The 1956 Monarch
Year Book of Blooming Grove School
Navarro County Texas


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The 1956 Monarch

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Dedication –
Coach Ralph Dean Vinson

Page 4
Monarch Staff – Editor –
Virginia McCormick,  Asst. Editor – Peggye Joyce Flovin,  Business Manager- Danny McSpadden,  Asst. Bus. Mgr-  Carolyn McCormick Class Editor – Meta Ann Hargraove, Sports Editor – James Jones,  Snap Shot Editor – Jack Hammonds

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Page 6
Superintendent –
Grady A. Finch, Jr.,  Grade School Principal – W. A. Haden

Page 7
Faculty – Eighth Grade –
Miss Beatrice Price, Mathematics – Miss Ollie Campbell, English – Mrs. G. E. (Ruth) Ramsey, Sr., Commercial Subjects – Mrs. Billy (Wanda) Gillen, Vocational Agriculture – Mr. Ralph Page, Social Sciences – Mr. Ralph Dean Vinson

Page 8
Faculty – Fourth Grade –
Mrs. Guy (Betty) Allison, Fifth Grade – Mrs. Hollis (Bea) Pitts, First Grade – Mrs. Lula Westbrook, Homemaking – Miss Opel Allmon, Second Grade – Mrs. Marshal (Helen) Majors, Third Grade – Mrs. J. U. (Clelialee) Page

Page 9
Fly Page: Classes

Page 10
Senior Officers – President
– Danny McSpadden, Vice President – Carolyn McCormick, Secretary – Peggye Joyce Flovin, Treasurer- Virginia McCormick, Reporter – Meta Ann Hargrove

Page 11
Seniors –
Dorman Almond, Dudley Farish, Mary Farrald, Johnnell George, Peggy Joyce Flovin

Page 12
Seniors –
Carolyn McCormick, Douglas “Doug” Hiler, Jack Hammonds, Jimmy Harris, Barbara Ann Hawkins, Meta Ann Hargrove

Page 13
Seniors –
Mozelle Holditch, Danny McSpadden, James Jones, Billy Joe Hale, Virginia McCormick, Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards

Page 14
Junior Officers – President
Freddy Charles Southard, Vice President- Raymond Gorden,  Secretary – Bobbie Ruth Bryant, Treasurer  -Dixie Adele Cates, Reporter – Reba Nell Daniel   

Page 15
Juniors –
Lucy Faye Brister, Bobbie Ruth Bryant, Dixie Adele Cates, Macel Crawford, Reba Nell Daniel, Patsy Sue “Pat” Dozier, Verna Mae Easterling

Page 16
Juniors –
Joe Ellis, Neilan French, Judith “Judy” Gillen, Suzanne George, Raymond Gorden, Bevie Grounds, Bobbie Marlowe, Douglas Dwaine “Doug” Melton

Page 17
Juniors –
Dorothy Minefee, Clara Ann Montgomery, Jane McGraw, Rachel McGraw, John Miller Reid 111, Elwyn Rhodes, Freddy Charles Southard, Virginia Trussell

Page 18
Sophomore Officers – President
– Harold Don McGraw, Vice President – L. M. Tipping,  Secretary – Roland Haden, Treasurer – Jerry Cleo North, Reporter – Linda Lou Turner

Page 19
Sophomores –
Donald Ray Adams, Margie Ann Orme, Nancy Jane Childress, Belva Jean Daniel, Brenda Vera Dunaway, Doris Annette Eddlemon, Carol Franklin, Barbara Gail Grounds, Roland  Haden, Sandra Lou Hiler

Page 20
Sophomores –
Diane Hinkle, Kenneth Karroll “Kent” King, Emma Bell Lane, Ethel Diann McGraw, Harold Don McGraw, Shirley Ann McSpadden, Sandra “Sandy” Mahone, Mollie Merle Moore, Jerry Cleo North

Page 21
Sophomores –
Kenneth Northern, Velma Louise Ryno, Barbara Ann Sheppard, Thomas Sheppard, Jerry Don Sykes, Mary Frances Tipping, L. M. Tipping. Linda Lou Turner, Freddy Lee Wiley

Page 22
Freshmen Officers – President –
Ronny Hiler, Vice President-Dwayne Jones,  Secretary – Ronald Hale, Treasurer – Johnny Gillen, Reporter – Bobby Jean Barham

