The 1972 Monarch
Year Book of Blooming Grove School
Navarro County Texas


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This page provided by Edward L. Williams & Diane Richards

Front Cover

Inside Left and Inside Right Cover Pages
Snapshots of Seniors

Page 1
1972 Monarch Volume 29 Pictured – Lion Cub & entrance to High School

Page 2
Images of our School –
Phil Golden (our Leader); Snap Shot

Page 3
Mike Russell # 78 & Terry Loftis #86; Togetherness – Wallace Collins, Charles “Chuck” Barham & others; Activities – Parade float – Leah Barham, Claire McGraw, Sherri Lynn Gillen & others; Friendliness – Leah Barham

Page 4
Monarch- Editor –
Claire McGraw, Assistant Editor – Denise Melton, Personality Editor – Mark Watson, Assistant Personality Editor – Phil Golden, Sports Editor – Mike Russell; Assistant Sports Editor – Terry Loftis, Activities Editor – Kenna Barham, Assistant Activities Editor – Tony Hatley, Class Editor – Janie Angela Hinkle, Assistant Class Editor – John Putman, Business Manager – Sherri Lynn Gillen, Assistant Business Manager –Rose Childress, Snapshot Editor – Homer Andrews, Assistant Snapshot Editor – Doyle Haws, Advisor – Mrs. Barbara Ralston; Pictured – Mike Russell & Terry Loftis, Rose Childress & Sherri Lynn Gillen, ' Mark Watson & Phil Golden' Janie Angela Hinkle & John Putman

Page 5
Monarch Staff Pictures –
Kenna Sue Barham & Tony Hatley; Doyle Haws & Homer Andrews; Barbara Ralston & Denise Melton; Claire McGraw

Page 6
Dedicated to all the Men who have fought, died, or been wounded in Vietnam

Page 7

Page 8
Superintendent –
Lance L. Graham

Page 9
Principal –
Robert L. Day; Secretary – Opel Allmon

Page 10
School Board – President – G. W. Patterson, Harold Don McGraw, Boyd Bryant, J. K. Melton, Charles Moore, Jack Armstrong, Wayne Nelson

Page 11

Page 12
Faculty – Grade School Principal, Sixth Grade –
W. A. Haden, First Grade – Lena Neal,  Second Grade – Jo Delle Nesmith, Third Grade – Clelialee Page, Fourth Grade – Bee Pitts

Page 13
Faculty – Fifth Grade –
Janie McNair, Floating Teacher – Barbara Rone, Remedial Reading- Geneva Worsham, Remedial Reading – Jerrene Graham, Piano – Varue Mason

Page 14
Faculty – Coach –
John Smith, Coach , History– Greg Bailey, Coach – Diana Smith, Coach, Mathematics – Steve Watson,

Page 15
Faculty – Commercial –
Barbara Ralston, Homemaking – Dorothy Martin, Agriculture – Ralph Page, English – Debbie Piel

Page 16
Faculty – Spanish –
Jane Mann, School Nurse – Ethel Wheeler, Band – Vaughn, Librarian –Lorraine Carroll, Science – Anita Raymer

Page 17

Page 18
Football Group Picture –Top Row- Head Coach –
Greg Bailey, Coach – Steve Watson, Donald Kelly, Steve Nicholson, John Putman, Eddy Collins, Billy Burleson, Mike Russell, Gussie Gee, Larry Drew Gillen, Marc Bryant, David Richards, Wesley Littleton, Coach – John Smith; Middle Row – Manager – Sherman Putman, Craig Ryno, Phil Golden, David Tipping, Jerry Guthrie, Rodney Lusk, Terry Loftis, Tony Hatley, Mike Wisdom; Manager – Tim Golden, Bottom Row – Marcus Melton, Mike Jordan, Kelly Page, Mark Armstrong, Larry Hugh Gillen, Nathan Kelly, Larry Farish, Bobby Bradley, Terry Bowling, Danny Andrews, James Batson; Captains – Mike Russell, Terry Loftis, Phil Golden; Coaches-  John Smith, Greg Bailey, Steve Watson

Page 19
Football Team –
Phil Golden, Mike Russell, Terry Loftis, John Putman, Tony Hatley, Steve Nicholson; Managers – Tim Golden & Sherman Putman; Snap shot

Page 20
Football Team –
Larry Farish, Jerry Guthrie, Nathan Kelly, Eddie Collins, Wesley Littleton, Bobby Bradley, Snap shot – Larry Farish # 15; Jerry Guthrie # 27; John Putman #67, Donald Kelly #77

Page 21
Football Team –
David Richards, Larry Drew Gillen, Gussie Gee, Billy Burleson, Marc Bryant, Craig Ryno; Snap Shot – Eddy Collins # #8 (Touchdown); Snap Shot – Group

Page 22
Football Team –
Terry Bowling, Mark Armstrong, Kelly Page, Donald Kelly; Snap Shot – Phil Golden (running with ball) , Donald Kelly (blocking) , Nathan Kelly # 66; Snap Shot – Mike Russell # 86; Steve Nicholson & Billy Burleson

Page 23
Football Team –
David Tipping, Rodney Lusk, Marcus Melton; Snapshots – Team running through Sign; 38 Eddy Collins; Jerry Guthrie #27 catching ball, #86 Terry Loftis, #77 Donald Kelly, #78 Mike Russell

Page 24
Football Team –
Larry Hugh Gillen, Danny Andrews, James Batson, Mike Wisdom; Snapshots – Jerry Guthrie #27 running the ball, 88 Gussie Gee Carrying ball; Team at Pep Rally; Pep rally

Page 25
Football Team- 
Mike Jordan; Snapshots – Fans in the rain; Cheerleaders; John Putman; Season’s score board; B.G- 453-----They 38  --------(20 was Crandall ---Game score BG 19 – Crandall 20)

