The Spring Hill Cemetery
Spring Hill, Navarro County, Texas


Spring Hill Cemetery || Stories from Dawson Texas






Spring Hill Cemetery

Dawson, Navarro County, Texas

2 miles northeast of Dawson

off State Highway 31.


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The Spring Hill Cemetery is located on two acres designated in the 1860 will of Dr. George Washington Hill, “as a perpetual burial place.”   The first burial, in 1848, in the center of a clump of ancient oak trees, was that of Sarah Webb who had traveled by covered wagon from Giles Co., Tennessee.

The cemetery became integrated in 1864 when Mary Younger, daughter of Isom and Caroline Younger, was buried there.  The cemetery may have been integrated as early as 1850 when the county mortality report  listed the death by burning of a nine year old servant belonging to Dr. G. W. Hill.  

Early access to the cemetery was on the north, and faced the Old Cowhead Road, an Indian and Buffalo trail that led across Richland Creek to Porter’s Bluff.    The Davidson, Cottongame, and Cameron families lived on that road, just east of the Cemetery.   The road was closed at some point leaving the cemetery land locked in a pasture, about one-quarter mile from the nearest access road.

The cemetery was well maintained until the 1930s by means of “Annual Cemetery Work Days,” when families came in wagons and Model T Fords to spend the day attending to graves, removing weeds, and socializing.  When the day was done, there was not one blade of grass, not one weed, not one briar remaining on the hill.   Evidence today shows erosion of 6-8 inches in some areas of the cemetery.

During the 1940s, as the older generations died off, the cemetery began to be overgrown with weeds and briars.   Cattles grazed in the cemetery and often overturned markers.

In 1970s, McKeown Breedlove, Barbara Davidson Patterson, James A. Martin, and others led in the formation of the Spring Hill Cemetery Association as a non-profit corporation.   Tax free donations were received, a chain link fence installed, and the group began to battle the briars and other growth.

Today, the cemetery is a tranquil and well maintained site, guarded by several old oaks that overlook a peaceful lake.  The Cemetery Association struggles as donations dwindle with the passing of many older members.   An attempt is being made to expand the list of annual donors.   Several individuals have placed the Cemetery Association in their wills.

This Revised Census attempts to present all names of those known to have been buried there, and some historical and genealogical comments. 

Additions, comments, and/or corrections are more than welcome and may be forwarded to the Association.

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Prepared by
Carl Matthews
Cedar Hill TX





Amonette, Williarn                        Born: Mar 30, 1829 Died: Aug 16, 1869


Amonette, Amelia              Born: Nov 17, 1837 Died: Sep 4, 1882.

            Dau of:          William Beaty and Clarinda Wilson

            Children with William Lemual Amonette

                        Millard Filmore Amonette

                        Samuel Houston Amonette

                        William Lemual Amonette III

                        John Franklin Amnette

                        Ernest Helmer amonette

                        Robert Lee Amonette

            Children with John P. Slade

                        Thomas Winson slade

                        Arthur Slade

                        Mollie Molice Slade

                        Tine Slade

                        Eviline Slade

                        Amelia Slade


Amonette, Harriet                         Born: 1842 Died: 1865

                        May have been a sister of William Lemuel Amonette

                        Two reports….Nadine…find a grave  2008…????-1865

                        Carol…..1842-1865…Stone may have been replaced


Amonette, S.H.                               Born: Nov 16, 1859 Died: July 10, 1906

            Son of              Willia Lemual Amonette


            Two related graves are nearby.


Slade, Evalne                                   Born 1875, died 1897

            Daughter of J. P. and Evaline Slade

Freeland, Millie Slade                   Born 1877   Died 1901

            Wife of J. T. Freeland

                        Son:   George Louie Freeland




SEE…..THE AMONETTE STORY…in the appendix



Arnold, W.A.                                   Born: 1842 Died: 1865

            A William Arnold is listed in the 1870 Spring Hill Census.  He was born 1849             in Texas, is married to, “H.”   The have a daughter, “R,” born 1867.



Bankston, Infant                Born: 1928 Died: 1928….           


            No record has been discovered regarding the parents of this baby. However,         the Bankston family was in the Spring Hill area by the 1890.  William W. Bankston 1878-1916 married Minnie A. Kay c1898.  Their son, William B.          Bankston was born 1900. He died 1970 and is buried at Dawson Cemetery.


            Ora Bankston

                        married Herman Matthews, son of William Newton Matthews

            Flora Bankston

                        married Ottma Matthews. Son of William Newton Matthews.



Barber, Bufford                  Born: 1892 Died: 1895.


            Probably a son of William Samuel and Lena Doyle Dempsey Barber who are             buried at the Dresden Cemetery. Other children were

                        Doyle Barber,                                  m. Carrie Holt

                        Maggie Bell,

                        Kate Florence                                  m. Karl Savage


                        Willie D. Barber.



Barnes, Jacob                                  Born: Jun 12, 1810 Died: May 11, 1894.

            Father of O.M.Barnes. 

Barnes, L.M.                                    Born: Nov 17, 1891 Died: May 28, 1895.

            Daughter of O.M. & M.E. Barnes

Barnes, M.E.                                    Born: Jul 24, 1872 Died: Dec 2, 1894.

            Wife of O.M. Barnes


            Jacob Barnes, born South Caroling, first married Elender Bishop, and second             Matilda Owens.   His daughter, Nancy Frances Elizabeth Barnes           1841-1926 married a Mr. Miller.   His sons were Charles Leroy Barnes and             Oscar Barnes.   Charles Leeroy Barnes 1826-1924, and Oscar M. Barnes    1866-1937 who married Catie Elizzabeth Cameron, are buried at the        Brushie Prairie Cemetery.


Berry Mary E.                      Born: Aug 8, 1852 Died: Nov 15, 1874.

            Wife of GMD Berry. 

Berry Otho               Born: Oct 1, 1872 Died: Oct 24, 1882.

            Son of GMD & Mary Berry


            Otho was the second son of George M. Dallas Berry and Mary E. Walker      Berry. Mary was the daughter of William (Bill) Walker and Mary Minerva    McCandless. Otho's older brother was Spartan Berry who lived in Dawson     for many years.


Boldin, Soloman                 Born: Aug 31, 1811 Died: Feb 22, 1887

Boldin, Elizabeth                Born: Aug 5, 1830 Died: Sep 29, 1908.

            Wife of Soloman Boldin.

            1843              James Boldin                                   died in Alabama

            1850              Mary P. Boldin                                never married

            1852              Martha Susan Boldin                    m. John Wesley Kay

            1853              Joseph Calvin boldin                     died in Alabama

            1855              Jonathan B. Boldin                        m. Coradala Gable

            1860              Sara Janette Bldin                          m. Lankford

            1862              Solomon Boldion                            died Dawson TX

            1863              William R. Boldin                            died in Alabama

            1869              Rufus L. Boldin                                died 1898    

            1870              Addie Lou Boldin                            never married

            1875              Charles Boldin                                 m. Cora Elvis Lowrimore


Bolden, Rufus L.                  Born: Sep 17, 1869 Died: Jun 24, 1898

Bolden, Beatrice                 Born: Apr 28, 1908 Died: Sep 20, 1908

            Daughter of G. D. and Jewel A. (Davidson)  Bolden.


SEE….THE BOLDEN STORY…in the appendix



Breedlove, Bethena B.,    Born: Nov 14, 1872 Died: Oct 13, 1907

            Wife of J.R. Breedlove.

Breedlove, Ednie                Born: Feb 17, 1892 Died: Aug 21, 1894

            Daughter of J.R. and M. B. Breedlove.

Breedlove, Russell S.         Born: Oct 28, 1894 Died: Oct 28, 1894.

            Son of J.R. and M.B. Breedlove.


            James Russell Breedlove 1871-1953 was born in Alabama, a son of Tom       Breedlove and Ethel Mae Almand.  .   He married Malinda Bethena             Prater in Morgan Co. AL.    He is buried at Waco Memorial Park   The           Breedlove, Prater, Cottongame, and Amonette families were from Morgan       Co. AL


            One James Breedlove paid tithes 1749 at Lunenburg Co. VA. Twenty-two     years later, Thomas N. Breedlove was born in Charlotte Co. VA., married     Lydia, and died at Morgal Co. AL     His son, James R.l Breedlove was born 1811 in Georgia, married Mary Ann Woodall in Morgan Co. AL, and            died in Morgan Co. AL.    His son, Thomas S. Breedlove was born 1840 in   Morgan Co. AL, married Venina J. Copeland and Ethel Mae Almand, and             died in Morgan Co,. AL.


            His son, James Russell Breedlove, was born Morgan Co. AL 1871, married    Malinda B. Prater, and died 1953 in Navarro Co. TX, and was buried at      Memorial Park, Waco TX.


            This is the family of McKeown Breedlove who, with Barbara Davidson           Patterson, James A. Martin, and others,  worked so diligently to maintain             and preserve the Spring Hill Cemetery.



Carpenter, Macolm                       Born: 1867 Died: 1878.

            Son of E.W. and S.A. Carpenter.


CALMAN, infant son                      1902

            Son                 O M. and Lora Calman


CARROLL,  Charity              ?????-1912



Cates, W. L.                          Born: Jun 11, 1 833 Died: Dec 25, 1871


            w. l. Cates 1833-1871 had died prior to the birth of Cates listed below, and suggest that he left sons whose names have not been discovered.


            The Cates family came early to Spring Hill.

            Libby Cates, daughter of W.L. Cates

                        married Charles Stewart (Charlie) Matthews.

            Will Cates

                        married Lucy Anna Matthews, Charlie's sister.

                        When Lucy Anna died, Will married Ophelia Dempsey, and moved to                         Smith co. TX


                        W. L. Cates was on Hubbard School Board 1913


            Audie Cates   b. 1900        married Minnie Parrish



Cheatham, Neuten                        Born: Jan 10, 1878 Died: Apr 30, 1879.

            Son of J.N. and M.J. Cheatham.


            Josiah Newton Cheatham, married Margaret Josephine Stockard, daughter           of J. B. Stockard.  Her sister, Ruth Stockard, married Newton Jasper            Matthews, who came to Spring Hill in 1869.


            Josiah Newton Cheatham was a son of Lewis Robertson Cheatham, who      served in the Civil War and came to Texas with the Crews Wagon train in           1874  His sister, Mattie J. Cheatham, married Jesse Renfro.



Cleghorn, Eliza                                Born: Jan 30, 1847 Died: Feb 22, 1879.

            Wife of W.A. Cleghorn. Married Feb 6, 1873.


            M. Cleghorn is listed as a farmer born in Tennessee.  He is 34-years of age   and married to “M. E.” also born in Tennessee.   Ages of their children I     ndicate they migrated to Texas from Arkansas in 1868.


            The 1870 Spring Hill census listed A. W. Cleghorn, born 1856 in Tennssee,    and is a farmer  His wife was, “H. O.,” and they had a 1-year ld daughter.   “  H. O.” must have died soon after 1870.  He married Elizabeth in 1873.


            His brother, J. J. Cleghorn, may have arrived several years earlier since he   was serving as Worshipful Master of the Spring Hill Lodge in 1869. The      Cleghorn family intermarried with the Follis and Fullerton families.


            J. J. Cleghorn is shown in the 1870 Spring Hill Census.  He is forty, born in     Tennessee, married to Margaret.  The ages of their children suggest they   migrated to Texas from Arkansas c1865.



Clemmons, Martha Elizabeth Born: Feb 10, 1857 Died: May 13, 1874

            dau:  Samuel and Prudance Matthews Wright

            Wife of L.A. Clemmons.


            Martha Elizabeth Wright Clemmons was the daughter of Samuel and            Prudence (Matthews) Wright. When Martha died in 1874. her only child,            Della Clemmons , was raised by Sam and Prudence Wright.  Della married         Ike Hughes and had a daughter, May.   Martha Elizabeth and her brother,     Wilkerson Wright, were buried at Spring Hill Cemetery before the Liberty      Hill Cemetery was created. SEE WRIGHT



Coffey, Anne Elizabeth     Born: Jan 28, 1831 Died: May 18, 1888 \

            Daughter of Sampson Stewart and Sarah Reece Matthews

Coffey, James J.                  Born: ??? Died: 1895 Born Maury Co.TN

            Husband of Ann Elizabeth Matthews

            No markers have been found, but records indicate their burial here.

SEE…..THE COFFEY STORY….in the appendix





Cottongame, Caroline                  Born: Jan 3, 1832 Died: Feb 18, 1933.                        married William Cottongame on June 15,          1859  Lawrence Co. AL,

Cottongame, Anna B.                   Born: Apr 28, 1903 Died: Apr 7, 1918. ...

            Daughter of S.M. Cottongame.

Cottongame, Calvin Lee               Born: Feb 2, 1892 Died: July 21, 1892.

            Son of John Franklin and Sarah Jane (Prater)Cottongame

Cottongame, Infant                                  Born: Apr 1, 1901 Died: Apr 7, 1901.

            Son of John F. and Sarah J. Cottongame.

Cottongame, Mattle                                 Born: Jan 7, 1893 Died: Aug 10, 1898.           Daughter of John F. and Sarah Jane Cottongame.

Cottongame, Rosan                      Born: Jan 22, 1865 Died: Jul 27, 1953.

            Dau                Jesse S. Thrasher & Emeline Malenda Gay

Cottongame, Samuel  Marvin    Born: Apr 1, 1860 Died: Apr 7, 1914.

            Son of William and Caroline Cottongame.

                        Married Rosanna Thrasher 1881 in Lawrence County, Alabama.



Shaw, Tom C.                                              Born: Dec 15, 1878 Died: Feb 8, 1914.

Shaw, Carrie  (Cottongame)      Born: Feb 18, 1887 Died Jan 31, 1975.

            Wife of Tom C. Shaw.



Shaw, Julia                                                   Born: Aug 10, 1874 Died: Mar 14, 1893.

            Wife of W.H. Shaw.



Sellers, Ruth    Born: Oct 3, 1899 Died: Oct 5, 1899.


            Daughter of George Washington and Mary Etta (Cottongame) Sellers.

            George Washington Sellers 1870-1944, and Maretta Sellers 1882-1941 are             buried at the Dawson Cemetery


            George Sellers was from Oklahoma and Mary Etta a daughter of John          Franklin and Sarah Jane Cottongame from Lawrence County, Alabama.           The family left Spring Hill, moved to Bosque Co. TX, then to Hill Co. TX. 


SEE…..THE COTTONGAME STORY…in the appendix


SEE …..THE PRATER CONNECTION….in the appendix




Davidson, Oscar                 Born: Mar 12, 1883 Died: Feb 25, 1904.

