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Corsicana marker honors trailblazers in community

Corsicana — People from Dallas, Houston, San Marcos, and Colorado came to Corsicana Sunday for the dedication of the Jewish Cemetery historical marker. The event was to unveil the historical marker that denoted the contributions of Jews in the community, but it was also a homecoming of sorts for many people whose families had roots in the city.

Speaking at the event was former State Rep. Steve Wolens, who described the founding of the two synagogues in Corsicana.

Choosing Sunday for the marker unveiling and ceremony was perfect, Wolens said, since it came during the annual Week of Atonement in the Jewish calendar, a week in which Jews look back over the previous year to learn lessons and seek to make amends.

“It’s befitting,” Wolens said. “It’s what is done — to come to the cemetery to pay respects.”

He then opened up the event to anyone in the audience who wanted to speak about their own connections to Corsicana or the cemetery. Many of the people who attended the event live in large cities around Texas and around the country, but still consider Corsicana to be a kind of home, even if they didn’t grow up here.

Jimmy Stone, who spent summers in Corsicana as a boy, said the town is unique.

“It gets in your blood,” he said. “My whole family is buried here, and we’re going to be buried here — hopefully not soon.”

Bud Silverberg, whose parents, grand parents and great-grandparents are in the cemetery, complimented Babbette Samuels, who organized the obtaining of the marker, and Sunday’s event.

“This cemetery means so much to me,” Silverberg said.

He described an idyllic safe childhood, where the adults looked out for any child, and his parents were confident he was fine out riding his bicycle alone because so many other parents and adults were looking out for the children.

“These guardian angels of mine, many of them are buried right here in this cemetery,” Silverberg said.

The marker is posted at the Third Avenue entrance, between 31st and 35th streets in Corsicana.

In part it states:

“The earliest known burial dates to 1877. In 1887, the Ladies Hebrew Cemetery Association formed to raise funds for cemetery upkeep. In 1951, additional property was purchased. Cemetery features include obelisks, statuary and curbing.”

It goes on to note some of the significant people buried in the cemetery, adding “Corsicana Hebrew Cemetery remains a hallowed ground which chronicles the history of Corsicana’s Jewish residents who for more than a century have played a vital role in the community’s civic, cultural and economic development.”




Dr. Tommy Stringer, left, and Babbette Samuels, right, unveil the new historical for the Jewish Cemetery in Corsicana. The ceremony took place Sunday Afternoon


Babette Samuels, left, talks about the new historical marker for the Corsicana Jewish Cemetery at a ceremony held Sunday


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