The 2000 Monarch
Year Book of Blooming Grove School
Navarro County Texas


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Yearbook loaned to us by Lee Eric Grounds

This page provided by Edward L. Williams & Diane Richards

Front Cover

Fly Page

Page A
Monarch 2000 Blooming Grove School, Blooming Grove, Texas; Monarch Staff –
Veronica Esparza, Emily Null, Chris Cates, Jennifer Davis, Maranda Reynolds, Erin Green, Jennifer McGee, Sponsor- Marilyn C. Smith

Page B
Colored Snap Shots- Top left
Brooke Richards, Kori Patterson, April Barkley, Amanda Guthrie, Jordan Smith – Middle left – T. J. Thetford, Bobby Melton, Brent Jones, Ben Jackson, Middle right –Julie Melton, Lara Boswell, Amanda Muldner, Ashley Mahone, Fallon Tippett, ?, Casi Vickers,  Bottom left –Ashley Montalvo, & others Bottom Right –back – Amanda Muldner, Ray J. Johnson, Sandra McGee, Jordan Golden, ?, ?, Brittany Haynie, Sarah Worley, ? Krista Armstrong, Shellie Melton, Tammie McGee, Kaley Armstrong, ?, Casie Vickers 

Page C
Colored Snap Shots- Top left –
Lindsey Crosswhite, Shane Sykes, Josh Gillen, Jarrod Moore, Sarah Lovett, Courtney Murphy, middle – Annah Russell, Jennifer Davis, Mandy Jenkins, T.J. Thetford, Johnny Pattison, Heather Dry, Patricia Macik, Jill Jacobs, Rachael LaRue, Julie Melton, ? top right – Ben Jackson, Brent Jones, Jennifer McGee, Brooke Richards, Kori Patterson, Erica Wisdom other group pictures 

Page D
Colored Snap Shots – Top right –
Josh Thetford, Lara Boswell, Brittany Weaver, Allison Eudy 2nd row left – Ethan Fulbright & other 2nd row right – Shellie Melton, Julie Melton, Erin Green, Mandy Jenkins  other pictures 

Page 1
Question: Y2K Genie Wishes: Where would you want to go and who would you like to go with you?; Answers and pictures:
Stephanie Rash, Brent Jones, Vallery Lachney, Eve Erath, Emily Null, Arthur Blair, Lindsey Crosswhite; Question:  Will there be a Y2K disaster? If so, what shoud be done to prepare for it?  If not, why don’t you think so?  Answers and pictures:  Clif Sikes, Carolyn Carroll, Mindy (Bottoms) Wooldridge, Gilda (Reed) Worsham, Barbara (Draper) Cole

Page 2
Question: Who was the outstanding sports figure of the 20th Century?  Answers and pictures: 
Rob Slaughter, Morgan Talley, Brittany Thornton, Heather Powell, Jessica Prowell, Charlie Goulet, Cody Jenkins  Question:  What was the best movie of the last millennium?   Answers and pictures:  Cassidy Harris, Valerie Urrutia, Brandon Martin, Hope Summers, Shellie Melton

Page 3
Question:  What is a millennium bug?  Answers and pictures : 
Micah Ashby, Austin Melton, Nicole Hambrick, Michael Pennington, Emily East, Chelsea Geller, Jessica Bennett, Lupe Hernandez, Justin Godbey, Amy Jenkins

Page 4
Senior Pictures-
Melissa BArham, April Barkley, Tiffany Blissett, Jared Christian, Jeremy Crawford, Ashley Creighton, Lindsey Crosswhite, Mandi Crowder, Matt Cunningham, Julio DeLeon, Veronica Esparza 

Page 5
Senior Pictures-
Eve Erath, Brandon Ford, Josh Gillen, Glenn Green, Amanda Guthrie, Craig Hay, Brent Jones, Ben Jackson, Jeremy Jensen, Vallery Lachney, Bryant Larremore, Josh Lovett 

Page 6
Senior Pictures-
Sara Lovett, Jennifer McGee, Bobby Melton, Jarred Moore, Cody Muldner, Courtney Murphy, Emily Null, Sam O’Dell, Suzanne Osmer, Kori Patterson, Johnny Pattison, Andy Price 

Page 7
Senior Pictures-
B.C. Putman, Stephanie Rash, Jacob Reed, Zach Rich, Brooke Richards, Glossica Smith, Shane Sykes, Jordan Smith, Doug Story, Erica Wisdom 

Page 8
Colored picture of Seniors- Back row left to right –
Susan Osmer, Stephanie Rash, Veronica Espinosa, Jennifer McGee, April Barkley, B.C. Putman, Emily Null Middle row –Brandon Ford, Josh Gillen, Cody Muldner, Brooke Richards, Ashley Creighton, Kori Patterson, Eve Erath, Glenn Green, Sara Lovett, Melissa Barham  bottom row - ?, Bobby Melton, Jarrod Moore, Brent Jones, Matt Cunningham, Samuel O’Dell, Amber Evans

Page 9
Colored picture of Seniors – Back row left to right –
Bryant Larremore, Valerie Lachney, Julio DeLeon, Craig Hay, Doug Story, Zack Rich  Middle row – Glossica Smith, Courtney Murphey, Josh Lovett, Kevin Freeman, Shane Sykes, Lindsey Crosswhite, Tiffany Blissett, Jordan Smith, Johnny Pattison, Amanda Guthrie, Arthur Blair,bottom row – Ben Jackson, Jeremy Crawford, Erica Wisdom, Jacob Reed, Jeremy Jensen 

Page 10
Varsity Football – Back row-
Matt Cunningham, Josh Thedford, Todd Hinkle, Daniel Minor, Philip Armstrong, Brandon Richards, Clay Coker, Chris Armstrong, Matt Hurford, John Pattison,  2nd row from top –Coaches- Darrell Hamilton, Keith Tunnell, Robert Wynn, Quinn Eudy, Eddie Barker, Kenny Eudy,( #75 -Daniel Price),Coaches - Ronnie Clayton, James “Jim” Pitts, Shane Stroud,  3rd row from top –Kirk Sorsby, Anthony Larremore, Chris Hunt, Jordan Golden, Walter LaRoux, Cody Muldner, Jerod Barham, Jordan Richards, Josh Gillen, Reggie Hailey, Jarrod Null,  bottom row – Timothy O’Dell, Bobby Melton, Jason Hoffma, Chris Torres, Jimmy Weatherall, Chris Cates, Rodney Petty, Michael Satterfield, Matt Weatherall, Jose Nolasco ; Snap shots

Page 11
Coaching Staff –
Jim Owens, Robert Wynn, Kenny Eudy, Quinn Eudy, Eddie Barker, Ronny Clayton, James “Jim” Pitts, Keith Tunnell, Shane Stroud, Darrell Hamilton, Marsha Rogers, Betty Jo Cochran

Page 12
Varsity Football –
Cody Muldner, Matt Cunningham, Chris Armstrong, Michael Satterfield, Josh Gillen, Jimmy Weatherall, Timothy O’Dell, Jason Hoffma, Jordan Richards, Rodney Petty, Walter LaRoux, Kirk Sorsby   

Page 13
Varsity Football –
Chris Torres, Reggie Hailey, Matt Weatherall, Philip Armstrong, Clay Coker, Josh Thedford, Matt Hurford, Jarrod Null, Todd Hinkle, Jerod Barham, Daniel Minor, Brandon Richards

Page 14
Varsity Football –
Chris Cates, Chris Hunt, John Pattison, Bobby Melton, Jose Nolasco, Jordan Golden; Football Sweetheart – Brooke Richards; Snap shots

Page 15
Eighth Grade Football –
Billy Allen, Chris Clark, Matt Davis, Rico Freeman, Rusty Cofer, Keith Dowdle, Monty Wright, Randall Shane Richards, Justin McKinley, Marcus Satterfield, Casey Engledow, Kyle Muldner, Caleb Rose, Cody Sims, Michael Petty, Charlie Goulet, Cody Jenkins, James Page, Ronald Hine, Rob Slaughter, Derek Weaver Coaches –Darrell Hamilton & Eddie Barker; Seventh Grade Football – Chris Garretson, Dusty Wright, Josh Grace, Thomas Abbe, Wesley Harley, Justin Livingston, Ryan Gantt, Lane Fielder, Brad Beam, Zack Melton, Michael Wisdom, Spencer Hipp, Mario Randal, Jeremy Bennett, Sloan Thedford, Austin Eudy, Eric Milne, Chad Marshall, Larry Coleman, Raymond Allman, T.J. Wren, Justin Allen, Clayton vanLoocke, Cody Richards, David Hansen, Coaches –Eddie Barker & Shane Stroud