            Son of J.M. and Elizabeth (Betty) Newby Davidson.


SEE….THE DAVIDSON STORY….in the appendix



Dowdy, JameS                                           Born: 1856 Died: 1857.

            Son of W.H. and Margaret Dowdy.

Dowdy, Margaret                         Born: Jan 1, 1831 Died: Jul 5, 1888.

            Wife of W.H. Dowdy

Dowdy, Sarah                                             Born: Died: 1877.


            The Dowddy Family must have lived in or near Spring Hill from 1857 when their son was buried, and 1888, when the mother. Margaret Dowdy, was         buried,   James Monre Lankford, born 1862, Tishomingo Co MS      married Texanna Dowddy in 1889 in Navarro Co TX.  Texanna was first            married to Mr. Spurlin.


            Josephine Dowddy married Henderson Caskey. 

            Their son, James     Henderson Caskey was born 1879




Drummond, Elizabeth      Born Mar 14, 1827 Died Nov 14, 1909

            Wife of Newman G. Drummond.


            Elizabeth Drummond, born in Georgia, lived in Mississippi, and bore ten       children.  She was living in Hill Co. TX in 1900 with two of her children,     William Drummond, and Sarah Drummond.


Freeland, Millie B.                          Born: Jun 22, 1877 Died: Aug 4, 1901.

            Wife of J.T. Freeland.   SEE AMONETTE STORY


Fullerton, Thomas                         Born: 1861 Died: 1861.

            on of William Fullerton. & Pernetta Hill

Fullerton, William                          Born: 1839 Died: 1868.

            William was the son of Henry Fullerton, born in North Ireland, and     Nancy Walker Fullerton.  T

            Their children were:

            James Patrick Fullerton               

                        m. Mary Alice Rucker

                        Alice was sister of Joseph LaFaette Rucler

            Sarah Jane Fullerton                                

                        m. Henry Clay Garner

            Susan Isabella Fullerton              

                        m. Robert Francis Slaughter

            George A. Fullerton

            Britton W. Fullerton                                 

                        m. Leota Ward

            Betty Alice Fullerton                                 

                        m. Noah Armstrong



Hargis, Joe B.                                  Born: Dec 13, 1861 Died: Oct 13, 1943.

Hargis, Maggie                               Born: Dec 29, 1861 Died: Aug 26, 1952.

            Wife of Joe B. Hargis.

Hargis, Joe Louis                Born: 1893   Died: Jan 6, 894.

            Son of J.B. and Maggie Hargis.

Joseph B. Hargis II                         Born and Died 1894


SEE…..THE HARGIS STORY….in the appendix



Herrin, Neomia                               Born: Mar 18, 1863 Died: May 22, 1891.

            Wife of J.E. Herrin.

Herrin, Wiley                                   Born: Mar 12, 1891 Died: Feb 15, 1892.

            Son of J.E. and Neomia Herrin.

Herrin, Ollie                         Born: Mar 12, 1893 Died: Jun 18, 1894.

            Daughter of J.E. and Allie C. Herrin (Second wife of J.E.)


            J. E. Herrin operated a saddle and harness shop at Spring Hill



High, Rommy Lee               ????   Died 1900



Gallman, Infant                              Born; Dec 4, 1902 Died: Dec 6, 1902.

            Son of C.M. and Mona Gallman.






George Washington Hill, M. D.

Born: Apr 22, 1814

Died: May 29, 1860.

Husband of

Minerva Kathrine Matthews Slaughter/Slauter Hill



Born in Warren County, Tennessee to Henry John Alexander and Polly Johnson,  Hill. Came to Texas circa 1830 and lived at Ft. Franklin. H. served the Republic of Texas as Secretary of War & Marine under Sam Houston and Anson Jones and as congressman from Franklin. Married Minerva Catherine Matthews Slaughter on 17 Nov 1847. Moved to Spring Hill in 1848.


                                    SEE BIOGRAPHY OF DR. GEORGE WASHINGTON HILL



HILL, Minerva Kathrine Matthews Slauter    `812-1871

            Wife of Francis Slauter

            Wife of Dr. George Washington Hill.


            Minerva Kathrin was born in Maury County, Tennessee to Mary Ann             (Stewart) and Robert Matthews. Her first marriage was to  Francis            Slaughter on June 2, 1835. They arrived at Ft Franklin, Texas (Sterling C.          Robertson's Colony) on Dec 1, 1835 with Minerva's brother, Robert Harve         Matthews, three Slaughter children by a previous marriage, and some         un-named family servants.   Robertson appointed Frank as Chief Justice            of the colony. After Slaughter’s death, Minerva married Dr. George             Washington Hill on Nov 17, 1847.



Hill, Benjamin                      1818-1836 


                        INFORMATION FROM ……FIND-A-GRAVE

            Benjamin Hill Jr. was born in Warren Co. TN.   He came to Texas as a young man of eighteen (1836), and died in the Texas Revolution, a Patriot.

            His estate was given a Land Grant in 1839 in an area that, later, became             Graham,Young Co. TX.  Two uncles, H. J. A. Hill and Benjamin J. hill, stated   he was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery.


Hill, Benjamin          1840-

            This Bennamin Hill was said to have died at age nine or thirteen, and is         buried next to Dr. George Washington Hill, and his wife.



Hill, Pernetty Born: 1842 Died: Mar 31 1873,

            31 years, 9 months. Wife of Larkin Hill.


            Pernitty Hill was first married to William Fullerton who died during the Civil             War.(may have died 1868)   Larkin Hill, a cousin, had served in the Civil        War with William          Fullerton.  When the war ended, he traveled to Texas,     and married Pernitty.


            Larkin Hill was a son of John A. Hill and Martha Killian.  His father and his     uncle, Jesse Hill, served in the Mexican War.  His father was killed in    1846 and his mother died soon afterwards. Larkin and his sister were raised             by relatives.  Larkin served in the Civil War with Co. K 6th Alabama          Regiment.   He came to Texas in 1868, first to Dallas Co., then to Navarro Co. where he married his cousin, Pernitty Hill Fullerton, widow of             William Fullerton.


            After the death of Pernitty, Larkin married Sarah Priddy.  He died in 1911.  Sarah Priddy was a sister of Betty Priddy who married Robert Harve Matthews.



Hokey, Smithie Born: Sep 11, 1887 Died: Sep 28, 1888.

.......Daughter of J.T. and M.A. Hokey.


Holland, Willie T. Born: Oct 13, 1889 Died: May 27, 1890.

........Son of R.N. and C.E. Holland


Horne, Narcissus (Matthews)    Borne 1841   Died 1879

            Dau or           William Newton and Eliza Mack Matthews

            G-Dau                        Robert and Mary Ann Stewart Matthews

            Widow of G G :Kale: Garrett who died in the Civil War

            Wfe of Jasper Horne who returned to TN after her death.

            Aunt of William Newton Matthews


Hughes, Moses M. Born 1806  Died 1855

            Born GA, lived AL

            Wife Martha….had five children

            Migrated to TX 1845, Mercer Colony

            Lived Spring Hill and Purdon

`           Served as Texas Ranger as home guard during Mexican War

             His burial site is unknown

            U.S. Govt. placed his marker at Spring Hill in 2003

                                    -  Information from Brent T. Hughes, Odessa TX


Jagjears, John                     1846-1902


            Guy Jagjears  1897-1966 lived on the Dawson-Spring Hill road in the 1930s



Jetton, Emily J. Born: Jul 2, 1844 Died: Jan 24, 1873.

……..Wife of S.B. Jetton,

Jetton, Little Boy Born: Aug 10, 1867 Died: Aug 10 1867.

…….Son of S.B. and Emily Jetton.

Jetton, Little boy                 1873-

Jetton, Little boy                 1874-

Jetton, Luther Born: Jun 22, 1874 Died: Jun 22, 1874.

………Son of S.B. and Rachel Jetton.


            Emily Jetton  was born Emily Sidwell, daughter of Warren Sidwell who had migrated to Texas from Illinois.


SEE…..THE JETTON STORY….in the appendix


Jordan, Sophronia             Born 1831    Died 1888

            Wife of          Jacob F. Jordan



Kay, Alice                              Born: Jan 8, 1884 Died: Jan 13, 1884.

            Daughter of J.E. and Maggie Kay.

Kay, Freddie Hubert                      Born: Nov 19, 1896 Died: Apr 14, 1900.

            Son of J.E. and Maggie Kay

 Kay, Marvin                                    Born: Dec 17, 1880 Died: Aug 18, 1884.

            Son of J.E. and Maggie Kay.

Kay, Mary Marlin              Born: 1876 Died: Jul 30, 1882.

            Daughter of J.E. and Maggie Kay.

Kay, Sam Dean                   Born: May 16, 1894 Died: Aug 18, 1885.

            Son of J.E. and Maggie Kay.


Kay, Olin                                           Born: Sep 19, 1884 Died: Jul 9, 1899.

            Son of B.F. Kay.

Kay, Ottie                             Born: May 4, 1892 Died: Sep 23, 1892.

            Son of B. F. and H. B. Kay.


            This family, apparently, came from Tishomingo Co. MS and intermarried     into the Lankford family.   Mary Ann Kay, born 1841, married Thomas Jefferson Lankford in 1866 at Tishomingo Co. MS.   Mary Ann was a            daughter of Christopher Kay and Harriett Manning. Several of their children       died in Dawson and Navarro Co. TX.               SEE MANNING


            Minnie A. Kay  1879-1954 

                        daughter of H. Kay 

                        married William W. Bankston. 



Kirksey, ???                         Born: 1880 Died: 1881.

            Dau of                       Dr. W.H. and A.W. Kirksey


            Find-a-Grave shows this grave to be that of Dr. Kirksey…an error


            Dr. William H. Kirksey, b orn in AL, 1845, was a physician

            He married Amanda,        born 1846.   Their children are:

            Carrie S. Kirksey                             1867              AL

            William W. Kirksey                         1869              AL

            Georgiana Kirksey                         1856              AL

            Sarah Kirksey                                  1811              SC       mother of Dr. Kirksey


            Dr. W. H. Kirksey was listed in the 1880 census of Talladega Co.MS, but was           in Western Navarro Co. TX in 1881 when his baby daughter was born.              He married Amanda Groce, who was buried in the Dawson Cemetery in      1883.  His daughter, Carrie Sarah Kirksey, married John H. Dalton           Westmoreland, son of one of Dawson’s early school teachers. 


            Carrie Mae   Westmoreland married Clarence Holt.  Their children were        Adlena Holt who married Wilmer Davis, Claude L. Holt who married     Audrey Lancaster, and Mary Dalton Holt.




Lankford, Jincy (Jansa Washburn)    Born: Sep 26, 1808 Died: May 24, 1894


            James Lankford and John Lankford lived near the Deatherage and Bingham             families in Stoke Co. NC c1800.   Stokes Co.bordered VA and was once          Surry Co. NC.


            Jansa Washburn , born SC, married Peter Lankford, and lived Tishomingo Co         MS prior to migrating to Spring Hill, Texas…Three of their sons were          missing in action in the Civil War.    Other children were:

            James Collins Lankford                 1836-1910              

                        died McLennon Co TX

                        married Armintie Dunnhoo

            Martha Jane Lankford                 1844-1911              

                        died Dawson TX

                        married first                                    Thomas Chambers

                        married second                  William H. Young

            Margaret Caroline Lankford      1837-1927               died Port Arthur TX

                        married 1865 Tishomingo Co. MS        William T. Moore

                        Their daughter…..

                        Edna Lee Moore 1882     

                                    married Finch Davis

                                    son  Homer Davis married Gladys Wilkinson

                                    dau  Bobbie Lee Davis  married Carl T. Flint

                                    son Wilmer Kenney Davis  married Adlina Holt

                                                their children

                                                Gerald Holt Davis

                                                Nancy Kay Davis

                                                William Keith Davis          


            Richard Marion Lankford            1849-1922               died Dawson TX

                        .married Martha Badson who died1871  in MS


                        George Lankford

                        married 1893          Sallie Bolden…..their children were:

                                    Flake Pitts Lankford          m. Ola Dempsey Slaughter

                                    Zela Lankford

                                    Vernon Lankford

                                    Leska Lankford

                                    L. Q. Lankford                     m. Anna Marie Savage

                                                Dau:  Cynthia Ann Lankford

                                    Herman Lankford







Luther, Isom                                    Born 1844                Died 1910   

            Son of O. H. and A. F. Luther


Manning, Florence                        Born: Jun 12, 1870 Died: Nov 30, 1886.

            Daughter of L.A. and S.D. Manning  SEE MORRIS….

Manning, Mollie S.

            daughter of D. A. and S. D. Manning, married R. M. Morris.


            Florence was, probably, a sister of W. Frank Manning, who 1888 married
            Margaret Ellen Mattherws, dau. of  Newton Jasper  & Ruth Stockard             Matthews.   The Manning's lived at Belview and Dallas Texas.
            Children were:    Vivian, Melvin J, Otho S, Willie, Paul, Buna.  

            Daughter Mollie Manning had married R M Morris.  She and her infant        daughter were buried here in 1880


            Members of the Manning-Kay-Lankford –Morris families intermarried in     Tishmingo Co MS.




Marsh, Caroline

Marsh, Clarence                             Badly broken headstone in 1997.

Marsh, Infant

Marsh, Willie

Marsh, Reece                                  Born: 1878 Died: 1878.

…….Son of R.B. and S.Reece Marsh


            Older cemetery census show that three children of R.B. Marsh are buried     close by the graves of other children, Reece and Clarence, but no markers       were found in 1997. There are two unknown grave sites nearby that could     be the lost graves.


            R. B. Marsh purchased four Spring Hill lots on Christmas Day 1873 from       Robert Harve Matthews. Marsh appears to have been a physician and store             keeper at Spring Hill.   Some sources state that he married a daughter of Dr. J. L. Dean.  When Marsh moved to Dawson, he had a two story             residence constructed on the northwest corner of Tyler and First Street.       The house, still standing in 2011, was sold to a Gable family at one point.



Martin Homer                                             Born: 1866 Died: 1866.

            Son of W.G. Walker Martin.


            Homer was the son of William G . and Alice Orange Walker Martin. 

            Alice Orange Walker was a daughter ofWilliam & Mary MinervaMcCandless             Walker.    Mary E. Walker, sister of Alice Orange, married.George M. Dallas             Berry and had two sons, Otho Berry, buried at Spring Hill Cemetery,  and     Spart Bery. 


