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Church Roll of Disciples of the Church of Christ at Bazette, County of Navarro, State of Texas. Section I is a list of  Members of the Congregation of Disciples of Christ worshiping together at Bazette Navarro County Texas from 1871 - 1885.  Section II is the Membership of the Church of Christ in 1897, and Section III is a list of some of the preachers who have held meetings at Bazette

Members 1871 - 1885

Elders: Wm. H. Crawford, J.M. McWilliams, Wm. A. Miles
Deacons: Alex Walker, J.C. Sims, J.M. Watt, Wm. C. Terry


Abbe, Mrs. Mary Immersion Aug. 1884  
Abbe, Fannie " July 1879 Moved Away in 1887
Albritton, Miss Rebecca " Aug. 1889  
Albritton, J. C. " June 1890  
Barnett, Henry " 1885 Gone to the world
Breithaupt, Jeff Baptist 1885  
Barnett, Mrs. Laura "    
Barnett, T. W. Relation   Moved away in 1887
Barnett, Emoline Methodist    
Barnett, Katherine Relation    
Barnett, Nettie Immersion    
Breithaupt, Mrs. Alice Relation    
Ball, J. W. "   Moved away
Beaty, George " 1878 "
Barnett, Della Baptism    
Crawford, W. H. Baptist 1885 Died 1902
Crawford, Mrs. M. F. " 1885 Dear (died?)
Crawford, Cedie Immersion 1885 Moved away
Cuthbertson, Rosa " 1885  
Cuthbertson, Steve " 1878  
Cuthbertson, William Methodist   Moved away
Cason, B. L. Baptist   "
Cuthbertson, P. H. Immersion   "
Cuthbertson, Emma "   "
Campbell, Lensy Relation    
Connelly, N. A.      
Cornwell, Thorp      
Cornwell, Mrs. Ada      
Cornwell, Miss Lizzie      
Cuthbertson, Walter      
Cuthbertson, Myrtle      
Cuthbertson, Vara      
Deskin, J. P.      
Deskin, Henerreta      
Dowdy, W. W.      
Dowdy, Mrs. Sarah      
Deggs, R. C.      
Deggs, Mrs. R. C.      
Erwin, Mrs. J. F. Immersion   Dead
Eubank, Winfield Baptist   Moved away
Eubank, Mrs. Matie Immersion   "
Jackson, C. C.   1884  
Joplin, Mrs. Bettie Relation   Moved away
Jones, G. W. Immersion   "
Jones, Mrs. M. E. " 1884 "
Jeffers, Mrs. Jennie " 1884 Dead
Jeffers, George " 1884  
Jackson, Mrs. C. C. " 1884  
Jennings, W. W.   1892  
Johnson, Mrs.   1886  
Jennings, Mrs. Lucy   1892 Dead
Jennings, Miss Bula      
Jackson, M. J.      
Jackson, Mrs. M. J.      
Jackson, O. O. Immersion 1900  
Jackson, Ollie " 1902  
Kemp     Moved away in 1886
Kirk, A. J. (Fannie's Father) Immersion 1884  
Kirk, George W. Relation   Dead
Kyser, George Baptist 1884 "
Kirk, Mrs. A. J. Baptist 1884  
Kirk, Mrs. G. W. Relation    
Kirk, Miss Emma      
Keyser, Henry      
Killingsworth, R. L.      
Leggett, James A. Relation 1885 Moved away
Leggett, Mrs. James " 1885 "
Ledbetter, Thomas Baptist 1885 "
Ledbetter, Mrs. Mintie Immersion 1885 "
Miles, A. F. " 1885 Gone to the world
Miles, Miss Mattie " 1884  
Miles, W. A. Presbyterian 1885 Letter granted
McClintock, Mrs. E. E. Immersion 1885 Moved away
Mann, Mrs. Luna " 1885 Withdrawn from
Mann, Jessie " 1885 "
Mann, John Reclaimed 1885 "
Moncrief, Thomas Immersion 1884 Gone to the world
McWilliams, D. T. " 1884 Moved away
McWilliams, J. M. Relation 1878 Died Nov. 22, 1900
McWilliams, Mrs. A. E. Baptist    
McClintock, J. R. Relationt   Letter granted
McClintock, Mrs. J. R. Presbyterian 1884 "
McKinney, John Immersion 1884 Moved away in 1885
McKinney, Mrs. Viola "   "
Miller, James H. Relation   Withdrawn from in 1886
Miller, Mrs. Kittie Immersion   Moved away in 1886
May Callie "    
McMorris, James M. " 1884 Letter granted
McMorris, Miss Opie " 1884 "
