The 1977 Monarch
Year Book of Blooming Grove School
Navarro County Texas


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This page provided by Edward L. Williams & Diane Richards

Front Cover

Inside Left Cover
Seniors –
Mike Charters, Edward Fullerton, Charles “Chucky” Barham, Dusty Ledbetter, Marc McDonald, Kathy Wells, Baldomaro Ferrer, Kathy Gillen, Cheryl Loper, Diane Gonzalez, Ester Roberts, Connie Griggs, William Armstron

Inside Right Cover
Seniors – Connie Barnes, Lisa Colvard, Ricky Collier,  Bob Blake, Duane Melton, Kelly Russell, Howard Seely, Wanza Warren, Donna Smith, Debbie Batson, Donna Jones, Beverly (Moore) Seely, Allen Barham, Marc McDonald, Chris Tipping, Tom Harrison, Sherman Putman

Page 1
Monarch ’77 Volume XXXIV  Snap Shots – Top Left – Johanna Tipping& other  Bottom Left – Sharon Williams & others; Bottom Right – High School entrance, Randy Richards, Charlotte McGraw, Vikki Uselton, Karen Morgan, Sherry Uselton, Mark O’Rear & others

Page 2
Snap Shots – Top Right – Band Beau & Sweetheart, Doug Furra & Sherry Uselton      Bottom Left – Captains – Chris Tipping, Sherman Putman, Tom Harrison, Dusty Ledbetter  Bottom Right – James Atchley & Principal Don Nimmo

Page 3
Snap Shots – Top Left – Paula Sanches, Suzanne Hollifield, Robbie Haggard  Top Right – Kelly Russell Middle Left – Cheerleaders, Sharon Mathison, Donna Jones, Liz Andrews, Carol Armstrong, Karen Morgan  Bottom Left – Wanza Warren   Bottom Right – Gina Armstrong

Page 4
Snap Shots – Top Left –
Linda Ingram  Top Right – Homecoming Queen Cheryl Loper  Bottom Left – Belinda Armstrong & Robin Ralston; Bottom Right – Marlene Knapp & Lee Ann Missildine

Page 5
Snap Shots – Top Left –
Group of Kindergarten students   Top Right – Loren Gullatt, John McDaniel, Todd McGraw, Richard Bradley, James Prickett; Bottom – Football Sweetheart Donna Smith

Page 6
Snap Shots – Top Right –
Charlotte McGraw, Jimmy Guy Garrison & other  Bottom Left – Pam Boatman, Jackie (Phillips) Owen, Barbara Baston, Tena Hinkle, Cindy Williams, Karen Morgan, Randy Charters, Karen Seely, Bobbie Morris  Bottom Right – Kerry Christian, Ricky, McGraw, Roger Braddock

Page 7
Snap Shots – Top Left – Dusty Ledbetter & Coach Greg Bailey  Top Right – Robin Ralston & Sherry Uselton  Bottom Left – Howard  Seely; Bottom Right – Chartered bus to San Saba , Hazel Furra, Bobby Ralston, D. W. Springer, Peggy Russell, Virginia McGraw & others

Page 8
School Life – Snap shots -
#89 Elvin Faulk, #80 Roger Braddock, #69 William Armstrong, #43 Milton Collins, #4#87 Ricky Collier, # 38 Alec Hunt, Kelly Russell on crutches; Middle Right – Dusty Ledbetter

Page 9
Table of Contents – Snap Shots – Top Left – Ralph Castillo, Top Right – Betty Black  Middle Left – Dina Nimmo, Steve Armstrong, Amanda Jane “Mandy”, Richards, Johnny Gorden  Bottom – Randy Melton

Page 10
Math – Charlotte Harmon & Clark Jordan; Snap Shots – Middle Right – Ted Marr, Randy Richards, Wendell Warren, Rusty Potter  Bottom Left – Mrs. Charlotte Harmon, Chris  Tipping, Becky Marr, Sherry Moore, & others  Bottom right – Clark Jordan

Page 11
Language – Marilyn Smith, Betty (Brown) Hodges, Jane (Mann) Bailey; Snap Shots – Top Left – Marilyn Smith & Horace Neal,  Top right – Betty (Brown) Hodges  Middle Left – Ivy Holt, Duane May, Rhetta Gillen, Jimmy Guy Garrison, Tommy Stewart & Others  Middle Right – Milton Collins, Randy Springer, Sherry Moore, Earnest Walker; Bottom Right – Jane (Mann) Bailey

Page 12
Science – Barbara Ralston ( Business & Annual, Melba Coker (Health & Coach) , Ed Higgins( Biology, chemistry, Physical Science , Science  7 & 8, Coach), Gene Weaver ( Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science, Science 7 & 8, Coach); Snap Shots – Top Left – Gene Weaver  Top Right – Melba Coker  Bottom Left – Barbara Ralston  Bottom Right – Tim Hatley, Connie Barnes, Ed Higgins & others

Page 13
History – Keith Harmon ( History 7 & 8, Government 7 & World History), Greg Bailey (American History & Government 8 & Coach), Tom Stephenson (W. History,  Civics, Sociology & Psychology), Snap Shots Top Left – Keith Harmon, Top Right – Coach Greg Bailey, Center – Tom Stephenson

Page 14
Monarch staff – Top Left –  Class Editor – Donna Jones , Asst. Class Editor – Chris Griggs Top Right – Editor – Donna Smith; Bottom Left – Sports Editor – Howard Seely  Assistant Sports Editors – Betty Black & Lisa Colvard; Bottom Right – Personality Editor – Wanza Warren  Assistant Personality Editor – Diane Gonzalez

Page 15
Monarch Staff – Top – Business Manager –
Connie Barnes  Assistant Business Managers – Donna Furra & Tonja McGaha; Bottom Left – Activities Editor – Kathy Wells  assistant Activities Editor – Debbie Anderson; Bottom Right – Photographer- Monica McGraw  Copy Editor – Marc McDonald  Sponsor – Barbara Ralston

Page 16
Snap Shots- Top Right –
Tom Harrison escorting Home coming Queen Cheryl Loper  Bottom Left – Homecoming crowd

Page 17
Snap Shots – Top Left – Homecoming Queen -
Cheryl Loper Top Right – Runner up- Donna Smith & Donna Jones  Queen Cheryl Loper; Bottom Left – Bon fire, Sharon Mathison, Debra Mathison, Donna Morgan & others; Bottom Right – Coming Home Queen – Maxine (Hiler) Armstrong