Page 16
Varsity Volleyball –
Jordan Smith, Kori Patterson, Veronica Esparza, Jill Jacobs, Jennifer Davis, Erin Green, Erica Wisdom, Cassidy Harris, Rachel LaRue, Krista Armstrong, Jennifer McGee, Amanda Guthrie, Coach – Marsha Rogers; Snap shots

Page 17
Varsity Volleyball –
Krista Armstrong, Jennifer Davis, Veronica Esparza, Erin Green, Amanda Guthrie, Cassidy Harris, Jill Jacobs, Rachel LaRue, Jennifer McGee, Kori Patterson, Jordan Smith, Erica Wisdom

Page 18
Junior Varsity Volleyball –
Ashley Watkins, Angel Jonas, Ashlee Hocutt, Kaley Armstrong, Patricia Macik, Miranda Hipp, Victoria Coleman, Amanda Muldner, Christina Redmon, Michelle Holland, Sandra McGee, Sha Bryan  Coach – Marsha Rogers; Freshman Volleyball – Ashley Gantt, Lara Boswell, Elizabeth Reyna, Brittany Weaver, Casie Smith, Paige Beckham, Nicole Seely, Jasmine Maddaford, Valerie Urrutia, Virginia Bunch, Sha Knott  Coach –Marsha Rogers; Snap shots

Page 19
Eighth Grade Volleyball –
Angela Arnett, Missy Perry, Jane Sheppard, Meredith, Richards, Amanda Crawford, Amber Null, Audra Harper, Crystal LaRue, Amy Campbell, Heather Powell, Stephanie Hensley, Katie Dugan, Morgan Talley, Jessica Prowell, Kristen Rash, Brittany Thornton, Heather Newland, Hollie Allen  Coach –Betty Jo Cochran; Seventh Grade Volleyball – Nicole Barlow, Rachel Dechaume, Taylor Haynie, Erica Hernandez, Mada Reyna, Laura Ramirez, Tiffany Hays, Kristie Dowdle, Carey Evans, Stephanie McCommons, Amanda Heddings, Sara Nolasco, Valeria Shofner, Laura Abbe, Corie McKinley, Cindy Powell, Lindsey Duke, Felisha Newland, Jennifer Grelle, Tiffany Hunt, Whitney Brown, Allison Moore, Malinda Armstrong, Alyssa McClure, Ashley Montalvo, Emily Crenshaw, Haley Gillen Coach – Betty Jo Cochran

Page 20
Varsity  Boys Basketball –
Chris Wisdom, Jordan Richards, Brian Page, David Price, Philip Armstrong, Alex Haden, Daniel Price, Chris Armstrong, Jacob Reed, Matt Hurford, T.J. Thedford, Coaches – Eddie Barker & James “Jim” Pitts; Snap shots

Page 21
Varsity Boys Basketball –
Philip Armstrong, Chris Wisdom, David Price, Matt Hurford, Chris Armstrong, Jacob Reed, Daniel Price, Brian Page, Alex Haden, Jordan Richards, T. J. Thedford

Page 22
Varsity Girls Basketball –Back row -
Julie Melton, Julie Melton, Jennifer Davis, Annah Russell, Front row – Melanie Guthrie, Veronica Esparza, Mandy Jenkins, Kori Patterson, Krista Armstrong, Brooke Richards, Rachel LaRue   Coach – Keith Tunnell

Page 23
Varsity Girls Basketball –
Kori Patterson, Brooke Richards, Veronica Esparza, Mandy Jenkins, Annah Russell, Jennifer Davis, Julie Melton, Krista Armstrong, Rachel LaRue, Brittany Weaver, Melanie Guthrie

Page 24
Junior Varsity Girls Basketball –
Nicole Seely, Angel Jonas, Brittney Haynie, Stephanie Lusk, Tiffany Douglas, Ashlee Hocutt, Jessica Carver, Ashley Gantt, April Powell, Shellie Melton, Kaley Armstrong, Coach-Robert Wynn; Junior Varsity Boys Basketball – P.D. Cook, Damon Walker, Kevin Vandergriff, Josh Thetford, Chris Armstrong, Jordan Golden, Jonathan Stewart, Jason Hoffma, Matthew Weatherall, Coach – James “Jim” Pitts

Page 25
Girls Golf –
Allison Eudy & Nicole Seely Coach – Ken Eudy; Boys Golf- Jordan Golden, Brian Page, Cody Gantt, Todd Hinkle, Jordan Richards, Jarrod Moore, Coach – Ken Eudy

Page 26
Eighth Grade Boys Basketball –
Monty Wright, Randall Shane Richards, Matt Davis, Chris Clark, Cody Sims, Rob Slaughter, Cody Jenkins, Kyle Muldner, Caleb Rose, Casey Engledow, James Page Coach – Darrell Hamilton; Seventh Grade Boys Basketball –Austin Eudy, Lane Fielder, Danson Worley, Zack Melton, Mario Randle, Larry Coleman, Clayton VanLoocke, Kevin Winkle, Spencer Hipp, Josh Upmore, Michael Wisdom, Chad Marshall,  Coach-Ronny Clayton; Eighth Grade Girls Basketball – Amanda Crawford, Meredith Richards, Jane Sheppard, Mellisa Perry, Crystal LaRue, Stephanie Hensley, Heather Newland, Amy Campbell, Morgan Talley, Heather Powell, Katie Dugan Kristen Rash,  Coach-Robert Wynn; Seventh Grade Boys Basketball –Amanda Heddins, Erika Hernandez, Taylor Haynie, Nicole Barlow, Rachel DeChaume, Allison Moore, Tonya Hovis, Tiffany Hunt, Melinda Armstrong, Felicia Newland, Haley Gillen, Whitney Brown, Sara Nolasco, Lindsey Duke, Alyssa McClure, Ashley Montalvo, Corey Evans, Jennifer Grelle,  Coach- Marsha Rogers

Page 27
Girls Cross Country –
Stephanie Rash, Sarah Worley, Ashley Mahone, Brooke Richards, Amanda Muldner, Coach – Robert Wynn; Boys Cross Country – Jose Nolasco, Ben Jackson, Brandon Ford, Walter LaRoux, Shad Green, Joe Doucet, Coach - Robert Wynn

Page 28
Girls Track –
Jessica Carver, Miranda Hipp, Annah Russell, Melanie Guthrie, Ashlee Hocutt, April Powell, Amanda Muldner, Lara Boswell, Stephanie Lusk, Brooke Richards, Erin Green, Ashley Mahone, Victoria Coleman, Jennifer Davis, Ashley Watkins, Stephanie Jensen, Paige Beckham, Angel Jonas, Kaley Armstrong, Britney Haynie, Shellie Melton, Coaches –Marsha Rogers & Betty Jo Cochran; Boys Track –Walter LaRoux, Brandon Ford, Chris Armstrong, Kevin Vandergriff, Shad Green, Matthew Weatherall, Jason Hoffma, Kirk Sorsby, Reginald Hailey, Joseph Doucet, Rodney Petty, Bobby Melton, Coach – Keith Tunnell

Page 29
Eighth Grade Girls Track –
Audra Harper, Jessica Prowell, Meredith Richards, Jane Sheppard, Morgan Talley, Crystal LaRue, Amy Campbell, Amanda Crawford, Brittany Thornton, Kristen Rash, Hollie Allen, Katie Dugan, Heather Newland, Stephanie Hensley, Coaches – Marsha Rogers & Betty Jo Cochran; Seventh Grade Girls Track – Laura Ramirez, Rachel DeChaume, Taylor Haynie, Erika Hernandez, Lindsey Duke, Allison Moore, Tiffany Hunt, Mada Reyna, Stephanie Bird, Malinda Armstrong, Cindy Powell, Sara Nolasco, Haley Gillen, Alyssa McClure, Ashley Montalvo, Felicia Newland, Whitney Brown, Jennifer Grelle, Valerie Shofner, Corey Evans, Stephanie McCommons, Coaches – Marsha Rogers & Betty Jo Cochran; Seventh Grade Boys Track- Zack Melton, Danson Worley, Lane Fielder, Sloan Thedford, Justin Livingston, Brad Beam, Jeremy Bennett, Mario Randal, Raymond Allman, Josh Uptmore, Austin Eudy, Spencer Hipp, T.J. Wren, Larry Coleman, Coaches – Eddie Barker & Shane Stroud

