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Extracted by Diane Richards


The Purpose


Dedication-In appreciation for her sincere devotion and helpfulness in our school and community, we dedicate this yearbook to
Mrs. Tommie Gay.  The Students


Faculty - Superintendent –
J. L. Cox, Mrs. J. L. Cox, Mrs. La Voyce Richardson, Mrs. Evelyn Gay, Mrs. Edna Reed, Mrs. A. J. Snider


Naomi Braly

Senior History
-On September 18, 1945, there were only four new Freshmen.  They were as following: 
Don Farmer, Carroll Barr, Gladys Moore and Naomi Braly.  At the beginning of the school year Don dropped out to get a job.  Later on in the spring Gladys Moore moved to Emhouse.  That left only two.  In the Sophomore Bettye Ann Farish came from Blooming Grove.  The next year Carroll Barr left for the Army to become a general but he didn’t make it.  Betty Ann decided she would go back to Blooming Grove.  That left one – Naomi Braly-who is trying her best to finish as soon as possible.
Senior Prophecy –
In a few years
Mrs. Gay, at the age of ninety, will look up from her hospital bed to see a young looking nurse, Naomi Braly, standing there saying, “Spit out your chewing gum and quit your talking.”

Class Will:

I will Faye Moore all my giggles.

I will Betty Luther my ability to wart Mrs. Gay.

I will Joan Robison all my chewing gum and especially one big chew located on the map stand.


Juniors -
Joan Robison, Carroll Barr, Arthur Henderson, Norma Cooper, Betty Luther, Faye Moore, Donald Barr

“Junior News”
– We began the 1948-49 school term with seven members.  In our Junior year we entered the Queen’s Race in the Carnival and won with
Betty Luther Queen and Don Barr as King.  With the aid of our Senior the Juniors gave three a three act comedy play entitled “Don’t Darken My Door.”  Although it took much practice and work, we had much enjoyment giving it.  We Juniors have ordered our class rings for our Senior year.  The Junior class favorites are Joan Robison and Don Barr.  Some of the Juniors are entering the Interscholastic League one-act play.

“Sophomore News”- On September 13, 1948 eight Sophomores entered Barry High School.  We tried to do our part to make this year the best yet.  We all enjoyed a wonderful season of Basketball, volleyball, and baseball.  Although we didn’t place in the county tournament we enjoyed playing for the practice.  In October the P.T.A. gave their annual Halloween Carnival.  Our class gave the Juniors a very close race for Queen.  Our Class club was organized soon after the beginning of school. The officers elected are as follows: 

President- Bill Barnes

Vice President- Dicky Watson

Secretary- Joan Sparkman

Treasurer- Johnnie Tanner

Reporter-Vida Brooks

Our class motto, flowers, and colors are:

Motto- “Not the Brightest, but Seeking the Light”

Colors – Green and White

Flower-White Gladiola

Vida Brooks, Johnnie Tanner, Mary Barr, Dicky Watson, Joan Sparkman, Billie Jo Braly, Bill Barnes, Eldries Scott

Freshman News:

Officers-President-Jerry Grimmett, Vice President- David Camarena, Secretary- Naomi Henderson, Treasurer- Jack Harris, Reporter- Murrell Foster

Motto- “One step at a time, but always forward”

Flower – Yellow Rose

Colors – Purple and Gold

In September, 1948 nine Freshmen entered Barry High School.  As the year went on Norman Long and Wyndle McGraw left to go to Blooming Grove and Fiedel Ferrer entered our class.  It took us a little time to learn that we no longer had a fifteen minute recess every morning.  The class as a whole was interested in basketball.  When we enter our second year as Sophomores, we hope that we will be more experienced in the way a high school student should conduct himself.