Page 18
National Honor Society – Top Left –
Karen Melton, Gary Armstrong, Charles “Chucky” Barham, Doug Furra,  Lester Bailey, & others, Mrs. Betty Armstrong; Top right – Charlotte McGraw & Sherry Uselton; Middle – National Honor Group Picture; Bottom – Howard Seely, Lola Seely, Joyce Moore, Noel Furra & others

Page 19
Who’s Who – Top –
Monica McGraw, Sharon, Mathison, Donna Jones, Chris Tipping, Donna Smith; Middle Left – Chris Tipping, Howard Seely, Donna Smith, Donna Jones  Middle Right – Sharon Mathison, Milton Collins, Randy Springer, Monica McGraw  Bottom – Howard Seely, Milton Collins, Randy Springer

Page 20
Outstanding Students – Most Likely To Succeed – Donna Smith & Howard Seely; Most Representative – Kathy Wells & Kelly Russell; Bottom – Kelly Russell, Kathy Wells, Howard Seely, Donna Smith

Page 21
Special Honors – D.A.R. Good Citizen –
Donna Smith; Lion’s Club Good Citizens – Paula Johnson, Vikki Uselton, Monica McGraw, Milton Collins, Donna Smith, Ricky McGraw, Sharon Mathison, Chris, Tipping, Randy Springer, Donna Jones

Page 22
Friendliest – Wanza Warren & Lee Montgomery; Best Dressed – Liz Andrews & Ricky McGraw

Page 23
Mr. & Miss B.G.H.S –
Chris Tipping & Cheryl Loper; King & Queen of High School – Howard Seely & Beverly (Moore) Seely

Page 24
High School Coronation Group Picture – 7th Grade Princess
Alicia Frances Southard, Prince Randy Uselton, 8th Grade Princess Gina Armstrong; Prince Jimmy Guy Garrison, Freshman Princess – Bobbie Morris, Prince Jeff Henson, Sophomore Princess Sylvia Castillo, Prince; Gary Armstrong, Junior Princess Becky Marr, Prince James Atchley, Senior Princess Donna Smith, Prince Kelly Russell; Queen Beverly (Moore) Seely,  King Howard Seely , Senior Duchess Cheryl Loper, Duke Ricky Collier, Junior Duchess – Carol Armstrong, Duke Joey McClure,  Sophomore Duchess Laurie Saunders, Duke Doug Furra, Freshman Duchess Sherri Uselton, Duke Randy Richards, Eight Grade Duchess Karla Barham, Duke Herman Gorden, Seventh Grade Duchess – Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Duke Charles Barham; Top right – Announcers – Monica McGraw, Sherman Putman, Donna Jones

Page 25
Coronation Snap Shots – Top Left – Tena Hinkle & Eddie Moore  Top Right – Alec Hunt, Ralph Castillo, Chris Castillo, Elvin Faulk,  Background- Beverly (Moore) Seely, Bottom Left – Andy McAngus, Pam Hope, Earnest Walker, Marine Roberts; Bottom Right – Debra Miles, Nina Barham, Tammy Atchley---background – Sylvia Castillo, Gary Armstrong, Becky Marr, James Atchley, Donna Smith, Kelly Russell

Page 26
Jr. & Senior Honorees – Top Right- Senior Class Favorites – Chris Tipping & Kathy Wells; Top Left – Junior Class Coronation Representatives – James Atchley, Becky Marr, Carol Armstrong, Joey McClure; Bottom Right – Junior Class Favorites – Carol Armstrong & Randy Springer; Bottom  Left – Senior Class Coronation Representatives – Donna Smith & Kelly Russell – not shown Cheryl Loper & Ricky Collier

Page 27
Sophomore & Freshmen Honorees – Top Left – Freshmen Coronation Representatives –
Jeff Henson, Bobbie Morris, Sherri Uselton, Randy Richards; Middle Left – Sophomore Coronation Representatives – Gary Armstrong, Sylvia Castillo, Laurie Saunders, Doug Furra; Bottom Left – Sophomore Favorites – Ralph Castillo & Paula Johnson; Right -  Freshman Favorites – Chris Castillo & Donna McGraw

Page 28
Junior High Honorees – Top Right – 7th grade Favorites –
Randy Uselton & Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards; Bottom Right – 8th Grade Favorites – Gina Armstrong & Duane May; Top Left – 7th Grade Coronation Representatives – Randy Uselton, Alicia Frances Southard, Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Charles Barham; Bottom Left -8th Grade Coronation Representatives – Jimmy Guy Garrison, Gina Armstrong, Karla Barham, Herman Gorden

Page 29
Band – Bottom Right-Officers – President
- Vikki Uselton,  vice President – Sherry Moore, Secretary – William Armstrong, Director – Grady Barnes  Bottom Left – Band Beau & Sweetheart – Doug Furra & Sherry Uselton; Group Picture – Majorettes – Karen Melton, Paula Gillen, Head Vikki Uselton, Donna Furra, Drum Major – Sherry Moore; Front Row – Becky Marr, Penney Melton, Debra Mathison, Karen Seely, Melanie Russell, Rhetta Gillen, Tammy Thornton; Second Row – Belinda Armstrong, Donna Morgan, Alicia Frances Southard, Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Debbie McGraw, Lori Meek, Dina Nimmo, Tina Dobbins, Brad Ward, Robin Ralston, Sherri Uselton, Melanie McGraw, Leslie Prickett, Dennis Crecelius; Third Row- Lee Armstrong, Robert Prickett, Pete Gonzalez, Joni Murray, Debbie Northern, Rhonda Bryant, Charlotte McGraw, Donna Smith, Connie Barnes, William Armstrong, Randy Uselton, Tim Campbell, Doug Furra, Scott Ward, Back Row - Ted Marr, Tim McDonald, Johnny Gorden, Kathy Smotherman, Delia Ferrer, Marc McDonald, Charlie Barham, Jimmy Guy Garrison, Sharon Mathison, Karen Morgan, Liz Andrews, Allen Barham, Pam Hope, Janith Russell, Grady Barnes

Page 30
Stage Band – Front Row – Debra Mathison, Sherri Uselton, Allen Barham, Brad Ward, Robin Ralston, Liz Andrews, Donna Furra; Middle Row – Randy Uselton, Johnny Gorden, Doug Furra, David Armstrong, Jimmy Rodgers, Scott Ward, Back Row – Sharon Mathison, Vikki Uselton, Charlotte McGraw, Donna Smith, Connie Barnes, Debbie Northern, Lee Armstrong, Pete Gonzalez; Drum Major – Sherry Moore  Majorettes – Head Vikki Uselton, Paula Gillen, Donna Furra, Karen Melton; Snap Shot – Grady Barnes, Robin Ralston, Liz Andrews & others

