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This material is used with the permission of the Navarro County Historical Society. The purpose of the index is to provide researchers with additional source materials concerning people and places in Navarro County. If you would like a copy of the book, it is available from the Navarro County Historical Society, Corsicana, Texas. Special thanks to Barbara Stringer for entering the information for this page.

W. T. Allen Home

Allen-Blair Home

Allison-Prater Home

Allyn-Lang Home

Alton Anderson Home

J. P. Danderson Home

J. C. Armstrong Home

E. F. Bain Home

Charles Burton Banks Home

Robert Barham Home

Barlow-Laybield Home

Abner Barnett Home

Hiram Barlett Home

Bartett-Smith-Shelton Home

Alexander Beaton Home

John Beck Home

James Albert Beeman Home

William Harvey Beeman Home

D. B. Bennett

C. O. Berry Home

J. E. Berry Home

Spart Berry Home

Blankinship Home

J. E. Blair Home

Jim Breithaupt Home

Breedlove-Tanner Home

Brooks-Slauson Home

A. N. Brown Home

Brown-Burkhalter Home

George W. Bryan Home

Ellie Bryant Home

Joseph Newton Bryant Home

Annie Buckanan Home

Buckingham-Perkins Home

J. H. H. Burke Home

J. O. Burke Home

R. E. Bush Home

Bush-Stubbs Home

Cameron-Pitts Home

David Wilson Campbell Home

Fannie Carroll Home

F. W. Carruthers Home

Alice Caruthers Home

Frank M. Cheney Home

Charles Cherry Home

W. H. Childers Home

Clark-Putman Home

William Clowe Home

Cohen-Wilkinson-Magee Home

Will Coleman Home

Dozier Thornton Collins Home

Conner-Fortner Home

Andrew Jackson Cook Home

Richard F. Cook Home

Tome Cook Home

J. B. Cooksey Home

James K. Cooksey Home

Coulson-King Home

Kerr Cowan Home

Crofford-McGaha Home

Crowther-Speed-Hodge Home

E. Jackson Cruse Home

John D. Cunningham Home

Glenn Curry Home

Philip Curry Home

Henry G. Damon Home

Daniel-Ellis Home

T. S. Daniel Home

Daniel-Lang Home

David-McNally Home

Guy Davis Home

Davis-Etter Home

Lyman T. Davis Home

Davis-Talley Home

Britton Dawson Home

E. B. Dawson Home

DeArman-Gray Home

Denbow-Sands Home

M. M. Dickson Home

Docum-Siske Home

F. N. Drane Home

Dunn-Ransom Home

Ben Easterling Home

J. N. Edens Home

J. H. Edgar Home

James H. Edwards Home

Elliott-Iverson Home

W. M. Elis Home

C. Ellison Home

John M. Elrod Home

Sallie Evans Home

W. J. Evans Home

John D. Farish Home

J. H. Farmer Home

P.E. Farmer Home

Ferguson-McKeown Home

Matt Scruggs Finch Home

Finch-Easterling Home

Fred Fleming Home

Hardy E. Fluker Home

Fluker-Cleveland-Turner-McCrory Home

Joseph B. Fortson Home

A. E. Foster Home Alonzo Freeman Home

French-Sheppard Home

Emil Frey Home

Samuel R. Frost Home

J. O. Gaines Home

James N. Garitty Home

Garland-Jones-McDaniel Home

Jesse Garlington Home

Sam Garvin Home

Gay-Johnson-Scarborough Home

Ballard George Home

William J. Gordon Home

E. H. Gray Home

Greene-Williams Home

James H. M. Haden Home

Dr. William Alexander Haden Home

J. L. Halbert Home

Samuel Hamilton Home

Hamilton-Montgomery Home

Hargis Home

W. S. Harlan Home

Harris-Fuller Home

Haslam-Hambrick Home

W. H. Hastings Home

Hartzell-McGovern Home

Hartzell-Richardson Home

L. B. Haynie Home

Haynie-Cummins Home

John F. Henderson Home

Bitman Henry Home

A. G. Hervey Home

Albert G. Hervey Home

High-Whitaker Home

C. B. Hightower Home

P. Hilburn Home

B. W. D. Hill Home

George W. Hill Home

Robert Hodge Home

Hodge-Woodruff Home

Holloway-Ruch Home

R. N. Holloway Home

W.L. Holman Home

S. S. Hooser Home

Hornbeak-Hambrick Home

Andrew J. Horton Home

R. W. Howe Home

Huffstutler-Patterson-Holditch Home

S.H. Jack Home

J.A. Jackson Home

Jackson-Albritton-Shaw Home

