Duel in Corsicana
Navarro County Texas


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Duel in Corsicana
[From a Corsicana Newspaper Clipping]
Copyright by Phillip R. Vance, Sr. Copied from Aunt Bertha Karns Memory Book, p. 17. 11-24-1998.
Used with permission from Phillip R. Vance, Sr.

"FOURTEEN YEARS." ----------That is What Oliver Woodward Got for the Killing of Varnard Vance." (This should be Vaniah) "The arguments in the case of the State vs. Oliver Woodward, charged with the killing of Varnard Vance were concluded last evening and the case given into the hands of the jury. The jury failed to agree on a verdict last night and went to work on it early this morning. At 9' o'clock they had agreed and were taken before Judge Cobb, and handed in their verdict which read as follows: We the jury find the defendant guilty as charged and fix his punishment at confinement in the penitentiary for fourteen years. The killing of Vance, occurred in this city over two years ago, and was the result of a desperate street duel on North Beaton street. He was shot in the head before he fired a shot, but his nerve was enough to enable him to fire a shot badly wounding his assailant Woodward before he died

----Woodward was convicted of the killing once before and given fourteen years but the case was reversed in the Court of Appeals. Since that trial he was convicted in two cases of cattle stealing and was sent to the penitentiary from which place he was brought ot stand trial again for the Vance Killing."


"ONE DEAD, ONE DYING. The Result of a Street Duel at Corsicana.

Corsicana, Texas, May 28, 1898 --"A fatal duel occurred at 1:30 o'clock today in which Oliver Woodward and V(aniah). Vance shot each other. Vance was killed instantly and Woodward is in a dying condition. The difficulty arose over an old feud about some cattle. Both men are married and well connected."


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