Freshmen –
Murrell Foster, Naomi Henderson, James Earl Coker, Wyndle McGraw, Margaret Moore, Norman Long, Jack Harris, Fiedel Ferrer

Seventh and Eighth Grade News – The Seventh and Eighth Graders began the 1948-49 term with 22 pupils.  We were glad to welcome our new Members,
Glenda Fae Farmer, Shirley Foster, and Clyde Bryant.  As time went on Frances Lambert left us to go to Emhouse, and Namon Long went to Blooming Grove.  In January, William Vaughan, Lester Shue, and Sibil Shue joined us from Bryan.
Our represents in the Halloween Carnival were:
Mary Marie Coker, Clyde Bryant, Billie Jean Arnett, and Don Parks
We had charge of the Fish Pond and Apple-bobbing Booths at the Carnival.  In September our English classes organized a Dramatic Club to improve our abilities in Speech.
Class officers – President
Billie Jean Arnett, Secretary-Georgia Ann Coker,  Program Committee- Glenda Fae Farmer, Mary Lou Cox, and Judy McCarty, Song Leaders-Billie Jean Arnett and Georgia Coker
On the evening of November 11, 1948 we had three plays: “Paul Splits the Atom” was presented by
Don Parks, Jerry Hale, Mary Lou Cox, Georgia Ann Coker, Clyde Grimmett, and Billie Jean Arnett“New Fangled Notions” was given by Clyde Bryant, Alla Mae Derryberry, Burnard Lee Coker, and Judy McCarty.  The cast for “The Lunch Hour” included Glenda Fae Farmer, Namon Long, Ray Barham, and Martha Joe CokerOther numbers included piano solos by Hazel Watson and Judy McCarty; songs by Billie Jean Arnett and Alma Fae Moore, and Leanell and Billie Jean Arnett.  Frances Coker was our announcer.  Dicky Watson and Eldris Scott played the guitar.  The pupils of both grades participated in basketball.  We played two games with Blooming Grove and won one.

First row-
Rayneva Worsham, Cleeta Barrington, Hazel Watson, Judy McCarty, Jerry Hale  Second row – Bobby Tanner, Marie Coker, Clyde Bryant, Alla Mae Derryberry, Clyde Grimmett, Third Row – Frances Coker, Billie Arnett, Mary Cox, Glenda Fae Farmer, Martha Jo Coker, Fourth Row – Namon Long, Georgia Ann Coker
Not pictured –
Don Parks, Burnard Coker, William Vaughan, Allen Barham, Lester Shue, Ray Barham, Shirley Foster, Frances Lambert, Sible Shue

Fifth and Sixth Grade News- In September, 1948 the Fifth Grade numbered 10.   Two newcomers to our room this year were
Nelda and Charles ArnettIn November Travis Long moved away leaving the present Fifth Grade with a membership of 14.  What the Fifth Grade lost the Sixth Grade gained as Louise Phillips came to our class giving the Sixth Grade its present membership of 11.  Our part in the annual Halloween Carnival was to sell as many balloons and as much ice cream as possible, and we did just that until time came to honor our chosen king and queen.  In their honor we first became pumpkins and then Jack-o-Lanterns while the “wise ole owl” up in the tree gave advice to a fickle kitty about being invited to ride with the witch on Halloween Night.  Thanksgiving came and we presented a play “Johnny Looks Back.”  Johnny was the boy of today that wasn’t exactly satisfied with his Thanksgiving plans.  Upon falling asleep he dreamed he was living back in 1620, without electricity, automobiles, trains, telephones, etc.—a fact he could not quite understand because he was so used to all these things.  Upon awakening he was so thankful to be home and planned to enjoy this Thanksgiving.  Then we became a band of pilgrims singing of our thankfulness for this our new land with such songs as “Come Ye Thankful People Come,”  “For the Beauty of the Earth” and “America” and reading again the 23 Psalm.  We have truly felt more thankful for this wonderful land as the year has progressed, and we have studied more about this and other lands.  Beginning the second term we have begun an arts and crafts class and are starting a number of interesting projects.  We are looking forward to lots of enjoyment from this work.

First row –
Charles Coker, Nelda Arnett, Dudley Farish, Sarah Worsham,, Tom Mitchell  Second row- Rudolph Coker, Martha Ragsdale, Larry Wade, Barbara Bell, Richard Grimmett, Third Row – Tommy Coker, Elwood Barnes, Richardo Ferrer, Mary Kay Green, Jerry Worsham  Fourth Row – Travis Long, James Worsham, Leanell Arnett, Charles Arnett
Not pictured –
Louise Phillips, Frances Moore, Baldomore Ferrer, Ray Scoggins, Lewis Moore, Murray Barham, Tom Ovalle

The Third and Fourth Grade News- The third and fourth grades had 25 members the first semester.  The new pupils were
Rachel McGraw, Jessie Arnett, Genelle Atchley and Virginia Atchley.  We were sorry that the following students had to move:  Donald Kitchens, Bobby Lambert, Rachel McGraw, Billy Kitchens, and Hugh Tom Lambert.