            Otherchildren          were:
            s. Robert Martin                 1868
            d. Berta                                 1870
            d. Maud                                1873
            d. Mary                                 1876
            The Martins moved to West Texas after 1876


            Alice Orange Walker Martin war born in Robertson Co. TX in 1850.  She                   died 1917  She and her husband are buried in unmarked graves at the       Post Oak Cemetery, Pushmataha Co. OK   Post Oak is a very small          cemetery near the site of an old Indian Presbyterian Church, just inside            the Pushmataha Co. line.


            She bore twelve children, eight were shown living in the 1900 census

                        1866              Homer Martin                     1866  Sppring Hill TX

                        1869              Robert B. Martin                1930

                        1870              Berta Martin                       1934  Tulsa OK

                                    m.       Hoggard

                        1875              Maude Martin                    1947  Big Spring TX

                                    M        George Wyat Eason

                        1885              Fannie Martin                     Born Hill Co. TX  died Oregon

                                    Lived 1917               Whitesboro, LeFlore Co. OK

                        1892              Jewell Amelia Martin        Born Hill Co  –Died Kent Co CA


Fannie Frances <i>Martin</i> Milligan









Born: Feb 9, 1804

Died: Aug 3, 1888.


Daughter of Robert and Mary Ann Matthews of Maury County, TN.


Martha Patricia Patsy Matthews married J. D. Matthews.   They came to Texas in 1836. James died in 1844 and Patsy married a John Matthews, possibly a brother of James.  Both husbands were sons of Joseph Matthews, grandsons of James and Mry Doak Matthews.  She was remembered as “smoking a little clay pipe” and living with Robert Harve Matthews, her brother, in Spring Hill until her death. She had 10 children.

            Sarah A. Matthews          

            Robert Harve Matthews 

            John F. Matthews

            James D. Matthews II

            Newton Monroe Matthews                    m. Sarah Frances Porter

                                                                                    Newton died in the Civil War

            Martha Patricia Matthews                     m. David Ward Sanders

            Joseph Calvin Matthews

            Thomas Pressley Mattherws                 

                        m. Sarah Frances Porter, his brother’s widow                                                                                 eight children.

                        1861  Joseplh R. Matthews   cied 1947

                        1868 John Thomas Matthews

                                    m. Barbara Ann Wright

                        1895 Ollie Matthews

                                    m. Iris Otto Orman

                        1871 Travis Matthews

                        1872 Harvey Matthews

                        1873 Lucy Evaline Matthews

                                    m. R James Wright, Prairieville TX 

                                    m. Robert Caskey - son of John & Mary Caskey

                                                son Leroy Alonzo Caskey m. Maud Fuller 1877

                        1877  Rufus Floyd Matthews     died 1937

                                    Married        Bessie Ann Bailey

                                    Clara Mae Matthews

                                    John Edward Matthews

                                    Bailey Clayton Matthews

                                    Russell Leonard Matthews

                                    Lola Mae Matthews

                                    Deward Floyd Matthews




MATTHEWS, Sampson Stewart

Born: Jan 30, 1808

Died: Jan 25, 1883.


Son of Robert and Mary Ann Matthews. Born in Maury County, TN.


He married Sarah Reece who died in Tennessee.  Their children were:

Ann Elizabeth Matthews             m.James J. Coffey              Buried Spring Hill

Sara Jane Matthews                     m. William O. Turnbo       Buried TN    

Robert Harvey Matthews           

Joseph Calvin Matthews              m. Maggie Sims                  Buried Spring Hill

Mary Ophelia Matthews             m. John B. Morgan                        Buried Spring Hill



Sampson married Sarah Reece in 1834.  Sarah died 1861.  Many members of his family came to Texas in 1869.   Sampson and three of his orphaned grandchildren  came to Texas in c1872. He was one of five of Mary Ann and Robert’s children who came from Maury County, TN to Texas. He and Sarah had 6 children.



MATTHEWS,  Ann Elizabeth

     See Coffey



MATTHEWS, Joseph Calvin Matthews,


Born: Nov 4, 1841 Died: May 19, 1914.

Son of  Sampson Stewart and Sarah (Reece) Matthews


Born in Maury County, TN, he married Margaret Adney Sims on Nov 14, 1861and enlisted in the CSA. He was wounded at Chickamauga in the War while serving in Company D 3rd TN Reg, Longstreet's Corps, Walkers Brigade.   


Matthews, Margaret Adney Born: Feb 14, 1841 Died: Mar 27, 1918.

            Wife of Joseph Calvin Matthews.


            Margaret Adney Maggie Sims was the daughter of Augustus H. Sims, a        farmer and slave holder, in Maury County, Tennessee.

            Her siblings were:

            Lucy "Lu" Sims

            Gant Rufus Sims                             m. Nancy Equilla Herring

            Thomas J. Sims

            August H. "Dugan" Sims  .           m. Ella Stockard

            James Frederick Sims                    m. Lue Ann Crews

            Eva Lois Sims                                   m. John W. R. Herring


MATTHEWS, Little Maud Born: 1884 Died: 1884.

            Daughter of Joseph Calvin and Margaret Adney Sims Matthews


MATTHEWS, Lucy Anna Born: Jun 23, 1870 Died: Jun 27, 1892

            Daughter of Joseph Calvin and Margaret Adney Sims Matthews


            Lucy was the first child born to the couple after they made the journey to    Texas from Maury County, Tennessee.



MATTHEWS, Jennie M.                 Born: Aug 16, 1869 Died: Aug 28, 1888.

            Wife of Dr. H. L. Matthews. He was buries at Dawson

Matthews, Infant Son      Born: Aug 16, 1888 Died: Aug 22 1888.

            Son of Dr. Harvie Lee and Jennie (Follis) Matthews.


            Jennie Follis and Dr. Harvie Lee Matthews obtained their marriage license in             Waco in August of 1887. following his graduation from Vanderbilt Medical             College. Her parents were Stephen and Elizabeth Follis.   The family had       lived in Giles County, Tennessee, just south of Maury County, TN where           most of the Matthews lived prior to coming to Texas., but moved to Texas in      the 1870s. Jennie died six days after the death of her only child.  . She was             eighteen.   H. L. Matthews married twice more, and was buried in the       Dawson Cemetery.




MATTHEWS Mattle                                   Bell Born: 1873 Died: Aug 27, 1901.

            2nd  Wife of Harvey Lee Matthews, M. D.

            Dr. Matthews was buried at Dawson


            Mattie Bell Dempsey, daughter of Michael Doyle and Mary Jane Marshall    Dempsey, married Dr. H.L Matthews in 1889. Mattie was 16 years old.     Their children were:

            Harvey Virgil Matthews               m. Rosie Ann Slater

                                                                        m. Oddie Ellis

                                                                        m. Thelma Birchfield Berry

            Willie Margie Matthews              m. Fred Davidson

            Freddie Bell Matthews                 m. Ennis Davidson

            Carl Waymon Matthews             m. Florence Robinson

                                                                        m. Velma Coleman

            Kitty Vera Matthews                     m. William Bill Pierce

                                                                        m. Mike Edwards


MATTHEWS, Charles S. Born: Jun 24, 1866 Died: Feb 10, 1933.

            Husband of Libby Sue Cates

            Husband of Minnie Shilling

            Son of Joseph Calvin and Margaret Adney Matthews.


            Charles Stewart Mattthews  was a son of Joseph Calvin and Margaret           Adney Sims Matthews of Maury County, TN. He came to Texas in 1869          when he was three, and was fondly known as Uncle Charlie by many   members of his family.



MATTHEWS, Libby Born: Jan 1, 1873 Died: Nov 10, 1902.

            First wife of Charles S. Matthews and daughter of W.L. Cates


            Her children were:

            Wilton "Chappy" Matthews       m. Mrs. Copley

            Vestal Matthews                            m. Harold Wilkes

            Culus C. Matthews                         m. Mattie Jewell Freeland

                                                                        m. Cornelia Hardy


            Charlie was married second to Minnie Shilling who bore

            John Virgil Matthews

            Minnie Lee Matthews



MATTHEWS, J. Walter Born: Aug 19, 1862 Died: Jun 17, 1927.

            Son of Joseph Calvin and Margaret Adney Sims Matthews.


            Born in Maury County, Tennessee, he came to Texas in 1869 when he was   seven years old. He had a speech and hearing defect caused by a childhood            illness. He never married.




MATTHEWS, Willie A. Born: Aug 4, 1873 Died: Oct 27, 1892.

            Son of Joseph Calvin and Margaret Adney Matthews.


            Willie was the second child that Joseph and Margaret lost in a four month   span.




            Born: May 24, 1852 Died: Sep 24, 1880.

            Wife of R.H. Matthews,

            dau.  Louis and Christina Hagle Staaden.


Matthews, Cora Born: Sep 15, 1880 Died: Jun 15, 1881.

            Daughter of R. H. and Frances Staaden Matthews


            Robert Harvey Matthews was a son of Sampson Stewart Matthews and       Sarah Reece.   He was born in 1837 and came to Texas in 1869 with   family and friends.r.   He married Frances Staaden, daughter of Louis            Staaden, and Christina Hagle in 1872.



MATTHEWS, Robert Harve

Born: Nov 3, 1814

Died: Sep 21 1894.


Son of Mary Ann and Robert Matthews of Maury County, TN.


Robert Harve came to Texas in 1835 and served as a Texas Ranger from 1837 until 1845. He served with the Confederacy in the Texas Militia as a captain. His wife had the following engraved on his tombstone:



“Dearest loved one,

I have laid thee in the peaceful embrace,

but thy memory will be cherished

till I see thy heavenly face.”


MATTHEWS, Infant           Born: Jan 21, 1886 Died: Jan 21, 1886.

            Son of R.H. and Betty (Priddy) Matthews.


            Robert Harve Matthews was 70 when he married 28-year old Betty Priddy in             October 1884.  He died ten years later.   Betty remained a widow f     or more than 15-years, then married Dan G. Simms, 18-years her junior, and widower of Mary Ann (Puss) Slauter Wheelock, a niece of Robert Harve   Matthews.  Mary Ann was 25-years older than Dan Sims, and was said to          have pinned his diapers when he was a baby.  Bettie was buried at the           Dawson Cemetery.




William Newton Matthews


Eliza Mack

Never came to Texas.



Two of his children and their families, and a grandson from a third migrated to Texas


MATTHEWS, Newton Jasper    Born: Dec 8, 1844 Died: Jun 3, 1883.

            Son of William Newton and Eliza (Mack) Matthews

                        Husband of Ruth Stockard


            Newton Jasper Matthews married Ruth Stockard, and came to Western       Navarro Co., Texas in 1869.   Their children were:

            Hiram Dunn Matthews                                        died 1868 in Tennessee

            Margaret Ellen Matthews                                   m. W. Frank Manning

            Felix Newton Matthews                                       m. Minnie Belle Barber

            Eliza Blanche Matthews                                       m . J. Anderson Fox

            Callie Donia Matthews                                         m. William Henry Garner

            Kathrine Ruth "Kate" Matthews                                   m. James Slaughter

                                                                                                m.  George Mount

            Victor Templeton Matthews                               m. Dora Lee Burt

            Joel Luther Matthews                                           1880-1883

            Newton Jasper Matthews II                                m. Clyde Dunn



MATTHEWS, Joel Luther Born: Sep 22, 1880 Died: Aug 5, 1883.

            Son of Newton Jasper and Ruth Stockard Matthews.



MATTHEWS, Elbert                        Born: Oct 10, 1891 Died: Jul 30, 1894.

            Son of Felix  N. and M.B. Matthews

Matthews, Grace               Born: Aug 2, 1892 Died: Aug 6, 1894.

            Daughter of Felix N. and M. B. Matthews


            Felix Newton Matthews  1871-1959, a son of Newton Jasper and “Ruth        Stockard Matthews, married Minnie Belle Barber in 1890.  Their    daughter, Annie Matthews, born 1894, married Boots Garner.  Boots and       Annie operated The White Front Grocery in Dawson for many years.




The Family of


Grandson of

William Newton Matthews and Eliza Mack



MATTHEWS, Roberta Anna “Bobbie Anna “ Slaughter

            Born April 7, 1864  Died March 6, 1884

            First wife of William Newton Matthews

            Daughter of Robert Francis Slaughter and Ann M. Pendleton


            Bobbie Anna married William Newton Matthews in 1883, the same year her             father died.   She died the following year, 1884, shortly after the birth of      her only child, Ottma Matthews.   Her birth name was Roberta Anna.     The 1870 census listed a 6-year old female, R. Slaughter, in the home of          Kathrine Minerva Hill.   Kathrine died the following year, and the child     may have gone to live with relatives in Ellis Co. TX.   William Newton         Matthews married second, Ann Elizabeth Cates.



MATTHEWS, James Herman      Born 1941    Died 2007

            Husband of Linda Gale French Matthews

            Son of Ott S. and Flora Bankston Matthews

…         Grandson of William Newton Matthews and Roberta Anna Slaughter

            brother of Billie Matthews Sanders and Bobby Matthews



MATTHEWS, Willie E.                    Born: Mar 29, 1896 Died: Apr 15, 1905.

            Son of William Newton and Anne Elizabeth Matthews.

Matthews, Janie Lora       Born: Nov 2, 1896 Died: May 10, 1897.

            Dau   William Newton Matthews and his 2nd wife Anne Elizabeth Mount. 


            Siblings of Jane & Willie Matthews were:


            Leroy Matthews                             m. Vera Onieda Roberts

            Alfred Matthews

            Herman Matthews                                    m. Ora Mae Bankston

            Clay Matthews                               m. Una Katherine Berry

            Winnie Matthews                          m. Jim Garner

            Thomas                                             m. Edith

            Rob ert Matthews                          m. Miss Teer


            Mildred                                             m. Mr. Parker





See HILL, George Washington



MATTHEWS, L.S.                            Born: Aug 27, 1892 Died: Jul 12, 1896.

            This child has not be identified.


MATTHEWS, Brown                      Born: Feb 11, 1869 Died: Apr 4, 1891.

            Son of R.R. Roddy and M.J. Matthews.


            Brown Matthews was a grandson of Joseph Matthews, and a great   grandson of James and Mary Doak Matthews.   He was not a descendent    of Robert and Mary Ann Stewart Matthews as were all other Matthews at Spring Hill.  His uncle, J. D. Matthews, married Patricia Matthews,  a   daughter of Robert and Mary Ann Stewart Matthews.





McCULLOUGH, Artie Floyd          Born: Jan 14, 1889 Died: Feb 15, 1889.

            Son of J.T. and L.O. McCullough.

McCullough, Marbe Aubrey       Born: May 1900 Died: July 1904

            Son of J.T. McCullough

McCullough, Mary Ida     Born: Jan 7, 1872 Died: Apr 11, 1912.