Page 30
Varsity Baseball –
Matt Cunningham, Ben Jackson, Philip Armstrong, Todd Hinkle, T.J. Thetford, Bobby Melton, Josh Gillen, Johnny Pattison, Jordan Richards, Brent Jones, Jimmy Weatherall Coach- Darrell Hamilton & Ronnie Clayton; Junior Varsity Baseball –Walter LaRoux, Brandon Putman, Josh Thetford, Matthew Weatherall, Jarrod Null, Kevin Vandergriff, Chris Cates, Joey Doucet  Coach – Darrell Hamilton

Page 31
Baseball Snap shots- Top left –
Johnny Pattison & Josh Gillen Middle top – Brent Jones, & Philip Armstrong Middle left – Matt Cunningham Middle right – Brent Jones & T.J. Thetford  Bottom Right – Ben Jackson & Todd Hinkle bottom left –Phillip Armstrong, T.J. Thetford, & others 

Page 32
Softball Team –
Mandy Jenkins, Kim Clore, Nicole Seely, Kori Patterson, Sha Knott, Cassidy Harris, Amanda Guthrie, Krista Armstrong, Stephanie Rash, Ashley Gantt, Jordan Smith, Casie Smith, Annah Russell, Brittany Weaver, Coaches – Jim Owens & Robert Wynn

Page 33
Softball Snapshots  

Page 34
Tennis Team –
Brandon Ford, Patricia Macik, Julie Melton, Mandy Jenkins, Jessica Weger, Casi Vickers, Kori Patterson, Melanie Guthrie, Ray Johnson, Coach – James “Jim” Pitts; Snap shots

Page 35
Powerlifting –
James Weatherall, Walter LaRoux, Bobby Melton, Jarrod Null, Coach -  Shane Stroud; Snap shots

Page 36
Future Farmers of America Officers –President –
Cody Muldner, Vice President – Matt Cunningham, Secretary –Wendy Page,  Treasurer – Ashley Creighton, Historian – Jarrod Moore, Sentinel – Brent Jones; Sponsors – Harry Dotson & Jon Southard; Members – Ashley Creighton, Matt Cunningham, Cody Muldner, Brent Jones, Jared Moore, Matt Wallen, Jared Christina, Kris Melton, T. J. Thetford, Brandon Martin, Krista Armstrong, Jacob Reed, Glossica Smith, Jeremy Jensen, Bobby Melton, Jeremy Crawford, Sam O’Dell, Cassidy Harris, Crystal Chilton, Kim Clore, Jennifer Black, Patricia Macik, Tony Davis, Cody Gantt, Landon Gorbet, Lee Wright, Jared Barham, Kevin Vandygriff, Casie Smith, Rickey Ragan, Anthony Larremore, Danny Price, Chad Phillips, Josh Thetford, Jonathan Stewart, Matthew Weatherall, Chris Hunt, David Breed, Daniel Minor, Cole Cunningham, Tiffany Blissett, Johnny Pattison, Damon Faulkner, Eric Wilson, Barry Winkle; Snap shots 

Page 37
Fellowship of Christian Athletes officers- President –
Philip Armstrong, Vice President –Mandy Jenkins,  Secretary –Erin Green,  Treasurer – Julie Melton, Sponsors– Eddie Barker & Ronnie Clayton; Members – Josh Thetford, Chris Wisdom, Tina Redmon, Melanie Guthrie, Patricia Macik, Cody Jenkins, Mandy Jenkins, Katie Dugan, Nicole Seely, Allison Eudy, Todd Hinkle, Philip Armstrong, Natalie Grace, Brittany Weaver, Erin Green, Julie Melton, Shellie Melton, Jordan Richards, Austin Eudy, Allison Barker Sponsors – Ronnie Clayton & Eddie Barker

Page 38
One Act Play Cast –
Ryan Fielder, Amanda Guthrie,  Chris Wisdom, Sarah Worley, Brandon Ford, Brittney Haynie, Brittany Weaver, Julie Melton, Kaley Armstrong, Shad Green, Shellie Melton, Erin Green, Ashley Mahone, Ray Johnson, Allison Eudy,  Crew –Mandy Jenkins, Tammy McGee, Emily Null  Directors – Patti (Bray) Pitts, James “Jim” Pitts, Marilyn Smith; Best Actor & Actress:  Chris Wisdom & Amanda Guthrie; All Star Cast:  Sarah Worley; Honorable Mention:  Brandon Ford & Brittney Haynie; Snap shots

Page 39
Pride Club Officers –President –
Melissa Barham,  Vice President –Brandon Ford,  Secretary – Brooke Richards, Reporter – Julie Melton; Members –Ray Johnson, Ryan Fielder, Ethan Fulbright, Glenn Green, Shad Green, Chris Wisdom, Ben Jackson, Brandon Ford, Kori Patterson, Brooke Richards, Julie Melton, Mandy Jenkins, Melissa Barham, Suzanne Osmer, Christina Bruce; Sponsors –Jeanne (Owens) Patterson, Debra Wooldridge, Bill Tipping, Tammy Beard, Patti (Bray) Pitts, Jennilyn (Sprayberry) Crenshaw, Becky Martin, Myrna Wright, Marilyn Smith; Regional Qualifiers – Ethan Fulbright, Brandon Ford, Suzanne Osmer, Mandy Jenkins, Julie Melton

Page 40
Student Council Officers – Traffic Engineers –
Jarrod Moore & Cody Muldner, Treasurer – Jordan Smith, Vice President –Brooke Richards,  Historians – Julie Melton, Mandy Jenkins, Jennifer Davis President – Kori Patterson, Reporter- Amanda Guthrie, Secretary – Erin Green, Special Events Coordinator – Brandon Ford; Members –B.C. Putman, Cody Muldner, Jessica Weger, Jordan Smith, Ben Jackson, Jarrod Moore, Emily Null, Christina Bruce, Wendy Page, Stephanie Jensen, Fallon Tippett, Jordan Golden, Kori Patterson, Krista Armstrong, Amanda Guthrie, Mandy Jenkins, Jennifer Davis, Taryn Doucet, Veronica Esparza, Sponsor – Jeanne (Owens) Patterson; Snapshots – Top left – Jordan Smith, Jennifer Davis, Jennifer McGee, Amanda Guthrie, ? ?  (Top right, top left to right - Cody Muldner, Brooke Richards, Kori Patterson,  Middle row left to right, Julie Melton, Jordan Golden, Brittany Weaver, Lara Boswell, Mandy Jenkins, Casie Smith, Melanie Guthrie, Ashley Gantt, bottom row – Erin Green, Allison Eudy),

Page 41
Leo Club Officers – Tail Twister-
Tammie McGee,  Lion Tamer-Veronica Esparza,  Secretary – Julie Melton, Treasurer –Jennifer McGee,  President –Brooke Richards,  Vice President – Kori Patterson; Members – Amanda Muldner, Taryn Doucet, Jessica Weger, Stephanie Jensen, Mandy Jenkins, Ray Johnson, Rachel LaRue, Jaime McAllister, Ben Jackson, Charlott Morris, Veronica Esparza, Emily Null, Tammie McGee, Jennifer McGee, Julie Melton, Allison Eudy, Tina Redmon, Ryan Fielder, Patricia Macik, Brooke Richards, Amanda Guthrie, Brittany Weaver, Shellie Melton, Sarah Worley, Kaley Armstrong, Sandra McGee, Erin Green; Snapshots – top left – Elvis-cop from Frost,  Top right – Randy Worley 2nd row left – Sarah Worley, Emily Null, Jennifer McGee, 3rd row – Jordan Smith, Stephanie Rash, Veronica Espinosa, Stephanie Jensen, Jennifer Black,

Page 42
The Lions Roar Staff –
Annah Russell, Julie Melton, Jordan Golden, Amanda Guthrie, Jordan Smith, Tammie McGee, Sponsor – Jeanne (Owens) Patterson