The following were elected to represent their class at the Halloween Carnival: Peggy Barnes and Selwyn Hollingsworth. Third grade.  Rosalie Bryant and Billy Kitchens, fourth grade.  October 3 to 9 was fire prevention week.  We discussed the many causes of fires in and around the home.  We used our ideas to make fire prevention posters.  Later the posters were displayed on the stage in general assembly.  We presented two plays October 8, 1948 , “Fires can be Prevented” and “Fire Prevention.”  Characters in the first were Rachel McGraw, Don Reed, Selwyn Hollingsworth, Bobby Lambert, Peggy Barnes, and Mollie Moore.  The second were Joan Scoggins, Rosalie Bryant,  Harrol Barham, Billy Jack Seaton, Letha Mae Coker, Donald Kitchens, Paul David Barnett, and Dickey Wade.  We had a Grab Bag and a Picture Booth at the Carnival and made $32.00.  On November 2, 1948 we gave a play for P.T.A., “Mother Surprise.”  It was presented by Joan Scoggins, Dickey Wade, Mollie Moore, Rachel McGraw, Billy Jack Seaton, Rosalie Bryant, Bartalo Ovolle, David Earl Sparkman and Peggy Barnes.  We have twenty students in the Tonette Class.

First row –
Selwyn Hollingsworth, Peggy Barnes, Donald Kitchens, Mollie Moore, Jessie Arnett, second row- David Earl Sparkman, Virginia Atchley, Henry Ferrer, Dickey Wade, Rachel McGraw, third row- Don Reed, Joan Scoggins, Harrol Barham, Rosalie Bryant, Billy Kitchens, fourth row-Hugh Lambert, Letha Mae Coker, Billy Jack Seaton, Genelle Atchley, Paul Barnett,  Fifth row- Bartola Ovalle, Cresencio Ovalle, Modesta Ortego, Ray Sugart

First and Second Grade Highlights of ’48-  In September, 24 of us boys and girls found our way to the first and second grade room.  Some of us felt a little shaky, but some of us didn’t, but it wasn’t cause our mothers were there.  No, sir!  We just weren’t scared, and besides, some of us knew all about school, anyway, cause we had been one whole year, you see.  Soon we went up some stairs to a big, big, room and sat down on the first two rows of seats.  After sitting, turning, twisting and sighing for a long long time in front of a man who made some funny motions with his head and hands and used words far removed from our vocabularies, we were glad to return to our first location to see what would happen next.  Back to our room, what now?  Books”  Oh Boy!  We will get a book!  Or will we?  Ah Shoot!  In about six weeks.  Mom said I wouldn’t need this red book satchel.  But it was so pretty.  Well, wish I were in the second grade.  Before long, though, we began to see that some things could be learned from blackboards, word cards, games and even songs.  What’s this we hear?  Halloween?  Oh boy!  A Carnival!  What’s that?  Well I’ll stick around and find out, that is , if the first fifteen people I meet don’t know.  Who will walk?  Why we all walk, you funny fellow!  Oh, I see.  Write a name on a piece of paper?—We can’t write.  Then we’ll vote Mr. 1 and Mr. 2.  Miss 1 and Miss 2 etc.  The winners to represent us? 
Jo Carolyn Cox and Henry Grimmett from the first grade.  Karen Ann Wade and Billy Tanner from the second grade.  Thanksgiving?  Oh we know what that is.  It’s a turkey with dressing—or is it, a chicken?  Anyhow it’s good with cranberry sauce.  Christmas?  You betcha! We know.  That is when ole Santa fills our socks from top to toe.  Don’t forget that some of us were elves and helped the old fellow hammer, saw and load his sleigh for his 1948 trip.  But he really gave us a scare when he took measles only two weeks before time to start on his long trip.  Some of us went to see him and sang “Jingle Bells” for him.  That was probably what did the trick and got him ready for his long journey.  Remember “Santa Has the Measles?”  With Christmas past, we’ll turn our thoughts to study once again—well we would have if we hadn’t got that catalogue all covered with valentines so fine.  We just must start making them in time so why not begin December 29?