Page 26
Football - First Team All District;
Steve Nicholson, Nathan Kelly, Phil Golden, Terry Loftis, Eddy Collins, Jerry Guthrie; Second Team All District; Donald Kelly, John Putman, Gussie Gee; Honorable Mention; Mike Russell, Larry Farish, Billy Burleson, Marc Bryant

Page 27
Football – Offensive Award –
Phil Golden; Defensive Award –John Putman; Most Valuable Player – Eddy Collins; Fighting Lion –Terry Loftis

Page 28
Football -
 Class B All State Tight-End – Terry Loftis # 86

Page 29
Cheerleaders – Head Cheerleader –
Sherri Lynn Gillen, Claire McGraw, Janie Angela Hinkle, Leah Barham, Vicky Loper

Page 30
Football Snap shots -
Right Top – Steve Nicholson #79; Lion fans; Pile up; 67 John Putman & #79 Steve Nicholson; Run through Sign; Middle bottom - #27 Jerry Guthrie; Cheese- Gussie Gee & Craig Ryno; Phil Golden, Terry Loftis, Mike Russell

Page 31
Boys Basketball – Coach –
Steve Watson, Marc Bryant, Mike Russell, Larry Drew Gillen, Donald Kelly, Manager- Wallace Collins, David Richards, Gordon Griffin; Mark Armstrong, Jerry Guthrie                               

Page 32
Boys Basketball Snap Shots ---
Top Left-#31 Mike Russell; First Place Dawson Tournament---Donald Kelly, Mark Armstrong, David Richards, Larry Drew Gillen, Mgr. – Wallace Collins, Marc Bryant, Jerry Guthrie, Gordon Griffin, Mike Russell, coach – Steve Watson; Bottom Left – Coach- Steve Watson, David Richards, Larry Drew Gillen, Gordon Griffin, Mike Russell, Jerry Guthrie; Bottom Right – Gussie Gee, Gordon Griffin

Page 33
Boys Basketball Snap Shots ---
Top Left - #13 Mark Bryant; Top right - #21 Larry Gillen; Bottom Left- #21 Larry Drew Gillen, Middle bottom - #23 David Richards & #21 Larry Drew Gillen , shooting, Bottom Right - #31 Mike Russell &  #13 Mark Bryant

Page 34
Girls Basketball – Manager-
Debbie Collier,  – Coach – Diana Smith, - Manager – Janet Owen; Middle Row – Rose Childress, Judy Graham, Becky Armstrong, Janita Johnston, Bottom Row – Jamye Russell, Sherri Lynn Gillen, Pam Putman, Sherri Bailey, Rita Russell, Diane Putman, Leah Barham

Page 35
Girls Basket Ball ---Snapshots – Sherri Lynn Gillen-All Tournament Frost & Bynum

Page 36
Girls Basket Ball – Snap Shots -

Page 37
Snapshots – Top Left – Coach John Smith, Pam Putman & others; Right Top – Sherri Lynn Gillen & Others; Bottom left ---Sherri Lynn Gillen

Page 38
Boys Track Team –
Top Back Row -Gussie Gee, John Putman, Larry Drew Gillen, Rodney Lusk, David Roberts, Eddie Collins, Wesley Littleton, David Richards, David Tipping, Mark Bryant, Middle Row –James Ingram, Mike Wisdom, Larry Farish, Jimmy Lee, Donald Kelly, Jerry Guthrie, Bobby Bradley, Nathan Kelly; Bottom Row – Mark Armstrong, Jerry Loper, Marcus Melton, James Batson, Alan Barnes, Larry Hugh Gillen; Distance Runner  -Bobby Bradley; State Finalist Pole Vault –Jerry Guthrie

Page 39
Sprint Relay –
Larry Farish, Eddy Collins, John Putman, David Roberts; High Jumpers – Larry Drew Gillen, Jerry Guthrie, Larry Farish, Shot & Discuss – Marc Bryant, Eddy Collins, Nathan Kelly; Wesley Littleton, Rodney Lusk, Alan Barnes, Donald Kelly; Broad Jumpers – Larry Farish, Donald Kelly, Jimmy Lee, David Roberts, Jerry Guthrie

Page 40
Golf Team –
Mike Russell, Phil Golden, Marc Bryant, David Richards, Terry Loftis

Page 41

Page 42
Concert Band – Rita Russell, Melanie Tipping, Jimmy Clyde Armstrong; Group picture; Drum Major – Debbie Collier

Page 43
Marching Band Group Picture –
Bottom Left – Band Director – Mr. Vaughn, Bottom Right – Alan Barnes & Snap Shots

Page 44
Majorettes – Drum Majorette –
Debbie Collier,  Feature Twirlers – Jamye Russell & Susan Smith, Head Majorette – Deniese Southard , Rose Childress, Karen Cunningham, Melanie Tipping

Page 45
Speech Club Snap Shots –
Top Left – Wallace Collins,  Top Right – Wallace Collins, Steve Nicholson, Mendez, Bottom – Bill Page, Doyle Haws, Nathan Kelly & others

Page 46
National Honor Society – President
– Terry Loftis,  Vice President- Denise Melton, Secretary - Sherri Lynn Gillen, Treasurer – Susan Smith,  Reporter – Claire McGraw, Sherri Bailey, Leah Barham, Nathan Kelly, Janet Patterson, Mike Russell, Vickie Walthers, Mark Watson; 1971 INDUCTION CEREMONY – Terry Loftis, Mike Russell, Mark Watson, Janet Patterson, Leah Barham, Sherri Bailey, Claire McGraw; 1972 new members – Nathan Kelly, Sherri Lynn Gillen, Susan Smith, Denise Melton, Vickie Walthers; Bottom Right – Sherri Lynn Gillen, Susan Smith, Claire McGraw, Denise Melton, Terry Loftis