Page 23
Freshmen –
Dorothy Adams, Carole Burleson, Alice Barham, Jimmy Don Bryant, Bobby Gene Barham, Patsy Cobb, Leslie Barham, Charles French, Bobby Dan Bell, Larry Garrison, oe Biggar, Tommy George

Page 24
Freshmen –
Johnny Gillen, Dwayne Jones, Johnnie Denise Gilliam, Billy Wayne McGraw, Robbie Gounds, Jane Minefee, Ronald Hale, Percy Morton, “Butch” Hewitt, Jo Ann Opry, Ronny Hiler, Kenneth Ray Southard

Page 25

Page 26
Junior High Officers –
Glenda Jo McGraw, Linda Gail McGraw, Richard Errol Hinkle, Jimmy Page, Myrtle Fay Fuller, Jimmie Ann Jones, Mickie Widener, Patricia Barham Melody Club – Mary Ann Cagle, Carolyn Ward, June Lee

Page 27
Eighth Grade –
Carolyn Ann Armstrong, Helen Mae Bailey, Norma Jean Brister, Darrell Britton, Oscar Dean Burleson, Wanda Ruth Dozier, Carolyn Sue Dugan, Robert “Bobby” Ellis, Darlene Farmer, Myrtle Fay Fuller, Jimmy Garrison, Judy Carolyn Haden, Autry Neil Herring, Eldon “Bubba” Hiler, Richard Errol Hinkle, Dale Hollingsworth, Martha Johnson, Glenda Jo McGraw, Jane McGraw, Linda Gail McGraw, Gerald McSpadden, Darrell Northern, Evelyn Perkins, Norman Scales, Glenda Thomas, Emma Lee Thompson, C. L. Ward, Bobby Warren, Joyce Weathers, Pat Woodland

Page 28
Seventh Grade –
Patricia Barham, Mary Ann Cagle, Johnnie Mae Daniel, John DeRusha, Nellie Grace Fuller, Jeanie Beth George, Polly Grounds, Don Hale, Jimmy Hall, Jimmie Ann Jones, Claude Lane, Adelaide McCormick, Joe “Buddy” McGraw, Carol McSpadden, Ralph McSpadden, Linda Mahone, Bob Melton, Patsy Montgomery, Geneva Opry, Jimmy Page, Jo Anna Perkins, Sharon Rasco, Tommy Slater, Jerry Blake Thompson, Carolyn Ward, Charles Warren, Mickie Widener

Page 29
Sixth Grade –
Raydean Ellis, Sue Farmer, Lina Farrald, Carolyn French, Ruthie George, Lelia Gillen, Jimmy Haden, Pat Hommonds, Dorothy Herring, Raymond McGraw, Jackie Minze, Jimmy Nicholson, Mary North, Leon Pickens, Eddie Rhodes

Page 30
Fifth Grade –
Carolyn Adams, Brenda Allen, Billy Ray Bell, Walter Biggar, Carolyn Bryant, Carolyn Carroll, Lee Roy Ewing, Jackie Lynn Farish, LaVonne Fitzgerald, David Frederick, Garland Gantt, Larry George, Jill Haden, Velma Johnson, Jane Lee, June Lee, Freddie Lopez, Patsy R. Melton, Joyce Minatra, Patsy Minefee, Tommy Northern, Linda Slater, Melba Staggs, Billy Tipping, Betty Whitener, Marcus Williams

Page 31
Fourth Grade –
Patsy Boyd, Sue Britton, Harold Burleson, Rita Doyle, Stan Dugan, Dwayne Grounds, David Haden, Douglas Holliefield, Linda Hollingsworth, Jerry Lee Jones, Beauford Lane, Adela Lopez, Estella Lopez, Mary Helen Lopez, Carl David McGraw, Doris Ann McGraw, Jerry Mack McGraw, Danny Mahone, Oda Lee Minefee, Tommy Neville, Cora Mae Opry, Linda Pickens, Sharon Watkins