            Wife of W.S. McCullough

McCULLOCH: Mary Ida Wife of W H  Jan 7, 1872-April ll, 1891

            W. H. McCulloch married Zellia Whitener
            Artie Audie McCullough               Son  J T   1903-1904
            Alvin Floyd MCCullough               Son  J T & L O    bd  1899
            John T Mcculloch                           1875-1953   born Navarro Mills, Texas
                        …….Married Lucy   1880-1954
                        Son: Bennie McCulloch    m. Berry
                        …….Children:  M B, Lucy
                        Dau:  Lou Ellen  m. Will Putnam



McEWEM, Louella             Born: Oct 15, 1820 Died: Nov 25, 1877.

            Daughter of J.E. and J.C. McEwen



McSPADDEN, Annie                      Born: Oct 15, 1859 Died: Dec 29, 1878.

            Wife of F. A. McSpadden

McSpadden, Lovie A.        Born: Jun 30, 1878 Died: July 6, 1878.

            Daughter of F.A. and Annie McSpadden.


            Francis Alonzo McSpadden’s second marriage was to Medora Younger,       daughter of Robert and Louise Slaughter Younger. Louise Slaughter’s       parents were Francis and Minerva Katherine Matthews Slaughter. Louise, a             stepdaughter of Dr. G.W. Hill, married R. .A. Younger who was killed in the           Civil War. Some descendants live today in Blooming Grove.  




MILLER,  Joshua E.                                     Born: 1839  Died: 1915

            Born Shelby Co. AL

            Married        1859  Nancy Frences Elizabeth Barnes          1841-1928

                        Dau                Jacob Barnes  1810-1894           Spring Hill Cemetery

                        Bro                 Charles Leroy Barnes                    Brushie Prairie

                        Bro                 Oscar M. Barnes                             Brushie Prairie

            Company D, 20 Alabama Infantry, CSA. – captured twice

            May have been related to Wilkinson family

            Moved to Navarro Co. TX  188



MORGAN, Mary Ophelia Matthews  Born 1847  Died 1888

            Wife of John Bunyon Morgan

            Dau. of Sampson Stewart Matthews and Sarah Reece

Morgan, Sarah A.                          Born ????   Died 1885

            Dau. of John Bunyon Morgan and Mary O. Matthews


            Other children were...
            John H Morgan 1855                   Lived at Plano TX in 1930's
            Sarah A Morgan 1868
            Mary A Morgan 1873
            Thomas A Morgan 1876
            Laura H Morgan 1879
            David E Morgan 1880


            “Uncle” John Morgan visited Dawson relatives c1929 and remained for        several months.   While there, he built a number of items for Carl and   Velma Matthews: a small velvet covered stool; a bookcase with doors; a        large “quilt” box; and a box to hold and lock Carl’s knives at the meat    market.  Carl and Fred Matthews called him, “Uncle John,” but he was, in         reality, a cousin who was 75-years of age in 1930.



MOORE, Allen M.               Born 1893                Died 1966

Moore, Little Gladys                      Born: Apr 7, 1903 Died: Apr 7, 1903.

            Daughter of A.M. and L. M. Moore. 


M. Moore, a Navarro Co. TX blacksmitwho was born in Tennessee, died 1850 of, “Coryza Brain.”    These may have been his grandchildren.



MORRIS, Mollie S.              Born: Oct 20, 1860 Died: May 27, 1880.

            Wife of R.M. Morris and

            Daughter of D.A. and S.J. Manning.

            Her children were:

            1880              Little Mollie S. Morrie

Morris, Little Mollie                       Born: 1880 Died: 1880.

……Daughter of R.M. and Mollie S.. Morris. -  SEE MANNING


            Robert Minnis Morris

            Married sedond:    Ellen Arrena Christie….buried Clarendon TX

            Their children were:

            1890              Martha Edna Morris                     m. Delashaw

            1892              Anna Mae Morris                          m. Small

            1897  `           William Prince orris  

            1899              John Minis Morris

            1907              Marshll Bailey Morris                  

Rev Robert Minnis Morris

Born   1852              Jackson Co. AL

Died   1914  Clarendon TX



MORROW, Mary                            Born: Jan 29, 1817 Died: Feb 19, 1881.

            Wife of J.J.R.

Morrow, Sarah                              Born: 1868 Died: Jan 19, 1885.

…         Daughter of J.JW



MOUNT, Anna B.                            Born: Dec 5, 1897 Died: Jul 30, 1899.

            Daughter of J.F. and Georgia Mount.

Mount, Elmer                                  Born: Oct 24, 1892 Died: Nov 11, 1892.

            son of J.F. and Georgia

Mount. Mount, Lester                  Born: Oct 6, 1906 Died: May 9, 1908,

            Son of J.F. and Georgia Mount


            William T. Mount   ???-???  married Alzira Cates

            Son:   Fred Mount

            Son: William Thomas Mount


            1870 Spring Hill Census

            T. Mount                               1837  TN                   Farmer

            Mattie Mount-f                  1838  MO                 (may have been a Younger)

            Sarah A. Mount.                1861  TX                   m.1870 John Calvin Coffey

            M. L. Mount-f                      1863

            R. B.. Mount-f                     1866  TX                   m.  R. A. Slade, NavCo 1886

            James F. Mount                  1869  TX                   m. Georgia A. Moore


            James Franklin Mount                              1868-1947

            Married        Georgie Ann Moore          1874-1948


            1894              Mattie Caroline Mount                m. Goza

            1895              Jewell Mount                                   M. Railford

            1897              Anna B. Mount                               died y9ung

            1900              Wilton Clay Mount

            1904              Gladys Mount                                 m. Holmes


            Elizabeth Mount married James G. Coffey, Navarro Co. TX    1886

            Belle Mount married P. T. Sims,                        NavCoTX…               1886



ODELL, Maggie Mal          Born: 1894 Died: 1895.

            Daughter of W.Louis Odell and Christine Staaden.


            Sister  Dorothy Frances Odell,                                       Hubbard TX.

            Bro     Lt. Olin Wells Odell  1895-1945             Hubbard TX



OGILVIE, Bethena Perkins Sneed                       NO MARKER

            Born               1826              Williamson Co.,Tennessee

            Died               1864              buried Spring Hill….NO MARKER

            Married        John Randolph Ogilvie  1826-1906     




OWENS,  Johnnie Cleveland

            Born               1892

            Died               1897

            Son of            W. and A. Owens


Parris, Lola A.                                  Born: Sep 21, 1875 Died: May 31, 1892.

            Daughter of D.E. and C. E. (Parris)


Perkins, J. B.                                    Born 1914   Died 2001

.......Husband of Yvonne Perkins

……Husband of Minie Mae Mayo  1915-1999

……Born Irene, Texas

……Longtime fiddler


Pierce, Eula                          Born: Jan 3, 1901 Died: Sep 13, 1902.

            Daughter of Clyde A. and Vina Catherine Hall Pierce.


Pollard, Jr. R. J.”Bob”                    Bob) Born: 1841 Died: 1917.

            Private, Wise Co.  Infantry CSA

Pollard, W. Henry              Born: 1880 Died: 1920.

            Robert Elder Pollard  1878-1949 is buried at Dawson Cemetery.   He was     a son of R. J. Pollard and Mary Elliott, and married Sally Malone Kitchens



Prater, Felix                                     Born: 1894 Died: 1894.

            Son of Thomas and Appie (Russel) Prater who married June 15, 1865

            Thomas fought in the Civil War.



Priddy William                                Born: May 22, 1873 Died: Aug 28, 1874.

            Son of E. and M. Priddy  

Priddy Winnie                                 Born: Oct 18, 1874 Died: Nov 9, 1876.

            Daughter of E. and M. Priddy.



Quinn, Maggie                               Born: Mar 1, 1877 Died: Nov 10, 1877.

            Daughter of M.A. and N.C. Quinn.

Quinn, Malissa                                Born: 1875 Died: 1876.

            Daughterof M.A. and N.C. Quinn


            Children of Mildred Ann Coffey 1848 and Nonamous Gordon Quinn.            Mildred Ann Coffey was a daughter of James Jefferson Coffee and Ann             Elizabeth Matthews.   SEE COFFEY



Ratliff, Martha                                Born: May 22, 1825 Died: Aug 16, 1905.

            Wife of John Ratliff.



Richardson, Eva                 Born: 1875 Died: 1877.

            Daughter of J.T. and M.E. Richardson



Rockenbaugh, C.                Born: Mar 13, 1822 Died: Mar 2, 1878


            C. Rockenbaugh was listed in the 1870 Spring Hill Census as being born in    VA, ad was a farmer.  He is widowed with five children under the age of        sixteen.  He is shown to live between Dr. R. C. Key, and J. J. Cleghorn.


            The 1870 census listed the family.

            C. Rockenbaugh                 1824              VA       Farmer

            S. Rockenbaugh                 1830              TN

            H. E. Rockenbaugh                        1856              AR

            J. H. rockenbaugh             1856              AR

            A. M. Rockenbaubh          1858              AR

            N. V. Rockenbaugh                       1861              AR

            C. C. Rockenbaugh                        1867



Root, Newman                               Born: Apr 7, 1902 Died: Apr 26, 1902.

            Son of J.C. and M.A. Root.



Rucker, Mary E.                  Born: Feb 28, 1854 Died: Mar 30, 1878.

            Wife of J.L. Rucker.


            J. L. Rucker was a half-brother of Ada Rucker who married A. M. Dickson

            Mary E. was Mary Elizabeth Wasson Rucker who married Joseph LaFayette             Rucker.   Mary and Joseph lived in Wise Co. TX, and had lost a baby    daughter earlier in the year.   The Ruckers had, probably, returned to        Navarro visit with, grieve with, her sister, Mary Alice Rucker Fullerton.           Mary died in her sister’s home, and was buried at Spring Hill.  Mary Alice          was the wife of James Patrick “Fullerton, son of William Fullerton II.



SANDERS, Brenda A. Sharp

            Born               1958

            Died               2010

            Married        Darrel Sanders

                        Son of cecil Sanders and Billie Matthews


            Shaun Sanders                   m. Megan

            Audrey Sanders                 



SHEPPE, Corn Joyce “Cori”

            Born               1973

            Died               2011

            Close friend of Brenca A. Sharp Sanders


SHAW,           Tom C.

            Born               1878\

            Doed              1914

            Married        Carrie Cottongame                       SEE COTTONGAME


SHAW,  Carrie

            Born               1887

            Died               1975

            Married        Tom c. Shaw


SHAW,  Julia S.

            Born               1874

            Died               1893

            Married        W. H. Shaw



Sidwell, Mary E.                 Born: May 4, 1852 Died: Dec 11, 1859.

            Daughter of W. and M.A. Sidwell.

Sidwell, Indiana                  Born: Nov 19, 1852 Died: Dec 26, 1859.

            Daughter of W. and M.C. Sidwell

Sidwell, Henry H.               Born: Mar 4, 1861 Died: Jun 26, 1865.

            Son of W. and M.A. Sidwell

Sidwell, Margaret Ann     Born 1826`  Died 1879

            Wife of Warren Sidwell


SEE….THE SIDWELL STORY….in the appendix




Slade, Edwin                        Born: Mar 9, 1895 Died: May 3, 1901.

            Son of J.P. and Evaline Slade.

Slade, Evallne                      Born: Feb 6, 1875 Died: Jun 18, 1897.

            Daughter of J.P. and Evaline Slide.


            R. B.. Mount-                       1866  TX                  

                        m.  1880   R. A. Slade, NavCo




Slaughter, Daisy                 Born: Apr 20, 1882 Died: Aug 15, 1882.

            Daughter of W.S. and Josephine Slaughter.

Slaughter, Josephine Caskey                 

            Born: May 10, 1859 Died: Feb 23, 1883.

            Wife of W.S. Slaughter.


            William S. “Uncle Billy” Slaughter 1853-1935 migrated from Tennessee to   Texas, and was, probably, related to the Francis Slaughter family.   He       was first married to Josephine who died 1883. 


            Two sons survived:

            Son:  Clayton Slaughter

            Son:    Lewis Slaughter                 

                        m. Ola Dempsey, dau of Clarence Dempsey


            His second marriage was to Florence Alice Nelson.

            Dau.  Mabel Florence Slaughter  1861-1945

                        married:  Arthur McCulloch        1891-1967

                        Son:  William McCulloch m. Maudean Warren





Slauter, Robert Francis Born: Aug 1, 1836 Died: Aug 6, 1871.


               Robert Francis Slaughter was born to Francis and Minerva Kathryn         Matthews Slauter after they arrived in Texas (1835). After the death of       Franci Slaughters, Minerva Kathryn married Dr. George Washington Hill     

               who referred to Robert as a “dutiful stepson”.  He was married three      times.  


Slauter, Ann  M. Pendleton                         Born1842   Died 1964

               First wife of Robert Francis Slauter

Slauter, K. L.                      Born: Nov 15, 1862 Died: Dec 3, 1862.

               Daughter of Robert F. Slauter and Anne Pendleton



               The marriage license for Robert Francis Slaughtger and  Ann Pendledon               

               was issued in Ellis Co. TX December 1861.  Their first child died in               infancy.   Ann died in 1864 giving birth to Robert Ann “Bobbie Anna”          Slauter.   Roberta Ann was six at the time of the       1870 census, and            was living with her grandmother, Minerva Kathrine              Matthews Slauter            Hill.  Minerva died the following year, and Roberta                Ann may have   gone to live with her maternal grandparents, Ned E. and Sarah                Pendleton, in Ellis Co.   The Pendleton’s, as was Dr. George           Washintton Hill, were from Warren Co. TN, and were prominent in local               

               and state politics.   Her brother, George Pendleton, served Texas as Lt.   

               Governor, and, later, as a U. S. Congressman.



Slauter, C.P.                      Born: Mar 30, 1853 Died: Jul 10, 1871.

               Second wiife of Robert Francis Slaughter

Slauter, Susan Isabella Born: May 31, 1853 Died: May 24, 1878.

               Third wife of Robert Francis Slaughter.


               This was Susan Isabella Fullerton, daughter of Henry and Nancy Walker                Fullerton and mother of Jim and Henry B. Slaughter.


Slauter, Henry B.                Born: Mar 9, 1878 Died: Oct 17, 1897.

            Son of Robert Francis and Susan Isabella Fullerton Slauter.


            Henrywas five years old when his father Robert F. died.  He was raised         by an aunt,  Mary Ann “Puss” Wheelock, widoe of George Ripley        Wheelock.