Page 47
FFA Officers –
Larry Farish, Phil Golden, Steve Nicholson, Terry Loftis, Bill Page, Mike Russell; Grand Champion – Henry Mendez; Sweetheart – Lee Reynolds & Steve Nicholson; Group - Steve Nicholson, Eddy Collins, Nathan Kelly Larry Farish & others; Parade picture – Kenna Sue Barham & Jerry Guthrie

Page 48
High School Coronation –
Top left –John Putman & Robbie Andrews, Top Right – Vickie Walthers, Alan Barnes, Cindy Vest, Middle picture – Leah Barham & Jerry Guthrie; Bottom Left – Denise Melton, Jamye Russell, Janita Johnston, Susan Smith, Bottom Right – Eddy Collins, Wallace Collins, Jerry Loper, Mike Wisdom; Nathan Kelly

Page 49
High School coronation –
Top Left – Sherri Bailey & Elaine Hollifield-----Top Right – Phil Golden & Terry Lou Ralston, Middle – Janet Owen & Homer Andrews; Bottom Left –Terry Bowling, Ronny Putman, Becky Armstrong, Nathan Kelly     Bottom Right – Deniese Southard

Page 50
Top Left – Sherry Ledbetter, Terry Lou Ralston, Peggy Charters, Karen Cunningham, Deniese Southard, Jamie McGraw, Pam Putman; Top Right – Melanie Tipping, Rita Russell, Cindy Vest ----  FHA Officers – Yvonne Blake, Pam Putman, Sherri Bailey, Leah Barham, Elaine Hollifield, Ruby Stevenson, Rose Childress, Pam Rhodes, Claire McGraw, Diane Gomez, Denise Melton; FHA Group – Betty Warren, Helen Bailey, Diane Putman, Susan Smith, Sophie Crecelius,  Barbara Crecelius, Peggy Charters & others; State Delagates – Denise Melton & Sherri Bailey

Page 51
“ The Timid Dragon” -  Play Cast – Phil Golden, Wallace Collins, Rose Childress, Denise (Richards) Haggard, Mike Russell, Denise Melton, Terry Loftis, Rex Haggard, Claire McGraw, Sherri Lynn Russell, Mark Watson, Homer Andrews, Johnny Mendez

Page 52
Student Council – President –
Phil Golden, Vice President - Mike Russell, Secretary – Susan Smith, Treasurer – Terry Loftis; Center picture – Kelly Russell, Mark Armstrong, Howard Seely

Page 53
Piano Students – Group Picture; 4-H Club –
Raymond Clyde Marr; Group – Kelly Russell, Rita Russell, Craig Day, Raymond Clyde Marr, Randy Springer, Sherry Moore, La Donna Furra, Dana Bell, Bevely Moore, Becky Marr, Gary Nelson, Ted Marr, Tim Campbell, & others; Bottom Group – Craig Day, Kelly Russell, Raymond Clyde Marr, Randy Springer, Sherry Moore, Rita Russell, Beverly Moore, Gary Nelson, Tim Campbell, Ted Marr, Becky Marr, Carol Armstrong, La Donna Furra & others   

Page 54
Snap Shots – Top Left – Barbara Ralston & Denise Southard , Center top – Melanie Tipping; Center Group – Susan Smith, Terry Loftis, Phil Golden, Tony Hatley, Wallace Collins, John Putman, Rose Childress, Janie Angela Hinkle, Robbie Andrews, Mike Russell, Sherri Lynn Gillen; Bottom Left – Denise Southard & Karen Cunningham,  Center Bottom – Mickey Loftis & Rose Childress

Page 55

Page 56
Homecoming Queen –
Denise Melton; Page sponsored by – Mr. & Mrs. Dean Melton; Center Bottom – Phil Golden & Denise Melton,  Bottom Right – Sue Williams, First Runner-up

Page 57
Queen of B.G.H.S.
– Sherri Lynn Gillen; Page Sponsored by – Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Lee Richards; Bottom Left – Dorothy Martin & Sherri Lynn Gillen; Center bottom – Kim Hiler, Eric Richards, Sherri Lynn Gillen Bottom Right – King Mike Russellcrowning Queen Sherri Lynn Gillen, Rose Childress, Terry Loftis, Wesley Littleton

Page 58
Football Sweetheart –
Claire McGraw; Page Sponsored by – Mr. & Mrs. J. B. McGraw; Bottom Right – Claire McGraw, Janie Angela Hinkle

Page 59
Band Beau & Sweetheart –
Jamie McGraw & Ronnie Putman; Page Sponsored by – Mr. & Mrs. Raymond McGraw

Page 60
F.F.A. Sweetheart & F.H.A. Beau –
Leigh Reynolds & Larry Drew Gillen; Page Sponsored by – Patterson’s Pharmacy

Page 61
Most Representative Boy & Girl – Terry Loftis & Janie Angela Hatley; Page Sponsored by – Rev. & Mrs. Mickey Loftis & Mr. & Mrs. Benny Hinkle

Page 62
Most Athletic Boy & Girl – Mike Russell & Sherry Lynn Gillen; Page Sponsored by – Bob & Dot Russell

Page 63
Most Likely to Succeed Boy & Girl – Mike Russell & Claire McGraw; Page Sponsored by – Mr. & Mrs. J. B. McGraw

Page 64
Best Dressed Boy & Girl – Phil Golden & Janie Angela Hinkle; Page Sponsored by – Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Lee Richards & Mrs. Emma Golden

Page 65
Friendliest Boy & Girl – Bill Page & Rose Childress; Page Sponsored by Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Page & J. O. Childress

