The 1963 Monarch
Year Book of Blooming Grove School
Navarro County Texas


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Front Cover

Inside Front Left & Right Cover Page
Seniors Raising the Flag at Blooming Grove High School Entrance –
Terry Brown, Gloria D. Vyers, Claude David Maggard, Pat Miller, Marcus Williams, Carolyn Carroll, Carolyn Minefee, Ronnie Stewart, Joyce Minatra, Billy David Tipping, LaVonne Fitzgerald, David Frederick, Sarah Britton, Walter Frank Biggar, Jill Haden, Robert “Junior Luther, Brenda Allen, Jackie Lynn Farish, Garland Gantt, Carolyn Bryant, Charles Worsham, Betty Whitener, Billy Ray Bell

Page 1
1963 Monarch –
Terry Brown, Robert “Junior” Luther, Marcus Williams, Raising the Flag

Page 2
The Monarch Staff – Editor –
Marcus Williams, Assistant Editor – Carolyn Carroll, Business Managers – Charles Worsham & Brenda Allen, Class Editors – Sara Britton & Pat Miller, Sec. to Business Managers – Carolyn Bryant, Sports Editors – Robert “Junior” Luther & Billy David Tipping, Society Editors – LaVonne Fitzgerald & Joyce Minatra, Snapshot Editors – Walter Biggar & Terry Brown, Publicity Editors – Betty Whitener & Jill Haden

Page 3
Dedication to Parents & Patrons of the Blooming Grove School District –Pictured High School Gym

Page 4
We The Students – Snap Shots

Page 5
We The Students – Snap Shots

Page 6
School Board – President –
Arthur D. Garrison,  Secretary- D. W. Springer, Superintendent – James Elms, Ernest McGraw, Dean Melton, D. R. Vest, Frank Seely Jr., Clyde Hollingsworth

Page 7
Faculty –
Wanda Gillen, Phyllis Worsham, Ruth Ramsey, Ralph Dean Vinson

Page 8
Superintendent –
James E. Elms

Page 9
Faculty – Superintendent –
James E. Elms, High School Principal, Coach  - Ralph Dean Vinson, Grade School Principal – W. A. Haden, Commercial - Wanda Gillen; English – Ruth Ramsey, Homemaking – Opel Allmon, Agriculture – Ralph Page, Mathematics – Mary Ann McSpadden

Page 10
Faculty – Science –
William P. Orme, Librarian – Ruby Thornton, Social Studies, 8th Grade – Beatrice Price, Coach, 7th Grade –Bobby Doyle Tipping, 5th Grade – Phyllis Worsham, 4th Grade – Bee Pitts, 3rd Grade – Clelialee Page, 2nd Grade – Helen Butler, 1st Grade – Geneva Worsham

Page 11
Personalities –
Billy David Tipping, Robert “Junior” Luther, Charles Worsham, Brenda Allen

Page 12
Most Representative Boy –
Billy David Tipping

Page 13
Most Representative Girl –
Carolyn Bryant

Page 14
Queen of High School –
Joyce Minatra

Page 15
F.F.A. Girl –
Gilda Reed

Page 16
Football Sweetheart –
Jo Ann Tipping, Co-Captains – Walter Frank Biggar & Billy David Tipping

Page 17
D.A.R. Good Citizen –
LaVonne Fitzgerald

Page 18
Senior Favorites –
Carolyn Carroll & Robert “Junior” Luther

Page 19
Junior Favorites –
Sharon Watkins & Doug Holliefield

Page 20
Sophomore Favorites –
Barbara Jean Collier & Eddie Page

Page 21
Freshmen Favorites –
Betty Brown & Ross Rhodes

Page 22
Lions Club Good Citizens –
Terry Brown, Harold Burleson, Stan Dugan, Doug Holliefield, Robert “Junior” Luther, Donny Minefee, Marcus Williams, Charles Worsham, Billy Tipping

Page 23
Youth Fair Queen Candidate –
LaVonne Fitzgerald, State Extemporaneous Winner – Jo Carolyn Owen (Graduate of 1962), Alpha RHO Future Techers – Pat Millr & Carolyn Carroll

