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Capias issued 14 day of Feby 1894 To the Sheriff of Navarro County, City Marshal or any Policeman of the City of Corsicana YOU ARE HEREBY COMMANDED to take the body of Ed McCann and safely keep so that you may have him before me at my office in the City of Corsicana, and then and there answer the State of Texas upon a charge of aggravated assault and battery an offence against statues of the State. Herein fail not, but of this writ make due return as the law directs.
Witness: My hand and official signature, at my office in Corsicana, this 14 day of Febry A. D. 1894.
T. D. Hightower
Recorder of the City of Corsicana
. Texas
County of Navarro City of Corsicana

Before the undersigned authority this day personally appeared W. P. Rankin "he has good reason to believe and does believe that one Ed McCann [in the State of Texas, County of Navarro and City of Corsicana within the Corporate limits thereof, on the 13 day of Feby A. D. 1894 unlawfully in and upon one Jim Shawfner [sic] with a knife, the same then and there being a deadly weapon, did then and there commit an aggravated assault and did then and there, with the said deadly weapon cut the said Jim Shawfner"
N. B. Rankin

State of Texas vs. Geo. Voss
George Voss if to be found in your appear before County Court on 3rd Monday in February 1884 to answer charge of adultery /s/ B. W. Woods, Clerk, 24 Nov 1886 "came to hand Nov 24th 1885 executed same day by arresting the within Geo Voss and taking him for his appearance at the Feb Term Co Court 1887 H R West Sheriff"
Affidavit for Information
Robert Farmer appeared and says that on or about the 15th day of February 1888, in Navarro County, John Shiefriday(/) et al laborers, late of said county and state, did "fraudulently take steal and carry away from the possession of the owner one C. W. Beeman one saddle of the value of ten dollars, without the consent of the said owner, with intent to deprive the owner of the value thereof and to appropriate the same to the benefit of them the said John Shiefriday and Lewis Lin? /s/ Robert Farmer [his mark] 20th April 1878"
States Witnesses: Robert Farmer, C. W. Beeman, T. H. Hardiman, Tom Myers, Ben Cohen, Filed Sept. 2nd 1878

State of Texas vs.
Handsome Harry
Offence Theft of Personal Property under $50 in value
Luther A. Johnson, District Attorney
True Bill J. F. Sims, Foreman of Grand Jury, filed 10 Oct. 1902. Witnesses: Jake Davis, J. W. Nutt, Has W. Faulk
The Grand Jurors for the County of Navarro....Oct Term 1902 present that "Handsome Harry" on or about "8th September" county of Navarro....unlawfully "and fraudulently take from the possession of Jake Davis, one $5.00 gold coin of the value of Five Dollars, 1 One Dollar bill of the value of $1.00, and $20.00 in silver coin of different denomination of the value of $20.00 and all of the total value of $26.00; the same then and there being the corporeal personal property of the said Jake Davis, without the consent of the said Jake Davis and with the intent to deprive the said Jake Davis of the value of the same and to appropriate the same to the use and benefit of him the said Handsome Harry."

Johnson Barry and A. Chamberlin sureties in sum of $150 for Johnson Barry who stands charged by complaint of offense of "carring on and about his person a Pistole"
After hearing complaint before J. P. J. N. Wilkinson, Barry was required to give bail in sum of $150 dollars for his appearance before the county count on 26 Nov 1895. Signed Johnson A. Barry, A Chamberlin T. S. Stallings J. N. (his mark) Jordan
State of Texas vs. Walter Wm. Humphries. Complaint filed 16 Jany 1901. Witnesses: Dr. Wm Pannill, G Phipps
"I Wm Pannill do solemnly swear that Walter William Humprhies on or about 1st day June 1900 in County of Navarro did unlawfully "engage in the practice of medicine for pay and as a regular practitioner in its various branches and departments and did offer to practice and attempt to practice for pay and as a regular practitioner in its various branches and departments and as such practitioner did prescribe for and visit patients professionally the names of said patients being to the affiant unknown without first having filed for record with the Clerk of the District Court of said County, a certificate from some authorized board of medical examiners or a diploma from some accredited medical college"
William Pannil M D


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