Page 32
Third Grade –
Patsy Barham, Bobby Brown, Donald Lloyd Boyd, Sandra Buck, Judy Burleson, Marcus Farrald, Jane Garrison, Bill Gillen, Bill Griffin, Linda Hall, Toni Humphries, Sandra McClure, Donnie Minefee, Johnnie Minefee, Benny Northern, Geraldine Opry, Eddie Page, Marguerite Rhodes, Patricia Scales, Jo Ann Tipping, Carlos Warren, Gary Watkins, Wanda Jean Whitener, Jimmie Widener

Page 33
Second Grade –
Jane Armstrong, Vickie Blancet, Sarah Britton, Betty Brown, Marily          efn Bryant, Bill Carroll, Verlon Ewing, Kenton Ferrell, Jimmy Fuller, Luetha George, Donna Griffin, Royce Haggard, Danny Ray Jones, John Lopez, Ronald Lynch, Gary McGraw, John Edward McGraw, Danny Nicholson, Tommy North, Gerald Opry, Ross Rhodes, Mary Lou Venuto, Dean Vinson, Donna Warren, Vivian Ruth Ward, Joe D. Wiley, Phyllis Williams

Page 34
First Grade –
Vickie Barham, Gerald Dan Cobb, LaVonne DeRusha, Peggy Farmer, Tommy Ray Gantt, Michael Garrison, Elisa Guerrero, Tony Guerrero, Gloria Lopez, Sherry Mahone, Linda Minefee, Janice Northern, Danny Patterson, Clark Putman, Reinaldo Paz, Rickey Sykes, Glenda Trussell, Hazel Perkins, (not shown, - David Farrald, Ray Ybarro, Ruben Ybarro)

Page 35

Page 36
Team Leaders – Co-Captains Girls Basketball Team –
Reba Nell Daniel & Jane McGraw Co-Captains Football Team – District Champs 19B – Danny McSpadden & Douglas “Doug” Hiler Co-Captains Boys’ Basketball Team – District Champs 47B - Bi-District Champs – Freddy Charles Southard & Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards

Page 37
Football Coach –
Ralph Dean Vinson –(Look at the football schedule and Scores) 1955 Dist. 19-B Champs Football Managers – Jimmy Garriosn, Darrell Northern, Eldon “Bubba” Hiler

Page 38
Football Team –
Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards, Douglas “Doug” Hiler, Elwyn Rhodes, Jack Hammonds, Danny McSpadden, Dudley Farish, James Jones, Douglas Dwaine “Doug” Melton, Freddie Charles Southard

Page 39
Football Team –
Harold Don McGraw, Ronny Hiler, Kenneth Southard, Johnnie Gillen, John Miller Reid 111, Roland Haden, L. M. Tipping, Jerry Cleo North, Bobby Gene Barham, Kenneth Karroll “Kent” King

Page 40
Cheerleaders – Head Leader -
Dixie Adele Cates, Nancy Jane Childress, Clara Ann Montgomery, Mary Frances Tipping

Page 41
Pep squad -Flag Bearer –
Meta Ann Hargrove, Drummers –Sandra “Sandy” Mahone & Barbara Ann Hawkins, Flag Bearer – Peggye Joyce Flovin, Drummers – Brenda Vera Dunaway, Sandra Lou Hiler, Diane Hinkle, Flag Bearer – Belva Jean Daniel Pep Squad Members – Bobbie Marlowe, Robbie Grounds, Doris Annette Eddlemon, Carolyn McCormick, Linda Lou Turner, Mozelle Holditch, Shirley Ann McSpadden, Lucy Fay Brister, Ethel Diann McGraw, Margie Ann Orme, Judith “Judy” Gillen, Bobbie Ruth Bryant, Reba Nell Daniel, Mollie Merle Moore, Rachel McGraw, Velma Louise Ryno, Jane McGraw, Patsy Cobb, Virginia McCormick, Johnnie Gilliam, Virginia Trussell, Verna Mae Easterling

Page 42
Boys’ Basketball Team – district 47-b Champs –Bi District Champs – Coach
– Ralph Dean Vinson, Managers- Darrell Northern & Eldon “Bubba” Hiler Team Members – Johnny Gillen, Joe Ellis, Danny McSpadden, Jack Hammonds, Dudley Farish, Ronny Hiler, Billy Wayne McGraw, Douglas Dwaine “Doug” Melton, James Jones, Kenneth Southard, Freddy Charles Southard, Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards, John Miller Reid III