Smith, Lee Errott                Born: Mar 10, 1887 Died: Jun 25, 1887. S

            Son of W.H. and S.O. Smith.



Smith, Martha                                            Born: 1880 Died: 1880.

            Daughter of J.M. and Martha C. Smith.


            J. M. and Martha C. Daws Smth were, probably, the grandparents of Robert             Daws Wright.   The family had lived in Missouri, then to Wise Co. TX, then    to Navarro Co. before 1866 when Sarah Frances Smith, born 1848 in     Missouri, married Thomas Wilkinson Wright.   Sarah died in 1877, leaving her husband with four small children.

            Sam Garrett Wright                      m. Florence Murphy

                                                                        m. Minnie Thompson

            Thoomas Wilkerson Wright        m. Lelia Rose Andrews of Bryan

            Robert Daws Wright                     m. Nelie Dove Terry



            J. M. and Martha Daws Smith moved to Trifty, Brown Co. TX in 1880, and   are buried there.  One of the Smith daughters married one of the     McCullough sons, and moved to Brown Co. with her parents.   The Smith,       McCullough, Odom, and Beaty families appear to have lived earlier in      Morgan Co. AL.



Shelton, Issah T.                             Born: May 5, 1889 Died: Feb 8, 1958.


Smith, R.J.                            Born: Feb 1891 Died: 1931. Died at age 40.


SOLAMAN,  Elizabeth J

            Bprn               1830

            Died               1908


Sparks, Berta May                         Born: Feb 23, 1851 Died: Apr 7, 1877.

            Daughter of T.P. and R.P. Sparks.


            The Sparks family had come to Shelby Co. TX from Morgan Co. AL where     Cynthia Sparks had married John Ramsey.   Frances Spencer Bobo had             married Mary Judith Taylor Sparks in Georgia in the early 1800s. The    Ramsey Family had lived previously in Bedford Co. TN, a county adjacent to             Maury Co. from where so many early Western Navarro Co. residents had          lived.


            T. P. Sparks and his brother, John C. Sparks were active in land purchases in           and around the Spring Hill area.   T. P. Sparks purchased a site just north of the General Store owned by Robert Harvey Matthews, and constructed      his own store. He, later, sold the store to Robert Alexander Younger.  T. P.      and his brother purchased 150-acres of land from Burdine Farmer in 1873,   property formerly owned by Robert Alexander Younger who had died during      the civil war.



            Several years later, the T. P. Sparks & Son, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Carriages and Buggies, Saddles and Harness was formed in Waco TX. An             envelope, addressed to Dr. R. C. Burleson, President of Baylor University, is           most impressive.


            His brother, John C. Sparks and his wife, Annie Bobo, lived in Dresden and   suffered the loss of a young child.



Spurlin, Andrew C.                        Born: Oct 22, 1858 Died: Feb 4, 1884


            The Spurlin name was found in the 1850 Navarro Co. TX census. A. C.            Spurlin was one of the messengers sent in 1884 to the Richland Baptist            Assocation with a request to admit the Spring Hill Baptist Church to the       association.  T.C. Compere was shown as pastor.  Church Clerk was F. M.     Mount.   Some family members intermarried with the Lankford \and    Scroggin families.





Louis Jacob, Jr.                                Born: Jan 9, 1817 Died: Jul 26, 1888.

Staaden, Christiana                      Born: c. 1820 Died: Jan 23, 1903.

            Wife of Louis Staaden, born in Germany


            Louis Jacob Staaden was born in Frankfurt, Germany and arrived in the U.S.          in 1836. He met and married Christiana Hagle who had also come from            Germany with her brothers Joseph and Frank Hagle. 


Staaden, Wilhemine Born: Jul 17, 1867 Died: Nov 8, 1887.

            Daughter of Louis and Christiana Staaden.


Staaden, Louis Lee    Born: Aug 28, 1863 Died: Jun 26, 1921.


            Louis Lee Staaden married Anna Moore and was a brother of Maggie           Staaden who married Joe Hargis.


Staaden, Baby Born: Jun 8, 1891 Died: Jun 26, 1891.

            Son of Louis Lee and Anna. B. (Moore) Staaden.





Stockard, J.H.                                              Born: Feb 1848 Died: 1901.

Stockard, Louisa Anna                             Born: 1853 Died: 1883.

            Wife of J.H. Stockard.



Tekell, Robert Lee                          Born 1896  Died 1916


Terry, Rev. J.W                               . Born: Oct 10, 1851 Died: Jan 11, 1881.


            Probably a relative of Herod Hensley and Rose Anna Bounds Terry who are             buried in the Liberty Hill Cemetery.


THURMOND, Lunetta Stuart

            Born               1804              Christian Co. KY

            Died               1874              Spring Hill Cemetery

            Dau                Col. Abraham Stuart & Mary Kuykendall

            Married        1821              Judge William Trimble – Prairie Mound AR

            Married        1868              Jefferson Thurman  -  Clarksville TX



Tralver,  Alvin G.                            B & D 1906



Walker, Jessie                                 Born: Jan 11, 1879 Died: Mar 30, 1880.

            Daughter of J.W. and S.J. Walker.

Walker Asbury                                Born: Oct 19, 1869 Died: Oct 6, 1882.

            Children  of John Wesley Walker and Sally


            Jackie Akers who had come from Tishomingo Co. MS with her brothers.       All members of the family spent the first winter in a cabin owned by Robert       Harve Matthews.

Walker, William Thomas Died 1890

            Father of John Wesley Wal;ker

            No marker exists, but family lore says he was buried at Spring Hill




in the appendix


Walker Mary Minerva McCandless                 

            Born: Jul 28, 1829 Died: Nov 25, 1876.

            Wife of William WalkeR

            Daughter of David and Polly Gordon McCandless.


            Mother of Mary E. Berry and grandson, Spart Berry of Dawson (1871-1939),        and Alice O. Martin. Walker William Born: Oct 17, 1827 Died: Jan 12, 1882.         Came to Robertson’s Colony in 1835 and moved to Spring Hill in mid 1850’s.   Married to Mary Minerva McCandless and father to Alice and Mary.          Brother to Elizabeth, first wife of Brit Dawson, and Nancy, wife of Henry         Fullerton.



Walker, P.A.                        Born: ??? Died: Dec 11, 1897.

            Wife of T.N. Walker.



Wall, Hos A.                         Born: Mar 1, 1887 Died: Sep 14, 1893.

Wall, Rosa                            Born               1887              Died               1893 

            Daughter of   S. and L.L. Wall


WASHINGTON,  Charlie                Beloved Husband

            Born               1923

            Died               1994


Watkins, Louie                    Born: Oct 8, 1865 Died: Jul 25, 1889.

            Wife of W.J. Watkins.




Webb, Sarah

Born: Aug 27, 1826

Died: Aug 25, 1848.


Oldest known grave in the cemetery. The Webb family, traveling by covered wagon, were on their way to Franklin, Texas from Maury County, TN and were camped under the oak trees behind the log cabin trading post of Dr. G.W. Hill. Sarah Webb was sick and died. Permission was given to bury her where they camped.


Two footstones were found nearby bearing the names George Webb and Duska Webb.   Both footmarkers bore the words, “Gane Home>”




Welch, Inf ant                                 Born: 1879 Died: 1879.

            Son of J.R. and E.L. Welch. Age 6 days.

Welch, Mary Estel              Born: May 4, 1891 Died: Jul 25, 1891

Welch, Minnie Florence   Born: Apr 5, 1877 Died: May 8, 1880

            Daughter of J.R. and L. Welch.


            John R. Welch was listed in the 1850 Navarro Co. Census, and had produced          ten tons of hay that year.   He was mentioned by Clinton Fouty as one of             the early settlers of the county.    Ethan Melton, 1848 Postmaster at           Dresden married Hannah Welch in the 1840s.  She was born in Illinois, but          the family had lived in Missouri prior to migrating to Texas.  John R. Welch      was one the organizers of the Spring Hill Baptist Church.



White, Elizabeth                 Born: Oct 15, 1884 Died: Jul 27, 1909.

            Wife of J.H. White



Wiley, Verna M.                 Born 1904   Died 1907


Wilkinson, D.W.                 Born: Oct 14, 1826 Died: Feb 28, 1890.

Wilkinson, Amanda Jane             Born: Nov 18, 1839 Died: Jun 18, 1883.

            Wife of D.W. Wilkerson.


            This was Amanda Jane Garner, daughter of William Hall Garner who came             to Texas in 1856. Her sister married a Mr. Curry and was already living in         the Purdon area.   The 1870 Spring Hill Census listed…

            D. W. Wilkerson                 1825              TN       Farmer

            A. J. Wilkerson                    1842              AL

            N. I Wilkerson                     1861              TX

            J. P. Wilkerson                    1865              TX

            O. T, Wilkerson                   1845              AL

            B. M. Oliver                          1846              AL


Wilkinson, E.J.                                 Born: Feb 24, 1841 Died: Oct 2, 1903

Wilkinson, Mrs. E. J.                      Born   1841                          Died               1905

            First married           John A. Loyd`1833-1881


Wilkinsib John P.                Born: 1865 Died: 1883.

            Son of D.W. Wilkinson.


Wilkinson, Alice                  Born: Oct 26, 1861 Died: 1864.

            Daughter of D.W. Wilkinson.




Williams, Jane Born: Mar 24, 1818 Died: Jul 8, 1872.

            Wife of H. Williams.



Williamson, Andy               Born: Sep 6, 1882 Died: Aug 2, 1884.

            Son of W.J. and R.A. Williamson

Willamson, Lizzle               Born: May 6, 1881 Died: Oct 18, 1885.

            Daughter of W.J. and R.A. Williamson.


            Some sources state that Hiram Williamson had come early to Texas and       operated a store at Washington on the Brazos.   He is said to have died at          the Alamo and is buried there.  He never married.   His heirs received          three parcels of land as a result of his service.  One was in Navarro Co.    One of his brother was William Jackson Williamson. Another brother, James   Williamson, settled in Navarro Co.  William Jackson Williamson was found             in Giles Co. TN in the 1840 census.  He was married to Jane, and had a son,             James, who died young while the family lived in MS.


Wilson, Rebecca                             Born: Dec 22, 1838 Died: Dec 6, 1899.

            Wife of Samuel Wilson

Wilson, Samuel S.              Born: Oct 14, 1834 Died: Nov 16, 1876


Winn, David L.                                Born: Feb 12, 1888 Died: May 12, 1888.

            Son of Louis and Susanne Winn.


            Louis A. Winn, born c1865, married Susan Follis.  Susan Follis was a sister    of Jennie Follis, first wife of Dr. H. L. Matthews.  Jennie died 1888.

            Louis and Ssusan are buried at the Foreston TX Cemetery.   Some of their     children were:

            David L. Winn                     18881                        Buried at Spring Hill

            Thomas Lee Winn              1884              Buried Foreston TX 1948

            Ann Ellie Winn


            The Winn, Matthews, Wilkes, and other families found in Lounenburg Co     VA in the late 1700s, were later found in Maury and adjacent counties in           Tennessee in the 1800s, still later in Western Navarro Co. TX.


Wood, Robert Aubrey      Born: Apr 9, 1889 Died: Jan 3, 1891.

Wood, Willie Sue                Born: Jan 21, 1884 Died: Aug 24, 1885.

Wood,  Joann Leathers                           

            Dau                Alfred Ogilvie Leathers & Jane Callen

            Bro                 James Milton Wood

            Born               1852              Arkansas

            Died               1883              Spriong Hill

            Married        Thomas. May Wood


            1870              Rachel Chessilyn Wood                m. Pope

            1872              Walter Millard Wood

            1879              Mattie Wood                                   m. Pope

            1883              Dora Ett Wppd                               , m. Harris



Wright, Wilkinson B.    Born: Jan 23, 1846 Died: Dec 13, 1865.

            Son of Sam and Prudance Matthews Wright


            Came to Texas with his parents when he was 3 years old. Died at age 19      with no issue. The family, later, lived in the Liberty Hill area, but the Liberty     Hill Cemetery had not been created in 1865.   Wilkinson and his sister,     Martha Elizabeth Wright Clemons, were buried at Spring Hill Cemetery   before the Liberty Hill Cemetery was created.    SEE CLEMONS




Young, W.H.                                   Born: Aug 13, 1841 Died: Oct 22, 1918.

Young, Martha J.               Born: Jun 9, 1844 Died: Jan 15, 1911.

            Wife of W.H. Young.


Young, William T. Born: Sep 18, 1870 Died: Feb 15, 1910


            Martha Jane Lankford was born 1844 in Tishomingo Co. MS, a daughter of             Peter Lankford, married second, William H. Young in Tishomingo Co. MS.   

                                    SEE     LANKFORD



Younger, Infant Son                      Born: 1862 Died: 1862.

            Son of R.A. and Louise SlaughterYounger.

Younger, K.L.                                   Born: Jun 2, 1864 Died: Feb 1866.

            Daughter of Robert A. and LouiseSlaughter

Younger, Robert A.                        Born 1830 Maury Co. TN

            Husband of Louise M. Slaughter Younger


            Robert Alexander Younger served in the CSA Army, and is said to have died             during the war. One source stated that he died in 1867, and was buried in   the G. W. Hill plot at Spring Hill Cemetery.


Younger, L.M.                                 Born: 1842 Died: 1866.

            Wife of R.A. Younger who was killed in the Civil War.


            Louise was also the daughter of Minerva Katherine (Matthews) Slaughter   Hill. She and R.A. Younger were married in 1857. Two of their children are      buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery Their surviving daughter,r Medora,         married Alonzo McSpadden.








Carroll, Charity                               Born 1814                Died 1912


Hendricks, Fedora                         Born: Aug 13, 1905 Died: Aug 8, 1913,

            Son of P.B. and S.S. Hendricks.


            Note:   Lela Hendricks  1883-1960, married Matthew Melton Jr,. ….and is     buried in the Younger Cemetery.



Henry, Texanna                  Born: 1853 Died: 1879,

            Wife of John Henry.

Henry, Emily                                    Born: Feb 19, 1879 Died: ???.

            Daughter of John Henry and Texanna Henry.


            John Henry’s first wife, Texanna, and her child died in 1879. John's 2nd        marriage was to Charlotte Moore, who was born into the Bird Family of Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and settled in Texas near Blooming Grove, Texas





            The Martin name came into the Younger family when Adolphus Martin        married Amanda Younger, but the family heritage began with Isom and           Caroline Younger, both of whom had been slaves in the household of          Robert Anderson Younger and Louise Slaughter Younger.