Page 24
Who’s Who & Why
Brenda Allen, Carolyn Carroll, Joyce Minatra, Stan Dugan, Doug Holliefield

Page 25
Who’s Who & Why –
LaVonne Fitzgerald, Robert “Junior” Luther, Billy Tipping, Marcus Williams, Sandra “Sandi” McClure, Eddie Page

Page 26
Snap Shots

Page 27
Activities –
Billy David Tipping, Joyce Minatra, LaVonne Fitzgerald

Page 28
Student Council – President –
Billy Doyle Tipping, Ronald Lynch, Bill Carroll, Donny Minefee, Robert “Junior” Luther, Billy David Tipping, Mike Drain, Pat Seely, Hugh Nicholson, Stan Dugan, Charles Worsham, Brenda Allen, Doris Ann McGraw, Gilda Reed, Betty Brown; Lions Roar Staff – Editor – Joyce Minatra, Betty Whitener, Sarah Britton, Carolyn Bryant, Jill Haden, Glenda Vyers, Caroyln Minefee, Carolyn Carroll, LaVonne Fitzgerald, Brenda Allen, Linda Hall

Page 29
Librarians – Head Librarian –
Brenda Allen, Joyce Minatra, Doris Ann McGraw, Gloria Phillips, Carolyn French, Betty Whitener, Linda Hall, Patsy Boyd, Gloria D. Vyers, Carolyn Minefee, Pat Miller, Jill Haden, Carolyn Carroll; Speech Culb – President – Jill Haden, Sarah Britton, LaVonne Fitzgerald, Pat Miller, Joyce Minatra, Carolyn Bryant, Betty Whitener, Brenda Allen, Carolyn Carroll, Ronnie Stewart, Marcus Williams

Page 30
4-H Club – Presidents –
Kay Wilson & Donna Gaines; Chemistry Club – President – Billy Tipping, Sarah Britton, Robert “Junior” Luther, Charles Worsham, Ronnie Stewart, Terry Brown, Teacher- William P. Orme, Mike Drain, Pat Seely, Sonny Maggard, Harold Burleson, Gloria D. Vyers, Carolyn Minefee, Marcus Williams, Carolyn Carroll

Page 31
Future Homemakers of America – President –
Linda Hall, Gilda Reed, Barbara Jean Collier, Marsha Childress, Pat Green, Kay Watson, Jo Ann Tipping, Jane Garrison, Betty Barrett, Marguerite Rhodes; Future Farmers of America Officers – President – Charles Worsham, Advisor – Ralph Page, Terry Brown, Robert “Junior” Luther, Jackie Lynn Farish, Billy David Tipping

Page 32
1963 Jubilee Town Heritage – Snap Shots

Page 33
F.F.A. Officers – Advisor-
Ralph Page, President – Charles Worsham, Vice President – Billy Ray Bell, Secretary – Billy David Tipping, Reporter – Robert “Junior” Luther; Treasurer – Walter Frank Biggar, Sentinel – Jackie Lynn Farish, Parliamentarian – Terry Brown

Page 34
Grade School Coronation – Queen –
Lavon DeRusha, King – Clark Putman, Debrah Collier, Terry Bowling, Janie Angela Hinkle, Phil Golden, Margie Watson, Paul Gillen, Linda Puckett, Jack Haden, Janice Rhodes, Steve Nicholson, Catherine Ann “Cathy” Hinkle, Charlie Boyd, Pamela Rhodes, Lynn Farish; Snap Shots of Coronation

Page 35
High School Coronation –
Joyce Phillips, Ross Rhodes, Bobby Brown, Mickie Cockrell,  Marsha Childress, Jerry Mack McGraw, Pat Miller, Jackie Lynn Farish, King – Terry Brown, Queen – Joyce Minatra, Betty Whitener, Robert “Junior” Luther, Stan Dugan, Doris Ann McGraw, Donald Loyd Boyd, Linda Reid, Dean Vinson, Paulette Raley; Snap Shots of coronation

