The Joseph Burleson Family Cemetery
Historical Marker
Streetman, Navarro County, Texas


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The Joseph Burleson Family Cemetery

Joseph Burleson (1800-1877) came to Texas about 1834. He farmed for a season at Bastrop near his brother, General Edward Burleson, then lived at San Augustine for many years. In 1836 he fought in the Texas War for Independence along with his father, Captain James Burleson (b. 1775), three of his brothers, and other relatives. His brother Edward served in 1841-1844 as Vice President of the Republic of Texas, and the successive generations of the family have continued to furnish leaders to the state and the nation. In 1854 Joseph Burleson bought a final homestead of 2,775 acres surrounding this site. Located near his dwelling, this cemetery was in use as early as 1867 at the burial of his son John, a veteran of the Civil War. Mary (Polly) Warren, wife of Joseph Burleson and mother of his 14 children, was buried here in 1869. Joseph was interred eight years later. Members of related families such as the Bonhams, Keels, Reeds and Slades are represented among the 32 identifiable graves. There are known to be some lost graves. In 1892 trustees recorded a deed to the cemetery. George Burleson Slade in 1923 was last known burial prior to 1977. A family association was organized in 1977 to care for the cemetery. (1978)

Location: 4.5 miles north east of FM 416, Streetman, TX

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