Page 31
Piano Students – top row – Janith Russell, Doris Isaacs, Vikki Uselton, David Armstrong, Tracy McGaha, Sherri Uselton, Karen Seely, Sherry Williams, Nancy Mathison, Karen Morgan; 2nd row – Myra M’Lis Melton, Suzanne Hollifield, Patricia Ferrer, Donna Morgan, Kathy Smotherman, Delia Ferrer, Rhonda Bryant, Terri Gonzales, Dina Nimmo, Lynn Saunders, Penney Melton, Cassandra Burleson, Lisa Smith; 3rd row – Dawn Garrison, Dale Jordan, Lee Armstrong, Patti Bray, Terri McGraw, Johanna Tipping, Kim Bray, Debbie Warren, Dione Dawson, Teresa Thornton; Front Row – Tim Mathison, Lance Wright, Douglas Worley, Kyle Mitchell, Shelby Southard, Tracey Harris, Audra Thornton, Lori Gorden; Snap Shot – Vikki Uselton, Joni Murray, Robin Ralston, Sherri Uselton; Beginner Band – Front Row – Patricia Ferrer, Susan Arnold, Dawn Garrison, Dana Dawson; 2nd Row – Nancy Mathison, Myra M’Lis Melton, Johanna Tipping, Tracy Moore, Patti Bray, Kim Hiler, Dora Carrizales, LaDona Taylor, Debbie Warren, Sherry May, Rob Nimmo; 3rd Row – Todd McGraw, Lynn Saunders, Doris Isaacs, Evenia Reamy, Teddy Southard, Loren Gullatt (tuba), Lisa Meek, Lynda Batson, Dale Jordan, Dean Noland, Kevin Mitchell, Randy Gillen, Molly Gonzalez, Terri McGraw, Scott Tucker, John McDaniel; Back row – Cassandra Burleson, Rudy Barajas, Richard Bradley

Page 32
Class Officers – Top right – Seniors – President- Donna Smith, Vice President – Tom Harrison, Secretary – Wanza Warren; Treasurer- Howard Seely,  Reporter – Lisa Colvard; Top Left – Juniors – President – Joey McClure, Vice President – Joann Ewers, Secretary – Sharon Mathison, Treasurer –Gary Armstrong,  Reporter – Monica McGraw; Bottom – Sophomores – President- Mike Nelson, Vice President – Ricky McGraw, Secretary – Vikki Uselton; Treasurer –Tammy Atchley,  Reporter – Lee Montgomery

Page 33
Class Officers – Top –Freshmen – President-
Debra Mathison, Vice President –Karen Seely,  Secretary – Jimmy “Jimbo” Anderson; Treasurer-Odie Roberts,  Reporter – Jamey Tipping; Bottom – 8th Grade – President –Herman Gorden,  Vice President- Tommy Stewart, Secretary – Gina Armstrong, Treasurer – Rhonda Bryant, Reporter – Penney Melton; 7th Grade – President- Mark Barham, Vice President – Debbie McGraw, Secretary – Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards; Treasurer –Sherman Collins,  Reporter – Scott Ward

Page 34
Speech – Top Left –
Howard Seely   Top Right – Joann Ewers & Sharon Mathison  Bottom – Marilyn Smith; Members – Sharon Mathison, James Atchley, Howard Seely, Joann Ewers, Vernon May, Pam Hope, Marc McDonald, Betty Black, Alec Hunt, Earnest Walker, Cindy Williams, Marine Roberts

Page 35
Special Awards for Outstanding Students – Navarro County Youth Exposition –FHA- Donna Jones, Emhouse 4-H – Paula Gillen, FFA- Gary Nelson; Family Leader of Tomorrow – Howard Seely

Page 36
FHA – Top Left – Sponsor-
Carolyn Hill, Vice President Laurie Saunders, Debbie Batson; Top Right – 5th Vice President – Tonja McGaha, Reporter – Paula Johnson, Secretary – Carol Armstrong, 2nd Vice President – Wanza Warren; President – Donna Jones; HECE – Betty Black, Beverly (Moore) Seely, Connie Griggs, Kathy Gillen, LuAnn Johnston, Chris Griggs

Page 37
–Top Left – Historian – Debbie Anderson, Parliamentarian – Donna Furra, 4th Vice President – Sharon Mathison, Treasurer – Betty Black; Bottom Left – FHA Beau – Tom Harrison; Bottom Right – Chapter Mother – Bonnie Mathison; Advisor – Dorothy Martin     Advisor – Carolyn Hill

Page 38
FHA – Top Left – President –
Randy Springer, Vice President – Sherman Putman, Secretary – Kelly Russell; Top Right – Co-op President- Kelly Russell & Sweetheart – Vikki Uselton; Bottom – James Atchley, Baldamaro Ferrer, Mike Bryant, Gary Nelson, James Moore, Bob Blake, William Armstrong, Tim Bowling, Charles; “Chucky” Barham, Sherman Putman, David Peters, Dusty Ledbetter

Page 39
FFA Co-op – President –Kelly Russell, Vice President – Gary Nelson, Treasurer –Randy Springer,  Sentinel – Joey McClure, Secretary – Sherman Putman, Reporter – Tammy Atchley, Sweetheart – Vikki Uselton; Advisors – Ralph Page & Lewis Mathison; Snap shot – Sherman Putman & Duane Melton

Page 40
Varsity Football Team – Kneeling –
Randy Springer, Eddie Moore, Tom Harrison, Ricky McGraw,  (partly on page 40 & 41 Gregory Williams); Back Row – Coach Greg Bailey, Kelly Russell, Joey McClure, Doug Furra, Elvin Faulk; Captains – Tom Harrison, Chris Tipping, Dusty Ledbetter

Page 41
Varsity Football Team – Kneeling –
(partly on page 40 & 41 Gregory Williams)  William Armstrong, Roger Braddock, Ricky Collier, Duane Melton; Back Row – Sherman Putman, Milton Collins, Alec Hunt, Chris Tipping, Earnest Walker; Captains – Kelly Russell, Sherman Putman; Coaches to Left – Clark Jordan & Greg Bailey   Coaches to Right – Gene Weaver & Ed Higgins

Page 42
Varsity Football Team –
William Armstrong, Roger Braddock, Ricky Collier, Milton Collins, Elvin Faulk, Doug Furra, Tom Harrison, Alec Hunt, Joey McClure, Ricky McGraw; Football Sweetheart – Donna Smith