B. H. Jester Home

George T. Jester Home

Jester-Butler-Morgan Home

Robert A. Johnson Home

W.P. Johnson Home

Johnson-McCammon-Buske Home

J. H. Johnston Home

Robert D. Jones Home

Robert N. Jones Home

Samuel F. Jones Home

Jones-Barton Home

Kennedy-Clark Home

Kenneday-Davis Home

W. R. Kenner Home

Kent Home

C. P. Kerr Home

James Kerr Home

Joel M. Kerr Home

Kerr-Dresser Home

Kerr-Dyer Home

Kerr-Pinkston-Ross Home

Key-Call Home

H. W. Kimer Home

Loyd Knotts Home

Rice Knox Home

Kumkle-McQuiston Home

Kuykendall-O’Neal-Richards Home

J. W. Lasley Home

Joe Lawrence Home

Roger Q. Lawrence Home

Preston M. Lea Home

Elmer Ledbetter Home

Ledford Home

Lemon-Edens Home

Paul LeSueur Home

W. E. LeSueur Home

A. W. Leverman Home

August Levy Home

Isaac Levy Home

B. F. Lisman Home

Charlie Livingston Home

Lockhart-Hester-Mitchell Home

Log Cabins in Navarro County

Charles E. Love Home

S. P. Love Home

William F. Love Home

W. F. Love Home

W. J. Love Home

Lowry Home

R.S. Loyd Home

Lucky-Turner Home

H. E. McAfee Home

McCammon-Spiker-Rasmussen Home

David P. McCandless Home

H. R. McCandless Home

R. D. McCary Home

McClendon-Erwin Home

J. H. McCulloch Home

McCulloch-Woodall Home

McGee-Bowden-Loper Home

B. W. McKie Home

W. J. McKie Home

Jublilee McKinney Home

G. McKnight Home

A. D. McMullan Home

D. T. McMullan Home

T.C. McMullan Home

McPherson-McDonald Home

J. O. McSpadden Home

McSpadden-Blackman-Thornell Home

E.M. Mabry Home

John Magness Home

S. Marks Home

Marsh-Bogle Home

B. F. Marshall Homes

Samuel Marshall Home

Jim Martin Home

Matlock Home

C. L. Matthews Home

Matthews-Teakell Home

J. A. Megarity Home

Ethan Melton Home

Meredith-Hodge Home

E. Michael Home

O. Milburn Home

John L. Miller Home

T. A. Miller Home

Miner Mills Home

Mills-Johnston Home

Bert Mitchell Home

Walter Mitchell Home

William A. Mizell Home

Molloy-Croft Home

Robert E. Montfort Home

B. L. Moore Home

Cyril Moore Home

Moore-Hargrove Home

Abe Mulkey Home

Neece-Brown Home

Conrad M. Newton Home

Oliver-Davis Home

M. Owen Home

Preston Owen Home

Pace Home

Pace-Hamilton Home

Pattison Home

W. R. Pettie Home

Arthur Pike Home

W. D. Pillans Home

E.M. Polk Home

W.A. Polk Home

Lewis Porter Home

S. C. Porter Home

Price-Sullivan Home

George Washington Pruitt Home

John Putman Home

John D. Redden Home

H. L. Reed Home

R. M. Riley Home

Robert-Whitten Home

Ben Rosenberg Home

Oscar Ross Home

Sadler-Weems Home

Samuels-Roughton Home

M. H. Sandwich Home

Scales-Fortson Homes

Scott-Kelley Home

Scott-Smith Home

Frank Sheets Home

Simkins-Redden Home

Clyde Simms Home

J. F. Sims Home

Sims-Comer Home

Sims-McElory Home

Alexander colvin Sloan Home

Mark Andrew Smalling Home

R. L. Smith Home

W. W. Smith Home

Smith-Cherry Home

Smith-McCrery Home

Smith-Ward Home

Spurlock-George Home

Stell-Sammons Home

Stephensen-Hooser Homer

A. H. Strain Home

B. Stringer Home

W.B. Swafford Home

H.A. Swink Home

Swisher-Sparkman Home

C. E. Tanner Home

Tatum-Fisher-Williams Home

W.H. Thompson Home

Nathan Tinkle Home

T. F. Towns Home

J. A. Townsend Home

United Methodist Church Parsonage

A.S. Vandiver Home

O.W. Wallace Home

Charlie Wallis Home

Warren-Alsup Home

Watson-Robison Home

Guy E. Watts Home

James Weaver Home

D. Westmoreland Home

L. B. Wheeler Home

L. White Home

R.N. White Home

J. E. Whiteselle Home

Whorton-Yates Home

Wilkes-Conner Home

J. M. Williams Home

Frank Wilson Home

George W. Wilson Home

Clinton McKamy Winkler Home

Robert H. Witherspoon Home

Sidney Woodruff Home

Woodruff-Price Home

Woods-Edens Home

Pleasant Worsham Home


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