Page 43
National Honor Society Officers –President –
Bobby Melton, Vice President –Brooke Richards,  Secretary – Kori Patterson, Treasurer –Jordan Smith, Historian – Melissa Barham, ; Faculty Council Members –Jeanne (Owens) Patterson, Patti (Bray) Pitts, Tammy Beard, Marsha Rogers, Barbara (Draper) Cole-McGraw, Jennilyn  (Sprayberrry) Crenshaw; New Members –Erin Green, Jessica Weger, Ethan Fulbright, Stephanie Jensen, Ashley Mahone, Wendy Page, Mandy Jenkins, Julie Melton, Christina Bruce, Christina Redmon; Old Members – Glenn Green, Suzanne Osmer, Brandon Ford, Stephanie Rash, Jennifer McGee, Bobby Melton, Ben Jackson, Melissa Barham, Brooke Richards, Jordan Smith, Kori Patterson; Snap shots

Page 44
Varsity Cheerleaders –
Rachel LaRue, Heather Dry, Suzanne Osmer, Nicole Allen, Julie Melton, Sarah Worley, Courtney Murphy  Sponsor – Debra (Jones) Armstrong; Snapshots

Page 45
Junior Varsity Cheerleaders –
Stephanie Lusk, Shellie Melton, Sha Bryan, Amanda Muldner, Krista Armstrong, Cassi Vickers, Brittany Weaver, Ashley Gantt, Sponsor – Jeanne (Owens) Patterson

Page 46
Junior High Cheerleaders –
Heather Newland, Kristen Rash, Stephanie Hensley, Alyssa McClure, Brittany Thornton, Whitney Brown,  Sponsor – Carolyn Sue (Dugan) Tunnell; Snap shots

Page 47
Varsity Band  Officers – President –
Ryan Fielder, Vice President – Ray Johnson, Secretary –Christina Bruce,  Representative – Melissa Barham; Drum Major-Brandon Ford; Color Guard-Suzanne Osmer, Evelyn Nelson, Melissa Barham, Shalina Gabriel; Band Queen & King-Emily Null & Brandon Ford; Directors – Kristen & Clifford Spires; Snap Shots

Page 48
Varsity Band –
Emily Null, Christina Bruce, Ray Johnson, Brandon Ford, Sarah Clevenger. Glenn Green, Justin Barham, Ethan Fulbright, Barry Winkle, Shad Green, Ryan Fielder, James Weahterall, Laura Losoya, Gary Lane, Tammie McGee, Jose Nolasco

Page 49
Varsity Band – Color Guard –
Suzanne Osmer, Melissa Barham, Shaina Gabriel, Evelyn Nelson; Varsity Band Group picture; Snap shot

Page 50
Junior Class Officers – President-
Donte Torres,  Vice President –Philip Armstrong,  Secretary –Brian Page,  Treasurer – Alex Haden; Sophomore Class Officers - President-Jarrod Null,  Vice President – Sarah Worley, Secretary – Amanda Muldner, Treasurer – Fallon Tippett, Student Council Representative – Jordan Golden, Freshman Class Officers -President-Chris Torres,  Vice President – Chad Phillips, Secretary – Anthony Larremore, Treasurer –Casie Smith,  Reporter – Catrina Poe, Eighth Grade Class Officers -President- Meredith Richards, Vice President –Brittany Thornton,  Secretary – Kristen Rash, Treasurer –Kyle Muldner,  Reporter – Marcus Satterfield; Seventh Grade Class Officers -President- Alyssa McClure, Vice President –Haley Gillen,  Secretary –Zack Melton,  Treasurer – Mario Randal, Reporter – Tiffany Hunt, Sixth Grade Class Officers - President- Rance Melton, Vice President –Lacy Spain,  Secretary – Derek Fielder, Treasurer –Lindsey Cunningham,  Reporter – Drew Clayton

Page 51
Seniors –
Melissa Barham, April Barkley, Tifany Blissett, Jared Christian, Jeremy Crawford

Page 52
Seniors –
Ashley Creighton, Lindsey Crosswhite, Mandi Crowder, Matt Cunningham, Julio DeLeon, Amber Evans, Eve Erath, Veronica Esparza

Page 53
Seniors –
Kevin Freeman, Brandon Ford, Josh Gillen, Glenn Green, Amanda Guthrie, Craig Hay, Ben Jackson, Jeremy Jensen

Page 54
Seniors –
Brent Jones, Vallery Lachney, Bryant Larremore, Josh Lovett, Sara Lovett, Jennifer McGee, Bobby Melton, Clifton Miller

Page 55
Seniors –
Jarrod Moore, Cody Muldner, Courtney Murphy, Emily Null, Samuel O’Dell, Suzanne Osmer, Kori Patterson, John Pattison

Page 56
Seniors –
Andy Price, Brandon Putman, Stephanie Rash, Jacob Reed, Zach Rich, Brooke Richards, Glossica Smith, Jordan Smith

Page 57
Seniors –
Doug Story, Shane Sykes, Mark Wells, Erica Wisdom; Snap shots –top left – Back row – Ben Jackson, Erica Wisdom, Melissa Barham, Brandon Ford, Suzanne Osmer, Stephanie Rash, front row, Kori Patterson, Brooke Richards, Jennifer McGee  top right – Julio DeLeon, Valerie Lachney 

Page 58
Juniors –
Nicole Allen, Philip Armstrong, Chris Arnett, James Barkley, Christi Bassham, Robert Bess, Jennifer Black, Christina Bruce, Crystal Chilton, Kimberly Clore, Victoria Coleman, Cole Cuningham, Jennifer Davis, Taryn Doucet, Jason Drain, Heather Dry, Ethan Fulbright, Erin Green, Shad Green, Alex Haden, Cassidy Harris, Jarred Harris, Todd Hinkle, Jeremy Holland, Matthew Hurford 

Page 59
Juniors –
Jill Jacobs, Mandy Jenkins, Stephanie Jensen, Rachel LaRue, Patricia Macik, Ashley Mahone, Brandon Martin, Jamie McAllister, Julie Melton, Kristopher Melton, Amanda Mills, Charlotte Morris, Brian Page, Wendy Page, Christy Pedigo, Jimmy Peysen, Johnny Peysen, Daniel Price, David Price, Joshua Rasco, Mistie Rasco, Christina Redmon, Annah Russell, Timothy Thetford, Donte Torres, Matt Wallen, Ashley Watkins, Jessica Weger, Shane Wilson, Chris Wisdom 

Page 60
Sophomores –
Chris Armstrong, Kaley Armstrong, Krista Armstrong, Jerod Barham, Francesca Boyd, William Brewster, Sha Bryan, Chris Cates, Sarah Clevenger, Clay Coker, Kari Crespo, Tony Davis, Shay Faulk, Eric Ferrer, Ryan Fielder, David Gabriel, James Gantt, Jordan Golden, Landon Gorbet, Reggie Hailey, Britney Haynie, Makesha Hine, Miranda Hipp, Ashlee Hocutt, Michelle Holland, Sean Hunt, James Isom, Ray Johnson, Angel Jonas, Gary Lane 

Page 61
Sophomores –
Walter LaRoux, Adam Lloyd, Stephanie Lusk, Heather Mayfield, Sandra McGee, Tammie McGee, Shellie Melton, Daniel Minor, Amanda Muldner, Jose Nolasco, Jarrod Null, Rodney Petty, April Powell, Daniel Price, Maranda Reynolds, Jordan Richards, Michael Satterfield, Jonnie Smith,  Mary Smith, Kirk Sorsby, Kim Spence, Jonathan Stewart, James Surratt, Fallon Tippett, Casi Vickers, James Weatherall, Ashley Westmoreland, Sarah Worley, Lee Wright, (not pictured- David Breed, Mary Ann Sterling, William Urrutia, Brandon Putman, Jessica Carver, Misty Arrington) 

Page 62
Freshmen –
John Arender, Ashley Arthur, Charles Barham, Russell Barlow, Paige Beckham, Lara Boswell, Tamathia Buchanan, Virginia Bunch, Stacy Collins, Paul Cook, Joseph Doucet, Cassi Easter, Allison Eudy, Damon Faulkner, Shaina Gabriel, Ashley Gantt, Melanie Guthrie, Jason Hoffma, Chris Hunt, Shae Knott, Anthony Larremore, Jasmine Maddaford, Matthew Mayfield, Orleena McClanahan, Ashley McKinley  

