The 1947 Monarch
Year Book of Blooming Grove School
Navarro County Texas


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Yearbook loaned to us by Wanda (McLain) Gillen

This page provided by Edward L. Williams & Diane Richards

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Photo of Blooming Grove School

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Photo of Blooming Grove School

Page 1
The Monarch –Photo of School Entrance – Art Work by
Tommie Sewell

Page 2
Forward- Art Work by
Tommie Sewell

Page 3
Dedication to
Mr. J. T. Black – Art work by Tommie Sewell

Page 4
Faculty -Superintendent –
J.T. Black, Principal & Coach-W. E. Johnston, Vocational Agriculture – Ralph E. Page,  Homemaking –Opel Allmon

Page 5
Faculty – English –
Mrs. G. E. Ramsey, Sr., Mathmatics – Miss Ollie Campbell, Spanish – Miss Beatrice Price, Commercial –Mrs. Billy Gillen, Commercial - Miss Lena Rose Harvard, Fifth Grade – Miss Wylma Calame,  Fourth Grade – Mrs. Hollis Pitts,  Third Grade –Mrs. Charles Thompson, Second Grade – Eva Adair,  First Grade – Mrs. Lula Westbrook, Veterans Ag. Class – W. P. Orme, Alliance Hall – Mrs. Ewing Woodall

Page 6
Annual Staff – Editor –
Wynelle Gillen, Asst. Editor –Bob McCormick, Bus. Mgr. – Gene Hollingsworth, Asst. Mgr. – Manuel Crabtree, Art Editor – Tommie Sewell, Class Editor – Marie Taylor, Sports Editor –Benny Hinkle, Feature Editor – Joan Howard, Photographer – Martha McSpadden, Publicity Mgr.- Margaret Melton

Page 7
Classes- art work by
Tommie Sewell

Page 8
Seniors – President –
Tommie Sewell, Vice President – Gene Hollingsworth, Secretary – Margaret Melton, Treasurer – Wynell Gillen,  Reporter – Martha McSpadden,  Sue McGraw, Troy Rawson, Bennie Hinkle, Joyce Ragan, Joan Howard, Art Work by Tommie Sewell

Page 9
Seniors –
Manuel Crabtree, Bob McCormick, Marie Taylor, Maxine Tatum, Charles Spencer, Wendell Farish, Maxine Hiler, Wanda Turner, Earl Brown, Jimmy Sumner

Page 10
Seniors –
Virginia Dozier, Bobbie Varnell, Mary Lane, Pauline Ellis, Joe Warren, Dan Darden, Billie Gardner, Ada Phillips, Iva Moore, Sponsor- Mrs. G.E. Ramsey Sr.

Page 11
Juniors – President –
J. W. Perry, Vice President – Wanda Westbrook, Secretary –Joan Smith,  Treasurer – Amy Frederick, Reporter – Thelma Ann Neal, Gerald Simpson, Dorothy McGraw, Cleatus Putman, Audry Sheppard, Bobby McGraw, Billie Cheek, Cecil Staggs, Willie Goodman, Margaret Griffin, Thurman McGraw, C. E.McSpadden, Cecil Barnes, Billy Wilson, Art work by Tommie Sewell

Page 12
Juniors –
Donnie Crecelius, Willie Frederick, James Grounds, Leona Kupper, Glen King, Carl Smith, LaVerne Turner, Geraldean Minefee, LaVerne Minefee, Edward Hollingsworth, Sponsor –Miss Ollie Campbell, Co- Sponsor –Miss Opel Allmon, Snapshots

Page 13 
Sophomores – President –
Alan McCormick, Vice President – Billie R. Sewell, Sec./Treas.  – Freida Shell, Reporter – Ina Ruth Garrison, Mildred Curry, Jackie Farmer, Bert Sissom, Pat Smith, Floyd Hatley, Wilburn Crawford, Inez Garrison, William Lynch, Betty Campbell, Charles Smith,  Doris Walker, Weldon Johnson, William Ellis, Betty Gardner

Page 14
Sophomores –
Stanley Roden, Alice Grounds, Frances Thomas, Pauline Grimes, Ovetia Trussell, Wade Barton, Tillman Blake, Doyle Tipping, Sponsor- Ralph Page,  Snap Shots

Page 15
Freshmen –
Betty Melton, Artalissa Orme, Wanda Jean Sheppard, Billie Tatum, Peggy Hollingsworth, Jamie Corbin, Truman Rhodes, Jackie McGraw, Mary McGraw,  Darrel Hinkle, Alma Moore, Ted Spencer, Wanda Rhodes, Bruce Lane, Sue Peden, Sonny Griffin, Glen Hargroves, Gene Adams, Elmer Tipping, Celestine Ellis, Wayne Watson, Syble Melton, Carl Warren, Clifton Armstrong, Edgar Tipping, Tommie Jordan, Teacher –W. E. Johnston, Art Work by Tommie Sewell

