Attempt to Free Prisoner
Charles Bond - 1878
Navarro County, Texas


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Attempt to Free Prisoner - Charles Bond 1878

Attempt to free prisoner in which one Charles Bond is charged with attempting to spring a pal who was in custody of an officer. The reads, "Chas. Bond has been arrested by the Sheriff of Navarro County, State of Texas on a charge of unlawfully and willfully doing acts calculated to effect the escape of a prisoner from the legal custody of an officer." A witness states that together with W. A. Parks, "did unlawfully and willfully, with the object and design and legally arrested and detained for a misdemeanor and in custody by one A. W. Robinson, who was then and there an officer and acting policeman of the City of Corsicana & who as such, for the said misdemeanor had arrested the E. J. Nickerson, by forcefully and violently seizing hold of Dan Mullins who was then and there attempting to assist the said Robinson in retaining custody of said Nickerson & by drawing a knife & threatening personal violence upon them, the said Robinson and the said Dan Mullins, if they should retain custody of him the said C. J. Nickerson from custody."  Signed by Sheriff Ewing E. Dunn.








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