Page 63
Brandy Nixon, Timothy O’Dell, Andy Parrish, Chad Phillips, Catrina Poe, Rickey Ragan, Elizabeth Reyna, James Richards, Nicole Seely, Casie Smith, Hope Summers, Joshua Thetford, Chris Torres, Valerie Urrutia, Kevin Vandergriff, Matthew Weatherall, Brittany Weaver, Eric Wilson, Barry Winkle, ( not pictured- Elicia Allman, Marquita Freeman, Misty Lloyd, Laura Losoya, Tamara Mayfield, Evelyn Nelson); Snapshots

Page 64
Eighth Grade –
Ashley Adamson, Billy Allen, Hollie Allen, Jonathan Aragon, Angela Arnett, Hope Ashby, Katie Brown, Amy Campbell, Valerie Chilton, David Cipriano, Chris Clark, Rusty Cofer, Shalin Cofer, Felisha Conkle, Amanda Crawford, Matt Davis, Keith Dowdle, Katie Dugan, Mandi Easter, Casey Engledow, Brook Ferrell, Rico Freeman, Kelly Geller, David Good, Charles Goulet, John Hardy, Audra Harper, Stephanie Hensley, Ronald Hine, Ashley Howard 

Page 65
Eighth Grade –
Sam Howard, Cody Jenkins, Kimberly King, Jeremy Lamb, Crystal LaRue, Elmer Lee Ledbetter 111, LaCresa Martin, Caleigh McKeen, Justin McKinnley, Kyle Muldner, Heather Newland, Amber Null, James Page, Alisa Pennington, Brook Ferrell, Mellisa Perry, Michael Petty, Heather Powell, Jacqueline Price, Katherine Prickett, Jessica Prowell, Kristen Rash, Meredith Richards, Shane Richards, Marcus Satterfield, Jane Sheppard, Cody Sims, Rob Slaughter, Mary Spence, Morgan Talley, Brittany Thornton, Samantha Tomlinson, Derek Weaver, Monty Wright,  (not pictured – Rusty Cates, James Evans, Addison Harris, Chris Hughes, Amber Nichols, Caleb Rose)  

Page 66
Seventh Grade –
Lara Abbe, Thomas Abbe, Bryan Adamson, Justin Allen, Raymond Allman, Erica Aragon, Samantha Aragon, Malinda Armstrong, Nicole Barlow, Brad Beam, Jeremy Bennett, Stephanie Bird, David Bradshaw, Brandy Breed, Whitney Brown, Jessica Carty, Joshua Carver, Larry Coleman, Joseph Cook, Alma Cortez, Emily Crenshaw, Rachel Dechaume, Kristie Dowdle, Dustin Ellis, Austin Eudy, Corey Evans, Melissa Faulk, James Ferguson, Lane Fielder, Ryan Gantt, Chris Garretson, Haley Gillen, Joshua Grace, Jennifer Grelle, Kristy Hailey, David Hanson 

Page 67
Seventh Grade –
Wesley Harley, Taylor Haynie, Tiffany Hays, Amanda Heddins, Spencer Hipp, Owen Howard, Sarah Johnson, Charles King, Justin Livingston, Amanda Marr, Chad Marshall, Christopher Mayfield, Alyssa McClure, Stephanie McCommons, Corie McKinley, Zach Melton, Eric Milne, Ashley Montalvo, Allison Moore, Felicia Newland, Julie Nixon, Sara Nolasco, Jenny Pedigo, Sherry Pedigo, Cynthia Powell, Laura Ramirez, Mario Randal, Mada Reyna, Cody Richards, Jonathan Shirley, Valerie Shofner, Jared Thetford, Josh Uptmore, Clayton VanLoocke, Kevin Winkle, Michael Wisdom, Timothy Wren, Dustin Wright  (not pictured – Lindsey Duke, Erika Hernandez, Ashley Holt, Tiffany Hunt, Danson Worley ) 

Page 68
Sixth Grade –
Janelle Ackley, Kenneth Ackley, Samuel “Sam” Adamson, Karah Armstrong, William Arnett, Jacob Bass, Christopher “Chris” Bird, Cody Black, Lucas Brown, Katie Chapman, Jody Clay, Drew Clayton, Thomas Parker Connally, Cory Cross, Lindsey Cunningham, Maria Darden, Christopher “Chris” Davis, Christopher “Chris” Derden, Samantha Dunaway, Angela Edwards, Michael Estes, Shae Evans, Jeff Feldmann, David Fielder, Derek Fielder, Jessica Goulet, Natalie Grace, Amanda Haines, Dale Harwell, Brianna Hernandez  

Page 69
Sixth Grade –
Jeff Hogue, Brandy Howard, Tiffany Hunt, Alia Huskey, Christine Johnston, Kent Knight, Ashley Lighfoot. Joseph Lovett, Kristen Mabe, Miranda McCallum, Rance Melton, Samantha Morgan, Deonta Nelson, Katelyn O’Rear, Joshua Owens, Rustin Page, Jimi Pennington, Jennifer Poe, Kimberly Price, Kacee Ramey, Jason Robertson, Jaime Rojas, Vanessa Sheppard, Kristina Shirley, Robert “Rob” Southard, Lacy Spain, Westley Tubre, Tyson Voigt, Jared Walker, Leslie Watkins, Ashley Washburn, Nathan Young  (not pictured – Michael Mackens) 

Page 70
Fifth Grade –
Russell Adamson, Sara Allen, Russell Allman, Krystal Aragon, Shaun Arender, Jason Barham, Joshua Barham, Riggin Barham, Sarah Barham, Randall “Randy” Barlow, Jessica Bennett, Brittany Ann Blackmon, April Blissett, Kevin Brewer, Tara Burke, Kyler Carrington, Stephanie Cates, Joseph Coleman, Cynthia Corley, Holly Currier, Andrew Eudy, Jennifer Evans, Megan Fisk, Cory Fowlkes, Katie French, Michael Ferrell, Hailey Gantt, Justin Garretson, Hillary Gillen, Jacolby Godbey, Dakota Hancock, Sarah Harris, Chaunte Harrison, Richard Hays, Diego Hernandez, Lupe Hernandez 

Page 71
Fifth Grade –
Danika Herod, Jose Herrera, Amy Jenkins, Jacob Jones, Dustin Jones, Joseph Jordan, Jennifer Lamb, Donnie LaRue, Lance Laudan, Paul Lovett, Mary Katherine “Katy” Manley, Andrew McGraw, Tyler Morales, Deanna Neal, Robert Owen, Christopher Phillips, Amanda Powell, Jobey Ragan, Felicia Reusel, Vivana Reyna, Shane Richards, Kirsten Richie, Gabby Rojas, Shelby Russell, Dalton Shaw, Levi Shepard, Anna Sheppard, Anthony Simmons, Emily Smith, Jamin Tate, Rusty Thompson, Chelsea Townley, Kyle Tubre, Michael Warren, Colten Watkins, Joseph Watkins, Cody Williams, Jonnathan Willoughby,  (not pictured – Kellie Atkinson, Tiffany Tharp)  

Page 72
Fourth Grade –
Benjamin Alden, Jacey Armstrong, Matthew Arthur, Lucas Ashby, Jacob Barham, James Adam Barrett, Matthew Beam, Rebecca Bennett, Ashley Black, Lacie Bonner, Melanie Breed, Alyssa Campbell, Melanie Carty, Lauren Chaney, Zachary “Zach” Chapman, Greg Clayton, Cody Cofer, Garrett Connally, Stephanie Cook, Felisha Crum, Jennifer Darden, Dustin Evans, Nikita Freeman, Johnny Frost, Johnathan Fuller, Shannon Gabriel, Justin Godbey, Lee Eric Grounds, Tate Haynie, Ethan Hays, Gordon Heddins, Joshua “Josh” Hocutt, Andrew Hoffma, Drew Hollifield/Walter, Wesley Holloway, Crystal Honnell 