Page 16
Snap Shots

Page 17
Snap Shots

Page 18
Eighth Grade –Teacher-
Wanda GillenGrimes, Currington, Dorothy Hiler, Joe Dean Hill, Ellis Armstrong, Charles Carroll, Donald Holditch, Wilson, Wayne Earl Richards, Dwayne Walker, Darlene Melton, Ritter, Oleta Kitchens, Sammye Beth Barham, Benny Barnes,  Jimmy Crawford, Thomas, Truelove, Ralph Dozier, Charles Farmer, Hue Allen Marlowe, Joyce French, Hollingsworth, Johnny Rhodes, Charles Drew Gillen, Smith, Adrelyn Westbrook, Jo Ann Thomas, Robbie Nell Crawford, Genell Rhodes, Wilma Tipping   Seventh Grade – Currington, Billie Dean Scoggins, Robert Lee Neal, Clara Ann Barham, Herring,  Margaret Moore, Martha McCormick, Teacher-Miss Beatrice Price,  Jimmy Armstrong, Schultz, Billy Doyle Freeman, Kendall, Quilla Van Varnell, Crabtree, Florence Blake, Lena Mae McGraw, Elizabeth Ellis, Toten,  Woods, Donald Parish, Bobby Gene Boyd (Deceased), Guendolyn Barton, Herschel Ryno, Jerry Gillen, Wendell McGraw, Art work by Tommie Sewell

Page 19 
Sixth Grade –
Peggy Brister, Bobby Doyle Tipping, Helen Joyce Dozier, Katie Beth Woodall, Billie Ruth Ellis, Nettie Kathryn Frederick,  Teacher – Dorothy Harvard, Jerry Jordan, Otis Perry, Jerry Garrison, Harold Tipping, Natalie Dozier, Carolyn Hinkle, Ellie Lee Kitchens, Robertson, Martha Orme, Calvin Garrison, Gerald Morton, Bobby Doyle McGraw, Calvin Claude Melton, Wynell Gilliam, Aldon Crecelius, Wanda Haden, Jerry Staggs,  McNutt, Yates, Sinclair, Justin McSpadden
Fifth Grade – Jimmy Woodland, Barbara Hiler, Katie Ellen Cates, Teacher -Miss Wylna Calame, Robert Lee Walker, James Ellis, Floyd Dean Wooten,  Darty Boyd, Lewis Moore, Bill Hollingsworth, Tipping, Minefee, Kathryn McGraw, Scroggins, Robert Lane, Jimmy Thomas,  Ersel Rasco, Lacy McGraw, Camille Grady, Merle McSpadden, Charles Robert Holditch, Tommie Trussell, Donnie Gillen, Will Roy McGraw, Eddie Mahone, Guthrie, William Marvin Barham, Brim, Autry Neal Crawford

Page 20
Fourth Grade –
Charles Wesley Peden, Lonnie Almond, Ronny Jordan, Teacher – Mrs. Hollis Pitts, Truman Armstrong, Ray Loren Dunaway, Wanda Barham, Bryant, Doris Ann Cates, Charles Ray Perry, Charles Walker, Theresa Holliefield, Minefee, Tillman Ferrell, Kendall, Fitzgerald, Billie Ewing, Joe Haden, Wynell North, Kitchens, Cosia Burke,  Wilson, Janis French, Mary Bess Spencer, J. K. Melton Absent-Hollis Hinkle
Third Grade – Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards, Green, Mozelle Holditch, Teacher – Mrs. Charles Thompson, Carolyn McCormick, Jimmy Harris, Johnson, Woods,  Frances Moore, Peggy Sue McGraw, Danny McSpadden, Douglas Hiler,  Lurene Crawford,  Peggy Flovin, Dorman Almond, Kitchens, A.J. Herring, Yates, Meta Ann Hargrove, Currington,  Robertson, Minefee, Betty Gillen, Brim, Thomas

Page 21
Second Grade –
Freddy Southard, Rachel McGraw, Reba Daniel, Dixie Cates, Jane McGraw, Elwyn Rhodes, Royce Adams, Teacher – Elva Adair, Virginia Trussell, Waldrop, Ellis, Patsy Dozier, Judith Gillen, Lucy Brister, John Reid, Douglas Melton, Charles Edward Saunders, Jerry North, Guthrie, Billy Kitchens, Macel Crawford, Dorothy Minefee, Margie Ann Orme, Joe Ellis, Merl Lewis
First Grade – Sarah Jo Walker, Emma Lane, Mary Ann Herring, Barbara Ann Sheppard, Patricia Marie Chumbly, Linda Turner, Mary Frances Tipping, Mary Mae Buckner, Jerry MCCulloch, Jimmy Buckner, Glenda Nell Bryant, Sammie Smith, Doris Annette Eddlemon, Donnie Kitchens, Fay Dean Johnson, Ethel Diann McGraw, Donald Ray Adams, Mollie Dee Hollifield, Thomas Sheppard, Nancy Jane Childress, Carolyn Fuller, Peggy Smith, Sandra Lou Hiler, Sandra Mahone, Don McGraw, Sally Mandine Pollard, Johnnie Gilliam, Velma Ryno, Shirley McSpadden Mollie Merle Moore, L. M. Tipping, Leslie Barham, Lynda June Jordan, Diane Hinkle, Freddie Wiley, Brenda Dunaway, Belva Daniel, Willie Vest, Richard Dale Watson, Curtis Wayne McCulloch, Kenneth Karroll “Kent” King, Bobby Lambert, Roland Haden, Johnny Wiseman, Tommy Barton, Oscar Ernest Whitner, Kenneth Burleson, Teacher- Mrs. Lula Westbrook

