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  • Located off dirt road near present west fence of Stroube Ranch on land owned by Dan Budai, Richland, Texas.  This is near the site of the old Pisgah Ridge.  The cemetery was copied in May 1983 by Dorothy Penningtaon Rimmer.  There is said to be other stones which have been destroyed by cattle.



Dr. William N. Anderson
b. 1 Feb 1807
d. 9 Feb 1855
Rest husband rest in quiet sleep while friends sorrow over the weep

William N. Anderson
d. Dec 12, 1873
26 years, 1 month, 8 days

Infant daughter of Dr. A. N. and J. Willie Brown
b. 14 Jan 1891
d. 17 Jan 1891



Dr. Anderson and his brother D. D. Anderson, came to Navarro County around 1844.  They settled near the community of Pisgah, south of Richland Creek, at the foot of the Tehuacana Hills.  Dr. Anderson met and married Miss Suzanne Louise Dickson.

The story which led to the death of Dr. Anderson is etched in the records of Navarro County.  There was a misunderstanding as to the border line of the Anderson property with that of a neighbor, Mr. William Love.  Both men claimed a small strip of land between each survey of their land.  Neither would concede.  On February 9, 1855, while Dr. Anderson was returning home from a call to a sick friend, he was ambushed near Richland Creek and mortally wounded.  Sheriff Buck Berry arrested Colonel William Love for the murder.  Love's trial was not held in Corsicana, but rather in Dresden; Love was freed on the grounds of insufficient evidence.

Although Love was free, he never felt quite safe and the following year, he built a new home which, many say, resembled a fort more than it did a home.  Many port holes were built on each side of the house.  This house which was considered a show place, was high on the ridge and overlooked miles of the surrounding country.  Love lived constantly in fear for his life since many threats were made against him.

Sixteen years later, Colonel Love was ambushed near the creek and was shot to death.  It was never proven who killed him.  This death ended the fued between two neighbors, a feuds over a few feet of dirt.

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