Page 73
Fourth Grade –
Melissa Howard, Alice Huskey, Ryan Jones, Eric Ketcham, Jenee LaFoe, Danielle Laroux, Christa Laudan, Taylor Littrell, Marcos Llamos, Daniel Lloyd, Miranda Maggard, Andrew Marr, Samantha Michaelson, Alysha Miles, Joshua Moon, Travis Morales, Marcus Nelson, Justin Oliver, Michaelle Pelzel, Roxie Powell, Valery Prachyl, Jerrad Reamy, Sara Robertson, Juventino “Juve” Sanchez, Noe Santillan, Allison Sikes, Bryan Simmons, Jacque Sims, Amanda Spangler, Kayla Stout, Kelsie Tipping, Jordan Watkins, Justine Watkins, Megan Wilkinson, Michael Willoughby, Ashley Worrell,  (not pictured- Stephen “Steve” Hunt)   

Page 74
Third Grade –
Sarah Abbe, Scott Ackley, Jake Adair, Cody Bennett, Michelle Cannon, Alysha Carpenter, Amanda Cofer, Cody Derden, Daniel Dobbs, Deverrick Douglas, Kirk Edmonson, Meagan Engledow, Julie Feldman, Hank Foley, Adam Fowler, Chesea Geller, Clay Gilbert, Carla Haines, Justin Hathaway, Clinton Hebert, Kayla Hendryx, Anna Hernandez, Joseline Herrera, Stephanie Hill, Ashley Hocutt

Page 75
Third Grade –
Bubba Hocutt, Justin Jordan, Cory Kennedy, Ryan LaRue, Marissa Livingston, Lane Matous, Travis McCallister, Chelsie McGraw, Kandis McNeal, Lyndsi Mitchell, Nathan Neal, David Newland, Tony Pennington, Todd Ragan, Patrick Rasco, Tyler Reagan, Hayden Richards, Jimmy Rojas, Eric Santillan, D’Lancey Shaw, Johnna Smith, Sara Stout, Zackery  “Zack” Thomas, Cedrick Tolliver, Quadralina Tolliver, Sean-Luc Tubre, James Vejar, Mandy Watkins, Crystal Worrell, Cameron Young,  (not pictured – Cecilly Phillips) 

Page 76
Second Grade –
Carlos Aragon, Micah Ashby, Donny Barham, Alison Barker, Laura Bennett, Jennifer Boulware, Timothy Brackeen, Joshua Brown, Joshua Cade, Jeffrey Cagle, Holly Carty, John Carver, Taylor Cobb, Lenora “Nora” Coleman, Emily Davis, Jordan Douglas, Emily East, Desirae Elizaldi, Erik Erwin, Abbey Eudy, Adam Flores, Davie Foley, Kelly French, Briona Fuller, Westtie Godbey, Gaberial Gonzales, Nicole Hambrick, Amber Hancock, Monica Hernandez, Jonathan Hensley, Kimberly Herrera, Emily Hunt, Kayla Keating, Jared LaFoe, Dalton Leopard, Andrew Lewis   

Page 77
Second Grade –
Ellena Lovett, Laci Lynn, Johnathan Martin, Valeria Marun, Andrew McDonald, Austin McGraw, Austin Melton, Steven Michaelson, Katilyn Miles, Nicky Montemayor, Robert Morrison, Courtney Nelson, Brenna Pelzel, Michael Pennington, Adam Plyer, Jose Reyna, Travis Schipper, Tommy Sheffield, Jimmy Simmons, Chad Stone, Derrick Story, Rowdy Tackett, Jordan Taylor, Lauren Thedford, Katie Travis, Loren Travis, Sara Vigil, Jacob Wasinger, Ethan Weaver, Michael Wigley,  (Not pictured – Zachery Kelly)  

Page 78
First Grade –
Michael Armstrong, Rocky Don Barham, Anna Brewer, Jesse Carpenter, Zachary Chaffin, Alejandro Cortez, Michaela Dunaway, Parker Ellis, Joe Eudy, Logan Everitt, Brianna Flores, Christian Frost, Tyler Hanisch, Korie Hebert, Jesse Heddins, Trenton Herod, Benjamin Hickman, Amber Hocutt, Brittney Jackson, James Johnson, Cody Johnston, Kyle Keating, Cody Lowery, Sigrid Marayama, Kaitlin McGraw 

Page 79
First Grade –
Landon McGraw, Michael McKelvin, Tinnea McMurray, Shaun Miller, Dakota Morgan, Dylan Nichols, Jordan Richards, Ruben Rojas, Mercedes Sanchez, Michelle Sanchez, Katie Sauers, Michael Sawyer, Briana Sims, Caide Southard, Tyler Spicer, Paige Stout, Michael Tally, Taylor Spangler, Zeb Thomas, Richard Washburn, Gabriella Watkins, Angel Weaver, Marcus Wigley, Zachary Wilkinson, Matthew Willoughby, Davante Wilson, Maxx Wilson, Ashley Vandiver, Michelle Vejar, Hayley Young 

Page 80
Kindergarten –
Amy Adair, Colin Ashby, Michael Aston, Tressa Barham, Shelby Beard, Allyson Biggar, Amanda Bottoms, James Boulware, Naomi Boyer, Tomie Brackeen, Jimmy Brazier, Marlissa Brown, Brody Cunningham, Macee Elmore, Justin Frost, Lila Gonzales, David Hendryx, Tawny Hernandez, Victoria Hocutt, Haley Holloway, Michael Kellum, Adam Lamb, Jonathan LeJeune, Sherwood Mason, Justin McMurray 

Page 81
Kindergarten –
Jordan McGraw, Emily Moreau, Jason Pennington, Micheala Sawyer, Peyton Southard, Hope Story, Christine Tally, Macie Taylor, Clay Travis, Deztaney Weaver, Maria Wigley, Hayden Woods, Snapshots

Page 82
Junior High Band Group pictures; AD –
Shane & Sherrie Galaway’s Focal Point Photography- pictured – Sarah

Page 83
Superintendent –
Robert Clanton, Elementary Principal – David Brewer, Junior High Principal –Stan Dugan,  High School Principal –Hugh Ellis; School Board – President – Dan Patterson, Vice President – Ricky McGraw, Secretary/Treasurer – Jill Haden, Howard Seely, Ronald Lynch, Larry Farish

Page 84
Support Personnel – Transportation/Maintenance/Custodial Director-
Jim Owens, Custodians – Debra Shofner, Chris Pyburn, Margie Boatman, Ruby Swab, Willie Pyburn, Shirley Johnson, Debra Lovett, Nancy LaRue, Lauri Littrell, Gayle Ram, Ronnie LaRue, Benny Walker, Ross Urrutia, Rosa Lee Tarliton, Elementary Cafeteria – Maria Hernandez, Kathryn (McGraw) Peters, Kim Carty, Maria Hernandez, Manager – Everlene Nelson,  Secondary Cafeteria - Denise Ramey, Johnny Peyson, Darielyn “Dean” (Nevill) Owen, Carolyn Loosier, Chris Summers, Carolyn David, Shirley Brunning,  Maintenance – Billy Sullivan, John Rivers, Kevin Freeman, P.J. Brown, David Bird Sr., David Bird, Jr., Bobby Betts  Bus Drivers – Billy Sullivan, Ray Loren Dunaway, P.J. Brown, David Bird, Sr., David Bird, Jr.,  Harry Dotson

Page 85
School Personnel –High School Counselor –
Donna Wood,  Elementary Counselor –Linda Henderson,  Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent – Virginia
(Trussell) McGraw- Armstrong, High School Secretary –Carolyn Northern,  Junior High Secretary – Darlene Haden, Elementary Secretary – Sherilyn Dugan, Diagnostician –Patricia Harper,  Nurse –Patti Uptmore,  Librarian – Carolyn Carroll, Network/Technical Director – David Haden, Accounts Payable Clerks –Jennifer (Page) Jones & Martha (Hollingsworth) Jenkins,  Business Manager – Suzanne Ragan 

Page 86
Faculty –
Lou Ann Adair, Diane Ainsworth, Eddie Barker, Judy Carolyn (Haden) Baumgartner, Bob Barron, Janice (Null) Barron, Tammy Beard, Melissa Bearden, Marilyn (Gowan) Boyer, Diana Bugg, Beth Clayton, Ronnie Clayton, Jane (Ivy) Cook, Jennilyn (Sprayberry) Crenshaw, Sondra DeGraffenried, Harry Dotson; Aides –Debra Ackley, Debra (Jones) Armstrong, Shelly (Williams) Chapman, Betty Jo Cochran, Pam Davis, Deanna Engledow