Page 22
Canded Photos

Page 23
Feature –Art Work by
Tommie Sewell

Page 24
Football Sweetheart –
Martha McSpadden,  Queen of Halloween – Maxine Tatum, Art Work by Tommie Sewell

Page 25
Class Favorites – Seniors –
Manuel Crabtree & Joyce Fields, Juniors – Gerald Simpson & Dorothy McGraw, Sophomores – Jackie Farmer & Pat Smith, Freshmen – Truman Rhodes & Peggy Hollingsworth

Page 26
Most Representative Girl –
Wynell Gillen

Page 27
Most  Representative Boy –
Troy Rawson

Page 28
Senior Play –
Margaret Melton, Wynell Gillen, Joan Howard, Tommie Sewell, Manuel Crabtree, Bobby Varnell, Charles Spencer, Martha Tipping, Joyce Fields,   Bertha Sue McGraw, Bob McCormick, Director – Mrs. G. E. Ramsey Sr. Art Work by Tommie Sewell

Page 29

Page 30
School Newspaper – Editor –
Margaret Melton, Asst. Editor – Joyce Ragan, Reporters- Senior – Martha McSpadden, Junior – Thelma Ann Neal, Sophomore – Ina Ruth Garrison, Freshman – Peggy Hollingsworth

Page 31
Book Finders – Interscholastic Literary Entrants,  Art work by Tommie Sewell

Page 32
Future Homemakers & Future Farmers,   Group pictures

Page 33
4-H Club Girls & Boys

Page 34
Spanish Club –Group picture,  Lunchroom  favorites

Page 35
Sports- Art work by
Tommie Sewell

Page 36
Football – Co- Captain
Gene Hollingsworth, Co-Captain Troy Rawson, Benny Hinkle, Charles Smith, Thurman McGraw, Cleatus Putman, Cecil Staggs, Charles Spencer, Earl Brown, Bobby McGraw, Manuel Crabtree

Page 37
Football – Joe Bert Sissom, Clifton Armstrong, C. E. McSpadden, Gerald Simpson, Alan McCormick, Billy Wilson, Floyd Hatley, Wayne Watson, Carl Smith,  Manager – Ted Spencer, Coach – W. E. Johnston

Page 38
Girls Basketball; Boys Basketball –
Charles Spencer, Bob McCormick, Earl Lester Brown, Gene Hollingsworth, Benny Hinkle, Joe Bert Sissom, Thurman McGraw, Tommy Jordan

Page 39
Girls Volleyball;  Pep Squad

Page 40
Snap shots

Page 41
Softball group pictures

Page 42

Page 43
Ad – Gillen Chevrolet Co.—Artwork by
Tommie Sewell

Page 44
Ad –Patterson Food Store -  Whorton Service Station --Artwork by
Tommie Sewell

Page 45
Ad Sissoms Variety Store,  McCormick Burial Association, Walker Hardware , R. S. High Insurance –Art work by
Tommie Sewell

Page 46
Ad – Reid’s Drug Store,  Gene’s Cafι,  Lane & McClain Distributors, First State Bank –Art Work by
Tommie Sewell

Page 47
Ad – Huff Cleaners, Club Cafι – Grove Theatre, Loyd’s Dry Goods – Art Work by
Tommie Sewell

Page 48
Ad – Wiseman Bros. Gro. & Mkt.,. Blooming Grove Times, Goodrich Beauty Shop – Art Work by
Tommie Sewell

Page 49
Ad – Garrison Bros. Grocery –
Art Work by Tommie Sewell

Page 50
Ad – Big Four Shoe Store, Clowe Floral Co., Community Gin, Compliments of :
J.E. Grantom, J. R. Griffin, Damon Holditch, Clayton Smith, Loyd Simpson, Doyle Phillips,  Art work by Tommie Sewell

Page 51
Ad – George’s Grill, West End Flower Shop
– Art work by Tommie Sewell

Page 52
Ad- compliments of : L. L. Powell, Corsicana Steam Laundry, Sam Daiches Jewelers, Sears & Roebuck Co. , Dr. Pepper Bottling Co. , Coca –Cola Bottling Co, Palace Barber Shop, J. B. Baker, Art Work by
Tommie Sewell

Inside Left Cover and Right Cover
Picture of Blooming Grove School

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