doyle McGlon

Aubrey D. Peebles

Raymond Loyd Ward

Reuben E. Arnold, Jr.

Aubrey Lee Young

Therman P. Penney

J. N. Parrish

Wilburn D. Thedford

O. E. Burns

George E. Crabb

Billy Doyle Hurley

Donald D. Newcomb

Daniel B. Pollock

Kenneth Allen Wilds

Cecil C. Bondurant

John Cody Brown

Ernest Gotcher

Emery G. Holloway

Coy Wallace

J. W. Higginbotham, Jr.


Hollis Jernigan

Clarence C. Novak

Joseph R. Powell

Elwyn L. Hargrave*

Jeff Bondurant

Robert L. Whitener

Stanley Walker

Buford L. Benfield

Charlie Ingram

Virgil E. Johnson

Tom Smith Lassiter

Harold Ernest Miller

Earl Clifford Powell

Eddie Forest Quinn

Bennett Dove

Robert Hugh Owen

Sam Crabb

Burl Lee Hoggatt

Johnnie Leon Aven

Ronald Neal Moses (Jap prisoner)

Thomas Lucas

Lloyd G. Morehead


Joe Alfred Prater

Clifton A. McSpedden

Frankie Alton Long

James D. Harwell

Daniel C. Nugent

Billie Joe Smith

Chester Low

Lawson Lee Wade

Herman Calvert Marr

Alton E. Schlemmer

Derwood F. Pratt

Hollis Edwin Levins

William Lenden Long*

Alvin O’Neal Long

Herman Lee Smith

Elmer D. Sullivan

Harold Barron

Troy Evert Cooley

Leonard David Moses

Elmer Lee Smith

Estus B. Prewitt

Gordon H. McClintock


C. A. Whitlock, Jr.

Wyatt Dale Lake

Frank John Budai

Clarence R. Sandlin

Jack Walker

Douglas Hill

Pete McCain

Tom Mack Peebles

James Burl Shook

William H. Tipton

Raymond B. Copeland

Clyde Blakney

Lemuel C. Whitener

Emmitt E. Thomas

Herman Louis Cox

Louis Bryan Daniels

Cameron Edward Griggs

Henry Dean Armstrong

Jackie Donald Howard

Horace F. Potts

Teddy Adams

Leonard Ray Odom

Marvin Brinkley



* They gave their lives.




  • I was given access to a document published in the Corsicana Daily Sun in 1943 concerning the Corsicana Cotton Mill employees who were serving in the armed forces.   Some had already been killed and another was known to be a prisoner.  The document I copied is in the form of a poster and is owned by Mrs. Thelma Young of Corsicana.  She is the widow of Aubrey Lee Young who is on the list.  John C. Barron

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