Page 43
Girls’ Basketball Team – Coach –
Grady A. Finch, Managers – Doris Annette Eddlemon & Barbara Ann Sheppard Team Members – Dixie Adele Cates, Bobbie Ruth Bryant, Clara Ann Montgomery, Diane Hinkle, Shirley Ann McSpadden, Virginia McCormick, Belva Jean Daniel, Rachel McGraw, Jane McGraw, Nancy Jane Childress, Jane Minefee, Sandra Lou Hiler, Mary Frances Tipping, Virginia Trussell, Linda Lou Turner, Reba Nell Daniel, Carolyn McCormick, Sandra “Sandy” Mahone, Brenda Vera Dunaway, Judith “Judy” Gillen

Page 44
Junior High Pep Squad –
Linda Gail McGraw, Glenda Jo McGraw, Mary Ann Cagle, Patsy Montgomery, Alice Barham, Martha Johnson, Darlene Farmer, Judy Carolyn Haden, Linda Mahone, Johnnie Mae Daniel, Nellie Grace Fuller, Helen Mae Bailey, Glenda Thomas, Jeanie Beth George, Carolyn Ward, Adalaide McCormick, Jane McGraw, Wanda Ruth Dozier, Geneva Opry, Carol McSpadden, Sharon Rasco, Myrtle Fay Fuller Drummers- Joyce Weathers & Mickie Widener Cheerleaders – Pat Woodland, Patricia Barham, Jimmie Ann Jones, Emma Lee Thompson Sweetheart – Carolyn Sue Dugan Junior High Football Team – Oscar Dean Burleson, Jimmy Page, Tommy Slater, Jimmy Garrison, C. L. Ward, Darrell Northern,     Coach – Ralph Dean Vinson, Bob Melton, Gerald McSpadden, John DeRusha , Darrell Britton, Don Hale, Jerry Blake Thompson, Bobby Warren, Eldon “Bubba” Hiler, Joe “Buddy” McGraw, Richard Errol Hinkle; Junior High Girls’ Basketball Team- Coach – Beatrice Price, Myrtle Fay Fuller, Adalaide McCormick, Jimmie Ann Jones, Patricia Barham, Patsy Montgomery, Martha Johnson, Carolyn Sue Dugan, Linda Gail McGraw, Judy Carolyn Haden, Darlene Farmer, Joyce Weathers, Glenda Jo McGraw, Jane McGraw, Johnnie Mae Daniel, Glenda Thomas, Wanda Ruth Dozier, Pat Woodland, Emma Lee Thompson Junior High Boys’ Basketball Team – Don Hale, Beauford Lane, Jimmy Garrison, Eldon “Bubba” Hiler, Joe “Buddy” McGraw, Robert “Bobby” Ellis, John DeRusha, C. L. Ward, Richard Errol Hinkle, Jimmy Page, Darrell Northern, Coach – Ralph Dean Vinson

Page 45

Page 46
Fair Princess & Escort –
Carolyn McCormick & Danny McSpadden

Page 47
Queen of B.G.H.S. –
Metta Ann Hargrove

Page 48
Football Sweetheart –
Belva Jean Daniel F. F.A. Sweetheart – Nancy Jane Childress

Page 49
D.A.R. Good Citizen –
Carolyn McCormick

Page 50
Best All-Round Boy – Freddy Charles Southard

Page 51
Best All-Round Girl –
Dixie Adele Cates

Page 52
Senior Class Favorites –
Carolyn McCormick & Douglas “Doug” Hiler

Page 53
Junior Class Favorites –
Elwyn Rhodes & Suzane George

Page 54
Sophomore Class Favorites –
Brenda Vera Dunaway & Kenneth Karroll “Kent” King

Page 55
Freshmen Class Favorites –
Robbie Grounds & Ronald Hale

Page 56
Who’s Who & Why –
Judith “Judy” Gillen, Kenneth Southard, Danny McSpadden, Doris Annette Eddlemon

Page 57
Who’s Who & Why –
James Jones, Douglas Dwaine “Doug” Melton, Reba Nell Daniel, Dixie Adele Cates

Page 58
Who’s Who & Why –
John Miller Reid 111, Virginia McCormick, Carolyn McCormick, Mary Frances Tippin

