The 1928 - The Bloom
Year Book of Blooming Grove School
Navarro County Texas


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Yearbook loaned to us by Alyne (Youngblood) McCormick

This page provided by Edward L. Williams & Diane Richards

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Page 1
Original Owners Inscription - 1928 -
Elizabeth Willeford

Page 2
Ex Libris

Page 3
The Bloom ’28 –Blooming Grove High School

Page 4
The Bloom ’28 –Editor
Patty Mae Harris, Business Manager Jay L. Sewell, Jr.

Page 5

Page 6
Dedication –
G. H. Brown

Page 7
Dedication –
G. H. Brown

Page 8
Order of Books

Page 9
Alma Mater

Page 10
Blank sheet

Page 11
Picture of  1928 Blooming Grove School

Page 12
Blank Sheet

Page 13

Page 14
Superintendent –
G. H. Brown,  Principal –Mrs. C. D. Pevehouse

Page 15
Faculty – Mathematics -
Guy H. Haynes, English – Ruth Edmundson, Science – John Christie, Seventh Grade – Mrs. G. H. Brown, Fifth & Sixth Grade – Frances Beddoe, Third Grade – Myrtle Nunn, Fourth Grade – Daisy Masten, Second Grade – Mrs. K. Hartley, First Grade – Alyne Youngblood

Page 16
The Faculty

Page 17

Page 18
Seniors –
Mary Ruth Cobb, President - Miller Reid, Ruth Simpson, Secretary - Louise Thompson, Winona Woodland, Ruth Fox, James Littlejohn

Page 19
Seniors –
Suenell Melton, Vice President -Nettie Duncan, Jay Sewell Jr., Billie (Dora Elizabeth) Willeford, Reporter - Beatrice Robinson, J. A. King, Patty Mae Harris

Page 20
Seniors –
Addie McCandless, Kermit Cumpston, Lela McCandless, Treasurer - Zama Griffin, Lucille Avery, Ernest Avery, Retha Hargroves

Page 21
Seniors –
Elvis Boyd, Cythia Stough, Lucille King, Jewell Green, Nannie McClure, Elmer Yarbrough, William Campbell

Page 22
Seniors – History of the Senior Class

Page 23

Page 24
Juniors –
Murray McCormick, Cecil Badgett, Zebbie Hammonds, William Haden, Ben Sikes, Bernard Rawson, Stokes Armstrong, L. W. Thrash, Richard Warren George, Jr., Lillian Phillips, Grace Daniels, Beth Griffin, Merle Magee, Secretary/Treasurer- Maurine Kelsey, Reporter – Rubine Frederick, President – Elsie Staggs, Cleo Hatley, Sponsor – Mr. Guy H. Haynes

Page 25
Sophomores – Sponsor –
Ruth Edmundson, John Dorsey George, James Hitchcock, James Sewell, Margie Cumpston, President- Ralph Gardner, Marguerite Holcomb, Eldridge Brooks, Secretary/Treasurer – Cecil Meador, Reporter – Raymond Tippen, Charlie Joe Dillingham, Pauline Bennett, Marie Moody, Mike Cumpston, Lois Calhoun, Bernice Fuller, Nora Garrison, Leo Price

Page 26
Freshmen –
Jessie Calhoun, Henry Sheppard, Bernice Boyd, Ted Brooks, Lawrence Garrison, Lindsey Griffin, Claude Shaw, Marshal Massengale, Edwin Fuller, Sponsor – Mr. John Christie, Jr., L. D. Massengale, Sue Wilkinson, Laura Mae Friday, Corine Green, Alliene McCandless, Hazel Frederick, Lucile Fulton, Magdalene Barton, Lena Cagle, Lorraine Fulton, Maude Ellen Thrash, Ida Xzalema Corley, Evelyn Howard, Margaret Bacon, Flay Dennis Pierson, Secretary/Treasurer – Ruth Holland, Effie McClure,  Katie Bell McAdams, C.L. Tillman Jr., Jim Roger Ramsey, Earl Meador, J. H. Frederick, Eugene Corbin, Edward Melton, President – Ruth Stough, Charlie Joe Armstrong, Edison Richardson, Buster Woodland, R. A. Langston, Pat Barry, Ima Jane Campbell, Ruth Tippen

Page 27
Seventh Grade –
Earl Phillips, Curtis Moody, Carol Butler, Herbert Willeford, G. W. Corley, Jr., Rex Melton, Walton Huffstutler, Carey Cobb, Nade Barton,Teacher – Mrs. G. H. Brown, Mildred Phillips, Opal Cagler, Novice Hargroves, Mavis Griffin, Lorraine Barry, Cleo Duncan, Doris Boyd, Winnona Tipping, Lillie Mae Richardson, Versie D. Fulton, Ruth Adkins