Our surprise valentine party?  We can tell it now cause no one will care.  Because the two who planned it (what do you know?) They weren’t even there.  Now I’ll bet we’ll get to work and count and read and spell----if these happy Easter bunnies will just hop off our desks and hop into a well.  Now with school most over, wonder what our tests will be.  Will she ask us bout valentines and rabbits or about 2+3?

First row-
Fecunda Ortega, Joe Carolyn Cox, Linda Bourland, Marquita Harris Henry Grimmett, Second Row – Barbara Coker, Hattie Arnett, Nelson Grimmett, Mary Anita Mitchell, Dwayne Hollingsworth, Third Row – Rafoyla Ortega, Virginia Fay Harris, Billy Massengale, Darlene Long, Charles Posey, Fourth Row – Billy Tanner, Jeanette Barrington, Raymond Worsham, Andrew Hewitt, Roger Bryant, Fifth Row – Floydena Monds, Billy Richardson, Ronald Hale, Karen Wade, Martha Lambert, Marie McAdams


Junior Class Favorites –
Joan Robison and Donald Ray Barr
Freshman Class Favorites-
Naomi Henderson and Jerry Grimmett
Sophomore Class Favorites –
Joan Sparkman and Bill Barnes
Basketball Favorites –
Naomi Braly and Donald Barr

Play snapshots - top picture-
Selwyn Hollingsworth, Bobby Lambert, Don Reed, Rachel McGraw, Peggy Barnes, Mollie Moore, Middle picture- Billy Wayne Massengale, Charles Posey, Darlene Long, Virginia Fay Harris, ? Karen Wade,Bottom picture-  Rosalie Bryant, Dickey Wade, Joan Scoggins, Harrol Barham, Paul David Barnett, Donald Kitchens, Billy Jack Seaton, Letha Mae Coker

Halloween – On October 31, 1948, our Annual Halloween Carnival was held in the gymnasium.  The beginning of the evening was the crowning of the Queen
Betty Luther and her King Donald Barr of the Junior class. The members of the court were:  Mary Barr, Bill Barnes;  Naomi Henderson, Jack Harris:  Billie Jean Arnett, Don Parks;  Marie Coker, Clyde Bryant; Leanell Arnett, Lewis Moore: Martha Ragsdale, Richard Grimmett; Rosalie Bryant, Billy Kitchen; Peggy Jean Barnes, Selwyn Hollingsworth; Karen Ann Wade, Billy Tanner; Jo Carolyn Cox, Henry Grimmett;  Billy Richerson carried the crown and  Mary Mitchell carried the train.  The court was entertained by a short play given by the Fifth and Sixth grades.

Junior – Senior Play-  The Juniors and Seniors of Barry High School met at the first of the school term and selected a play to give.  A lot of practice was spent on it.  On December 5, 1948  a large audience gathered together in the auditorium and thoroughly enjoyed the play, “Don’t Darken My Door.”  We gave part of our money to pay for our new Christmas decorations and lights.  The characters were as follows:  Rosemary Kent, Betty Luther, Jane Perkins, Joan Robison, Susie Feartherstone, Faye Moore, Poppy Foster, Naomi Braly, Roger Kent, Arthur Henderson, Tom Garrick, Carroll Barr, Alec Stubbins, Donald Barr, Louisa Featherston, Norma Cooper