Page 43
Snap Shots – Top Left – Coach Clark Jordan & Chris Tipping  Middle left – Milton Collins  Bottom Left – Duane Melton; Right – Injured Kelly Russell, Charlie Uselton, Ken Bradley, Harold Don McGraw, Don Nimmo

Page 44
Varsity Football Team –
Duane Melton, Kelly Russell, Sherman Putman, Eddie Moore, Randy Springer, Dusty Ledbetter; Snap shots – Left – Chris Tipping, Milton Collins, Duane Melton; Bottom – Duane Melton; Top right –Randy Springer, Sherman Putman, Alec Hunt; Bottom Right – Chris Tipping being loaded into ambulance

Page 45
Varsity Football Team –
Chris Tipping, Earnest Walker, Gregory Williams, Jimmy “Jimbo” Anderson, Gary Armstrong, Lester Bailey, Odie Roberts; Snap Shots – Top – Milton Collins & Gregory Williams  Middle – Chris Tipping; Bottom - #68 Alec Hunt, #72 Joey McClure, #80 Roger Braddock, #89 Elvin Faulk & others watch as Chris Tipping is being loaded into ambulance

Page 46
Varsity Lions –
Tim Butler, Jamey Tipping, Mike Nelson, Rusty Potter, Tim Campbell, Brad Ward; Snap Shots – Top Left – Gregory Williams  Top Right – Ricky McGraw  Bottom – Chris Tipping & Joey McClure

Page 47
Snap Shots –
Gregory Williams & Duane Melton  Bottom – Milton Collins  Top Right – Betty Black, Tonja McGaha, Debbie Anderson, Donna Jones, Laurie Saunders, Debbie Batson  Bottom Right – picture of season’s score board

Page 48
Cheerleaders – Head Sharon Mathison, Donna Jones, Karen Morgan; Group picture – Head Sharon Mathison, Karen Morgan, Carol Armstrong, Mascot Wanza Warren, Liz Andrews, Donna Jones; Snap Shot – Karen Morgan, Carol Armstrong, Sharon Mathison, Donna Jones, Liz Andrews

Page 49
Cheerleaders –
Liz Andrews, Carol Armstrong, Mascot Wanza Warren; Most Lion Spirit – Sharon Mathison & Tom Harrison; Junior Varsity Cheerleaders – Debra Mathison, Charlotte McGraw, Donna McGraw, Debbie Northern, Silvia Castillo

Page 50
All District – Top Left – All District Defense –
Randy Springer, Joey McClure, Chris Tipping; Top Right – All District Offense – Milton Collins & Chris Tipping; Bottom Left – Honorable Mention Denfense – Milton Collins, Earnest Walker, Tom Harrison; Bottom Right – Honorable Mention Offense – Joey McClure, Duane Melton, William Armstrong

Page 51
Bottom Left – All District Offense – Randy Springer, Sherman Putman, Dusty Ledbetter; Most Athletic – Linda Ingram & Milton Collins; All District Volleyball – Linda Ingram

Page 52
Girls Basketball Team –
Robin Ralston, Karen Melton, Bonnie Morris, Karen Seely, Sherri Uselton, Debra Mathison, Sharon Mathison, Donna Jones, Vikki Uselton, Donna Furra, Carol Armstrong, Charlotte McGraw, Karen Morgan  (not pictured Linda Ingram) Coach – Melba Coker; Managers – Tonja McGaha & Wanza Warren; Snap Shots – top left – Coach Melba Coker, Sharon Mathison, Robin Ralston  Top Right – Sherri Uselton

Page 53
Girls BasketBall – Carol Armstrong, Donna Furra, Bonnie Morris, Donna Jones; Snap Shots – Right – Donna Jones   Bottom – Sharon Mathison & Robin Ralston

Page 54
Girls Basketball –
Debra Mathison, Sharon Mathison, Linda Ingram, Vikki Uselton; Snap Shots – Top – Sherri Uselton,  Donna Jones, Carol Armstrong; Middle – Carol Armstrong, Donna Jones, Sherri Uselton    Bottom – Donna Furra

Page 55
Girls Basketball –
Robin Ralston, Karen Morgan, Karen Melton, Karen Seely, Sherri Uselton, Charlotte McGraw; Snap Shots – Top – Joey McClure, Kelly Russell, Billy Sullivan   Right – Tonja McGaha  Bottom Right – Sharon Mathison; Bottom Left – Donna Furra, Carol Armstrong, Sherri Uselton

Page 56
Boys Basket Ball – Snap Shots – Top Left -
Roger Braddock, Elvin Faulk, Horace Neal  Top Right – Gary Armstrong; Bottom – Elvin Faulk & Milton Collins

Page 57
Boys Basketball – Gary Armstrong, Roger Braddock, Milton Collins, Elvin Faulk; Snap Shot – Elvin Faulk; Team – Lee Montgomery, Kelly Russell, Roger Braddock, Earnest Walker, Anthony Williams, Milton Collins, Elvin Faulk, Billy Sullivan, Gregory Williams, Chris Tipping, Horace Ray Neal, Randy Richards, Gary Armstrong; Manager – Joey McClure; Coach – Ed Higgins

Page 58
Snap Shots – Top – Milton Collins; Bottom Left – Horace Ray Neal, Coach Ed Higgins, Elvin Faulk, Gary Armstrong; Bottom Right – Horace Ray Neal

Page 59
Boys Basketball Team –
Lee Montgomery, Randy Richards, Billy Sullivan, Earnest Walker, Anthony Williams, Gregory Williams (not pictured Horace Neal, Chris Tipping, Kelly Russell) Snap Shot – Left – Elvin Faulk; Right – Milton Collins & Elvin Faulk

Page 60
Boys Basket Ball Snap Shots – Top – Cedric Nelson  Bottom Left – Gary Armstrong & Ricky McGraw; Bottom Right – Wendell Warren & Tammy Atchley

Page 61
Top Snap Shot –
Coach Gene Weaver & Doug Furra; Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Team –Back row- Manager – Donna McGraw, Back Row – Terry Gonzales, Carolyn Felder, Tammy Atchley, Becky Marr, Melanie Russell, Belinda Armstrong, Alice Hawkins, Paula Gillen, Coach – Melba Coker; Front Row – Debbie Anderson, Bobbie Morris, Brenda Fields, Debbie Northern, Paula Johnson, Liz Andrews, Lynette Mongomery; Snap Shot – Tim Campbell & Randy Borgeson; Junior Varsity Boys Basketball Team – Back Row – Ricky McGraw, Doug Furra, Jamey Tipping, Gary Armstrong, Ted Marr, Coach –Gene Weaver; Front Row – Jeff Henson, Brad Strickland, Odie Roberts, Mike Dickens, Jimmy “Jimbo” Anderson