Page 36
Dramatics- Snapshots of Plays

Page 37
Snap Shots

Page 38
Senior Class, Motto, Color, Flower, Song –
Marcus Williams, Joyce Minatra, Billy Ray Bell---LaVonne Fitzgerald, Charles Worsham, Brenda Allen –Pat Miller, Betty Whitener, Carolyn Carroll, ---Billy Bell, Terry Brown, Robert “Junior” Luther

Page 39
Special Trubute to Our American Heritage—
Sarah Britton & Jill Haden---Carolyn Carroll, Betty Whitener---Brenda Allen & Carolyn Carroll---Stan Dugan, Betty Brown, Robert “Junior” Luther--- Christmas Pageant Group Picture

Page 40
Coronation –
LaVonne Fitzgerald, Carolyn Bryant, Brenda Allen, Jill Haden, Sue Britton, Ronnie Stewart, Marcus Williams---Walter Frank Biggar, Charles Worsham, Billy David Tipping, Billy Ray Bell, Claude David “Buddy” Maggard----High School Coronation Court---LaVonne Fitzgerald, Carolyn Bryant, Jo Ann Tipping, Brenda Allen--- Patsy Boyd, Mrs. Dorothy Lusk, Gloria Phillips

Page 41
Sports –
Billy David Tipping & Robert “Junior” Luther

Page 42
Football Co-Captains –
Walter Frank Biggar & Billy Doyle Tipping, Coaches – Ralph Dean Vinson & Bobby Doyle Tipping, Managers – Danny Patterson & John Phillips

Page 43
Football –
Billy Ray Bell, Walter Frank Biggar, Terry Brown, Robert “Junior” Luther, Billy David Tipping, Marcus Williams

Page 44
Football –
Mike Drain, Stan Dugan, Pat Seely, Bobby Brown, Donny Minefee, Hugh Nicholson, Eddie Page

Page 45
Football –
Dwayne Grounds, David Haden, Ronald Hollingsworth, Jerry Lee Jones, Jerry Mack McGraw, Ray Whitener, Bill Gillen

Page 46
Football –
Doug Holliefield, Danny Mahone, Jimmy Fuller, Dean Vinson, Don Whitener, Bill Carroll, Royce Haggard, Danny Jones

Page 47
Cheerleaders –
LaVonne Fitzgerald, Brenda Allen, Sweetheart - Jo Ann Tipping, Carolyn Sue Bryant, Marsha Childress; Pep Squad Group Picture

Page 48
Drummers –
Betty Barrett, Joyce Minatra, Diane Ragan, Jill Haden, Jane Garrison; Flaggers – Linda Reid, Sarah Britton, Gilda Reed

Page 49
Junior High Pep Squad Group Picture –
Sandra Garner, LaVon DeRusha, Peggy Farmer, Vickie Barham, Debbie Golden, Shirlene Rasco, Marilyn Springer, Tina Humphries, Gale Ann Gillen, Jeanne Owens, Melissa McCormick, Nona Vest, Linda Watson, Glenda Trussell, Linda Whitener,  Susan Eddlemon, Linda Gail Ryno, Doris Putman, Lou Richards, Sherry Mahone; Cheerleaders- Judy Kitchens, Janis Rhodes, Sweetheart – Brenda Raley, Marsha Gaines, Linda Minefee; Junior High Football Group Picture – Coach – Bobby Doyle Tipping, John Nicholson, Billy Joe Hill, Travis Parish, Lloyd Gillen, Dale Haws, Bobby Mitchell, Danny Patterson, Jack Armstrong, Steve Tipping, Clark Putman, Gowan Cockerell, John Phillips, Nickie Burleson, Roland Southard, Dean Fuller, Danny Cobb; Junior High Girls Basketball – Managers – Linda Minefee & Lou Richards, Doris Putman, Peggy Farmer, Judy Kitchens, Glenda Trussell, Vickie Barham, Brenda Raley,  Sherry Mahone, Coach – W. P. Orme, Marilyn Springer, Melissa McCormick, Nona Vest, Tina Humphries, Gale Ann Gillen, Marsha Gaines, Jeanne Owen, Shirlene Rasco, Linda Ruth Whitener; Junior High Boys Basketball – Bobby Mitchell, Nickie Burleson, Roland Southard, Clark Putman, Jack Armstrong, John Phillips, Coach – Bobby Doyle Tipping, Danny Cobb, Steve Tipping, Billy Joe Hill, Danny Patterson, Gowan Cockerell, Larry Thomas