Page 87
Faculty –
Kenneth Eudy, Jo Lynn (Mixon) Fisher, Cheryl Haines, Julie Harris, Patti Harris, Rhonda Hickman, Mary Frances (Tipping) Hiler, Robert Hilleman, Cindi Horton, Melissa Knight, Karen Lane, Becky Martin, Barbara McClure, Barbara (Draper) Cole-McGraw, Cinda Melton, Kay Melton, Kenneth Northern, Jeanne (Owens) Patterson, James “Jim” Pitts, Patti (Bray) Pitts, Shonda (Tipping) Prater, Sue Price, Deborah Rich; Aides –Wanda (Gillen) Harris, Kathy Price

Page 88
Faculty –
Marsha Rogers, Patti Sanders, Robyn Saunders, Dionne Sauers, Clif Sikes, Paula Sikes,  Marilyn Smith, Jon Southard, Clifford Spires, Shane Stroud, Billie Stubbs, Bill Tipping, Carolyn Sue (Dugan) Tunnell, Keith Tunnell, Mary Frances (Carroll) Waldrip, Debra Wooldridge, Malinda “Mindy” (Bottoms) Wooldridge, Gilda (Reed) Worsham, Myrna Wright, Robert Wynn, Linda Younts (not pictured- Rick Hilleman, Darrell Hamilton)   Aides –Donna (Furra) Richards, Dena (Goodnight) Smith, Pat Thornton

Page 89
Mr. & Miss BGHS-
Cody Muldner & Brook Richards

Page 90
Best Dressed –
Stephanie Rash & Josh Gillen; Most Representative – Cody Muldner & Jordan Smith

Page 91
Most Athletic –
Kori Patterson & Matt Cunningham; Most Likely to Succeed – Brandon Ford & Brooke Richards

Page 92
Friendliest –
April Barkley & Jacob Reed; Most Lion Spirited – Kori Patterson & Brent Jones

Page 93
Homecoming Court – Queen –
April Barkley, Brooke Richards, Jordan Smith, Amanda Guthrie, Kori Patterson

Page 94
Who’s Who –
Brandon Ford, Veronica Esparza, Jordan Smith, Jacob Reed, Jennifer McGee, Glenn Green 

Page 95
Who’s Who –
Kori Patterson, Suzanne Osmer, Brooke Richards, Melissa Barham, Mandy Jenkins, Ethan Fulbright 

Page 96
Outstanding Students : Junior Class –
Julie Melton & Chris Wisdom; Sophomore Class –Krista Armstrong & Michael Satterfield; Freshman Class –Catrina Poe & Jason Hoffma; Eighth Grade –Elmer Lee Ledbetter 111 & Amy Campbell; Seventh Grade –Haley Gillen & Zack Melton; Sixth Grade – Rance Dillon Melton & Karah Armstrong

Page 97
Junior Class Favorites-
Annah Russell & Philip Armstrong; Sophomore Class Favorites –Tony Davis & Amanda Muldner; Freshman Class Favorites –Casie Smith & Chad Phillips; Eighth Grade Class Favorites –Meredith Richards & Matt Davis; Seventh Grade Class Favorites –Haley Gillen & Zack Melton; Sixth Grade Class Favorites –Karah Armstrong & Rance Dillon Melton

Page 98
Varsity Band – Directors –
Clifford Spires & Kristen Spires, Justin Barham, Melissa Barham, Christina Bruce, Sarah Clevenger, Ryan Fielder, Brandon Ford, Ethan Fulbright, Shaina Gabriel, Glenn Green, Shad Green, Ray Johnson, Gary Lane, Laura Losoya, Tammie McGee, Evelyn Nelson, Jose Nolasco, Emily Null, Suzanne Osmer, James Weatherall, Barry Winkle

Page 99
Senior Class Favorites –  Senior Class Officers – President –
Cody Muldner,  Vice President –Brooke Richards,  Secretary –Jordan Smith,  Treasurer –Matt Cunningham, Student Council Representative –Johnny Pattison,  Student Council Representative Alt – Ben Jackson; Congratulations picture – Seniors group picture from Bob & Barba Clanton

Page 100
Ads –
Jerry & Gay Turner’s The Ark,   Michael Ray Jenkins’ Reid’s Pharmacy,   Elonda Cassady’s Hair Carousel,   Jane & Phil Wilbank’s A-l Grocery,   Eva Marshall’s Hair Studio,   Badi Stewart Allstate Insurance,   Lynell Mahone’s The Flower Shop,   Shakers & Scrapers Car Club

Page 101
Ads –
Central Baptist Church Youth Group,   Brenda & James “Bubba” Jones Sno-Balls & More – pictured – Evelyn Nelson, Nicole Seely & other

Page 102
Ad –
Junior High Cheerleaders - pictured –Stephanie Hensley, Heather Newland, Brittany Thornton, Alyssa McClure, Kristen Rash, Whitney Brown,   sponsor – Carolyn Sue (Dugan) Tunnell

Page 103
Ads –
Billy Wayne & Pat (Barham) McGraw’s Family Superette,   Darrell Van Horn, D.M.D. M.S. ,   Kelly Mills Seasonal Solutions,   ESS – pictured – Brooke Richards

Page 104
Highlander Inn Bed & Breakfast -  pictured –Amy & Alyssa Campbell,      First State Bank of Blooming Grove - pictured – Austen McGraw & Felisha Crum

Page 105
Ads –
Janet Allred Corsicana Travel Service,   Dee Hawkinson’s Dee’s Place,   Zales the Diamond Store,   Joe & Patsy Duncan’s Red Roadster Driving School,   Super K Mart,   Marsha Page’s Hair Salon,   Carolyn Stapleton’s Trophies Unlimited

Page 106
Ads – Pictured –
Ethan Fulbright,    GMC Truck,   Jimmy & Barbara Prince’s Fireworks,   Doyle & Suzie McGee’s Auto & Truck & Trailer Repair

Page 107
Varsity Cheerleaders - pictured –Nicole Allen, Courtney Murphy, Rachel LaRue, Heather Dry, Suzanne Osmer, Julie Melton,  mascot –Sarah Worley, Sponsor – Debra (Jones) Armstrong

Page 108
Ads –
Bank1 One,    McGraw Clark Photography of Distinction

Page 109
Ads –
Troy Lane’s Upholstery – Picture,      Bob Bray Farmers Insurance Group of Companies,   Ricky Lachney’s One Stop Auto Tech,   Northside Baptist Youth Ministry –picture 

Page 110
Nick & Ann Turner Western Auto,    Tyson & Becky Chandler’s Custom T’s,   Paul E. Fulbright Attorney & Counselor at Law,   Allen & Liane Barham’s 22 One Stop,    Janet Giller’s Picture Perfect,    Charlie Cantrell’s CC’s Auto Sales,   Owen Hardware, Inc.

Page 111
Ads –
Blooming Grove FFA,      Marcus & Dennis Melton’s Generation 11 Home Builders -pictured – Julie, Shellie, Bobby Melton

Page 112
Ad –
Rodney D. Young Insurance

Page 113
Ad –
Lloyd Gowan’s Welding & Fabrication, Inc.,-  pictured – Naomi & Jacob Boyer

Page 114
Ads –
Dawson, Sodd, & Beard, P.C.,    Sammie Adamson’s Country Cafι,   Navarro Mills Baptist Church

Page 115
Ad –
Junior Varsity Cheerleaders -  pictured – Shellie Melton, Amanda Muldner, Krista Armstrong, Casi Vickers, Stephanie Lusk, Sha Bryan, Brittany Weaver, Ashley Gantt,  Sponsor – Jeanne (Owens) Patterson 

Page 116
Congratulations picture –
Courtney Murphy from Mom & Dad, & Grandmama

Page 117
Congratulations pictures:
Vallery Lackney; Julio DeLeon from Mom & Dad & Family

Page 118
Congratulations picture –
Suzanne Osmer from Mom & Dad, Tony, LuAnn, Crys, Kids

Page 119
Congratulations picture –
Melissa Barham from Mom, The Family

Page 120
Congratulations pictures:
Lindsey Crosswhite from Your Dad; Zach Rich from Dad, Mom, John & Sugar

Page 121
Congratulations picture –
Shane Sykes from Jerry, Rhonda, Brittany & Dylon