Page 66
Senior Favorites – Tony Hatley & Janie Angela Hinkle; Page Sponsored by – Thomas Sheppard

Page 67
Junior Favorites – Larry Farish & Elaine Hollifield; Page Sponsored by – Mr. & Mrs. Beauford Farish

Page 68
Sophomore Favorites – David Richards & Leigh Reynolds; Page Sponsored by – Mr. & Mrs. E. I. Reynolds

Page 69
Freshman Favorites –
Melanie Tipping & Mark Armstrong; Page Sponsored by – Mr. & Mrs. Delma Tipping & Mr. & Mrs. Jack Armstrong

Page 70
Lions Club Good Citizen – Denise Southard, Becky Armstrong, Jamye Russell, Sherri Bailey, Jamie McGraw, Mark Armstrong, Ronnie Putman, Denise Melton, Claire McGraw; Nathan Kelly, Larry Drew Gillen; Page Sponsored by – Lions Club

Page 71
D.A.R. Good Citizen –
Denise Melton; Betty Crocker Award – Claire McGraw; Youth Fair Queen Candidate – Rose Childress; Page Sponsored by – Lions Club

Page 72
High School Coronation Court – Melanie Tipping, Mark Armstrong, Debbie Collier, David Richards, Diane Putman, Wesley Littleton, Rose Childress, Terry Loftis; Bottom Left – Doyle Haws, Claire McGraw, Rose Childress, Terry Loftis-----------Bottom Right – Larry Farish, Pam Rhodes, Diane Putman, Wesley Littleton

Page 73
High School Coronation Court – King – Mike Russell, Queen – Sherri Lynn Gillen, Claire McGraw, Doyle Haws, Pam Rhodes, Larry Farish, Pam Putman, Billy Burleson; Rita Russell, Kelly Page; Wee Attendents – Kim Hiler, Eric Richards, Holly Andrews, Janet Peters, Terry McGraw, Shelby Southard; Bottom Left – David Richards, Debbie Collier, Pam Putman, Billy Burleson ; Bottom Right – Mark Armstrong, Melanie Tipping, Rita Russell, Kelly Page

Page 74
Mr. Leap Year –
Doyle Haws

Page 75
Who’s Who Reflects images of outstanding Students chosen for Scholarship, Friendship, Leadership, Cooperation:
Mike Russell, Denise Melton, Claire McGraw, Terry Loftis, Sherri Bailey

Page 76
Snap shots

Page 77

Page 78
Snap shots

Page 79

Page 80
Senior Class Officers – President – Denise Melton, Vice President - Doyle Haws,Secretary & Treasurer- Rose Childress,  Reporter  - Homer Andrews, Rep. – Sherry Lynn Gillen

Page 81
Seniors – Lynda Albert, Homer Andrews, Kenna Sue Barham, Rose Childress, Top Snap Shot – Phil Golden & Terry Loftis, Bottom Left – Denise (Richards) Haggard & Homer Andrews,

Page 82
Seniors – Wallace Collins, Alan Gearhart, Sherri Lynn Gillen, Phil Golden; Snap Shots – Top Left – Denise (Richards) Haggard, Kenna Sue Barham, Janie Angela Hinkle,  Top Right – Wallace Collins, Sherri Lynn Gillen, Denise (Richards) Haggard & others; Snap Shot – Seniors

Page 83
Seniors –
Rex Haggard, Denise (Richards) Haggard, Tony Hatley, Doyle Haws, Janie Angela Hinkle; Snap Shots – Top – Denise Melton & Rex Haggard,  Bottom Left – Terry Loftis, Bottom Right – Seniors

Page 84
Seniors –
Annie Jordan, Terry Loftis, Claire McGraw, Denise Melton; Snap Shots – Top – Phil Golden & Debbie Piel,  Bottom Left – Claire McGraw,   Bottom Right – Kenna Sue Barham, Rex Haggard, Denise (Richards) Haggard

Page 85
Seniors – Johnny Mendez, Bill Page, Janet Patterson, Brenda Pullin; Snap Shots – Top Left- Tony Hatley,   Top Right – Alan Gearhart, Johnny Mendez, John Putman, Mike Russell, Sherri Lynn Gillen, Rose Childress, Denise Melton, Claire McGraw, Tony Hatley, Janie Angela Hinkle, Terry Loftis, 

Page 86
Seniors – John Putman, David Roberts, Mike Russell, Mark Watson, Sue Williams; Snap Shots – Top – Bill Page,  Bottom- John Putman, Sherri Lynn Gillen, Denise (Richards) Haggard. Mike Russelll, Terry Loftis

Page 87

Page 88
Junior Class Officers – President – Jerry Guthrie,  Vice President - Vicky Loper, Secretary – Elaine Holliefield, Treasurer – Sherri Bailey, Reporter –Helen Bailey, Rep. – Nathan Kelly

Page 89
Juniors – Teresa Abbott, Helen Bailey, Sherri Bailey, Leah Barham, Bobby Bradley, Charlotte Buckner, Larry Farish, Janie Ferrer, Jerry Guthrie; Snap Shots – Leah Barham, Helen Bailey, Pamela Tenace------------Leah Barham, Debbie Hunt, Elaine Hollifield, Larry Farish

Page 90
Juniors – Janice Elaine Hollifield, Diane Horton, Debbie Hunt, Gerry Larremore, Nathan Kelly, Wesley Littleton, Vicky Loper, Janice Mahaley, Joyce Mahaley; Snap shot

Page 91
Juniors – Henry Mendez, Steve Nicholson, Eleson Owens, Diane Putman, Ronnie Putman, Pamela Rhodes, Larry Roberts, Jamye Russell, Susan Smith; Snap shots – Teresa Abbott; Diane Putman, Jamye Russell, Susan Smith, & others