Page 50
Basketball Captains –
Betty Whitner, Joyce Minatra, Carolyn Bryant, Jill Haden, Brenda Allen, LaVonne Fitzgerald----Billy Ray Bell & Stan Dugan; Girls Basketball Team – Coach – Ralph Dean Vinson, Jill Haden, Carolyn Bryant, Joyce Minatra, Betty Whitener, Brenda Allen, LaVonne Fitzgerald, Manager – Betty Barrett, Betty Brown, Marilyn Bryant, Jane Armstrong, Paulette Raley, Diane Ragan, Sandra “Sandi” McClure, Wanda Gillen, Jo Ann Tipping; Polly Bramall, Joyce Phillips, Gloria Phillips, Pat Green, Wanda Jean Whitner

Page 51
Boys Basketball Team – Manager -
Tommy North, Donald Whitener, Bobby Brown, Jimmy Fuller, Johnny Minefee, Donny Minefee, Stan Dugan; Trainer – Marcus Williams, Hugh Nicholson, Pat Seely, Billy David Tipping, Doug Holliefield, Robert “Junior” Luther, Billy Ray Bell, David Tipping; Coach – Bobby Doyle Tipping; Action Snap Shots

Page 52

Page 53
Classes –
Terry Brown, Betty Brown,

Page 54
Senior Class Officers – President
 Robert “Junior” Luther, Vice President – Terry Brown, Secretary - LaVonne Fitzgerald, Treasurer – Carolyn Carroll,  Reporter – Joyce Minatra

Page 55
Seniors –
Brenda Allen, Billy Ray Bell, Walter Frank Biggar, Sarah Britton, Terry Brown, Carolyn Bryant

Page 56
Seniors –
Carolyn Carroll, Jackie Lynn Farish, LaVonne Fitzgerald, David M. Frederick, Garland Gantt,  Jill Haden

Page 57
Seniors –
Robert “Junior” Luther, Claude David “Buddy” Maggard, Pat Miller, Joyce Minatra, Carolyn Minefee, Ronnie Stewart

Page 58
Seniors –
Billy David Tipping, Gloria D. Vyers, Betty Whitener, Marcus Williams, Charles Worsham

Page 59
Junior Class officers – President
– Stan Dugan,  Vice President – Doug Holliefield, Secretary & Treasurer – Pat Seely, Reporter – Marsha Childress

Page 60
Juniors –
Patsy Boyd, Sue Britton, Harold Burleson, Marsha Childress, Mike Drain, Stan Dugan, Dwayne Grounds, David Haden, Gayle Hobbs, Doug Holliefield, Ronald Hollingsworth, Jerry Lee Jones

Page 61
Juniors –
Sonny Maggard, Danny Mahone, Doris Ann McGraw, Jerry Mack McGraw, Sherry Meadows, Oda Lee Minefee, Gloria Phillips, Pat Seely, Jimmy Stewart, Jackie Thomas, Sharon Watkins, Ray Whitener

Page 62
Sophomore Class Officers – President
Hugh Nicholson, Vice President – Marguerite Rhodes,  Secretary – Jo Ann Tipping, Treasurer – Linda Reid, Reporter – Barbara Collier

Page 63
Sophomores –
Patsy Barham, Betty Barrett, Bobby Brown, Donald Lloyd Boyd, Mickie Cockrell, Barbara Collier, Carol Dyess, Jane Garrison, Bill Gillen, Wanda Gillen, Pat Green, Jon Grimmett, Linda Hall, Toni Humphries, Alvin McClure, Sandra “Sandi” McClure

Page 64
Sophomores –
Donny Minefee, Johnny Minefee, Barbara Morgan, Tommy Neville, Hugh Nicholson, Eddie Page, Delores Pinales, Gilda Reed, Linda Reid, Marguerite Rhodes, Pat Scales, Jo Ann Tipping, Gary Watkins, Kay Watson, Jean Whitener