            Members of the Younger Family had lived in Chatham Co. NC, migrated to Maury Co. TN, then to Stockton, Cedar Co. MO.  They began arriving in     Western Navarro Co. TX in the mid-1840s, and settled on the east side of         Richland Creek.  Robert Anderson Younger purchased commercial           property at Spring Hill in 1854 from Robert Harve Matthews.


            The will of Francis Slaughter mentions Carolilne, a slave girl born in the         1830s.   Slaughter’s widow, Minerva Kathrine Matthews Slaughter had            borne three children, one of whom was Louise Slaughter who married   Robert Alexander Younger.   Isom Younger came into the household with Y       ounger, and Caroline came with Louise Slaughter.  Together, bore several       childen, one of whom was Amanda Younger.


            Isom and Caroline are buried at Spring Hill.   Their first child of record to       have been buried there was Mary Younger 1862-1864.  


            Amanda Younger, born 1864, married Adolphus Martin.   She named her    first child, Isom Luther Martin.  Both Isom Luther Marin and Amanda        Martin are buried at Spring Hill Cemetery.   All of her children are buried            at Spring Hill Cemetery as well as many of her descendants.


            Adolphus “Dolph” Martin, born a slave in 1856 in Kentucky, had arrived in Western Navarro Co. TX in the late 1870s, and worked as a cowboy for Brit     Dawson.  It was said that he, “branded cattle for Brit Dawson all day, and       branded cattle for Dolph Martin all night.”   He operated a cotton gin at   Babylon, acquired a small acreage immediately west of the Brit Dawson                        residence, and adjacent to the black community of Dawson known as      Farmersville.


            Dolph Martin, small of stature, also served as a jockey who raced       thoroughbred horses for George Washington Savage, often at the track at     Baton Rouge, Louisiana where purses were substantial.   Dolph received a             percentage of each purse won, and invested in rich farmland adjacent to Richland Creek


            Over the years, Dolph Martin became one of the most respected names in   Western Navarro Co., Texas, white or black.  A photo made near 1900   presents Dolph Martin as the only black man in a group of men standing on        the porch of the old Spring Hill Store,  located on Broadway, a wide    thoroughfare where horse races were popular on Sunday afternoons.


            When Amanda died in 1905, she was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery in an    area that, later, became known at the Martin Plot.  Her son, Isom Luther Martin, was buried there two years later.   Other children, their spouses     and grandchildren were buried there over the years.  The most recent    Martin burial at Spring Hill Cemetery was in December 2011.


            Dolph Martin was married a second time after the death of Amanda,            moved to Pelham, raised another family there.  He is buried in the Pelham          Cemetery.




Martin, Amanda                             Born: Mar 25, 1864 Died: Jan 25, 1905

               Wife of Dolph Martin.

               Daughter:  Isom and Caroline Younger


               Dolph H. Martin married Josie Allen after the death of Amanda, moved to                Pelham, and died there thirty-five years later.   He is buried at the            Pelham Cemetery.


Martin, Isom Luther        Born: Sep 15, 1882 Died: Mar 22, 1908.

               Son of D.H. and A. T. Martin.


               Notice the use of the initials rather than given names


Martin, Frank R.”Rich”      Born: Jan 8, 1885 Died: Apr 1, 1957.

               Son of Dolph and Amanda Martin


Martin, James R. “Jim”       Born: Jan 3, 1886 Died: Mar 6, 1950.

               Son of Dolph and Amanda Martin

               Husband of Maymie E. Williams


A Christian educator, philanthropist,

farmer and devoted father.


Martin, Maymie E.       Born: May 8, 1888 Died: Aug 1980.

               Wife of James R. Martin, born Mayme E. Williams


A devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend


Martin, James A.        Born: Dec 25, 1908 Died: Mar 20, 1976.

               Son of James R. and Maymie Williams Martin, AKA”Sugarpie”


A devoted son, husband, father and friend.


James Adolphus Martin, AKA “Sugarpie,” was one of the

                               Early leader involved in the restoration of Spring Hill Cemetery. 


Martin, Mamie B.                           Born:                    Died:   2011

               Wife of James A. Martin


Martin, Bertha A.            Born: May 3, 1889 Died: Feb 12, 1908.                 Daughter of Dolph and Amanda Martin

Martin, Bruce E.               Born: Oct 21, 1901 Died: Jul 28, 1962.

               Son of Dolph and Amanda Martin

Spillar, Lucy                                     Born: Jun 1, 1893 Died: Jul 9, 1985.

            Daughter of Dolph and Amanda Martin

            Wife of O. H. Spillar, DDS

Martin, Robert                                 Born: Dec 4, 1896 Died: Aug 4, 1957.

               Son of Dolph and Amanda Martin





Born: 1834 Died: 1869.


Squire Columbus Porter was said to have walked from Tennessee to Texas while the family of his master rode in carriages.   He arrived in the Spring Hill area circa 1854.  He married Margaret Caruthers, daughter of Henry and Melinda Caruthers.


Henry Caruthers, his wife and two sons, had been included in an inheritance received by Joseph T. Lawrence who brought them to Texas in 1847. After the civil war, Mary Minerva McCandless Walker family gave Margaret Caruthers two hundred acres of land on the headwaters of Richland Creek.




Shepherd, Hugh E.       Born: Aug 5, 1891 Died: Oct 11, 1957.

Shepherd, Lena  Born: Oct 14, 1898 Died: Jan 24, 1950. Mother.

                Lena, wife of Hugh Shepherd,

                was a daughter of Dolph and Amanda Martin.


Shepherd, Lawrence Martin Born: Aug 18, 1921 Died: Sep 30, 1942.

            Son of Hugh and Lena Martin Shepherd

Shepherd, Hugh E. Jr.       Born: Mar 20, 1920 Died: Jun 11, 1961.

            Son of Hugh and Lena Martin Shepherd


Thomas, Delia M.               Born: Jul 15, 1881 Died: Jan 21, 1906.

            Daughtger of Dolph and Amanda Martin

            Wife of Tolbert Thomas,


Thomas, Callie M.              Born: Oct 2, 1884 Died: Mar 18, 1971.

            daughter of Dolph and Amanda Martin.

            Wife of Homer Thomas,

Thomas, Jimmie R.                         Born: Jul 19, 1918 Died: Jun 17, 1941.

            Son of Callie and Homer Thomas.

Thomas, Lillian                    Born: Jul 3, 1920 Died: Oct 17, 1940.

            Daughter of Callie and Homer Thomas. 

Thomas, William August Born: Dec 28, 1907 Died: Mar 23, 1939.

            Son of Callie and Homer Thomas.


Thomas, William T.                        Born: Apr 2, 1825 Died: Nov 11, 1890

            Possible father or grandfather of Homer &Tolbert Thomas


Traylor, Alvin C.                  Born: Feb 25, 1906 Died: Mar 4, 1906.

            Son of M.A. and J.O. Traylor.


Younger, Isom                                Born: Feb 21, 1837 Died: Dec 1, 1902.

Younger, Caroline              Born: 1834 Died: Jun 17, 1919. .


            Isom and Caroline Younger may have been slave s in the ho

            me of Robert Anderson and Louise Slaughter Younger.    The Y  Youngers were originally from Maury Co., Tennessee,but had lived in      Missouri for several years prior to migrating to Western Navarro Co., Texas.   The Youngers settled        on the north side of Richland Creek, and the 1870    census of that area lists   more than a dozen black families with the name        Younger.  Isom Younger was not listed in the 1870 Spring Hill  census.


            The 1842 will of Francis Slaughter, father of Mrs. Robert Alexander    Younger, is interesting in that it mentions an eight year old girl, Caroline, in           the family of his slave woman, Viney.  That Caroline would have been     born 1834, near the birth date for Caroline Younger, wife of Isom Youjnger.


            The 1870 Spring Hill Census lists

            O. Younger                           1837  MO                 Black male - Farmer

            C. Younger-f                                    1843  TX

            M. Younger-f                       1865  TX

            E. A. Younger                      1868  TX


            The 1837 birth date for Isom Younger is correct as is his state of birth, but    the 1843 date for Caroline should be 1834. This census information is      suspect, and an error made as a result of someone other than family       members providing the information, and/or typo error.  This family lives       near several other black families:  Burns, Mitchell, and Burger.


Younger, Mary                   Born: 1862 Died: 1864.

            Daughter of Isom and Caroline Younger

Younger, Caroline Born: 1869 Died: 1875.

            Daughter of Isom and Caroline Younger.

Younger, James      Born: 1871 Died: 1873.

            Son of Isom and Caroline Younger. 

Younger, Ida                       Born: 1873 Died: 1874.

            Daughter of Isom and Caroline Younger

Younger, Susanna             Born: 1873 Died: 1874.

            Daughter of Isom and Caroline Younger.


            Mary Younger was the first slave of record to have been buried at Spring    Hill Cemetery. It is very probable that several slaves were buried in the     cemetery prior to 1864, but identifying stones or other markers have          vanished with time. These graves are located outside the southeast corner       of the G.W. Hill plot. 


Younger, Elizabeth                        Born:  Dec 25, 1884 Died: Sep 25, 1910.

            Wife of Jessie Younger.












Four markers at The Spring Hill Cemetery, three miles north of Dawson, Navarro Co. TX, bear the surname Amonette.  


1865, the oldest date shown, was for Harriette Amonete whose marker was broken and the information difficult to read.  Her relationship to the family is unknown.  Pieces of this broken marker were recently assembled and imbedded in concrete over the grave.


1869  bears the name of William Amonette.   He was born in 1829, and was the husband of Amelia Amonette.


1882..A third marker is for Amelia Amonette 1837-1882,  is shown as the wife of William Amonette.


1906…. is that of  S. H. Amonette  1859-1906.   This was Samuel H. Amonette, son of William and Amelia Amonette


Two related graves are nearby.    The first is Evaline Slade 1875-1897, daughter of J. P. and Evaline Slade.  The second is Millie Slade Freeland 1877-1901, wife of J. F. Freeland.   Both were daughters of J. P. Slade, one by Evaline, one possibly by Amelia.




Amelia Amonette had remained a widow for almost ten years after her husband died and buried at Spring Hill Cemetery.   She and her family, apparently, remained on the Amonette Ranch located several miles west of the Pin Oak Community, near the Hill-Navarro Co. line, and 4-5 miles from the Spring Hill Community. 


Spring Hill was not a large community in the 1870s, but it was the center of social and commercial activity that extended several miles in all directions.  Families came to Spring Hill to pick up mail, purchase items at the General Store, attend “Protracted Meetings under brush arbors, attend weddings and funerals.




Henry Slade was born likely about 1640 in England. According to a chart supposedly prepared by his gr-gr-grandson,General Jeremiah Slade, Henry was born in England and married there before coming to America. However, no document has yet been found to confirm those claims.1,2,3 Henry Slade was involved in a Court case on November 15, 1658 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia.4


Henry Slade came from England before 1700 and settled on the east side of the Pungo River at the mouth of a creek, later called Slade’s Creek in what later became Hyde County, North Carolina. Many of Henry's descendants still reside in coastal North Carolina.


 Jeremiah Slade, b 1775, great-great-grandson of the immigrant Henry, served as a Brigadier General in War of 1812. He owned large tracts of land in Martin County, NC on which his Slade descendants are still farming today. Thomas Bog Slade, son of Jeremiah, migrated to Jones Co, Georgia where he founded Clinton Female Academy, which later became Wesleyan College in Macon. T.B. Slade later moved to Muskogee County, Georgia where he died. His cousin, William Slade settled in Dooly County, Georgia where his descendants spread to Crisp and Pulaski Counties. Samuel Slade was in Cheraw, South Carolina in 1800 and migrated on to Mississippi where many descendants still live. Henry Blount Slade migrated to Washington County, Alabama and has many descendants in that general area. The only known publication about this branch is



JEREMIAN SLADE…..born c1823  NC…after 1888

Married….Sarah Sutton

1852…purchased land Dooly Co, GA


            James B. Culpepper and William Collins, both of Dooly Co., GA to Jeremiah Slade of Dooly Co., GA, for $3,000.00: 607.6 acres, Lots 101, 102 and 124, all in District 10. Recorded 6 Jan 1853.3 


1858  married…..Queen Ellen Culpepper at Worth GA



Jeremiah Slade was born 1823 in NC.  His mother’s name was Catherine, born c1781.  Catherne Slade was living with her son, Jeremiah Slade, and his second wife, Sarah Sutton, in Dooly Co. GA.  When Susan Sutton died, he married Emiline, who died at some point after 1877 when their daughter, Millie Slade, was born.


Jeremiah Slade was living in Navarro Co. TX in 1878 when two of his sons married there.  Son George Slade, born 1849 in Georgia, married Allie Susan Craddock.  Son, Andrew Jackson Slaton, born 1854, married Sarah Ophelia Keel in Navarro Co. in 1878, and died there in 1927.


Evaline, wife of J. P. Slade, died between 1877 and 1880, and J. P. Slade is shown as "Head of Household" in the 1880 census, married to Amelia. Children listed bear both names of Slade and Amonette.   Amelia died 1882, and was buried alongside William Amonette at The Spring Hill Cemetery.


Amelia Amonette, born 1837, would have been 40-years of age in 1877 when the wife of J. P. Slade may have died. J. P. Slade would have been 46-years of age.


Known dates of the Jeremiah Slade Family indicate that they migrated from Georgia to Texas between 1870 and 1880   Several Slade families were living in Dooley Co. GA until the 1870s when some migrated to Navarro Co. TX. 


George Bryan Slade, born 1849, son of Jeremiah Slade and Sarah Sutton, was shown in the 1850-1860-1870  census of Dooly Co. GA.


George Bryan Slade married Allie Susan Craddock 1878 in Navarro Co, TX, and was shown n the 1880 census living in Navarro Co.  He was buried at Streetman, Freestone Co. TX.  Two children are recorded as being born to this union, Mary Slade b1879, and Ebbie N. Slade b1880.


One Spring Hill history recorded that the Slade Family owned the Spring Hill Quarry at one time.   The quarry was located north of the Spring Hill-Navarro Mills road, just west of the Richland Creek Bridge, an area that may be covered by the Navarro Mill Lake Dam.  Several stones from the quarry may still be seen across the road from the Joe Kyle residence at Spring Hill.


Jeremia, could well have been the J. P. Slade who married Millie Amonette.   J. P. was married to Evaline in 1875 when their daughter, Evaline, was born.  Evaline many have died in childbirth in 1875, and J. P. Slade married Millie Amonette in 1876.     Amelia “Millie” Amonette would have been 39-years of age, Jeremiah Slade would have been 53.


