Petition to Governor P. H. Bell 
Navarro County, Texas


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Petition From the Citizens of Navarro, McLennan and Ellis Counties to Governor P. H. Bell 
[July, 1852?]

Originally published in "Texas Indian Papers" by Winfrey Day.
Note: misspellings left intact

To his Excelency P. H. Bell Governor

The undersigned Citizens Residing in Navarro, McClelen and Elis Counties would respectfully Represent to your Excelency that the Indians on the upper Brazos have killed about Sixty of the soldiers at the upper station and are committing depredations upon the frontiers and owing to their unprotected and defenceless situation they would Respectfully ask your Excellency to to extend to them that protection that they have a rite to expect from a Government that is able and should be willing to protect its Citizens from the Depridations of a Savage enemy they are apprised of the Delicate duty they are asking of your Excelency But when the assure you that it is no Idle pain from Enty rumor but from unmistakeable facts that they make the appeal they hope and believe that your Excellency will extend to them that protection that the Laws and Constitution authorise you to do. If your Excelency should not afford to them that protection that they really stand in need of they are bound to suffer in loss of lives and property. They there fore ask your Excellency to authorise the raiseing and organizing of a Company of Rangers to range upon the Northern portion for some short period. By so doing it will be the means of perhaps saving the lives and property of many of the citizens of Texas. It may be asked why this demand is made.

Military Posts when there are already upon this Frontier. It Reply it may be said in truth that they Give no protection to Citizens as They rarely have a force sufficient for camp duty and to Gard the Military Stores.

By granting this Request you will quiet in a Great degree the pains of many of the Citizens.

C. W. Brooks   R. R. Dean  
Hampton Harvick   B. A. Dillard  
A. Harvick   A. J. Evans  
J. T. Webb   Adam Sheek  
Wm. H. Kirkpatrick   J. G. Sheek  
Wm. P.M. Kirkpatrick   T.C. Alexander  
Jas. R. Kirkpatrick   W. B. Walker  
W. Ford   Richd Coke  
Wm. Loop   Jas. O. Dilingworth  
J. H. Dyer   F. Stringer  
William Martin   Allen Bryan  
Wm. M. Morris   Samuel Graves  
James Ellington   Robert Caluder  
A. R. Martin   B. T. Collier  
Kirk D. Stewart   G. W. Graves Bell County
Jas. H. Stewart   John L. Blair  
John M. Stewart   James Shamblin  
E. Green   T. B. Moreland  
M. H. Lee   William O. Blair  
W. H. Wilson   T. Burtram  
T. A. Ogle   H. Shelton  
Jas Wooten   T. Wales  
D. M. Baker   William Perry  
J. Bates   Bryant Banister  
R. A. Miller   Isom Akin  
J. N. Williams   James R. May  
R. Tankersley   Isom Jobar  
A. Bowser   E. C. Perry  
E. Williams   John W. Jobar  
John Kern   Jorheph Pourh  
Samuel Mankens   Dr. Benj C.  
H. W. Henge   P. Franks  
G. T. Williams   R. Goode  
James McCoy   Dr. G. D. Horne  
Eli Forrestone   J. H. Awalt  
Alfred C. Bragg   Ed Gurley  
Thomas H. McDermott   B. M. Bryant  
Washington B. Smith   C. Varner  
J. T. Smith   G. McMillan  
A. Price   B.D. Arnold  
T. A. Hensly   Bryan C. Berry  
Thomas Bragg   Noble Good  
William Gilliand   Jim Gurley  
Alfred Bragg   Washington Hill  
James Gilliand   H. Totey  
B. C. Walters   Geo E. Burney  
James McCoy   E. McDonald Bell Co
Isaac N. McCoy   D. G. Chamberlin. "
Henry C. Fancher   James F. Miller "
H. P. Ford   Jasper Rozalle "
W. B. Blair   George Kimbro "
Wilson Bates   William McDowel "
J. W. Ewless Bell Co. E. P. Anderson "
B. S. Clark   S. B. Goodman "
T. A. Supple   A. T. McCorcle "
L. H. Robertson   B. W. Green "
J. A. Hampton   Grainger McDonnell "
Jeffn Townsend   L. B. Saunders "
John Lawson   Jas. Lambert  
J. E. Townsend   L. L. Edwards  
J. H. Morris   J. M. Harrell  
Jno Miles   Wm. F. Hill  
A. E. Everett   J. S. Burton  
Harvey Smith   N. T. Bruce  
Wilson T. Davidson   L. D. Riggs  
A. C. Maensh   Frank Pendleton  
T. Elkins Williamson Co. D. Jones  
Ezekiel Moore " T. C. Henry  
James P. Warnack " R. Holdsworth  
C. C. Ahk   C. C. Step Williamson County
J. S. Adams " K. H. Williams " "
Thomas W. Miller " J. J. Montgomery " "
Samuel Alexander " R. Saxton " "
Josiah Taylor " S.C. Step " "
John Shell   H. B. Montgomery " "
W. H. Denis " J. Adams " "
W. W. Herring   G. Wright " "
Alfred Ten Eyck   D. M. Williams " "
John Williams   Jas Williams " "
G. T. Walters   J. C. Montgomery " "
S. Jackson   Thomas P. Hughes Williamson Co.
W. C. Gillerland   Owen Adkins Williamson Co.
J. C. Gillerland   A. T. Strickland Williamson Co.
G. B. Fancher   G. Fish  
A. Fancher   G. W. Glasscock  
F. Fancher   D. M. Baker  
T. Bragg   R. Gooch  
Green. D. Hardwick   Robert Miller  
Lewis W. Buda   John Potter  
Milton Ressell   E. Moore  
R.F. Blevin   J. A. Houghton

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