Page 65
Freshman Class Officers – President
– Betty Brown, Vice President- Ross Rhodes,  Secretary – Verlan Ewing, Treasurer – Dan Nicholson, Reporter – Jane Armstrong

Page 66
Freshmen –
George Adams, Linda Adams, Jane Armstrong, Polly Brammall, Betty Brown, Marilyn Bryant, Bill Carroll, Jerry Carroll, Charles Collier, Verlan Ewing, Jimmy Fuller, Royce Haggard, Frankie Horton, Danny Jones, Ronald Lynch, Gary McGraw

Page 67
Freshmen –
John McGraw, Brenda Minze, Dan Nicholson, Tommy North, Eusevia Ortega, Joyce Phillips, Dianne Ragan, Paulette Raley, Ross Rhodes, David Tipping, Mary Lou Venito, Dean Vinson, Carlos Warren, Donna Warren, Don Whitener, Phyllis Williams

Page 68
Snap Shots

Page 69
Grades –Picture

Page 70
Junior High Officers – Eighth Grade – President
Clark Putman, Vice President- Vickie Barham, Secretary & Treasurer – Judy Kitchens, Reporters – Peggy Farmer & Sherry Mahone; Seventh Grade  - President  -Marsha Gaines, Vice President Billy Joe Hill, Secretary – Gale Ann Gillen, Treasurer – John Phillips, Reporters- Janis Rhodes & John Nicholson

Page 71
Eighth Grade –
Vickie Barham, Danny Cobb, Gowan Cokerell, LaVon DeRusha, Peggy Farmer, Loyd Gillen, Tommy Gantt, Judy Kitchens, Sherry Mahone, Danny Patterson, Linda Minefee, Clark Putman, Brenda Raley, Glenda Trussell, Lou Richards, Larry Thomas

Page 72
Seventh Grade –
David Adams, Jack Armstrong, Nickie Burleson, Susan Eddlemon, Carl Dean Fuller, Marsha Gaines, Sandra Garner, Gale Ann Gillen, Deborah Golden, William Haws, Billy Joe “Bill” Hill, Tina Humphries, Melissa McCormick, Bobby Mitchell, Jerry Morgan, Jamie Munz, John Nicholson, Jeanne Owen, Mitchell Owen, Travis Parrish, John Phillips, Doris Putman, Shirlene Rasco, Janice Rhodes, Linda Gail Ryno, Roland Southard, Marilyn Springer, Stevie Tipping, Nona Vest, Linda Watson, Linda Whitener

Page 73
Sixth Grade –
Ann Anderson, Jim Bob Barham, Mike Barham, Barbara Boswell, Carol Bramall, Gary Grounds, Jack Haden, Vickie Harris, David Page, Donnie Patterson, Sue Phillips, Linda Phillips, Linda Puckett, Kay Reid, Donna Stewart, Susan Warren, Sandra Wilson

Page 74
Fifth Grade –
Jody Barham, Charlie Boyd, Kenneth Brooks, Billy Ford, Cindy Fultz, Donna Gaines, Ken Haws, Cathy Hinkle, David Miller, Eddie Minze, Balentina Munoz (not shown), Pat Nevill, Carol North, Mike Raley, Teresa Slater, Suzanne Sparks, Debby Thomas, Gwen Thomas, Dale Vinson

Page 75
Fourth Grade
– Gary Armstrong, Cathy Barham, Larry Boswell, Buster Bramall, Danny Brown, Dennis Bryant, Mary Frances Carroll, Elizabeth Conger, Mary Alice Fuller, Elijio Garza, Lorenzo Garza, Paul Gillen, Dennis Melton, James Minefee, Craig Page, Gary Patterson, Donna Phillips, Eddie Putman, Jimmy Putman, Zuelena Rohus, Jennifer Seely, Sherri Sparks, Jo Ann Ward, Margie Watson

