Firemen's Monument
Corsicana Court House
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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Photographs by Edward L. Williams

The Firemen's Monument at the
County Courthouse in Corsicana


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Handsome Shaft Dedicated to Chief Freedman, Deceased

Yesterday brief mention was made of the fact that the Corsicana Firemenís monument had been placed in position on the southeast corner of the court house square.

The monument proper is complete, but the walks and curb around it will be put down before the unveiling exercises will be held. The hot weather is delaying this part of the work as the concrete dries so rapidly under the influence of hot weather that it cracks and is unsatisfactory.

The monument cost $2500 and the plan for building it was laid by that popular and splendid fire chief, Rube Freedman, deceased, four years ago. The money secured came from entertainments and donations. The monument was always a theme that Chief Freedman found pleasure in discussing with his friends and it was an enterprise around which his fondest hopes clustered. His friends will never cease to regret that he was not permitted to live until this hope was realized. But the firemen have by no means forgotten him. The handsome monument will perpetuate his memory.

The monument is twenty-one feet high and the entire structure rests on a foundation of reinforced concrete ten feet deep. On this is what is called the three bases, then the shaft consisting of the die, cap and pleuth, the latter supporting the monument which is a fireman in uniform, holding a hose.

The first monument committee appointed was a follows: Chief R. Freedman, chairman, First Asst. Chief P. Mayer, Second Asst. Chief I. N. Cerf; W. R. Pryor of Hose Company No. 1, H. E. Walker, Hose Company No. 2, L. W. Ashmore, Hook and Ladder Company, and H. J. Leighton, Chemical Company No. 1.

The monument which is hexagon in form, has the following inscription in memory of firemen who have been called to their final reward:

Dedicated to our Chief, Rube Freedman---1859-1917.

P. Mayer, 1st Asst Chief.
I. N. Cerf, 2nd Asst. Chief.
W. R. Pryor, Hose Co. No. 1.
H. E. Walker, Hose Co. No. 2
L. W. Ashmore, H. & L. Co.
H. J. Leighton, Chem. Co.
Monument Committee 1917-18
Erected by Volunteers.
H. and L. Co. No. 1.
P. C. Bruechner,
J. C. Allen,
H. E. Kinsloe,
Chemical Co. No. 1
Chas. Maddox.
Sid Curtis.
T. A. Groves.
Side No. 4 is blank.
Hose Co. No. 2.
Ed Staggs,
J. W. Benton, Chf.
Fred A. Martin.
W. H. Davis,
Hose Co. No. 1
F. C. Mirus,
Jacob Allen,
N. J. Garrity,
Dan Kiber,
J. J. Strupper, Chf.
J. E. Whiteselle,
Fred Brassart,
W. R. Pryor, 2 Asst. Chf.


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