Page 28
Sixth Grade –
Novice Hatley, Viola George, Ida Mae Barham, Mable Watts, Ruth Griffin, Elmer D. McClure, Earl Phillips, Bruce Freeman, Truman Mahone, Ernest Garrison, Desma Crocker, Christine Warren, Tommy McCandless, Lillian Bryant, Nettie Bryant, Bassett King, Lawrence Smith, Billie Barham, Whit Willeford, Willo Price, Ada Louise Tillman, Mary Ruth Walker, Margaret Barham, Robert Fulton, Ethel Massengale, Houston Duncan, Ralph Hargrove, Rutherford Stough, Teacher – Frances Beddoe

Page 29
Fourth & Fifth Grade –
Joe DeVasier, Cecil Lynch, Dwain Magee, Douglas Boyd, Troy Green, Christine Rogers, Oneta Moody, Sudie Hardeman, Corine Crocker, Teacher – Daisy Masten, Elizabeth Dickson, Helen McClanahan, Vilma Cobb, Zama Dell Phillips, Edith King, J. R. Griffin, Charles Smith, Reo Ford, Clarence Muncy, Grover Campbell, William Armstrong, Roy Griffin, Louis Simpson, Aroen Melton, Rose Melton, Anna Sue Howard, Faye Allman, Mattie Lee Muncy, Cecil Armstrong, Ruth Brown, Nannie Beth Hartley, Willie Buelah Melton, Lorraine George, Mae Pauline Sitton, Ola Mae Burke, Quida Langston, Lena Sheppard, Ruth Green, Doris Weston, Robert Meador, Billie Woodland, Doyle Phillips, James Bacon, Elliott Archer, G. W. Patterson

Page 30
Third Grade –
Lee Allman, Clark Barton, Jewell Bridgewater, Jaunita Kagler, Burnice Hollingsworth, Joel Barham, Nolan Davis, Hugh Willieford, Homer Watts, Charlie Lee Hollingsworth, Dean Kagler, Teacher – Myrtle Nunn, William Hatley, Dorothy Nell Carraway, Houston Sheppard, Billie Pevehouse, Elizabeth Ramsey, Nadine Weston, Buelah Fay Tipping, Victor Rogers, Jasper Laverle Brooks, Johnnie B. McClure, C. L. Gillen, Harold Carraway, J. T. Bryant, Stanford Green, Paul Brown, Comel Hartley, Gay Beth Fagala, Melvin Lynch, Ruth Hargrove, Jim Fuller, Vay Davis, Ina Mae Tippen, James Page, Fern Hiler, Robert Earl Wyche, Ralph Hewitt

Page 31
Second Grade –
Ragan Grounds, Buster Fulton, Billie Brooks, J. D. Green, Hardy Butler, Ethan Melton, Odessa Hollingsworth, Elsie Page, Douglas Holcomb, Orval Gobbel, lline Rogers, Inez Hiler, Jimmie Sitton, Joe Frances Fitzgerald, Sybel Smith, Earl Barham, Allen DeVasier, Sidney Johnson, Ruth Grounds,  Teacher- Mrs. K. Hartley, Alline Kagler, Lois Crocker, Mary Campbell, Tommie Pevehouse, Jack Griffin, R. J. Hargrove, Nella Fern Freeman, Billie D. Grady, Alva Meador, Hudson Goode, Opal Adkins, Elizabeth Stough, Mary Ruth Sheppard, Earline Selby, Joe Dean Cobb, Viola Blanton

Page 32
First Grade –
Robbie Lee Fulton, Mildred Rogers, Mary B. Wyche, Fay Dixon, Mary Frances Adkinson, J. E. Kagler, H. D. Thompson, Ray Green, Mable Sheppard, Ruby Davis, Mellie Bryant, Frank Tippen, Ray Dixon, Travis Fuller, Teacher – Miss Alyne Youngblood, Doris Cagle, Evelyn McClure, Sadie Marie Hiler, Elizabeth Wiggs, Edna Earl Boyd, Myrtle Fae Foster, Estell Barham, Gus Willeford, Fred Griffin, Ralph George, Billie King, Hal Kenneth Brown, Stanley Dell Thompson, Thomas Campbell

Page 33

Page 34
Blank Page

Page 35
Bloom Staff – Feature –
Beatrice Robinson, Under-classes – Louise Thompson, Athletics- Suenell Melton, Senior Editor – Nettie Duncan, Humor – William “Son” Campbell, Snapshots – John A. Christie, Jr. Editor-in-chief – Patty Mae Harris, Art-Editor – Kermit Cumpston, Advertising Manager –Zama Griffin; Business Manager – Jay Sewell, Jr.