Page 62
Snap Shots – Top Right – Eric & Kyle Richards; Bottom Right – Charlotte McGraw & Sherri Uselto

Page 63
Snap Shots – Top –
Randy Melton  Bottom Left – J. T. Cavender & Bobby Armstrong  Right – Herman Gorden

Page 64
Girls Volleyball Team – Top – Manager –
Wanza Warren, Vikki Uselton, Donna Jones, Sharon Mathison, Linda Ingram Belinda Armstrong, Coach Melba Coker; Front Row – Karen Melton, Becky Marr, Carol Armstrong, Karen Morgan, Robin Ralston; Snap Shots – Top Left – Karen Melton, Karen Morgan, Carol Armstrong, & others  Bottom right – Robin Ralston; Bottom left – Carol Armstrong, Sharon Mathison, Karen Morgan & others

Page 65
Tennis – Top
– Connie Barnes    Right – Duane May  Bottom – Liz Andrews; Coach – Melba Coker

Page 66
Snap shots – Top –
Penney Melton & Donna McGraw    Top right – Tom Harrison   Bottom Left – Kathy Wells & Lisa Colvard; Bottom right – Wayne Minatra

Page 67
Snap shots – Top –
Sherman Putman & Mike Charters  Bottom Left – Debra Miles & Tom Stevenson  Bottom Right – Betty (Brown) Hodges

Page 68
Jr High Football Team – Back Row – Coach Gene Weaver, Manager – Kim Kindrick, Willl Watkins, Johnny Gorden, Jimmy Guy Garrison, Jimmy Rogers, David Armstrong, Tommy Stewart, Sherman Collins, Robert Melton,  Managers – Donny Williford & Robert Toten; Middle Row – Chuck Owens, David Gantt, Richard Castillo, Randy Uselton, Steve Armstrong, Duane May, Lee Armstrong, Zelmo Davis Cedric Nelson; Front Row – Perry Don Borgeson, John David Johnston, Charlie Allen, Freddie McGraw, Brad Barham, Mark Barham, Dale Jordan, Scott Ward, Mark Batson, Dennis Crecelius; Snap Shots – Top Left –#36  Sherman Collins, # 17 Jimmy Guy Garrison, Right - #47 Randy Uselton, #44 Steve Armstrong, #67 David Armstrong; Bottom Left – Jimmy Guy Garrison, #44 Steve Armstrong & others

Page 69
Jr. High Cheerleaders – Top –
Rhonda Bryant, Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Gina Armstrong, Alicia Frances Southard, Penney Kay Melton; Middle left – Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Rhonda Bryant, Penney Kay Melton, Gina Armstrong, Alicia Frances Southard; Bottom Left – Gina Armstrong, Alicia Frances Southard, Rhonda Bryant, Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Penney Kay Melton; Bottom Right – Alicia Frances Southard, Rhonda Bryant, Gina Armstrong, Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Penney Kay Melton

Page 70
Jr High Girls Basket Ball – Front Row –
Tammy Thornton, Delia Ferrer, Gina Armstrong, Donna Morgan, Debbie McGraw, Penney Melton, Lynda Batson; Middle Row – Manager – Debbie Larremore, Kim Meek, Janith Russell, Joni Murray, Teresia Colvard, Ivy Holt, Rhonda Bryant, Rhetta Gillen, Dina Nimmo, Coach – Melba Coker; Back Row – Dawn Butler, Karla Barham (listed in error as Karen), Alicia Frances Southard, Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Denise Christian; Jr High Boys Basketball – Back Row – Steve Armstrong, Will Watkins, Cedric Nelson, Tommy Stewart, David Armstrong, Jimmy Guy Garrison, Johnny Gorden, Coach – Gene Weaver; Front Row – John David Johnston, Randy Uselton, Mark Barham, Freddy McGraw, Dennis Crecelius

Page 71
Elementary Coronation – top left – Angie Bradley  Top Right – Richard Sagebiel  Middle Right – Queen – Cynthia Southard King –Kyle Wayne Richards; Looking on is Misty McGraw, Keitha Smith & Brett Reagan; Bottom – King – Kyle Wayne Richards Queen – Cynthia Ann Southard; Attendants – Misti Nicholson & McGraw & Misty McGraw; Members of Court were – Kindergarten- Cynthia Ann Southard & Kyle Wayne Richards,  First – Sheila Nicholson & Terry Harris; Second – Keith Smith & Brett Reagan Third – Linda Derden & Scott McGraw  Fourth – Audra Thornton & Glenn Russell; Fifth – Kim Hiler & Randy Gillen Sixth – Susan Arnold, Dean Nolen, Tracy Moore, Scott Morris

Page 72
School Records  - Top Left – Dusty Ledbetter  Top Right – Lisa Colvard & Bonnie Morris  Left – Sherman Putman; Bottom – Snow at school

Page 73
Top Left – (Top -
Steve Worsham & others  Top right- Janice Tipping & students – Left – Kyle Mitchell, Bottom – Eric Wendell Richards looks up to; Teacher, Margie (Watson) Donohue )     Bottom – High School Band in Action

Page 74
Administration - Superintendent – Charlie Uselton  President of School Board – Harold Don McGraw; School Board Members left to right – Alva Lynn Smith, Jimmy Nicholson, Ken Bradley, Wayne Nelson, J. K. Melton, Richard Saunders

Page 75
Administration – Top left High School Principal –
Don Nimmo   Top Right-Elementary Principal – Alma Bridges; Bottom Left – Tax Collector – Doris Ray            Bottom Right – Secretary – Virginia (Trussell) McGraw

Page 76
Seniors –
William Armstrong, Allen Barham, Charles “Chuck” Barham, Connie Barnes, Debbie Batson, Bob Blake, Mike Charters; Snap Shot – Mike Charters, Donna Smith, Wanza Warren, Beverly (Moore) Seely

Page 77
Seniors –
Ricky Collier, Lisa Colvard, Baldamaro Ferrer, Edward Fullerton, Kathy Gillen, Diane Gonzalez, Connie Griggs, Tom Harrison

Page 78
Seniors –
Luann Johnston, Donna Jones, Dusty Ledbetter, Cheryl Loper, Marc McDonald, Duane Melton, Eddie Moore, Sherman Putman; Snap Shot – Eddie Moore, Ricky Collier, Tom Harrison, Sherman Putman, Bob Blake, Edward Fullerton; Bottom right – Charles “Chuck” Barham, Dusty Ledbetter, William Armstrong