Page 76
Third Grade –
Pama Jane Armstrong, Gabino Munez, Kenna Barham, Lamar Blake, Rose Childress, Debbie Cockerell, James Elms, Sherri Lynn Gillen, Phil Golden, Rex Haggard, David Hall, Pamela Harrell, Tony Hatley, Dale Haws, Janie Angela Hinkle, Charlene Hollingsworth, Kathy Horton, Charles Martin, Denise Melton, Johnny Mendez, Pamela Minze, Darielene Neville, Bill Page, Janet Patterson, Carol Richards, Debra Smith, Connie Southerland, Nathan Vinson, Mark Watson, Kevin O’Brian (not shown)

Page 77
Second Grade –
Leah Barham, Donald Brooks, Larry Farish, Jessie Ferrer, Juanita Ferrer, Janice Hollifield, Henry Mendez, Joe Miller, Steve Nicholson, Diane Putman, Ronnie Putman, Benney Raley, Charla Ramsey, Pamela Rhodes, Wade Thomas, Susan Smith

Page 78
First Grade –
Terry Bowling, Tina Armstrong, Donna Lynn Barham, Mary Blake, Karen Cunningham, Billy Bryant, Mark Coleman, Debrah Collier, Larry Gillen, Karen Elms, Lucia Ferrer, Anita Garza, Jamie McGraw, Mike Harris, Johnny Holliefield, Bradley McGraw, Pamela Putman, Roy Mendez, Rita Ortega, Olivia Pinales, Robert Southerland, Daniel Thomas, Terry Lou Ralston, Kenneth Ramsey, Craig Ryno

Page 79
Advertising –
Charles Worsham, Carolyn Bryant, Brenda Allen

Page 80
Barry Farmers Co-op Gin, Buel Robinson Manager, Picture

Page 81
Ads –
The Beauty Box, Mrs. Lois Gaines, Pictured – Marsha & Donna Gaines; New Corner Drug Store, Dudley George Owner – pictured – Terry Brown, Eddie Page, Mr. G. E. Ramsey Sr.; K. B. Cumpston Radio & T.V. Shop – Pictured – Kermit Cumpston, Carolyn Bryant, David Frederick; Blooming Grove Lumber Co – Pictured – Clovis Haden, Charles Worsham, Carolyn Bryant, Davis Haden

Page 82
Ad –
Raymond McGraw Earth Moving Contractor – Pictured – Raymond McGraw

Page 83
Ads –
R. S. High Fire Insurance – Pictured – Mrs. Johnnie Bell, Billy Ray Bell, Brenda Allen, R. S. High; McCormick Funeral Service, E. D. McCormick; Williams Upholstering Shop Pictured – Owner Lillian Williams & daughter Phyllis Williams; The Blooming Grove Times – Pictured – Sparks Children

Page 84
Ad –
Sammie Saunders Navarro County Commissioner – Pictured – Sammie Saunders & Carolyn Bryant

Page 85
Ad –
Gillen Lusk Motors – Pictured – Gussie Gee, C.C. Lusk, LaVonne Fitzgerald, Wanda Gillen, Crawford Leon “C.L.” Gillen

Page 86
Ad –
Saunders Food Store –Pictured – Carroll Lee Saunders, Albert Saunders, Dorothy Jean Russell, Fayrene Saunders, Joyce Minatra, Jill Haden

Page 87
Ads –
H. S. Whorton’s Service Station – Pictured – Brenda Allen, Carolyn Bryant, Sandra “Sandi” McClure, Grove Gin, Norman Brister Manager – Pictured – Billy Ray Bell, Marcus Williams, Brenda Allen, Jackie Lynn Farish, Sandra “Sandi” McClure, Eddie Page, Carolyn Bryant; R. Bruce McCormick Hartford Insurance

Page 88
Drew Gillen – Pictured- Drew Gillen

Page 89
Ads –
Grove Café , Mr. & Mrs. Joe Dean Cobb –Pictured- Tennie Mable Cobb, Carolyn Bryant, Danny Cobb; Shell’s Dry Goods-Variety – Pictured – Sue Britton, Owner Vera Shell, Stan Dugan; Lee’s Shoppe, ----Merle’s Beauty Salon ---Lacy McGraw’s Texaco Service Station – Pictured – Edd Hill