Page 92
Juniors –
Cynthia Stanford, Ruby Stevenson, Pamela Tenace, Joe Watkins, Paul Williams, Snap Shots – Janice Mahaley, Teacher, Debbie Hunt; Bobby Bradley & Leah Barham—Jerry Guthrie & Elaine Hollifield—Terry Loftis & Susan Smith, Elaine Hollifield; Peggy Charter, Pam Rhodes, Charlotte Buckner

Page 93

Page 94
Sophomore Class Officers – President –
David Richards, Vice President – Gussie Gee, Secretary &Treasurer – Leigh Reynolds, Reporter-  Jamie McGraw; Rep- Debbie Collier

Page 95
Sophomores – Michael Albert, Tina Armstrong, Donna Barham, Lamar Blake, Yvonne Blake, Terry Bowling, Donald Brooks, Marc Bryant, Billy Burleson, Peggy Charters; Billy Christian, Debbie Collier, Larry Collier, Juanita Cotton, Barbara Crecelius, Karen Cunningham, Sherry Davis, Cathy Dobbins, Janis Foster, Gussie Gee; Larry Drew Gillen, Diane Gomez, Lawrence Gregg Snap Shot

Page 96
Sophomores – Gordon Griffin, Mike Harris, Jimmie Ingram, Larry Johnson, Sherry Ledbetter, Jimmy Lee, Ernest Massey, Jamie McGraw, Roy Mendez, Betty Morris, Janet Owen, John Packer, Pam Putman, Terry Lou Ralston, Leigh Reynolds, Lula Mae Roberts, David Richards, Craig Ryno, Ronald Smith, Deniese Southard, Vickie Walther, Betty Jo Warren, Marilyn Williams; Snap Shot – Terry Lou Ralston

Page 97

Page 98
Freshman Class Officers -  President
- Mark Armstrong, Vice President – Larry Hugh Gillen, Secretary & Treasurer – Jimmy Clyde Armstrong; Reporter – Melanie Tipping,  Rep – Kelly Page

Page 99
Freshmen – Danny Andrews, Robbie Andrews, Becky Armstrong, Mark Armstrong, Jimmy Clyde Armstrong, Thelma Bailey, Carolyn Barham, Karen Barham, Alan Barnes, James Batson, Kathy Bryant, Judy Graham, Loy D. Collins, Kathy Crecelius, Ethel Faulk, Lucy Ferrer, Larry Hugh Gillen, Pam Green, Kathy Herrin, James Ingram, Snap Shots– Mark Armstrong, Jimmy Clyde Armstrong, Melanie Tipping, Alan Barnes

Page 100
Freshmen – Janita Johnston, Mike Jordan, Donald Kelly, Kathy Ledbetter, Jerry Loper, Rodney Lusk, Raymond Marr, Marcus Melton, Alva Nixon, Kelly Page, Steven Raper, Louis Roberts, Gloria Rodriquez, Rita Russell, Terry Thompson, David Tipping, Melanie Tipping, Henry Vasquez, Lydia Vasquez, Cindy Vest, Shirley Walker, Mike Wisdom; Snapshots – Raymond Clyde Marr-------------------Group

Page 101
Junior High

Page 102
Eighth Grade Officers – President – Tony Gonzales,  Vice President – Wayne Putman, Secretary & Treasurer – Charlotte Richards; Reporter – Lyndal Gillen,  Rep – Tim Golden; Seventh Grade Officers - President - Kelly Russell, Vice President – Craig Page, Secretary & Treasurer – Chris Tipping, Reporter- Sherman Putman,  Rep –Howard Seely

Page 103
Eighth Grade – Steven Adams, Joe Bailey, Debbie Barham, Janet Barham, Keith Cunningham, Barbara Ann Faulk, Bobby Gantt, Danny Gillen, Lyndal Gillen, Patti June Gillen, Tim Golden, Angelo Gonzalez, Tony Gonzales, James Gregg, Robert Griffin, Dana Holland, Debra Jones, Joyce Larremore, David McGraw, Steve McGraw, Patricia Moore, Dawn Owen, Jennifer Page, Mike Pullin, Wayne Putman, Charlotte Richards, Loran Seely, Billy Smith, Cindy Smith, Ira Swan, Lucille Walker, Debra Watkins, Kenneth Watkins; Snap Shots – Steve McGraw----------------Steve McGraw, Dana Holland & others

Page 104
Seventh Grade – William Armstrong, Charles Barham, Connie Barnes, Debbie Batson, Bob Blake, Jerry Brooks, Tina Brooks, Lora Mae Carter, Mike Charters, James Conway, Craig Day, Baldomaro Ferrer, Jr., Edward Fullerton, Kathy Gillen, Diane Gonzalez, Paul Johnston, Donna Jones, Peggy Jordan, Chris Kimball, Dusty Ledbetter, Cheryl Loper, Duane Melton, Bevely Moore, Petra Morin, Alton Nixon, Dwayne Owens, Sherman Putman, James Richards, Kelly Russell, Howard Seely, Donna Smith, Joe Smith, Karen Smith, Chris Tipping, Victor Walther, Wanza Warren, Camille Wright; Snap Shots – Beverly Moore & others; Donna Jones & others

Page 105
Grade School Coronation – King –
Tony Gonzales, Queen – Charlotte Richards; Snap Shots of Coronation

