Pevehouse Cemetery
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Pevehouse Cemetery


Pevehouse Cemetery
Information and Photos from Connie Webb ( May 2000)

Henry Jefferson Sears, b. Jan 26, 1817, Wilkinson Co. GA, d. Aug 20, 1897, Navarro Co., TX ( View | View | View | View )

Rebecca Jane (Freeman) Sears, b. Sep 22, 1824, GA, d. Apr 17, 1890, Navarro Co., TX

Reverend Henry Jefferson Sears was the son of Timothy and Jennie (Jane) White Sears of Wilkinson Co., GA. He married Rebecca Jane Freeman, daughter of John Freeman in Walton Co., GA on Feb 6, 1843. He helped establish the Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Wilkinson Co. in 1849.

Henry and Rebecca Sears moved their family to Randolph Co., AL between 1850 and 1853 and lived there until 1865, at which time, they moved by covered wagon to Texas. Henry’s nephew, John Bryant Sears and his family, also came at that time. The journey took about three months.

Henry and Rebecca lived for a short time in Navarro Co. before settling at Thorp Springs, in Hood County. He often preached at the old log meeting house in Thorp Springs, where he also owned a mill which was damaged in 1872 when its boiler exploded, killing one man. It was about this time that the Sears family returned to live in Navarro Co. They were the parents of nine children. Only the youngest, David Crockett Sears (my ggrandfather) was born in Texas.

The graves of Henry and Rebecca Sears are surrounded by a cast iron fence. The markers are weather-worn and covered with lichen, but are still easily read. Rebecca’s stone has come loose from its base and is lying on the ground.

Timothy L. Sears, b. 1853 in Alabama, d. 1888, Navarro Co., TX

Adelaide (Addie) M. Pevehouse Sears, b. Dec 7, 1854, d. Feb 25, 1930   Obituary for Adelaide Sears

Timothy and Addie were married Mar 4, 1874, in Navarro Co., TX. They are buried at the foot of the graves of Henry J. and Rebecca J. Sears. Their graves are also fenced, and the marker, a modern one, is in very good shape.

D. M. Stewart, b. Haywood County, TN, 1881, d. Feb 1, 1903, Navarro Co., TX.

I have been able to learn nothing of D. M. Stewart. I had hoped to make a connection between him (or her) and my second set of Navarro, Hill, Hood Co. g-g-grandparents, the elusive Robert H. and Sarah Polk Jones Stewart, although they appear to have arrived in TX in the 1860s.

D. M. Stewart’s stone is in the far western portion of Old Pevehouse Cemetery. It is leaning badly, weather-worn and lichen covered, and I could barely make out the dates and "born in Haywood Co., TN. Both sides of the stone appear to have been covered with writing, but most of it was too badly worn to read.

David Pevehouse, b. Dec 31, 1811, d. Apr 29, 1897

Malinda Pevehouse, b. 22 Jul 1826, d. 31 Oct 1906

David A. Pevehouse and Malinda Pierce Pevehouse were the parents of Addie Pevehouse Sears. Their stones are located toward the center of the cemetery and are surrounded by a cast iron fence. David’s stone is in good condition, but Malinda’s has been broken.

Tennie S., wife of E.E. Ratcliffe, b. Jul 2, 1877, d. Oct 7, 1908?  (Another View )

I have been unable to find any references to Tennie or her husband. Her stone was in good condition. I believe it was in the same enclosure as was David and Malinda Pevehouse.


There are five small markers  belonging to babies by the last name of Way. They are on the northern side of the cemetery. It was beginning to rain by this time, so I was unable to check them out any closer than this. I have been told that all but one were either stillborn or died within a few hours of their births. The one only lived a few weeks.

Davie M., Son of J M and W R Ritter, b. 8, d. Mar 21, 1890

Davie Ritter’s marker is separate from the other markers thirty yards or so south of the Sears markers. I believe him to be the son of John Melton Ritter and Willie R. Ritter, who show to be buried in Dresden Cemetery.

There is also a large square stone which could have been a marker at one time, but no writing is visible on it. Since the marked graves are widely spread with much empty space between them, I suspect there are quite a few unmarked graves in the cemetery.


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