Page 90
Ad –
Sam Carroll

Page 91
AD –
Magee House – Pictured – Brenda Allen, Carolyn Bryant, Marcus Williams

Page 92
Ad –
Quality Food Store, Dorsey McGraw & Son –Pictured – Dorsey McGraw & grandson Ricky McGraw

Page 93
Ads –
Clark Putman ‘s Moor Man’s Feed---Aileen Haden’s Grove Beauty Shoppe ---Joe McGraw’s Sinclair Service Station—Thomas Grocery; Williams & Griffis Gin –Picture

Page 94
Ad – First State Bank, President R. C. Smith, Vice President B. L. Ralston, Pictured – R. C. Smith, Brenda Allen , Carolyn Bryant

Page 95
Ads –
Massengale Bros. Service Station – Pictured – Mr. Massengale; Barry Gro. & Market – Pictured – Owner R. O. Hobbs, Jo Ann Tipping; Frank Seely & Son – Pictured – Frank Seely, Carolyn Bryant, Brenda Allen, Marcus Williams; F.L.U. Co-op Gin – Pictured – Terry Brown

Page 96
Ads –
Swint Huling Gro. & Mkt. ---Looney Gro & Mkt—Navarro County Electric Co-op---W. M. Forester Chevrolet—J. R. Patterson Pharmacy—Dr. J. D. Carroll D.V.M.

Page 97
Ads –
State National Bank, ---J. M. Dyer Co---Sears----Daiches Jewelers

Page 98
Ads –
First National Bank---Navarro Savings & Loan Association, Derward George, President---Stewart Motor Company

Page 99
– Wolf Brand Chili---Texas Power & Light

Page 100
Ads –
Wade-Connally Co---Ridenour Piano & Organ Company---Ruby Hendon Shops---M. Evans Jewelry & Luggage---Johnson’s Pharmacy---Boswell’s Milk

Page 101
Ads –
Piggly Wiggley---I.J. (Jack) BIgony Butane-Propane Gas Service---Dr. Pepper Bottling Co.

Page 102
Ads –
Coca-Cola Bottling Company ---McColpin Grain---Reid’s Pharmacy---Liquigas

Page 103
Ads –
Whiteselle Brick & Lumber Co---Brookshire’s Food Store—Carraway & Omberg Insurance---K. Wolens

Page 104
Ads –
Hallie Riddell’s Beauty Shop---V’s Café---Humphries Brothers New & Used Cars---The Oak’s Golf Course---Jack Baggett’s Humble Service Station; Lone Star Gas Company----Youngblood Insurance Agency---Red’s Pharmacy

Page 105
Ads –
Mayo’s Office Supply---Cooper’s Shoes---J. C. Penny Compnay Inc---Navarro Barber Shop---Western Inn---Wm. Cameron & Co---Rhoad’s Jewelry Store

Page 106
Ads –
City Office Supply---Goodman Tire Company---Oil City Iron Works---Taylor’s Studio---Harris Lumber Company—Stroube Implement Co, Metzger’s Dairy---Miles Furniture

Page 107
Ads –
Patterson’s Pharmacy---Parker’s Café---Dairy Queen---Collin Street Bakery---Scotchburger #2---R & M Shoe Shop

Page 108
Ads –
The Navarro Motor Hotel---Park Lanes Bowling Center---Chattanooga Glass Co---Hubbard Auction, Doug L. Magee

Inside Left Cover & Right Cover
Seniors Raising the Flag at Blooming Grove High School Entrance –
Terry Brown, Gloria D. Vyers, Claude David Maggard, Pat Miller, Marcus Williams, Carolyn Carroll, Carolyn Minefee, Ronnie Stewart, Joyce Minatra, Billy David Tipping, LaVonne Fitzgerald, David Frederick, Sarah Britton, Walter Frank Biggar, Jill Haden, Robert “Junior Luther, Brenda Allen, Jackie Lynn Farish, Garland Gantt, Carolyn Bryant, Charles Worsham, Betty Whitener, Billy Ray Bell

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