Page 106
Cub Basketball Team – Mgr.-  Howard Seely, Robert Griffin, Kelly Russell, Tony Gonzales, Craig Day, Tim Golden, Jerry Brooks, James Gregg, Mgr. – Loran Seely, - Coach-Greg Bailey, Steve McGraw, Joe Bailey, Sherman Putman, Wayne Putman, Mike Charters, Chris Tipping, Bob Blake, Dwayne Owens, Edward Fullerton, William Armstrong, Paul Johnston, Danny Gillen; Cub Girls Basketball –Manager – Karen Smith, Debbie Barham, Lyndal Gillen, Cindy Smith, Barbara Ann Faulk, Charlotte Richards, Debra Jones, Donna Jones, Coach – Diana Smith, Donna Smith, Connie Barnes, Dana Holland, Patti June Gillen, Joyce Larremore., Cheryl Loper

Page 107
Cub Football –Alton Nixon, Charles Barham, Loran Seely, Mike Charters, Robert Griffin, Coach- Greg Bailey, Craig Day, Kelly Russell, Wayne Putman, Dwayyne Owens,Joe Bailey, James Gregg, Steve Adams, Bobby Gantt, Chris Tipping, Jerry Brooks, Victer Walther, Dusty Ledbetter, William Armstrong, Baldomaro Ferrer, Howard Seely, Keith Cunningham, Sherman Putman, Angelo Gonzales, Bob Blake, Danny Gillen, Joe Smith, Edward Fullerton, Duane Melton, Steve McGraw, David McGraw; Captains – Wayne Putman, Tony Gonzales, Kelly Russell; Cheerleaders- Patti June Gillen, Charlotte Richards, Debra Jones, Beverly Moore, Cindy Smith, Donna Smith

Page 108
Snap Shots – Mark Watson & Claire McGraw; Denise (Richards) Haggard; David Richards & Nathan Kelly; Larry Farish, Steve Nicholson & others; Larry Farish & Phil Golden; Larry Farish, Coach Smith, John Putman, Phil Golden; Janie McNair & Geneva Worsham, Claire McGraw & Sherri Lynn Gillen; Bottom left – Carolyn & Karen Barham; Debbie Piel

Page 109

Page 110
Sixth Grade –
Carol Armstrong, Gary Armstrong, Anita Barham, Tim Bowling, Mike Bryant, Simon Carrizales, Milton Collins, Wanda Davis, Dean Deramee, Carolyn Sue Felder, Leticia Ferrer, Donna Furra, Paula Gillen, Terry Gregg, Tim Hatley, Jimmie Ingram, Helen Lewis, Wayne Lusk, Becky Marr, Joey McClure, Tonja McGaha, Monica McGraw, Steven Mendez, Wayne Minatra, Shelia Moore, Sherry Moore, Elbert Moore, Horace Neal, Jesse Neal, Gary Nelson, Teresa North, Deborah Owen, Jackie Phillips, Roger Richards, Lidia Rodriquez, Debra Smith, Randy Springer, Billy Sullivan, Joe Vasquez, Earnest Walker, Lynn Wood; Snap Shots

Page 111
Fifth Grade – Elizabeth Andrews, Becky ARmstong, Belinda Armstrong, Lester Bailey, Gary Barham, Randy Charters, Benny Collins, Steve Deramee, Elvin Faulk, Cynthia Ferrer, Daniel Ferrer, Donna Fullerton, Doug Furra, Herman Gordon, Sherman Graham, Shelly Green, Cathy Ingram, Linda Ingram, Jill Johnston, Anthony Kelly, David Larremore, Debbie Larremore, Tracy McGaha, Ricky McGraw, Benny Melton, Karen Melton, Randy Melton, Monroe Moore, Don Morton, Tina Murray, Mike Nelson, David Peters, Robin Ralston, Randy Richards, Chon Rodriquez, Cory Smith, Katherine Smith, Brad Strickland, Bret Tidwell, Kenneth Walthers, Sharon Williams, Juan Zuniga; Snap shots – Belinda Armstrong, Becky Armstrong, & others; Group

Page 112
Fourth Grade – Tammy Blissett, Tim Cambbell, Nancy Charters, Terri Gonzales, Frank Gonzalez, Kim Gorden, Betty Gregg, Melanye Hardin, Wendy Ledbetter, Linda Lusk, Ted Marr, Ronny McGaha, Charlotte McGraw, Donna McGraw, Timothy McNair, Richard Mendez, Jerry North, Melanie Russell, Karen Seely, Keith Smith, Pam Smith, Jamey Tipping, Connie Vasquez, Treasa Walther, Wendell Warren, Judy Wilson, Aida Zuniga; Snap Shots – Donna McGraw & others-----------------------Bee Pitts

Page 113
Third Grade – David Armstrong, Gina Armstrong, Lynda Batson, Mark Barham, Teena Blissett, Rhonda Bryant, Christine Carrizales, Darlene Carrizales, Zelmo Davis; Denise Deramee, Delia Ferrer, Timothy Ferrer, Rhetta Gillen, Pedro Gonzalez, Johnny Gorden, Robin Green, Teresa Herrin, Timothy Kidrick, Nancy Lusk, Regina McGraw, Penney Melton, James Moore, Joni Murray, Cedric Nelson, Gary North, Lucia Rodriquez, Janith Russell, Tommy Stewart, Louis Vasquez, Mary Vasquez, Connie Wright, Theodore Thomas; Snap Shots – Gina Armstrong & others; Clelialee Page, Penney Melton, Rhonda Bryant & others

Page 114
Second Grade –
Lee Sol Armstrong, Steve Armstrong, Brad Barham, Mark Batson, Shelia Cantu, Stephanie Chesser, Sherman Collins, Patty Conway, Denny Crecelius, Rhonda Dixon, Rae Jeana Gullatt, Dale Jordan, Debbie Lynn McGraw, Freddie McGraw, Melanie McGraw, Guadalupe Molina, Sam Morin, Mickey Nelson, Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Tommy Richards, Noe Rodriquez, Kelly Smith, Kimberley Smith, Alicia Frances Southard, Anthony Wallace, Will Watkins; Sherry Williams, Siola Zuniga; Snap Shots – Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Rhonda Dixon, Mrs. Jo Delle Nesmith  & other; Debbie Lynn McGraw  & others