Page 59
Who’s Who & Why –
Harold Don McGraw, Douglas “Doug” Hiler, Metta Ann Hargrove, Freddy Charles Southard

Page 60
In Memoriam of
Larry Garrison

Page 61

Page 62
High School Coronation – King & Queen –
Douglas “Doug” Hiler & Carolyn McCormick High School Court – John Miller Reid 111, Reba Nell Daniel, Linda Lou Turner, Kenneth Northern, Carolyn McCormick, Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards, Ethel Diane McGraw, Kenneth Karroll “Kent” King, Virginia McCormick, Danny McSpadden, James Jones, Belva Jean Daniel, Douglas “Doug” Hiler, Metta Ann Hargrove, Judith “Judy” Gillen, Rachel McGraw, Douglas Dwaine “Doug” Melton, Elwyn Rhodes, Patsy Cobb, Ronny Hiler, Dixie Adele Cates, Freddy Charles Southard,  Dorothy Adams

Page 63
Grade School Coronation – King & Queen –
Donnie Minefee & Patsy Barham Grade School Coronation – Danny Patterson, Jan Northern, Billy Tipping, Ruthie George,  Patsy Montgomery, Bob Melton, Patsy Barham, Donny Minefee, Glenda Thomas, Richard Errol Hinkle., Bill Carroll, Donna Warren, Stan Dugan, Lopez, Marcus Williams

Page 64
Club Leaders – Head Librarian –
Judith “Judy” Gillen, F.H.A. President – Diane Hinkle, F. F. A. President – Danny McSpadden

Page 65
Book Finders Club –
Shirley Ann McSpadden, Lucy Fay Brister, Bobbie Ruth Bryant, Carol Franklin, Doris Annette Eddlemon, Head Librarian – Judith “Judy” Gillen, Suzane George, Emma Bell Lane, Clara Ann Montgomery, Sandra “Sandy” Mahone, Freddie Lee Wiley, Thomas Sheppard, Virginia Trussell, Dorman Almond

Page 66
F.F.A. Club – Officers – President –
Danny McSpadden, Freddy Charles Southard, Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards, Douglas Dwaine “Doug” Melton, John Miller Reid 111, James Jones Members – Leslie Barham, Bobby Gene Barham, Bobby Dan Dell, Joe Biggar, Jimmy Don Bryant, Charles French, Larry Garrison, Tommy George, Johnny Gillen, Ronald Hale, Andrew “Butch:” Hewitt, Dwayne Jones, Percy Morton, Billy Wayne McGraw, Kenneth Southard, Roland Haden, Donald Adams, Kenneth Karroll “Kent” King, Harold Don McGraw, Jerry Cleo North, Kenneth Northern, Thomas Sheppard, Jerry Don Sykes, L. M. Tipping, Freddie Lee Wiley, Joe Ellis, Neilan French, Raymond Gorden, Bevie Grounds, Douglas Dwaine “Doug” Melton, Elwyn Rhodes, Freddy Charles Southard, John Miller Reid 111, Johnnell George, Billy Joe Hale, Jimmy Harris, James Jones, Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards

Page 67
F.H. A. Club – Officers – President –
Diane Hinkle, Belva Jean Daniel, Patsy Cobb, Meta Ann Hargrove, Peggy Joyce Flovin, Doris Annette Eddlemon, Mary Frances Tipping, Nancy Jane Childress, Barbara Ann Hawkins Members – Dorothy Adams, Alice Barham, Nancy Jane Childress, Patsy Cobb, Belva Jean Daniel, Reba Nell Daniel, Brenda Vera Dunaway, Doris Annette Eddlemon, Peggye Joyce Flovin, Carol Franklin, Johnnie Gilliam, Barbara Grounds, Robbie Grounds, Metta Ann Hargrove, Barbara Ann Hawkins, Sandra Lou Hiler, Diane Hinkle, Emma Bell Lane, Sandra “Sandy” Mahone, Ethel Diann McGraw, Shirley Ann McSpadden, Jane Minefee, Mollie Merle Moore, Margie Ann Orme, Barbara Ann Sheppard, Mary Frances Tipping, Linda Lou Turner

