1936 Mildred High School
Navarro County, Texas


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The senior class of Mildred High
school, composed of 15 young people,
had as their principal speaker
the Hon. A. P. Mays. Mr.
Mays emphasized to his hearers
the magnitude of Texas, pointing
out many noble achievements of
her illustrous sons.
His final admonition to these
young people was to find some
vocation in life which would give
happiness and contentment and
then to live a full life.
The exercises were held Thursday
Following is the class roll:
Janie Grantham, Theresa Gray,
Opal Faye Wright, Jerrell Harris,
Mary Nell Hodge, Billie Clements,
Maxine Garland. Billie Bonner.
Kitth Beth Davidson, Beulah
Brannon, Louise Schrimpshire, Otis
Rogers, Mary Singleton, Tom
Hayes Johnston, Willie Sirman.
Baccalaureate Sermon.
Dr. C. R. Gray brought to the 15
seniors of Mildred High school a
very interesting message on the
subject of conceptive thinking, using
as a basis for his discussion
these words: "As a man thinketh
in his heart, so is he." He brought
out in a very able way that the
power to think is a human charasteric
which sets man above all
other of God's creations. By fitting
illustrations the speaker showed
how one even in prison or in
a dungeon as was John Bunyan,
can live an abundant life in the
world of thought.
The speaker brought this truth:
That the thought results in the
act, the act becomes a habit, that
habits form character and that
character determines human destiny.
He pointed out that the
greatest discoveries in the field
of science had been tested in
God's laboratory millions of years
before man.
The baccalaureate services .were
held Wednesday night at 8:30
at Navarro.



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