Top Picture – Halloween Carnival Court - Queen
Betty Luther and her King Donald Barr of the Junior class. The members of the court were:  Mary Barr, Bill Barnes;  Naomi Henderson, Jack Harris:  Billie Jean Arnett, Don Parks;  Marie Coker, Clyde Bryant; Leanell Arnett, Lewis Moore: Martha Ragsdale, Richard Grimmett; Rosalie Bryant, Billy Kitchen; Peggy Jean Barnes, Selwyn Hollingsworth; Karen Ann Wade, Billy Tanner; Jo Carolyn Cox, Henry Grimmett;  Billy Richerson carried the crown and  Mary Mitchell carried the train. Announcer- Naomi Braly, entertainers- 1st row –David Sparkman, Rachel McGraw, Billy Jack Seaton, Don Reed, Dickey Wade, Joan Scoggins,Donnie Kitchens,  & others
2nd row – Barbara Bell, Nelda Arnett, & others
Bottom Picture – Christmas Program –
Vida Brooks, Joan Robison, Joan Sparkman, Donald Barr, Bill Barnes, Jerry Grimmett, Don Parks, Eldries Scott, Dicky Watson, Johnnie Tanner, Clyde Bryant, Arthur Henderson, Jerry Hale, Jo Carolyn Cox, Kay Bourland, Aneta Mitchell

Our Christmas Program – On Dece4mber 22, 1948, a community supper was sponsored by the grade school teachers.  Following the Supper, Mary M. Russell’s drama, “Holy Night” was presented under the direction of Mrs. Evelyn Gay.  This drama presented the Nativity in four scenes: Home of Mary; Plains of Bethlehem; By the roadside; Within the stable.  The students taking part in this drama were
Vida Brooks, Joan Robison, Joan Sparkman, Donald Barr, Bill Barnes, Jerry Grimmett, Don Parks, Eldries Scott, Dicky Watson, Johnnie Tanner, Clyde Bryant, Arthur Henderson, Jerry Hale, Jo Carolyn Cox, Kay Bourland, Aneta Mitchell, and a choir.  When the kings had presented their gifts to Baby Jesus, Jo Carolyn Cox invited the audience to bring their gifts for the Christ Child.  These gifts were distributed by the churches of Barry.


Girls Basketball –
Naomi “Slim” Braly, Joan “Smiley” Robison, Vida “Stinky” Brooks, Margaret “Poker-Face” Moore, Billie Jo “Goofus” Braly, Norma “Pinky” Cooper

Girls Basketball –
Johnnie “Joan’s Shadow” Tanner, Joan “Quickie” Sparkman, Betty “Lover-Girl” Luther, Naomi “Slow Poke”(Mousey) Henderson, Mary “Easy-Going” (GAL) Barr, Alma Faye “Dead Eye” Moore

Boys Basketball Scores:
Purdon 5  Barry 37
Emhouse 4  Barry 29
Purdon 9  Barry 25
Emhouse 9  Barry 23
Emhouse 10  Barry 6
Emhouse 11  Barry 21
Blooming Grove 21  Barry 9
Rice 9  Barry 14
Blooming Grove 39  Barry 16
Powell 10  Barry 23
Rice 6  Barry 7
Powell 11  Barry 16
Frost 10  Barry 6
Dawson 16  Barry 18
State Home 32  Barry 18
Blooming Grove 44 Barry 10
Emhouse 13  Barry 22

The players this year were as follows:

Donald Ray Barr – Captain- Guard

Carroll Barr- Co-Captain- Center

Dicky Watson – Forward

Bill Barnes – Forward

Jack Harris – Guard

James Coker – Guard

Jerry Grimmett – Center

Arthur Henderson – Forward

Murrel Foster – Forward

Girls Basketball- The girls started the basketball with a fine group of fifteen.  We were ready and willing to start out the year in basketball. Since we had no football team, we started basketball at the beginning of the year.  Our first game was with Emhouse.  Playing hard all year we entered the tournament at State Home.  To our misfortune, the day before the game with Blooming Grove two of our main players were quarantined from meningitis.  We went to the game full of vitality to beat them but the final score was Barry 17 and Blooming Grove 19.  This game left us out of the final tournament.  We have thoroughly enjoyed our basketball season and we hope the following year will bring us a more enjoyable season.