Page 68
One Act Play Cast –
John Miller Reid 111, Carolyn McCormick, Danny McSpadden, Shirley McSpadden, Virginia McCormick, Managers – Kenneth Northern, Larry Garrison, Judith “Judy” Gillen, Mary Frances Tipping Senior Play Cast – Barbara Ann Hawkins, Carolyn McCormick, Mozelle Holditch, Metta Ann Hargrove, Virginia McCormick, Peggye Joyce Flovin, Mary Farrald, Danny McSpadden, Dudley Farish, Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards,  Jack Hammonds, Johnnell George, Douglas “Doug” Hiler

Page 69
Snap Shots – Sports –
lst row – Team in action – Bonfire, Peb Richards, Jack Hammonds, Johnnie Gillen, --Basketball , Judy Gillen, Peggy Flovin, Rachel McGraw, Verna Easterling, Virginia McCormick, Shirley McSpadden, Virginia Trussell, Dixie Cates, Clara Ann Montgomery, Jane McGraw, Carolyn McCormick, Reba Nell Daniel—2nd row – Sweetheart Belva Daniel--#13 John Reid, --Dribbling Basket ball James Jones ---Basketball team in action –3rd row –Cheerleaders- Nancy Jane Childress, Mary Frances Tipping, Clara Ann Montgomery, Dixie Cates---Basket ball team in action—4th row – Football team in action—5th row, #10 Don McGraw running with ball, #30 Doug Hiler ---Drummer Sandra Lou Hiler—Freddy Charles Southard Shooting the basket---Drummer Brenda Vera Dunaway, #30 Doug Hiler-Sweetheart Belva Daniel, #88 Danny McSpadden, --6th row, Football Team---Basketball team—Bottom Row – Bonfire, Judy Gillen, Peggy Flovin, Diane Hinkle, Betty Allison, Sandra Hiler, Carolyn McCormick—Bonfire—Cheerleaders – Mary Frances Tipping, Nancy Jane Childress

Page 70
Snap Shots – 1st row –
Dixie Cates, James Jones, Wendell “Peb” Richards—Raymond Gorden & Peb Richards—Judy Gillen---Elwyn Rhodes—Peb Richards & Doug Melton— Danny McSpadden, 2nd row—John Reid,--Moping Peb Richards, Doug Melton, Danny McSpadden----Raymond Gorden, Doug Melton, Danny McSpadden –3rd row— Doug Melton & Danny McSpadden,--Nancy Jane Childress –Jack Hammonds---Metta Ann Hargrove, Peggye Flovin, Barbara Ann Hawkins, Carolyn McCormick--- Grade School Cornation---4th Row –Virginia McCormick—Doug Melton, Danny McSpadden,  Freddy Charles Southard –Bottom Row – Basket ball player, Ronny Hiler— Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards sitting in Freddy Charles Southard’s lap ---Rachel McGraw—Reba Daniel & Metta Ann Hargrove---sun, Dixie Cates, Freddy Charles Southard, Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards, Joe Ellis, James Jones, Metta Ann Hargrove

Page 71
Snap Shots  1st row-
Roland Haden & Jane McGraw –Sandra “Sandy” Mahone—Abe, Neilan French—Virginia Trussell---High School Court---Danny McSpadden, John Reid, Elwyn Rhodes— Reba Nell Daniel---Elementary cornation ---Lucy Fay Brister, Bobby Ruth Marlowe, Shirley McSpadden, Virginia Trussell---Cheerleaders,  Clara Ann Montgomery & Nancy Jane Childress, Danny McSpadden, Belva Jean Daniel--- Mrs..Ruth Ramsey---James Jones---Dudley Farish—In uniform, Leslie Barham---Mary Farrald

Page 72
Snap Shots -
1st row- Sandra “Sandy” Mahone, Belva Jean Daniel, Diann McGrw, Mollie Moore---Coaches Ralph Dean Vinson & Grady A. Finch---Metta Ann Hargrove, Barbara Ann Hawkins, Virginia McCormick—2nd row -Virginia McCormick, Peggye Flovin, Carolyn McCormick, Doug Hiler—Christmas tree, Shirley Ann McSpadden & Diane Hinkle, 3rd row- Bobby Gene Barham, Kenneth Southard, Danny McSpadden---Don McGraw & Freddy Charles Southard—Cheerleaders – Dixie Cates, Clara Ann Montgomery, Mary Frances Tipping, Nancy Jane Childress –

