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This page documents corrections and additional notes for the 1870 Census Extract.  As we all know, the census takers made numerous errors in recording the personal information in the census.  Also, it is almost impossible to transcribe an entire census with out some errors giving the difficulty in reading the old hand writing, the often poor condition of the microfilming of the census, and the occasional over-writing of information.  This page is an addendum to the 1870 census extract found at this site.

Household Submitter / Date Notes
PAGE 31-101 Beat #5 DRESDEN
Household #212
Ann S. Grainger
Jan - 2003
under family of Hamp Key.
In this household with this family was another family that
I believe to be T. B. "HENDON" instead of "HERNDON".
He was a blacksmith. He appears to be the son of Harris Hendon and first wife, Sythia Dean, from Lawrence Co., AL.  Their oldest son, Thomas B. Hendon was born 1828, in that county. He was at home with his father, also a Blacksmith, and his stepmother, Mary Harris on the 1850 census in that county. After the 1850 census, Harris Hendon, his second wife and some of their children moved to Texas.  They were on the 1860 census in Texas.  Some of the family, including Harris, returned to Alabama, and died near Lawrence Co., Line in Morgan Co., AL.
The US Census index lists T.B. "HENDON" instead of "HERNDON."


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