Millie Slade, who married J. F. Freeland, was born in 1877, when Millie Amonette Slade would have been 40-years of age, and capable of bearing children. 





Jacob and Judith Amonette, and their son, Andre,  appear to have migrated from France to Virginia  in 1700.     They may have been Huguenots, a religious group who fled France during the time of intense religious persecution by the French government, and may have settled in the Huguenot community of Manikintown VA.



Four ships sailed from France in 1700 loaded with 700-800 French Huguenots, a few of the thousands of French Protestants who were fleeing the religious persecution of Louis XIV.  The settlement was first located in the Tidewater area between Virginia and North Carolina.  Later, the settlement was moved above the falls on the James River to an abandoned Monocan Indian village, 25-miles from the nearest settlement, a move which created a buffer between hostile Indians and the coast settlements


Some members of the Amonette family migrated early to Tennessee, but were living in Madison Co. AL by 1830, and in Morgan Co. AL by 1840.   


William Amonette, born c1770, son of Benjamin Amonette, had  lived in Tennessee for a time.    His son, William Lemuel Amonette, born 1799 in Tennessee, was living in Morgan Co. AL in 1830.   He had married Rebecca Black,


The family moved from Morgan Co. AL to Hempstead Co. AR by 1850, and the census reported:

Amonett William                51                   Tennessee    1799

Amonett Rebecca 44                   Tennessee    1806

Amonett Benj.                     22                   Alabama       828

Amonett Wm                      21                   Alabama       1829

{Amonette, Mary Jane     19                   Alabama       1830

....not listed...married:  Jack Harvey Black

Ammonett John                  17                   Alabama       1833

Amonett Rebecca 17                   Alabama       1833

Amonett James                   7/12               Arkansas      1849

Amonett John                     16                   Alabama       1834

.....married: Julia Ann Foreman - born AL 1839

....dau:   Jennie Amonette - born 1868 in Texas

.....died:  Bryan TX before 1870


The census reveals that the family had moved from Tennessee to Alabama before 1828, and had moved to Arkansas before 1849.  The family settled at Emmet, Nevada Co. AR, an area that, later, became Hempstead Co.  William was listed as a tailor, and died in 1873.


William Lemual Amonette, Jr., born 1829, was married in Arkansas in 1856 to Amelia "Millie" Beaty.   When the Civil War began, William Amonette was said to have served in the CSA, but no record had been discovered.  


The family migrated to Western Navarro Co. TX near the close of the Civil War, or immediately after secession of hostilities.   Birthdates of the children indicate that the family migrated from Arkansas to Texas at some point after 1864, and before 1866. Harriett Amonette was buried at the Spring Hill Cemetery in 1865.


An "Amonette Ranch" was mentioned in the 1870s as being located near the Hill-Navarro Co. line, a few miles east of the community of Pin Oak.   The Amonette Ranch may have been located near the community of Dover in Hill Co.   Miss Fannie L. Amonette, Miss Dora Amonette, Roy Amonette, were listed as being members  of the Dover Church.


William Lemual Amonette, born 1829, was buried at The Spring Hill Cemetery in August of 1869.   


Amelia "Millie" Amonette was left a widow with seven children under twelve years of age and a ranch to operate.  Her children were:


            Millard Filmore Amonette                       1857-1935               AR

                        married Mary Lynch

                        Served as U. S. Marshll

                        son:   Jim Amonette - born  c1885 -Hill Co. TX

                        son:  Ed Amonette - born c1887 - Hill Co. TX

                        Died in Florida while traveling to South America


            Samuel Houston Amonette                     1858-1906               AR

                        married:   Necie Loretta Thompson

                        dau:   Edith Amonette                  c1890

                        dau:   Mable Amonette                c1890

                        dau:   Maude Amonette 

                        .Buried Spring Hill Cem.  


            Ida Amonette                                              1860-1933               AR

                        married:  William Hinkle - born c1855 Hill Co TX

                        son: Bruce Hinkle

            .           son:  Roy Hinkle

                        Died:  1933  Lander WY..buried Hillsboro TX


            William Lemual Amonette III                  1861                          AR

                        married Louella Luckie   - SEE BELOW


            John Franklin Amonette                          1864                          AR

                        married Edna J. Stewart, born Waco TX

                        Son:  Arthur Spence Amonette, born Dallas TX 1894

                        Son:  Cecil Morris Amonette - born Dallas TX 1889

                        Son:  Henry Allen Amonette -born Dallas TX  1892

                        Dau:  Quida Mae Amonette - born Dallas TX  1890

                        Buried Houston TX after 1937


            Ernest Helmer Amonette                         1866-1928              b. Hubbard TX

                        Buried Amonette Cemetery, Hope AR


            Robert Lee Amonette                                1867-1914               b. Hubbard TX

                        married:       Ada White   born 1866 IY

                        Son:    Milliard A, Amonette 1898                                 OK

                        dau:   Millie E. Amonette 1895

                        dau:   Maude Lee Amonette       1896 

                        dau:   Minnie R. Amonette          1899

                                    married:  Tom J. Davis

                        dau:   Malsie Mae Amonette      1901                          OK

                        dau:   Ada Amonette                    1903                          OKTishomingo


Robert Lee Amonette, listed as "Sheriff and Rancher," was shot and killed October 12, 1914 by A. J. Scott.    The shooting was near the home of his daughter, Minnie, who had married Tom Davis.  Robert was buried in the Lynn Cemetery.    One source states that Scott was a "Hired Hand," and that he, later, married Robert's widow.




William Lemuel Amonette III  1861-1931, married  Luella E. Luckie, born at Pin Oak, and daughter of Middleton Woods Luckie and Disa Killough.   Disy Killough Luckie was buried at Pin Oak Cemetery.   The Pin Oak community was located in Hill Co. TX a mile southwest of present day Hubbard TX.


William and Louella may have lived in Comanche Co. in the late 1880s and early 1890s.   Their children were:


Fannie C. Amonette          1885

Annie Amonette

Dora L. Amonette              1887-1920              

            m. Mr. Hinkle

Ida Mae Amonette                        1889-1966              

            m. Brian Connor

Roy William Amonette     1891-1960              

            m.  1909  Catherine Winnie Connor


Dau:               Christine Amonette, taught at Hubbard School

            married Emil Savage

            married  Jim Weatherby

Dau:               Jackqulyn Amonette


Son:                Billy Amonette

            Married        Wanda English

………dau:  Laura Amonette

………….married:   Mike Saucke

………dau:      Lisa Amonette







Solomon Boldin, was born in TN, married Elizabeth Betty Parker, and came to Texas in 1883.  The family had lived in Colbert Co. AL.   Their children were:

Martha Susan                                 1852              Born Colbert Co. AL          

            m. John Henry Clay

            John Henry Clay possible son of Dr. Richard Kay, buried Liberty Hill

            Dau.  Carro Lizzie  m. Jim Harold Clay

Sally Bolden                                     1854              Born Colbert Co. AL

Betty Bolden                                                1854-1862   m. Parker

Rufus Bolden                                   1869-1898

Solomon Bolden                             1862

            Son:    Charlie Bolden                                m.1901 Cora Lowrimore

            Dau:                                                                           m.  John Farmer

            .Son:              Clyde Bolden

            Son:                Arthur Bolden

            Son:                Haddix Bolden

            Son:                Charles “Mutt” Bolden                 m. Ellen Hopkins


            Jonathan Bolden married Cordelia Gable, born 1854 near Iuka, Tishomingo Co MS, daughter of Henry Gable and Mrtha Hanks, married Johathan Bolden in Navarro Co,. TX  

            Sarah Bolden married 1893 Richard Marion Lankford in Navarro Co. TX.






Children of James Jefferson Coffey and Anne Elizabeth Matthews were:

Mildred Ann Coffey                       1848              m. Nonamous Gordon Quinn

William Harvey Coffey                 1849

Sarah Martha Coffey                   1852              m. J. T. Richardson

John Calvin Coffey                         1854              m. Sarah Elizabeth Mount

                                                                                    m. Mary A.

Alice Jane Coffey                            1856              m. W. A. Bingon

Mary Frances Coffey                    1858

Caldone Coffey                               1861              J. M. B. Evans

Fannie Morgan Coffey                 1862`             m. Thomas S. Sowell

James Coffey                                   1867

Maggie Rozella Coffey                 1867              Jesse H. Evans


Anne Elizabeth was a daughter of Sampson Stewart and Sarah (Reese) Matthews.   Her siblings wre:: 

Sarah Jane Matthews                              m. William C. Turnbow –

            died 1861  in TN; 

Robert Harvey Matthew             m. Staaden                         

            died Spring Hill 1888;

Joseph Calvin Matthews                          m. Margaret Adney Sims                       

            died Spring Hill 1914;

Mary Ophelia Matthews                         m.  John Bunyon Morgan –

             died Spring HIll 1888.



J. M. Coffey 1854-1898

May A. Coffey  1860-1883

Are buried at Brushie Prairie Cemetery.  This would be John M. Coffey, born 1854, son of James Jefferson Coffee and Ann Elizabeth Matthews.





The Cottongame Family came to Texas between 1887 and 1889 from Lawrence County, Alabama where John and Sarah married June 23, 1881.  The family lived just east of Spring Hill Cemetery on the old Cow Head Road, an Indian and cattle trail  which ran on the north side of the Cemetery and east to Corsicana. Others on the road were the J. M. Davidson family and the Henry Cameron family.



The story was told that cow died on the trail in the early days on one of the cattle drives.   The head bone, bleached white by the sun, became a landmark and the trail was identified as “The road what t had that old cowhead.”   Thus..THE OLD COWHEAD ROAD.


Nancy Caroline Nelson born 1832 at Decatur, Morgan Co. AL, married William J. Cottongame in 1858., and bore four children, three of whom survived: 

Samuel Marvin Cottongame                  b. 1860 Morgan  Co. AL

John Franklin Cottongame                     married Sarah Jane Prater        

W. P. Cottongame

Mary Etta Cottongame                            married  John A. Jagjears

            .Merica Caroline Jagjears                       m. Tom Shaw

            Willie Harvey Jagjears

            .John Arson Jagjears

            Artie Jagjears

            Guy Jagjears

            Travis Jagjears


The family lived in AL during the Civil War.   Caroline collected corn in a wagon, had the corn ground, and distributed it to needy familes.  Her husband enlisted, went to war, and was never heard from again.  She died in 1933 at the age of 101.





John Davidson Cunningham                  1802-1892                           Cherokee Co. AL

            m.       Elizabeth McClusky           1814-1897                           Malakoff TX


Son     John Davidson Cunningham II   1841-1917                           Malakoff TX

            m. Mary Josephine Moore          1856-1945                           Malakoff TX

            Dau    Edna Cunningham             1889-1979                           Malakoff TX

                        m. Robert I Broyles                                                                        Malakoff

            Dau    Leola Belle Cunningham  1891-1991                           Malakoff TX

                        m. Henderson

            Son     Roy Edwin Cunningham  1895-1959                           Tyler TX


Son     Pleasant  Henderson Cunningham       1836-1902               Hubbard

            m. Harriett Swader                                   1837-1917                           Hubbard

            1860              Eva Cunningham                                                   Hubbard

                        M  William Towler                                                 Hubbard

            1863              Barbara Cunningham                                          Hubbard

                        Never married

            1868              George Calvin Cunningham       1926              Hubbard

                        m.  Laura Frances Matthews     1872-1957               Hubbard

                        1900              Henry Calvin Cunningham                      Hubbard

                                    m.                   Nina Martin

            1872              Fannie B. Cunningham                                         Hubbard

                        m.       Marion Lee Onstatt           1873-1964               Hubbard






John Martin Davidson served the CSA in the MS Infantry

married Elizabeth Betty Newby  1874  Bolivar MS



Children of John Martin Davidson and Elizabeth Newby

Fred                                       married Willie Margie Matthews;

Ennis                          married Fred Bell Matthews;

Mary Alice                            married Joe Lawrence;

Jewell A.                                married G.D. Bolden.








Betty was born McMinville, Warren Co. TN in 1855 to Thompson Newby II  and Rebecca .  The family was living , in Bolivar Co. MS by1860

Their children were:

General Newby                  1845              buried Mangold, Bolivar Co MS

Amanda                                1846

Maryann                              1847

Montius                                1849              m. 1873 Sallie Miller

Mary                                      1853

Elizabeth                               1855              m. 1874 J M Davidson

Jonathan                              1857

William King                        1859






Joseph B. Hargis appears to have arrived at Spring Hill, Texas from nowhere.  He married Maggie Staaden, daughter of Louis Staaden, a Spring Hill Blacksmith, and Christina Hagle, both of whom had migrated fromGermany IN THE 1840s.  Two Hargis sons are buried at the Spring Hill Cemetery.  Both died in 1894.  Another son, Overton Hargis, born 1895, was shown living with his parents in the 1930 Dawson census.


Joseph B. Hargis, more than likely, was a son of William Hargis, son of Ruben Hargis, son of Joseph Hargis who had settled Overton Co. TN.  William Hargis, born 1825, migrated early from White Co. TN to Eastern Hill Co. TX.  Several families from the White Co. TN area settle near the converging lines of Hill, Navarro, and Ellis counties, and included family names of Savage, Farley, Womaack, Rogers, Walker, Collier,and others.





Samuel B Jetton was born in 1835 in Rutherford Co. Tennessee, the same county where Joseph Thompson Lawrence had lived prior to coming to Texas. Sam Jetton married Mary Emily Sidwell, daughter of Warren & Mary Ann Ramsey Sidwell who had come to Texas from Ohio. Warren Sidwell held Grant # 3-1182 at the south-most tip of the David McCandless survey near Liberty Hill.



Sam and Emily buried a stillborn son, Luther Jetton, at Spring Hill Cemetery in 1867. J .E ,Jetton was born in 1869 and another infant was stillborn in 1871. Emily died in 1873 and was buried at Spring Hill Cemetery.



Sam B Jetton, age fifteen,  was listed in the 1850 census of Rutherford Co TN in the household of Emphraim Jetton . Ephriam Jetton was born Rutherford Co TN in 1811, died Robertson Co. TX.. before 1856.


Note: John Lewis Jetton Jr was born in Mecklenburg Co NC 1778 and died at Murphysboro, Rutherford Co. Tenn... 1854...where he settled in 1804. He was a son of John Lewis Jetton who was born 1749 New Castle Delaware and died Mecklenburg Co NC 1826. His mother was Pricilla Sharpe. His family were French Hugenots.