Page 73
Ad –
Magee House – pictrured : Virginia Trussell, Owner, Jewell Magee, Verna Mae Easterling

Page 74
Ads –
Whorton’s Service Station, H. S. Whorton – Pictured – Wendell Lee “Peb” Richards, Larry Garrison, Kenneth Karroll “Kent” King, Dudley Farish, Mr. Marlowe White’s Variety Store – pictured : Elizabeth Grady, Shirley McSpadden, Diane Hinkle; Quality Food Store, Dorsey McGraw & Jimmy Haggard—pictured – Owners Jimmy Haggard & Dorsey McGraw, Harold Don McGraw, Kenneth Northern

Page 75
Ads -  Gillen Chevrolet Company – pictured: Freddy Charles Southard, Owner- Billy Gillen, Mary Hiler, Judy Gillen

Page 76
Ads –
First State Bank – pictured : President R. C. Smith, Carolyn McCormick, Peb Richards, Reba Daniel; Humble Station – pictured : Manager Joe McGraw, Rachel McGraw, Doug Melton; Groave Home and Auto –pictured: Owner Mrs. W. H. Milam Jr.,. Mozelle Holditch, Patsy Cobb

Page 77
Ad –
Grove Co-op Gin – Pictured : Manager Elwood Ferrell, President Fred Southard, Bobby Gene Barham, Kenneth Southard, Danny McSpadden

Page 78
Ads –
McGraw’s Cleaners – Pictured : Owner Louester McGraw, Diann McGraw, Doug Hiler; Blooming Grove Times – Pictured: Owner W. A. Crawford, Virginia McCormick, Linda Lou Turner; R. S. High Insurance – Pictured : Owner R. S. High, Alice Barham, Doris Annette Eddlemon, Johnny Gillen

Page 79
Ads –
Carroll Hardware – Pictured : Owner Sam Casrroll, Jack Hammonds, Barbara Ann Hawkins, John Miller Reid III; Cash & Carry Grocery – pictured : Owner Dwayne Garrison, Belva Daniel Sinclair Service Station – pictured : Owner Carl McGraw, Billy Joe Hale & Jerry Cleo North

Page 80
ads –
Cruse Café , Roger & Bertha Cruse- Pictured : Owner Bertha Cruse, Danny McSpadden, Lucy Fay Brister, Sandra “Sandy” Mahone, McCormick Funeral Service—McCormick Burial Association, Ditt McCormick Reid’s Drug Store – pictured : Owner John Miller Reid Jr, , Peggye Joyce Flovin, Metta Ann Hargrove, James Jones

Page 81
Ads –
Hubbard Auction Sale, Owners, Jeff Holly & Doug Magee Senior M.Y.F. (Methodist Youth Fellowship) Hartford Fire Insurance – McCormick & Fields Agency, R. Bruce McCormick, Agent

Page 82
Ads –
Compliments of : William Upholstering, --Grove’s Beauty Shop,-- Palace Barber Shop-- Golden Bros.-- Griffin Tractor Co.; Barry Co-op Gin, A. J. Bell; William & Griffis Gin

Page 83
Ads –
The First National Bank--- Miles Furniture Store--Sam Daiches Jeweler

Page 84
Ads –
Rhoades Jewelry Store –W. C. Wilks Company—Harris & Jacobs –Joe York Furniture & Home Appliances

Page 85
Ads –
F. C. Stewart Motor Company—J. M. Dyer. Co---Coca-Cola Bottling Co.—Dairy Queen

Page 86
Ads –
Whiteselle Brick and Lumber Co.—Bill Wright , Inc (Ford) ---Mayo’s Office Supply

Page 87
Ads – Dr. Pepper Bottling Company—C. D. Pevehouse__Corsicana Motor Co.—Velvet Ice Cream

Page 88
Ads –
Kamen’s Department Store—Stroube Implement Co.—Roney’s ; Taylor Studio – pictured : Carolyn McCormick

Page 89
Ads –
Navarro County Tractor Co –Harris Lumber Company---Oil City Iron Works—K. Wolens

Page 90

Page 91
Ad –
University Supply & Equipment Co.

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