Boys Basketball –
Dicky Watson, Bill Barnes, Arthur Henderson, Carroll Barr, Donald Barr, James Coker

School Fun

Snap shots- 1.
Norma Cooper, 2. ? 3. Betty Luther 4. Billie Jean Arnett & others 5. Mr. Cooper 6. Group 7. Evelyn Gay 8. John Wade Braly & Carroll Barr 9. Mary Lou Cox & Georgia Ann Coker 10. Billy Jack Seaton, Dwayne Hollingsworth, Billie Jean Arnett, Mary Lou Cox, Martha Jo Coker, Margaret Moore, Naomi Henderson & others 11. Joan Robison & other 12. unknown 13. Naomi Braly, Carroll Barr, Betty Luther, Bill Barnes 14. unknown 15. unknown

J. L. Cox & baby 2.Eldries Scott 3.? 4.Rachel McGraw 5. Johnnie Tanner & Joan Sparkman 6. Marcia Lou Bell, Joan Robison, Billie Jo Braly  & other 7. Mary Barr & Joan Sparkman 8.Karen Wade, Martha Ragsdale, Anita Mitchell, Dwayne Hollingsworth, & other 9. snowman 10. Rayneva Worsham & Naomi Henderson 11. Betty Luther 12. Bill Barnes & Donald Ray Barr 13. Georgia Ann Coker & Martha Jo Coker 14. skunk 15. Elwood Barnes & Marie Coker

Intelligence Test:

1. The number of (Blue Jeans) in school is:  250    75

2. The most popular game at Betty’s parties: toothpick, wink, or cars

3.  Our great editor is: Carroll, James Earl, Jerry

4. The best way to get a date is:  Play basketball, Go steady, Be Good Looking

5. Who do you think our best basketball player is:  Naomi Henderson, Faye Moore or Naomi Braly

6.  Our most scholarly girl in high school is:  Naomi Cooper, Joan Sparkman, Joan Robison

7.  Guess who we think the cutest boy in high school is;  Carroll, Donald, Bill

8.  Guess who follows in Joan Sparkman’s tracks:  Johnnie, Johnnie, Johnnie (Amen)

9.  When the teacher is out of the room what do you do?  Be Quiet, talk, Chunk chalk

10.  The teacher who is nicknamed “ The Warden”  Mrs. Cox., Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Gay

11.  Who were the Freshman favorites?  Margaret and Jack or Naomi and Jerry




Rock a by baby                            

In the tree top                              

Don’t you drop out                       

It’s a gelleva drop.                       


Roses are Red                             

Violets are Blue                           

Rain on the roof

Reminds me of you



BUSINESS MAN:  Miss Evans,are you ….ah….doing anything on Sunday evening?

SECRETARY:  Why, why, no, Mr. Jones.

BUSINESS MAN:  Then try to get here on time Monday morning.


ROLL CALL                                                         

Sergant: Private Jones?                                           

Voices:  Absent                                                        

Sergant:   Quiet! Let Mr. Jones Answer For himself.     


You got hair of gold and

Eyes of Blue and

Lips like Cherry Wine

But your feet are big

Your ears stick out and

You weigh Two Ninety-nine


“Any NICE GIRLS in this town?”

Sure they are all nice.

“How far to the next town?


He:  “Since I met you I can’t ear, I can’t sleep, I can’t drink.”

She:  “Why not?”

He:  “I’m broke.”


He, (at movie) “Can you see all right?”

She, “Yes”

He, “Is there a drought on you?”

She, “No”

He, “Seat Comfortable”

She, “Yes”

He, “Mind changing places?”


We’ve heard about the pen that writes under water.  But what about the machine that types UNDER WOOD?




Texas Power & Light

AD –
Drew Gillen Chevrolet Co.

The Blooming Grove Gin

First National Bank of Corsicana,  The Sherwin-Williams Company,   Marks Brothers

J. M. Dyer Company,  K. Wolens Dept. Store,  Buie Implement Company,  A.D. Tucker & Reuben Tucker Bros. Garage

Reid’s Drug Store Blooming Grove,  Arnett’s Grocery Store & Service Station,   Reid Pharmacy Corsicana, Miles Furniture,  A&P,  C. O. Williams,  Corsicana Poultry & Egg Co.

McAdams Pharmacy,  Simon Daniels,  Lloyd Simpson Barber Shop,  First State Bank of Blooming Grove, Gene’s Cleaners,  Roy’s Café,  Rhoads Jeweler



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