Page 115
First Grade – Terry Blissett,  Roel Cantu, Dora Carrizales, Chester Davis, Ernie Ferrer, Patricia Ferrer, Timothy Gonzales, Milton Gregg, Loren Gullatt, Robbie Haggard, Susanne Hollifield, Robert Hollingsworth, Jeffery Larremore, Benita Lofton, Sherri Lusk, Kim Maggard, Todd McGraw, Myra M’Lis Melton, Paula Melton, Lee Ann Missildine, Enrique Molina, Sanjuanita Morin, Michael Nevill, Larry North, Loyd Price, Eddie Richards, Simon Rodriquez, Lisa Smith, Johanna Tipping, Scott Tucker, Fabian Vasquez, Mario Vasquez, Vanetta Walker, Mary Warren, Lutricia Watkins; Snap Shots

Page 116
Snap Shots – Group; Coach Smith, John Putman, Eddy Collins; Larry Drew Gillen, Larry Farish, Jerry Guthrie, Larry Hugh Gillen; Claire McGraw & Denise Melton; W. A. Haden; Sherri Lynn Gillen, Mike Russell, Janie Angela Hinkle, Tony Hatley; Teachers Parents & Football players, Jack & Hazel Gillen son Larry Hugh Gillen- , Gussie & Robbie Gee son Gussie, - Mr. & Mrs. Burleson son Billy— Boyd & Lovene Bryant son Marc, - James & Mary Ryno son Craig & others; Leah Barham, Barbara Ralston Group-Lunchroom  ladies – Lula Tipping, Viola Ward, Opal Eddlemon, Jerry Guthrie, Mike Russell; Group; Leigh Reynolds Larry Farish, Jimmy Lee, David Roberts, Donald Kelly, Jerry Guthrie

Page 117

Page 118
Ad –
J.O. Williams & Clifford Williams Gin—Picture of Frost Gin

Page 119
Ads – O. M. Bailey Model Cleaners; Navarro Savings & Loan; Collin Street Bakery

Page 120
Ads – Kenneth Douglas County Judge; J. M. Dyer Co.; Jerry S. Scott Assessor & Collector of Taxes; Corsicana Coca-Cola Bottling Co. C.O. “Bud” Currington, Jr., Navarro County District Clerk

Page 121
Ad –
Robert Jackson Honors son Jerry Guthrie –Picture – Jerry Guthrie

Page 122
Ad – Great American Reserve Insurance Co. , Mr. & Mrs. H. L. Andrews, agents –pictured – Robbie Andrews, Homer Andrews, Danny Andrews, Elizabeth Andrews

Page 123
Ads –
Jimmy Morris Criminal District Attorney; Reid’s Pharmacy; Buddies Super Market; Withrow Furniture; Cooper Shoe Store; City Finance Co.

Page 124
Ad – State National Bank – pictured – Seniors – Annie Jordan, Mark Watson, Alan Gearheart, Mike Russell, Rex Haggard, John Putman, Sue Williams, Lynda Albert, Janie Angela Hinkle, Tony Hatley, Kenna Sue Barham, Brenda Pullin, Denise Melton, Denise (Richards) Haggard, Rose Childress, Claire McGraw, Bill Page, Johnny Mendez, David Roberts, Wallace Collins, Terry Lofits, Phil Golden, Homer Andrews, Doyle Haws

Page 125
Ads – Joe York Furniture; City Office Supply; Gibson’s Discount Center; Whiteselle Brick & Lumber Company

Page 126
Ad –
Carey Lumber Co. 

Page 127
Ads – Charlie Ellington’s Plumbing; Majors & McLauchlin; Clarence Blancet’s Navarro Auto-Paint & Body Shop; Builders Supply Co; 3rd Ave Mkt.; Norris – Hamilton –Pictured- Terry Loftis, Janie Angela Hinkle, John Putman

Page 128
Ad – Southard Bros. Phillips 66 Station—Pictured – Denise Melton & Claire McGraw

Page 129
Ads – Daiches Jewelers; Wesley Green’s Western Wear; Tom White Chevrolet; Liston J. Herod, Jr. Radiator & Electric; Curington Cleaners – Pictured – Pam Rhodes, Elaine Hollifield, Vickie Loper; Beall’s Department Store – Picture of Store

Page 130
Ad – Percy Morton Carpenter & Contractor – Pictured – Don Morton

Page 131
Ads – Jimmy Yarber Central Monuments Works; Chick Reed Realtors; Cecil Griffith West End Service Station; Stroube Implement Co.; J.K. Melton Builder-pictured – Benny Melton, Penney Melton, Brett Melton; A. B. Miles Bait House – Pictured – Mr. & Mrs. A. B. Miles

Page 132
Ad –
Corsicana Federal Savings & Loan Association – pictured – Cheerleaders – Patti June Gillen, Debra Jones, Charlotte McGraw, Donna Smith; Sweetheart – Cindy Smith

Page 133
Ads –
Pascal Ferrer honors his grandson – Jessie – Pictured – Jesse Ferrer; Lady Lyn’s School of Beauty; Barry Gro & Mkt.; Wimp Childress’ Service Auto Shop – pictured – B.G. Marching Band

Page 134
Ad – Roy & Mearl Southard honor Deniese Southard & 1971-72 Majorettes – pictured – Rose Childress, Deniese Southard, Debbie Collier, Melayne Tipping, Karen Cunningham; Susan Smith , Jamye Russell, Mona Ralston

Page 135
Ads – New Corner Drug – Pictured – Football players running through run-through sign; Sew’n Fabrics; Corsicana Livestock Market, Inc, Corky Eckert & Bob Capps; Putman - Raley Service Station; McMinn Gulf – Picture