Page 122
Congratulations picture –
April Barkley from Dad, Mom, Jimmy & James

Page 123
Congratulations picture –
Veronica Esparza from Mom, Dad, Bernardo, Stephanie & Enrique

Page 124
Congratulations picture –
Erica Wisdom from Mom, Dad, Grandmom, Grandad & Michael

Page 125
Congratulations picture –
Tiffany Blissett from Mom, Jerry, Kurt, Nicholas, Mathew & Ethan, Dad, Grandad, & Grandma

Page 126
Congratulations picture –
Emily Null from Dad, Mom, Chad, Jarrod, Amber

Page 127
Congratulations picture –
Brandon Ford from Mom, Dad, Bradley, Nana & Dede 

Page 128
Congratulations picture –
Johnny Pattison from Mom, Granny, Jonna, Jana, Greg & Jodi

Page 129
Congratulations picture –
Jarrod Moore from Dad, Mom, Allison, Grandmother & Paw Paw Baldwin, Grandmother & Paw Paw Moore

Page 130
Congratulations picture –
Amanda Guthrie from Mom, Brenna, & Melanie 

Page 131
Congratulations picture –
Jordan Smith from Dad, Mom, Casie, Emily, Johnna 

Page 132
Congratulations picture –
Brooke Richards from Dad, Mom, Jordan, Meredith & Nanny 

Page 133
Congratulations picture –
Kori Patterson from Mom, Dad, Kristi, Kasey & Kylee

Page 134
Congratulations picture –
Glossica Smith from Aunt LaBArbara, Rachelle 

Page 135
Congratulations picture –
Ashley Paige Creighton from Mom, Dad, DeAnna

Page 136
Congratulations picture: The Men –
Front row – Shane Sykes, Johnny Pattison, T.J. Thetford,  Middle row – Josh Gillen, Cody Muldner,  Back row – Matt Cunningham, Ben Jackson, Jacob Reed from Joe, Pat, Russell, & Scott

Page 137
Congratulations picture : The Men –
Front row - Doug Story, Jacob Reed, Jeremy Jensen,  Middle row - Brent Jones, Jarrod Moore, B.C. Putman, Bobby Melton, Back row – Samuel O’Dell, Jeremy Crawford,  ? Cody Muldner from Daddy, Mom, Jimmy Lee, Amanda & Kyle

Page 138
Congratulations picture –
Brandon Corley “BC” Putman from Mom, J.P. & Clitis 

Page 139
Congratulations picture –
Matt Cunningham from Mom, Dad, Lindsey, Brody & Grandma 

Page 140
Congratulations picture –
Glossica Smith from Dad, Mom, Zavier  

Page 141
Congratulations picture –
Stephanie Rash 

Page 142
Congratulations picture –
Jennifer McGee from Mom, Dad, Tammie & Sandra  

Page 143
Congratulations picture –
Shane Sykes from Mom, Dad, Robin 

Page 144
Congratulations pictures:
Mandi Crowder from Momma, Brandi, Colten & Michael; Brent Jones from Mom, Dad, Brandon, Leanne & Michelle; Josh Gillen from Dad, Terri, Haley, Hillary, Mom, Rusty & Eric

Page 145
AD –
Booster Club 

Page 146
Good Citizens: DARE –
Glenn Green & Jennifer McGee; Optimist Youth –Matt Cunningham, Glenn Green, Kori Patterson, Jennifer McGee; Lions Club Good Citizens – Brandon Ford, Glenn Green, Josh Gillen, Matt Cunningham, Bobby Melton, Doug Story, Ben Jackson, Cody Muldner, Shane Sykes, Jordan Richards, Kori Patterson, Brooke Richards, Emily Null, Jennifer McGee, Veronica Esparza, Amanda Guthrie, Julie Melton, Vallery Lackney, Suzanne Osmer, Jacob Reed

Page 147
Elementary Group pictures:  Third Grade UIL, Fourth Grade UIL, Fifth Grade UIL,  & others 

Page 148
Junior/Senior Prom – Top –
Coach Bob Barron, Alex Haden, Rachel LaRue, Dante Torres, Peysen, & other  Middle Left – Glossica Smith, Mary Ann Sterling Middle right – Fallon Tippett  bottom left – Cole Cunningham, Price, Chris Wisdom, Alex Haden,  & others  Bottom right – James Barkley, & others

Page 149
Junior/Senior Prom – top left –
back row – Craig Hay, Brandon Ford, Julio DeLeon, Ben Jackson, Cody Muldner, Zach Rich, Arthur Blair, Kori Patterson, Glenn Green, Brooke Richards, Matt Cunningham, Ashley Creighton, Jacob Reed, Lindsey Crosswhite, Jeremy Crawford, Bobby Melton, Stephanie Rash, Jordan Smith, Johnny Pattison, Jarrod Moore,  bottom row – Erica Wisdom, Amber Evans, Emily Null, Melissa Barham, Suzanne Osmer, Amanda Guthrie, Brandon Ford, Valerie Lachney, Veronica Espinosa; Top right – Cole Cunningham, Philip Armstrong  Middle left – back – Glenn Green, Brandon Ford, Zach Rich, Arthur Blair, Jeremy Crawford, Jarrod Moore, Shane Sykes, Ben Jackson, Front row – Craig Hay, ?, Matt Cunningham, Bobby Melton, Jacob Reed, Doug Story, Julio DeLeon, Cody Muldner, Clifton Miller  Middle right – Hugh Ellis & other bottom left –back row – Valerie Lackney, Amanda Guthrie, Lindsey Crosswhite, Veronica Espinosa, Emily Null, Erica Wisdom, Melissa Barham, Suzanne Osmer, front row – Jordan Smith, Stephanie Rash, Kori Patterson, Brooke Richards, Ashley Creighton, Amber Evans,  Bottom right- back- ? Patricia Macik, Jessica Weger, Rachel LaRue, Stephanie Jensen, Cassidy Harris, ?, Nicole Allen, front – Ashley Watkins, ?, Mandy Jenkins, Julie Melton, Annah Russell, Jill Jacobs, Erin Green

Page 150
Jr. High Group Pictures: Jr. High Council, Sixth Grade UIL, Seventh Grade UIL, Eighth Grade UIL, Top Ten Eighth Grade Graduates, Washington D.C. Group 

Page 151
Graduation Pictures – top left –
Jeremy Crawford, Samuel O’Dell, Johnny Pattison, Matt Cunningham, Bobby Melton  top right – Emily Null, Valerie Lachney, Veronica Espinosa, Jennifer McGee, Amber Evans  Bottom left – Clifton Miller; Salutatorian –Brooke Richards; Valedictorian – Kori Patterson; Honor Graduates – Josh Gillen, Jeremy Crawford, Emily Null, Veronica Esparza, Bobby Melton, Erica Wisdom, Jordan Smith, Ben Jackson, Stephanie Rash, Brandon Ford, Suzanne Osmer, Jennifer McGee, Glenn Green, Melissa Barham, Brooke Richards, Kori Patterson

Page 152
Monarch Staff: Editor –
Jennifer McGee,  Classes-Veronica Esparza & Emily Null,  Sports-Chris Cates & Jennifer Davis,  Organizations-Maranda Reynolds & Erin Green,  Photographer- Ryan Brown, Advisor – Marilyn C. Smith

Page 153

Page 154
World News: 1001-1600

Page 155
World News:  1600-2001 

Page 156
Fads & Fashions:  1001-1600 

Page 157
Fads & Fashions:  1600-2001 

Page 158
Fine Arts: 1001-1600 

Page 159
Fine Arts:  1600-2001 

Page 160
Music: 1001-1600 

Page 161
Music: 1600-2001 

Page 162
Health & Fitness: 1001-1600 

Page 163
Health & Fitness: 1600-2001 

Page 164
Transportation: 1001-1600 

Page 165
Transportation:  1600-2001 

Page 166
Sports: 1001-1600 

Page 167
Sports:  1600-2001 

Page 168
Movies: 1900-1960 

Page 169
Movies: 1960-2001 

Page 170
Televison:  1950-1960 

Page 171
Tevevision :  1960-2001 

Page 172
National News: 1001-1600 

Page 173
National News: 1600 – 2001 

Page 174
Communications: 1001-1600 

Page 175
Communications: 1600- 2001 

Page 176
Where Were You?  Last Century!    This Century!  Back in the Last Millennium…………..    In the New Millennium………………

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