Page 79
Seniors –
Ester Roberts, Kelly Russell, Beverly (Moore) Seely, Howard Seely, Donna Smith, Chris Tipping, Wanza Warren, Kathy Wells

Page 80
Senior Snap Shots – Top –
Donna Jones, Kathy Wells, Wanza Warren & other  Top Left – Edward Fullerton & Mike Charters; Middle Right – Charles “Chuck” Barham & Kelly Russell  Bottom right – Allen Barham; Bottom Left – Duane Melton, Sherman Putman, Tom Harrison

Page 81
Senior Snap Shots – Top Left –
Connie Barnes   Top Right – Chris Tipping & Lisa Colvard  Bottom right – Eddie Moore; Bottom Left – Cheryl Loper, Kathy Gillen, Diane Gonzalez, Connie Griggs, Ester Roberts, Marc McDonald, Baldamaro Ferrer; Howard Seely

Page 82
Juniors – Debbie Anderson, Carol Armstrong, Gary Armstrong, James Atchley, Kathy Barham, Barbara Baston, Betty Black, Pam Poatman, Tim Bowling; Snap Shots – Top – Gary Nelson  Bottom – Joey McClure , Paula Gillen, Earnest Walker

Page 83
Juniors –
Roger Braddock, Mike Bryant, Simon Carrizales, Kerry Christian, Danny Coffey, Milton Collins, John Davis, Joann Ewers, Carolyn Felder, Donna Furra, Paula Gillen, Chris Griggs, Dan Harwell, Tim Hatley, Keith Herod, Alec Hunt; Snap Shots – Bottom Left – Joey McClure, Mike Nelson, Sherry Moore, Wayne Minatra, Danny Coffey, Paula McClure, & others; Bottom Right – Jackie (Phillips) Owen

Page 84
Juniors –
Becky Marr, Sharon Mathison, Tonja McGaha, Monica McGraw, Wayne Minatra, James Moore, Sherry Moore; Snap Shots – Top Left – Alec Hunt & Milton Collins; Top right – Pam Boatman  Bottom Right – Kerry Christian; Bottom Left – James Atchley, Betty Black, Tim Bowling, Donna Furra, Roger Braddock, Kerry Christian, Joann Ewers

Page 85
Juniors –
Horace Ray Neal, Gary Nelson, Debbie Owen, Jackie (Phillips) Owen, George Reynolds, Debbie Smith, Randy Springer, Billy Sullivan, JoAnn Territo, Earnest Walker, Cindy Williams, Gregory Williams; Snap Shots – Top Left – James Atchley, Milton Collins, Gary Nelson  Bottom Left -  Donna Furra & Carol Armstrong; Bottom Right – Sherry Moore

Page 86
Sophomores –
Barbara Anderson, Liz Andrews, Becky Armstrong, Belinda Armstrong, Gary Armstrong, Tammy Atchley, Lester Bailey, Nina Barham, Janette Barkley, Dana Bell, Tim Butler, Ralph Castillo, Silvia Castillo, Ysidro Castillo, Sandra Derden, Mike Dickens, Greg Dyess, Elvin Faulk, Donna Fullerton, Doug Furra, Janice Gillentine, Cindy Hancock, Tena Hinkle, Cathy Ingram, Linda Ingram, Bobby Isaacs, Paula Johnson, Vernon May, Tim McDonald, Tracy McGaha

Page 87
Sophomores – Ricky McGraw, Benny Melton, Karen Melton, Randy Melton, Debra Miles, Robert Milne, Lee Montgomery, Karen Morgan, Bonnie Morris, Mike Nelson, Debbie Northern, Mark O’Rear, Robin Ralston, Marine Roberts, Laurie Saunders, Brad Strickland, Randy Sykes, Joey Territo, Vikki Uselton, Jimmy Vaclavik, Anthony Williams, Wayne Williams; Snap Shots – Left – Tammy Atchley & Liz Andrews   Right – Wayne Williams, Linda Ingram, Cathy Ingram, Randy Melton, Tammy  Atchley, Paula Johnson

Page 88
Freshmen –
Jimmy Anderson, Mattie Anderson, Ben Anthony, Delores Barham, Odell Baston, Sherrie Batson, Tammy Blissett, Randy Borgeson; Tim Campbell, Nancy Charters, Randy Charters, Chris Castillo, Tina Dobbins, Regina Ebbinga, Jimmy Edwards, Danny Ferrer, Brenda Fields, Terri Gonzales, Brenda Griggs, Alice Hawkins, Jeff Henson, Pam Hope, Wendy Ledbetter, Ted Marr, Debra Mathison, Ronnie McGaha, Charlotte McGraw, Donna McGraw

Page 89
Freshmen – Darrell McIntosh, Lynette Montgomery, Bobbie Morris, Patti Parr, David Peters, Rusty Potter, Clay Reamy, Randy Richards, Odie Roberts, Melanie Russell, Karen Seely, Jamey Tipping, Sherri Uselton, Larry Villarreal, Brad Ward, Tammy Whiteley, Sharon Williams, Wendell Warren, Ray Williford; Snap Shots -  Top – Donna McGraw   Middle – Delores Barham & Pam Hope   Right – Sharon Williams & Charlotte McGraw

Page 90
Eighth Grade –Synthia Allen, David Armstrong, Gina Armstrong, Karla Barham, Ruby Baston, Gary Batson, Lynda Batson, Teena Blissett, Rhonda Bryant, JoAnn Burnett, Dawn Butler, Christine Carrizales, Darlene Carrizales, Denise Christian, Eric Coleman, Karen Connally, Zelmo Davis, Delia Ferrer, Timothy Ferrer, Jimmy Guy Garrison, Rhetta Gillen, Frank Gonzalez, Pete Gonzalez, Herman Gorden, Johnny Gorden, Ivy Holt, Kim Johnson, Timothy Kindrick, Owen Knapp, Debbie Larremore, Duane May, Regina McGraw, Kim Meek, Lisa Meek, Lori Meek, Penney Melton, Joni Murray, Cedric Nelson, Calvin Prickett, Evenia Reamy, Jimmy Rogers, Janith Russell, Cathy Smotherman, Tommy Stewart, Donald Williford; Snap Shots – Top – Penney Melton       Bottom - Herman Gorden & Rhonda Bryant