John Lewis Jetton Jr. married Margaret White. A sister, Elizabeth Jetton, married Thomas White who died Rutherford Co TN in 1811. Robert Jetton was appointed administrator of the Thomas White estate. One of the daughters of Thomas & Margaret White, married a Ramsey.   Robert Jetton died Rutherford Co TN 1840 and left a sizable estate. He had a son, Franklin.

After the death of Emily, Sam was remarried to Rachael Booth born 1846. Rachael was the daughter of John Booth who had come to Navarro Co. from Warren Co. MS and Nancy Roberts who was born in Hinds Co MS. A sister, Laura Booth 1846-1872, married Henry Fullerton of Dawson. Another sister, Amanda Booth, was married in 1880 to William Andrew Kirk who died in Montague Co TX 1920. Several members of a Booth family from Mississippi served in Co. I - Dresden Texas Cavalry.


Sam and Rachael Jetton were remembered as having lived approximately a mile south of The Indian Springs and had five children living in the home in the 1880s.



The 1870 NavCo Census listed the Jettons living with Warren Sidwell….
W .A .Sidwell                                   b. 1822 OH
Sam Jetton                                       b. 1835 TN
E .J .                f                                   b. 1844 MO
H .L .               m                                b.1867 TX
            H .L .Jetton married Sallie Follis, sister of Jennie Follis ............who married   1887 Dr. H L Matthews

J E f                                                     b.1869 TX
W. Reaves from Alabama was listed as a hired hand.

Jetton Neighbors 1870 included …….
H. C. Garner                                    b. 1845 AL.
S.Turner, a widow                         born 1820 AL,

            C C Turner (m)                    b. 1849 AL
            .E J Turner (f)                       b. 1855 MS
            B Turner (f)                          b. 1842 TX.
Louis Staaden                                 b. 1815        

            Germany - married Christina Hagle
Richard Priddy b. AL -                   daughter married Robert Harve Matthews
K M Hill                                              b. 1813 TN -                        

            wife of Dr. Geo. Washington Hill
Robert Harve Matthews -           b. 1814 TN brother of K M Hill
Samuel B Jetton                              died 1908.





Francis Alonzo McSpadden  1849-1891. was a son of John Marshall McSpadden and Minerva Caldwell.   John Marshall McSpadden was born 1808 in Madisonville, Monroe Co. TN, son of Thomas Addison McSpadden, and grandson of John McSpadden.  John Marshall McSpadden died 1899 in Navarro Co. TX


Minerva Caldwell was born 1815 in Loudon Co. TN, daughter of John Caldwell and Elizabeth Phillips.  She married John Marshall McSpadden in 1836 at Lafayette Co. GA.


Their children were:

            Cicero B. McSpadden                                           1838-1838

            Thomas Christopher C. McSpadden                 1841-c1865

            William Emmett McSpadden                              1844-c1865

            James Oliver McSpadden                                                1847-

            Francis Alonzo McSpadden                                1849-

            Mary Elizabeth McSpadden

            Sarah McSpadden                                                 c1856-1860


James Oliver McSpadden and Francis Alonzo McSpadden migrated to Western Navarro Co. TX


Francis Alonzo McSpadden born 1849 Catoosa Co. GA, died 1891 Corsicana TX. , and was buried at Oakwood Cemetery.  He married 17-year old Nancy Ann Fullerton in 1876.   Nancy was born 1859 in Robertson Co. TX.   The Fullerton-Walker families were prominent in Robertson Co. and became early settlers of Western Navarro Co.  Nancy gave birth to a baby girl in the summer of 1878.  The baby died in July, Nancy died the following December.  Both were buried at Spring Hill Cemetery.



Francis Alonzo McSpadden then married 16-year old Medora Younger 1862-1899, only surviving daughter of Robert Alexander Younger and Louise M. Slaughter.  She died 1898. Their children were:


            Claude Younger McSpadden                  1880-1965

            Lived at Purdon 1955

            buried Oakwood Cemetery, Corsicana TX

            nephew:  Dr. Edward W. Elliott

            neice:  Mrs. Neely G. Landrum, Dallas

            neice:  Mrs. Ward L. Shaffer, Okla. City, OK

            paulbearers:  Dr. Edwin W. Elliott, Dallas; William Elliott, Walter Lewis,          Walter Lewis, Jr of Corsicana; David G. Elliott, Neely G. Landrum, Dallas; Dr. Ward L. Shaffer, Okla. City., and L. D. Parrish of Purdon.


Hana McSpadden                                      1884

Louise Mae McSpadden                          1887-1955

            .Graduated Corsicana High School, Univ. of Chicago

            Taught school, then with Magnolia for 25-years

            Member East Dallas Presbyterian Church

            m. William Robert Kelly, a tinsmith

            Sister:  Nena McSpadden Elliott, Dallas TX

            Pallbearers:  David G. Elliott, Joe Simpkins, Sidney Marks, ……Perry     McCammon, Neal Johnson, A. e. Garland, Harvey ……Parrish.


Nena Georgia McSpadden                                 1881-1978

            m.  Walter Edward Elliott

            .son:  Dr. Edward W. Elliott                     1904-1979

            dau:   Theodora Louise Elliott                 1906-1989

            Dau:   Kathrine Elliott


Francis Alonzo McSpadden was near30-years of age when he married 16-year old Louise Mae Younger. Her mother had died when she was 4-years of age. The General Store and whatever other assets owned by Robert Alexander and Louise M. Slaugher were inherited by 4-year old Louise Mae Younger as sole heir.  It may be assumed that some family member served as her guardian for the following 12-years.

Historical sources state that Francis Alonzo McSpadden operated a General Store at Spring for several years, but no dates have been discovered.   He was living there in 1878 when his first wife and child died and were buried at Spring Hill Cemetery.

Francis Alonzo McSpadden  and Louise M. Slaughter were married between 1878 when his first wife died, and 1880 when Louise M. Slaughter bore his first childwith her.

The possibility exists that he was working at the store as a young man, or, perhaps, had become owner of the store by the time his first wife died.

Alonzo and Louise, apparently,  continued to operate the  Spring Hill General Store until the late 1880s when the family moved to Corsicana, perhaps to provide their children a better education. 

Louise Mae McSpadden, graduated from Corsicana High Schoo, later, The University of Chicago.





The Matthews Family was first found in Wales in the 1300s, migrated to North Ireland in the 1600s, and to America in the early 1700s.  The family first settled near Boston, later to eastern Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Deleware.   Some families settled the Shenandoah Valley, other in Southern Virginia, especially Lunenburg Co.


They began to settle in North Carolina in the 1750s, but in the early years of the 1800s, migrated to middle Tennessee.  Three Matthews families, children of Robert and Mary Ann Stewart Matthews, became First Families of the Sterling Clack Robertson Colony, and arrived at Ft. Frankin on December 1, 1835.   Another child of Robert and Mary Ann arrived in Navarro Co. TX on Christmas Eve 1848. 


Thirteen years later, 1848, they began to settle on Richland Creek and named the settlement, Spring Hill.  It was in August 1848 Sarah Webb was laid to rest in a clump of oak trees several hundred yards north of where Dr. George Washington Hill had built a log Trading Post.  His 1860 will provided that two acres surrounding that grave be, “a perpetual burial ground.”





Were married at

Alamance, Guilford Co. NC



Their children were:

Martha Patricia Matthews                     Buried Spring Hill

m. J. D. Matthews

                                                                        m. John Matthews

Jane Matthews                                           Never married, died TN

Sampson Stewart Matthews                  buried Spring Hill

m. Sarah Reece,

William Newton Matthews                     m. Sarah Mack, died TN

Minerva Kathrine Matthews                  buried Spring Hill

m. Francis Slauter

                                                                        m. Geo. W. Hill,

Prudence Shaw Matthews                      m. Samuel Wright,buried Liverty Hill

John Matthews                                           m. Sarah Covey – disappeared

Elizabeth Matthews                                  m.Henry Caleb Estes, died TN

Wm. Lafayette Matthews MD               Never married, died TN







Martha Patricia Matthews

Sampson Stewart Matthews

Minerva Kathrine Matthews

Robert Harve Matthews



Prudence Shaw Matthews

Is buried at

Liberty Hill Cemetery





John Prater married Mary Elizabeth Bryant and lived at Franklin Co. GA.   One son died in Lawrence Co. AL, another John Bryant Prater, in Morgan Co. AL.   Son Thomas Wilburn Prater died at Purdon, Navarro Co. TX in1925




            Their children were:



Sarah Jane Prater              1866              m. John Franklin Cottongame….

Mary Ella Prater                 1867              m. John Oden 1892 in Texas

Nancy Prater                       c1871                        m. D. F. Brown

Malina Belinda Prater      1872              m. James Breedlove

John David Prater              1875              died 1948  Dawson, Texas

James Anderson Prater    1877              died 1943  Dawson, Texas

Sam Theodore Prater       1879              died 1950   Hill Co. TX

Woodrow Wilson Prater 1887              died in Texas

Faris Prater                          1894              died Tahoka, Texas

Felix Prater                          1894              died Spring Hill, Texas

Julia Prater                          1891              m. George Gant






The Sidwell Family, Quakers, were first found in Co. Armagh, North Ireland.


Hugh and Elizabeth Sidwell were parents of

Hugh Sidwell           who married Ann---?

Their son Abraham , born 11 Feb.1727

            married to Charity Harris

            resided in West Nottihghan Hundred, Cecil Co.Md..

            He died before 1794.

Their daughter Mary married Joshua Kirk

             in West Nottingham Twp.Chester Co. Pa.


Warren A. Sidwell was born 1822 in Ohio.   He was listed in the 1850 Navarro Co. census.  An early Navarro Co. map reveals his land to have been in the Liberty Hill area, just south of a plot owned by David O. McCandless. He was one of the early leaders of Methodist churches in the area.


His ancestor, Nathan Sidwell 1763, was bured 1836 at Pennsville OH, a community he had named for William Penn.   His son, Jesse Sidwell, married Hannah Sutliff, and settled in Washington Co. AR, but lived later in Collin Co.TX.  Their son, Deamon William Sidwell, married Eliza Ann Parker whose family claimed many Methodist preachers..


Warren Sidwell descended from a family of Quakers who fled England.  Cathrine Sidwell and her family were mentioned in a 1734 recommendation for membership in the Bush River SC Quaker group.  This Quaker group migrated to North Carolina, and later, to Wrightsville,Georgia where the family participated in a Quaker settlement.  The family moved from Georgia as a result of the issue of slavery and settled in an area of Kentucky that later became Tennessee.  Later, as the slavery issue grew more intense, the Quakers began to settle Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.


Warren Sidwell, a widower with a small daughter, married 1843 Mary Ann Cox Ramsey, a widow with a small son, Daniel J. Ramsey, born in Illinois in 1848.  He enlisted in the Confederate Army during the Civil War.  Family oral history states that was wounded, but walked to Marshall, Texas where he died and was buried.



Warren Sidwell was born 1822 Ohio and died 1864 Marshall, Texas.  He married

1843 Mary Ann Cox, Nathan Sidwell born 1763 and died Pennsville Ohio 2-12-1836 he married Rebecca Baker,she is also buried in Pennsville Ohio.  Their son, Jesse Sidwell, married Hannah Sutliff and live in Collin Co. Texas and Washington Co Arkansas.  They are buried in Washington Co. Arkansas.  Their son, Dearmon William Sidwell, lived in Murphy Texas and married Eliza Ann Parker.   Her family was from Stewart Co Tn. and were all Methodist minsters


Dearmon ,son William Dearmon Sidwell. married Della Leigh Hamby.   Her father, Thornton K. Hamby. was a hero at the Indian battle of Elm Creek Young Co. Texas.     His father owned the Randoll Mill in Fort Worth, Texas.   He hired Charles Randall to run mill then sold it to him.


Jesse Sidwell ‘sdaughter, Rachel Ann Sidwell, married W. W. Turner.   their house still stands in Murphy texas near the Decatur/Maxwell cemetery in Murphy. Murphy was Decaturbefore being named Murphy.    Jerry Ellis, Hubbard TX






William Thomas Walker grew up in Maury Co. TN and had known Elizabeth Harris who married Jacob Redwine Lowrimore.  Her father was Rev. Charles Harris. The Walker  migrated to Tishomingo Co. MS.  When Jacob Redwine Lowrimore died, his widow moved to Tishomingo and married William Thomas Walker, a bachelor.


            Their combined children included:

            William Lowrimore                                    1835

            Stephen J. Lowrimore                   1837

            Martha Lowrimore                                   1840

            J. Harris Lowrimore                       1841

            Thomas M. Walker                                    1845

            John Wesley Walker                     1846

            Clementia Walker                          1852



J. Harris Lowrimore became a Methodist preacher, came to Western Navarro Co. TX, and raised a fine family including:
            1872 Alma Lowrimore                 married William Keeton
            c1888 Agnes Lowrimore             married Joe P. Davis
            1890 Larkin Lowrimore               married Lucille E. Smith
            c1891 Cora Lowrimore                married Charlie Boldin
            c1892 Sudie Lowrimore               married Lee Henson
c          1894 Willie Lowrimore                 married John Walker
c          1895 Charles Lowrimore                         married Annie Sims



Alexander Younger was born 1786 in Chatham Co., North Carolina.  He died 1886 in Navarro Co. TX and was buried at Younger Cemetery near Purdon, Texas. He first married Celia Cannon.  His second married was in Maury Co. TN to Jane Merchant Hancock, a widow.


            His children were:

            Geo. Worthington Younger                    1820  -1854            

                        b. Maury Co TN   d. Navarro Co. TX

                        married  1845 Mary Eliz. Carthell in Green Co. MO

            Eliz. Handcock Younger                           1822-1911

                        m. James Y. Warren

                        Buried Younger Cemetery

            Licinda Younger                                         1823-

                        m. Thos M. Polk in Green Co. MO

            Martha Jane Younger                              1824-

                        buried Phillips Co. AR

                        m. Gabriel Shackleford

            Richard Handcock younger                    1826-1883

                        m. Hannah Ellison in Green Co. MO

                        buried Younger Cemetery

            Margaret Eleanor Younger        1          828-1904

                        buried Oakland Cemetery, Corsicana TX

                        m. Sterling B. Allen  1844..Green Co MO

                        m. Augustus Barry 1850…Navarro Co. TX

                                    son: Bryan T. Barry  1851-

            Robt. Alexander Younger                                    1830-1867

                        buried Spring Hill Cemetery

…                     m. Louise M. Younger 1856..Navarro Co TX

            Thos. Hancock Younger                           1838-1864

                        buried Green Co. MO

            Sarah Louise Younger                              1838-

                        died Navarro Co. TX


All of the Younger children were born in Maury Co. TN before the family migrated to Green Co. MO


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