Page 36
Dramatic Club –
Ralph Gardner, Zebbie Hammonds, Margie Cumpston, Marguerite Holcomb, Miller Reid, Sponsor – Mrs. H. S. Whorton, Sponsor – Mrs. C. D. Pevehouse, Ruth Tippen, Merle Magee, Maurine Kelsey, Patty Mae Harris, Secretary-Beatrice Robinson, President – Raymond Tippen, Treasurer – Ruth Simpson, Jay Sewell Jr., Zama Griffin, Beth Griffin

Page 37
Dramatic Club

Page 38
Orchestra – Sponsor –
Mrs. McClanahan, Lucille King, Beth Griffin, Helen McClanahan, Zama Griffin, J. A. King, Miller Reid, Patty Mae Harris; Worthwhile Literary Society- President – Patty Mae Harris, Vice President – Flay Dennis Pierson, Secretary – Nettie Duncan, Critic – Merle Magee; Blue Bonnet Literary Society – President – Beatrice Robinson, Vice President – Raymond Tippen, Secretary – Miller Reid, Critic – Zama Griffin

Page 39

Page 40
Best All Around Girl –
Zama Griffin

Page 41
Best All Around Boy –
Jay Sewell Jr.

Page 42
Queen of Carnival –
Nettie Duncan

Page 43
Senior Leap Year Party; Junior Waist –Storm Party; Sophomore Picnic

Page 44
Fish Picnic; Junior- Senior Banquet

Page 45
Calendar For the Year

Page 46
Calendar For the Year

Page 47
Calendar For the Year

Page 48
An Appreciation – Dedication –
Mrs. C. D. Pevehouse

Page 49

Page 50
Girls Basketball – Coach –
Guy H. Haynes, Beth Griffin, Cythia Stough, Ruth Fox, Lucille Avery, Ruth Tippen, Margie Cumpston, Cleo Hatley, Maurine Kelsey, Marguerite Holcomb, Davis, Captain - Suenell Melton

Page 51
Boys Basketball – Coach –
John Christie, Bernard Rawson, Raymond Tippen, Ted Brooks, Stokes Armstrong, Ben Sikes, Captain - Ralph Gardner,  Zebbie Hammonds, Jay Sewell

Page 52
Track –
Jay Sewell, Jr., Ralph Gardner, Raymond Tippen

Page 53

Page 54
Humor –
C. L. Tillman, Hazel Frederick, Jay Sewell, Jr., Sue Wilkinson, Beth Griffin, Beatrice Robinson, Mr. Guy H. Haynes, William “Son” Campbell, Miller “Cheesy” Reid, Mike Cumpston, James Sewell, Maurine Kelsey, Suenell Melton, Miss Ruth Edmundson, Mr. John Christie, Mr. G. H. Brown, Miss Myrtle Nunn, James Bacon

Page 55
Humor –
Ernest Avery, James Littlejohn, Beatrice Robinson, Ditt McCormick, Patty Mae Harris, Lucille King, Miss Ruth Edmundson, Elmer Yarbrough, Mr. Guy H. Haynes, Louise, Thompson, Mrs. C. D. Pevehouse, Raymond Tippen, Murray McCormick, Retha Hargroves, Lucille Avery, Ralph Gardner, Cecil Meador, Edward Melton, Margaret Bacon, Miss Myrtle Nunn, Cythia Stough, Lela McCandless, Eldridge “Punk” Brooks, Ruth Holland

Page 56
After Thoughts from The Bloom Staff

Page 57
William Cameron & Co., Inc. ---The Blooming Grove Times –The McCormick Variety Store

Page 58
Ads –
C. L. Tillman Sanitary Grocers –Old Corner Drug Store—Walker-Simpson Hardware Co.

Page 59
The Citizens National Bank Blooming Grove

Page 60
Ads –
L. G. Balfour Company –The Star Engraving Co.—J. D. George Staple and Fancy Groceries

Page 61
Ads –
Tressie Dickeson Studio –E. J. Huff Dry Cleaning—Reid’s Corner Drug Store

Page 62
Ads –
Hill Printing and Stationery Co.

Page 63
Pals O’ Mine –Autograph Page

Page 64
Pals O’ Mine –Autograph Page

Page 65
Pals O’ Mine –Autograph Page

Page 66
Pals O’ Mine –Autograph Page

Page 67
Ad –
Southwestern Engraving Co.

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