Page 91
Seventh Grade – Charles Allen, Lee Armstrong, Steve Armstrong, Brad Barham, Charles Barham, Mark Barham, Sherry Barham, Mark Batson, Perry Don Borgeson, John Burnett, Richard Castillo, Sherman, Collins, Teresia Colvard, Dennis Crecelius, Tammy  Dunston, Kevin Ervin, George Gantt, Rae Jeana Gullatt, Doris Isaacs, John David Johnston, Dale Jordan, Debbie McGraw, Freddy McGraw, Melonie McGraw, Robert Melton, Timothy Miles, Donna Morgan, Terry Nevels, Dina Nimmo, Charles Owens, Robert Prickett, Steve Rawson, Amanda Jane “Mandy” Richards, Alicia Frances Southard, Tammy Thornton, Robert Toten, Randy Uselton, Scott Ward, William Watkins, Sherry Williams; Snap Shots – Top – Mark Barham & Debbie McGraw; Bottom – Perry Don Borgeson & Dale Jordan

Page 92
Faculty – Special Education – Janice Allen, Librarian – Lorraine Carroll, Special Education – Sharon Cole, Remedial Reading – Adela Flores; Special Education Counselor – Linda Green, Special Education – Vickie Kirk; Snap Shots – left – Henry Aragon, Nick Caldwell, Chris Collins    Right – Michael Smith, Douglas Worley, Charles Walker

Page 93
Aides –
Joyce Moore & Ann Nimmo, Migrant Teacher – Jean Pierce, Aide – Patsy (Farmer) Smith; Aide – Mary Springer       Speech Pathologist – Becky Weaver; Top Snapshot – Custodian – Ray Loren Dunaway  Lunchroom – Clara (Collier) McGraw, Viola (Barton) Ward, Opel Eddlemon

Page 94
Sixth Grade –
Susan Arnold, Elvira Barajas, Harold Barham, Loretta Baston, Terry Blissett, Richard Bradley, Cassondra Burleson, James Burnett, Roy Cantu, Dora Carrizales, Angie Castillo, David Castillo, Latricia DeChaume, Ernie Ferrer, Patricia Ferrer, Steven Gomez, Tim Gonzales, Loren Gullatt, Robbie Haggard, Suzanne Hollifield, Marlene Knapp, Jeff Larremore, Nancy Mathison, John McDaniel, Todd McGraw, Myra M’Lis Melton, Paula Melton, Lee Ann Missildine, Tracy Moore, Scott Morris, Dean Nolen, James Prickett, Paula Sanches, Glenn Saunders, Lynn Saunders, Lisa Smith, Johanna Tipping, Scott Tucker, Javier Villarreal, Ann Walker, Mary Warren, Lutricia Watkins; Teachers – Alma Bridges & George Brown

Page 95
Fifth Grade –
Janet Atchley, Rudy Barajas, Patti Bray, Dan Butler, Cathy Cantrell, Vera Collins, Dana Dawson, Sandra DeChaume, Johnnie Derden, Wade Derden, Jody Dunston, Mike Elliott, Dawn Garrison, Randy Gillen, Molly Gonzalez, Lisa Gorden, Kim Hiler, Belinda Massey, Sherry May, Terri McGraw, Kevin Mitchell, Tim Nicholson, Rob Nimmo, Kenneth Scott, Ted Southard, Troy Swift, LaDonna Taylor, Debbie Warren; Teacher – Merle Floyd; Snap shots – Left – Dan Butler  Right – Patti Bray, Tim Nicholson, Mike Elliott, Lisa Gorden, Kevin Mitchell,  & others

Page 96
Fourth Grade – Dana Austin, Leonard Barham, Sammie Bass, Dawn Boyd, Warren Caldwell, Nancy Carrizales, Walter Elliott, Jennifer Elmore, Kathy Ferrer, Kevin Gentry, Lisa Gomez, Tracey Harris, Kevin Kindrick, Keith Krauter, Toni Larremore, Tim Mathison, Shelly McDonald, Jessica McGraw, Robbie Miles, Kyle Mitchell, Bobby Nevels, Mona Ralston, Glynn Russell, Terry Slater, Shelby Southard, Audra Thornton, Teresa Thornton, Chinessa Walker, Steve Warren, Tanya Williams; Teacher – Janice Tipping; Snap Shots – Top – Lisa Gomez, Kevin Gentry, & others  Left – Mona Ralston

Page 97
Third Grade – Ace Armstrong, Teresa Barajas, Charles Barham, Terry Brunett, Helen Caldwell, Sonny Caldwell, Mary Carrizales, Robert Castillo, Dione Dawson, Linda Derden, Jannessa Dover, Gwen Edmerson, Otelia Elliott, Windy Glenn, Domingo Gonzalez, Michael Hiler, Leslie James, Beverly Johnson, Donald Kindrick, Tracey McDonald, Jeff McGraw, Scott McGraw, Billy Murray, Tammie Prickett, Stacy Reamy, Michael Smith, Tim Sullivan, Agatha Taylor, Charles Walker, Robbie Warren, Betty Jo Willhelm, Torri Williams, Douglas Worley, David Worsham, Lance Wright, Bill Youngblood; Teacher – Lula Carroll; Snap Shots – Top – Michael Smith   Bottom – David Worsham

Page 98
Second Grade – Jay Scott Armstrong, Gumaro Barajas, Charlie Barham, Daisy Barham, Shannon Boatman, David Bowling, Renee Bradley, Kim Bray, David Caldwell, John Carrizales, Michael Castillo, Anthony Daniels, Rosalinda Diaz, Renee Garza, Paula Gill, Teresa Gordan, Lori Gorden, Melissa Gorden, Dywane Griffith, Deanna Howard, Stephen Johnston, Donald Massey, Kathryn McDonald, Tina McDonald, Brett Melton, Jon Mershawn, Steve Morgan, Janet Peters, Charles Ray, Brett Reagan, Eric Wendell Richards, Keitha Smith, David Stewart, Arlette Taylor, Coy Wilhoite, Dennis Willhelm, Teresa Williford; Teacher – Margie (Watson) Donahue; Snap Shots – Top – Brett Melton & Jay Scott Armstrong  Bottom – Eric Wendell Richards

Page 99
First Grade – Henry Aragon, Darren Boyd, Angie Bradley, Rhonda Brewer, Billy Caldwell, Nick Caldwell, Patti Carroll, Lisa Cathey, Chris Collins, Paula DeChaume, Bart Dunaway, Jo Ann Diaz, Teresa Dunston, Johnny Gill, Amber Haden, Terry Harris, Karon Hestand, David Hill; Jennifer Hooks, Tina Johnson, Paul Krauter, Robbie McCarter, Stacy McGraw, Melissa McSpadden, Daryn Meek, Toni Morris, Nikki Nicholson, Sheila Nicholson, Richard Sagebiel, Leslie Scott, Mary Ann Southard, Trae Southard, Tammy Sullivan, Billy Don Thornton, Edward Villareal, Grady Watkins, Brian Worley, Steven Worsham; Teacher – Linda Riggs; Snap Shots – Left – Daryn Meek & Billy Don Thornton  Right – Edward Villareal