Miles, Mrs. E. E. " 1886 "
Murry, James F. Methodist 1884 Gone to the world
Murry, Mrs. James Immersion 1884 Gone into Babylon
Murry, Mary   1884 "
McWilliams, Mrs. Mollie     Dead 1903
McQueen, Mrs. Minnie Relation 1884 Moved away
McWilliams, W. D.      
McWillaims, Mrs. Immersion 1899  
McWilliams, Mary " 1901  
Miller, Carrie " 1901  
Norris, W. N. Methodist 1885 Gone to the world
Norris, Carrie Immersion 1901  
Parker, Mrs. Pricilla Methodist    
Parker, Leslie Immersion 1884  
Parker, H. J. Methodist   Moved away
Parker, Mrs. Charlotte "   "
Parker, John A. Immersion    
Parker, M. Ford " 1884  
Parker, Winston " "  
Parker, Ollie " "  
Parrish, Joseph " "  
Parrish, Mrs. Joe " "  
Parrish, Viola " "  
Price, Lydia Baptist 1885 Letter granted
Purifoy, M. L. Immersion   Dead
Parrish, Mrs. Ida "    
Purifor, L. M. "   Withdrawn from
Parrish, Miss Lula "    
Parrish, Miss Minnie      
Parrish, Miss Etta      
Purifoy, Miss Maudie      
Ray, F.      
Ray, Mrs. Alice      
Reison, D. W. Reclaimed 1885  
Smotherman, John Immersion    
Sims, Mattie E. " 1885  
Sims, Abbie " 1885  
Smith, W. S. " 1885  
Skates, D. A. " " Moved away
Sims, John C. "    
Sims, Mrs. Sarah "    
Stringer, Scott Reclaimed 1885 Gone to the world
Stringer, Tennessee Immersion    
Stringer, Thomas " 1884  
Stringer, Ples " 1884 Died June 18, 1890
Skates, Mrs. Nannie "    
Shaw, N. B. Relation   Moved away
Shaw, Mrs. Belle "   "
Shaw, Miss Mollie "    
Singleterry, Miss Fanny Immersion    
Stockton, Rosa "    
Smith, Mes. W. S. " 1884  
Smoke, Mrs. Eliza Baptist 1884  
Smoke, Mrs. Donnie      
Slaughter, Miss Amanda     Dead
Stringer, Emma Immersion 1901  
Stringer, Birt " 1901  
Terry, Mrs. Elizabeth " 1885  
Terry, W. C. " 1884 Gone to the world
Todd, O. C. Relation 1884 Letter granted
Todd, Mrs. Berdie Immersion 1884 "
Todd, Price " " Moved away
Town, W. J. " " "
Town, Mrs. L. H. Relation 1884 "
Town, Alice G. Immersion " "
Town, Ella " "  
Tucker, Lucy " 1885 Letter granted
Terry, John      
Terry, Belle " 1902  
Vernon, William Relation    
Vernon, Mrs. Nancy "    
Vernon, J. P.     Dead
Winters, Mrs. Piety Immersion 1885 "
Winters, George " " Died 1886
Winters, James " 1884  
Winters, Mrs. James Relation " Died
Wright, A. V. Sr. Restored 1885 Withdrawn from
Wright, A. V. Jr. Reclaimed " Gone to the world
Wright, Count Immersion   "
Watt, E. H. " 1884 Moved away
Watt, J. M. " "  
Woodson, C. E. " " Letter granted
Weger, Monroe Baptist 1885 Lost sight of
Wilson, Samuel Immersion    
Wilson, Mrs. Pollie Baptist    
Wilson, John Immersion 1884 Died
Wilson, Mrs. Rice Baptist 1885  
Wilson, Mrs. Mary Presbyterian 1884  
Wilson, Mrs. Sallie Immersion 1884  
Walker, Alex "    
Walker, Amanda "    
Warren, Wylie "   Moved away
Warren, Mrs. Amanda Methodist   "
Watt, Mrs. Mary Baptist   Died
Watt, Mrs. Lelia "   Moved away
Wilson, Miss Ann "    
Wilson, Thomas J. Immersion   Moved to town
Washum, Mrs. Mary "   Dead
Watt, W. F.     Moved away
Westbrook, T. D.     "
Westbrook, Mrs. Nancy     Died
Watt, Miss Maggie      
Watt, Orin      
Wilson, Mrs. Lee      
Wilson, Kirt      
Wilson, Johnston      
Wilson, Mrs. Johnston      
Warren, Henry      
Warren, Chris      
Warren, Mack      
Wilson, Ed      
Winters, Lula      
Winters, Emma      
Young, Jack Baptist 1885  
Young, Mrs. Belle Relation 1881  
Yarbrough, A. C. Baptist    
Youngblood, Mrs. Nannie Baptist 1885  