Page 136
Ad – Dean Melton Building Contractor - Honors daughter Denise – Pictured- Denise Melton

Page 137
Ads – Eula Mae Boyd’s Taylor Studio; Oil City Iron Works Inc.; Dunlap’s Gro.; Big Four Shoe Store Co; Carraway & Omberg Ins; Humbert’s Hickory House

Page 138
Ads –Hand’s Furniture; K. Wolens; Green’s Shoe Shop; Levines; Western Inn; Diana Shops – Pictured – Lynda Albert, Annie Jordan -& others

Page 139
– Honoring John Putman—Mr. & Mrs. John C. Putman, Mr. & Mrs. S. R. Crenshaw, Mr. & Mrs. Rufus Putman, Mrs. Ruby Varnell – pictured – John Putman

Page 140
Ad – James Sewell District Judge-Pictured – Susan Smith, John Putman, Mike Russell, Terry Loftis, Phil Golden, Coach Smith & others

Page 141
Ads – Western Auto Store, Leland Kattner Owner; Ron’s One Stop, “Slaters Groceries”; First National Bank – Picture; Bowden’s Pharmacy; Woolworth Department Store

Page 142
Ad –
Mr. & Mrs. Drew Gillen honor granddaughter Sherri-pictured – Sherri Lynn Gillen

Page 143
Ads – Elliot & Olroyd Insurance; Frances Shop; Citizens State Bank; Clovis Haden Lumber; Shell’s Variety; Frost Manufactoring Co. – pictured – Group of B.G. Girls

Page 144
Ads – Lone Star Gas Company; Goodyear Service Store; Texas Power & Light – pictured – Kenna Sue Barham, Claire McGraw, Denise Melton

Page 145
Ad – Barry Farmer Gin-Noel Furra Owner-Pictured – Rose Childress, Kenna Sue Barham, Karen Cunningham

Page 146
Ad – Gillen Motors – pictured – C. L. Gillen, Sherri Lynn Gillen, Rose Childress

Page 147
Ad – B.G. Western Riders – pictured – President Sam Morton,  Sweetheart Karen Cunningham

Page 148
Ad – Mr. & Mrs. Jimmy Haggard honor their children – pictured – Royce Haggard class of ’66—Denise (Richards) Haggard & Rex Haggard, class of ’72—Robbie Haggard

Page 149
Ad – First State Bank – pictured – President Bobby L. Ralston, Annie Jordan, Nathan Kelly

Page 150
Ad –
Blake Gillen, BG Ins. Agency-Pictured – Sherri Lynn Gillen, Claire McGraw, Janie Angela Hinkle, Leah Barham

Page 151
Ad – Quality Food Store & Laundry – Pictured – Louester McGraw, Craig Ryno, Ricky McGraw, Donna McGraw, Debbie Lynn McGraw

Page 152
Ads – Holiday Inn; Joe Humphries Motors; Liberty Mutual Ins.

Page 153
Ad – Kenneth Logan Ins. Agency –Pictured – Seniors- Mark Watson, Homer Andrews, Phil Golden, Doyle Haws, Alan Gearheart, Mike Russell, Rex Haggard, Bill Page, Lynda Albert, Annie Jordan, Sue Williams, Wallace Collins, David Roberts, Denise (Richards) Haggard, Denise Melton, Kenna Sue Barham, Terry Loftis, Rose Childress, Janie Angela Hinkle, Claire McGraw, Tony Hatley, Brenda Pullin, Johnny Mendez

Page 154
Ads – A. & B. Fabric; Magee House; L. G. Balfour Company; Frank Seely & Son; Corsicana Cleaners & Laundry

Page 155
Ad –
Grove Beauty Shop – Mr. & Mrs. Charles D. Gillen Honor – Pictured – Sherri Lynn Gillen class of ’72—Larry Drew Gillen , Patti June Gillen

Page 156
Ads – F.C.& Maco Stewart Motor Co.; Blooming Grove Times; J. R. Patterson Pharmacy------Carroll Lee Saunder’s Food Store; Compliments of Seniors – Pictured – Teachers – Dorothy Martin, Debbie Piel, Jane Mann, Lorraine Carroll, Barbara Ralston, Anita Raymer, Ethel Wheeler; Town & Country Candy – Pictured – Johnny Mendez

Page 157
AD –
Wolf Brand Chili

Page 158
Ads –
Metzger’s Milk- Pictured – Bill Page, Mark Watson, Tony Hatley, Homer Andrews; B.G.H. S. Welcomes Rice Students – Pictured- Janice Mahaley, Joyce Mahaley, Sue Williams, Lynda Albert, Annie Jordan, & others

Page 159
Ad – E. O. Barham Grain – pictured – Blooming Grove Lion Football Team

Page 160
Ad – The Golden Motor Co. Honor Tim & Phil – Pictured- Top Row- Head Coach – Greg Bailey, Coach – Steve Watson, Donald Kelly, Steve Nicholson, John Putman, Eddy Collins, Billy Burleson, Mike Russell, Gussie Gee, Larry Drew Gillen, Marc Bryant, David Richards, Wesley Littleton, Coach – Smith; Middle Row – Manager – Sherman Putman, Craig Ryno, Phil Golden, David Tipping, Jerry Guthrie, Rodney Lusk, Terry Loftis, Tony Hatley, Mike Wisdom, Manager – Tim Golden, Bottom Row – Marcus Melton, Mike Jordan, Kelly Page, Mark Armstrong, Larry Hugh Gillen, Nathan Kelly, Larry Farish, Bobby Bradley, Terry Bowling, Danny Andrews, James Batson; Individual picture of – Phil Golden & Tim Golden

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