Page 100
Kindergarten – Natalie Bowling, Nathan Bowling, Roosevelt Brewer, Craig Briggs, Helen Diaz, Joe Diaz, Candace Edmerson, Matt Elmore, Jason Farish, Garland Gantt, Will Gibson, Eddie Harmon, Stephanie Hill, Matt Hodges, Wendy Jackson, Amy Johnston, Craig Kindrick, Cindy Maggard, Buffy Mahone, Gary McCall, Jr., Michael McCarter, Ginger McGraw, Raymond McGraw, Chris Melton, Becky Nevill, Matt Nolen, Teresa Rains, Kyle Wayne Richards, Allan Smith, Sonia Solomon, Cynthia Ann Southard, Gregory Watkins, Chris Webb, Jenny Wilhelm, Tracy Williams, Sue Yeldell, Sherri Youngblood; Teacher – Bonnie Mathison; Snap Shots – Left – Helen Diaz  

Page 101
Ad – Garrison Insurance – pictured – Jimmy Guy, Dawn, John Dee Garrison

Page 102
Ad –
McNally Sweet-Briar Simmental Ranch – pictured – Connie Barnes & an Irish imported Simmental

Page 103
Ads –
Taco Bell – picture of Taco Bell------------Dick McMinn Gulf Station –pictured – Dick McMinn & Station; B.G. Insurance – pictured – Tom Harrison & Wanza Warren

Page 104
Ads –
Emhouse Fram Cneter –pictured – Ricky Collier & Karen Morgan ------------Dr. Pepper Bottling Co – pictured – Donna Jones & Chris Tipping; Fortson’s General Store – pictured – Cindy Williams & Chris Griggs

Page 105
Ad – Butler Electric – Pictured – Danny, Tim, Dawn Butler

Page 106
Ads –
Beall’s Dept Store – pictured – Liz Andrews & Carol Armstrong; Compliments of : Chattanooga Glass, Cason’s Florist, Rickety Rack, Chick Reed Real Estate, Hand’s Furniture, Navarro County Sports Center, Corsicana Lumber Co., H. & W. Hardware, Ellington Plumbing Co., Bill’s Fried Chicken, Tom White Chevrolet, Reid’s Pharmacy

Page 107
Ads –
Lone Star Gas – pictured – Randy Richards ----------Park Lanes Bowling Alley – pictured  – Wanza Warren & Debbie Anderson; KAND – pictured – DJ Keith Richards & Lisa Colvard

Page 108
Ad – Barry Co-op Gin, Manager Noel Furra – pictured – Doug & Donna Furra

Page 109
Ads –
Humbert’s Hickory House – pictured – Howard Seely; Compliments of Daddy Drew Gillen – pictured – Belinda Armstrong, Becky Marr, Sherry Moore, Paula Gillen; The Wet Spot – pictured – Alec Hunt & Jimmy Vaclavik

Page 110
Ads – Ramsey Mattress -  picture of Sign; The New Corner Drug – pictured – Eric Coleman; The Corsicana Daily Sun – pictured – Debbie Northern, Carol Armstrong, Joey McClure

Page 111
Ad – The First State Bank of Rice – pictured – Dan Harwell, Roger Braddock, James Atchley

Page 112
Ad –
Logan Insurance Agency – pictured – Marc McDonald

Page 113
Ads –
K. Wolens – pictured – Penney Melton, Gina Armstrong, Rhonda Bryant; Frank Seely & Son – pictured – Loran & Karen Seely; Jim Stephenson’s Rexall Pharmacy – pictured – Kelly Russell

Page 114
Ads –Roderick’s Cleaners – picture of Cleaners Van; Collin Street Bakery – pictured – Sharon Mathison & Debbie Smith; Moore’s Mobil Service Station – pictured – James & Eddie Moore

Page 115
Ad – First State Bank of Blooming Grove – pictured – Robin & Mona Ralston

Page 116
Ads –
Nelson Ranch – pictured – Gary & Mike Nelson; Texas Power & Light – pictured – Monica McGraw; Compliments of:  Hutson Auto Supply, Northern Propane Gas Co, J. M. Dyer Co, Majors & McLaughlin, Crowley’s Appliance, Bowden’s Pharmacy, Builder’s Supply Co, Louis Shwartz Cotton Co., Frost Feed Co., Stroube Implement, Holiday Inn

Page 117
Ads – Regal Tool and Rubber Co – picture of plant; D. & O. Implement  - pictured – Cheryl Loper

Page 118
Ad –
Wolf Brand Chili – pictured – Donna Jones, Karen Melton, Tonja McGaha, Connie Barnes

Page 119
Ads –
State National Bank – pictured – Chris Griggs; The Williams’ Gin – pictured – Betty Black & Pam Boatman

Page 120
Ads – Furniture Barn – pictured – Debra Mathison; Hungry Hobo – pictured – Kathy Wells & Janette Barkley; Lynch’s Grocery – pictured – Monica McGraw

Page 121
Ad –
Bradley Ambulance – pictured – Renee, Richard, Angie Bradley & Bradley Ambulance

Page 122
Ads –
Corsicana Federal Savings & Loan – pictured – Tonja McGaha; Deb’s Doll House; B.G. Lumber Co,; Bowden’s Pharmacy; Blooming Grove P.T.A.

Page 123
Ad –
Quality Food Store – pictured – Donna, Debbie & Ricky McGraw

Page 124
Ad –
Southard Bros. Service Station

Inside Left Cover
Seniors –
Mike Charters, Edward Fullerton, Charles “Chucky” Barham, Dusty Ledbetter, Marc McDonald, Kathy Wells, Baldomaro Ferrer, Kathy Gillen, Cheryl Loper, Diane Gonzalez, Ester Roberts, Connie Griggs, William Armstron

Inside Right Cover
Seniors – Connie Barnes, Lisa Colvard, Ricky Collier,  Bob Blake, Duane Melton, Kelly Russell, Howard Seely, Wanza Warren, Donna Smith, Debbie Batson, Donna Jones, Beverly (Moore) Seely, Allen Barham, Marc McDonald, Chris Tipping, Tom Harrison, Sherman Putman

Back Cover


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