Membership of Church of Christ 1897

Albritton, M. T. Baptism 1889
Albritton, A.    
Albritton, Fannie Baptism 1906
Breithaupt, N. J. " 1885
Breithaupt, Alice " 1884
Breithaupt, Claude    
Breithaupt, Clarence    
Belk, Oscar    
Black, Etta    
Bownds, Truly Baptism 1903
Bownds, J. V. " 1906
Bownds, James " 1906
Bownds, Docia    
Bownds, Eddie    
Bownds, Nannie    
Baldwin, W. K. Baptism 1907
Baxter, R. " 1907
Breithaupt, Mary " 1907
Burke, Mollie "  
Cuthbertson, Stephen   1878
Cuthbertson, Rosa    
Cuthbertson, Gussie    
Cuthbertson, P. H.   1877
Cuthbertson, E. P.    
Cuthbertson, W. W.    
Cuthbertson, W. M.    
Cuthbertson, Clark   1905
Campbell, Frank Baptism 1905
Cuthbertson, W. T.   1876
Christian, Minnie    
Cuthbertson, Vara    
Dyer, Rosa Baptism 1903
Dyer, Charlie " 1903
French " 1905
French " 1905
French, Clara " 1904
French, Mary " 1904
Finley, Sarah    
Finley, Ida Baptism 1906
Finley, Maud   1901
Glass, A. E.    
Glass, Maud    
Glass. J. T.   1906
Glass, Calvin   1906
Glass, Malcom   1907
Glass, Herbert   1906
Hall, Ida    
Horton, Roxie Baptism  
Hagle, Berta " 1907
Joplin, Bettie    
Joplin, Zetta Baptism  
Jennings, W. M. " 1892
Jennings, L. L. "  
Jennings, Joe Harding " 1892
Jennings, Rosa " 1903
Jackson, Lula " 1907
Jackson, Robert " 1905
Jergins, Sadie " 1907
Jackson, Ollie " 1902
Jackson, Osie (Mrs. Will Noris)   1900
Jackson, M. J.    
Kirk, Maggie   1884
Keyser, Henry    
Keyser, Della Baptism  
Keyser, I. J. " 1904
Keyser, Minnie    
Killingsworth, R. L.    
Keyser, Willie Baptism 1907
Lincoln, J. M. Restored  
Lincoln, Della " 1903
McWilliams, A. E.   1878
McWilliams, Mary (Mrs. Elma Lee)    
McWilliams, Annie   1905
McWilliams, W. Baptism  
McWilliams, Ella "  
Miller, J. M.    
Miller, Kittie    
Miller, Carrie    
Miller, Floyd Baptism 1903
May, Alice    
May, Oran Baptism  
Miller, Leta " 1906
Moore, Mattie " 1907
Norris, Will " 1907
Parker, Drucilla    
Parrish, Jodie   1884
Purifoy, M. L.    
Purifoy, Nettie    
Parker, Leslie Baptism 1884
Roberts, J. R. Commendation  
Ray, Alice    
Sims, F.    
Sims, Sarah    
Sims, J. C.    
Stringer, Tennessee    
Stringer, Berta Baptism  
Stockton, R. A.    
Smith, Fannie   1884
Smith, Jessie   1885
Smoke, Donnie    
Stringer, Mollie Baptism 1906
Smoke, Minnie    
Smoke, Eliza    
Terry, W. C.    
Terry, E.    
Terry, Betsy Baptism  
Terry, Belle "  
Terry, Mollie "  
Vernon, Wm.    
Watt, J. M.   1884
Watt, B.    
Watt, J. A.   1903
Watt, Nellie   1904
Wilson, Mary    
Wilson, Ed    
Walker, A. M.    
Walker, A.    
Walker, Tinnie    
Warren, Amanda C.    
Warren, Chris    
Warren, Mack    
Warren, Elsie    
Wilson, Ann    
Washam, Viola    
Washam, Lula    
Watt, Orin Baptism  
Wilson, Willie "  
Wilson, Anna    


Some of the Preachers Who Have Held Meetings at Bazette

W. A. Bently
J. Porter Wilhite
U. I. Stirman, 1872
Joe Harding, 1892
A. E. Walker, held 35 meetings in the area
M. C. Cuthbertson, 1916, 1926
M. L. Vaughn, 1927, 1928
Isaac Tackett, 190
L. E. Dugger, 1931 or 1932
H. Clay Rawlings, 1932
V. E. Howard, 1934
Roy Howard
John Stevens, 1939 or 1940
George Bailey
L. L. Paul
C. R. Nichols
J. E. Black
T. M. Sowell
Clyde Jenkins
Clifton Crisp
Cato Shearer
Mark Smith
L. W. Mayo

The first Gospel meeting was held at Bazette in 1869, the Church has met there since that date.  The church building has been on the present site since 1880 or before.  At first the building was a Union Church but the building was bought by the Church of Christ in 1880.  For the public to read.

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