The 2014 Monarch
Year Book of Blooming Grove School
Navarro County Texas


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This page provided by Edward L. Williams & Diane Richards
Yearbook loaned by Bradley Cravens

Front Cover
2013 – 2014 Blooming Grove

Page 1
Monarch Table of Contents, pictures of - BG Water tower, BG City Limit sign, Football players - Dalton Shastid, Jose Camirillo, Travis Whiteside, Eric Balderas, Graduates – Kenneth Newland, Jimmy Potter, Joyce Ramirez, Dustin, Raxter, Courtney Reames, and others

Page 2
2014 YEARBOOK STAFF- Top picture – Samantha McGee, Zane Thomas, Madison Prater, Morgan Adams, Ariel Bullard, Mandie Shankle, Teacher-Miss Jock
Middle picture – Miss Jock, Amy Baskin, Ariel Bullard, Mandie Shankle, Zane Thomas, Samantha Armstrong, Morgan Adams, Amy Curtis
Bottom picture – Morgan Adams, Samantha McGee, Madison Prater, Ariel Bullard, Mandie Shankle, Miss Jock

Page 3
2014 YEARBOOK STAFF – Top picture – Allie Jordan, Steeley Southard, Amy Baskin, Stacey Carroll, Colton Couch, Amy Curtis
Middle top left picture – Miss Jock, Amy Baskin, Amy Curtis, Madison Prater, Ariel Bullard, Steeley Southard, Allie Jordan, Minerva Mirafuentes, Samantha Armstrong, Zane Thomas, Samantha McGee, Colton Couch, Stacey Carroll
Middle bottom left picture – Miss Jock, Amy Curtis, Madison Prater, Zane Thomas, Ariel Bullard, Samantha Armstrong, Samantha McGee, Shelby Dickens, Morgan Adams, Steeley Southard, Allie Jordan, Mandie Shankle, Amy Baskin, Minerva Mirafuentes, Stacey Carroll, Colton Couch
Middle right picture – Miss Jock, Ariel Bullard, Mandie Shankle, Amy Curtis, Zane Thomas, Morgan Adams, Amy Baskin, Samantha Armstrong
Bottom picture – Allie Jordan, Steeley Southard, Amy Baskin, Stacey Carroll, Colton Couch, Amy Curtis, Zane Thomas

Page 4
Administration and Board – Top row - Jimmy Malone, Karen Lane, Doyle Bell, (not pictured - David Brewer), Pam Davis, Darlene Haden 2nd row – Retta Williams, Carolyn Northern, Melanie Holcomb, Evelyn Beard, Martha Jenkins, Jennifer Harrison, 3rd row - (not pictured - Susan Reagan), David Haden, (not pictured - Troy Cox), Gary Grubbs, (not pictured - Gary Patterson), Cheryl Hollingsworth.

Snapshots – Top left- Karen Lane kissing a Llama, Top right – group picture Bottom left- David Brewer and mascot Mar’Leigh Davis Middle bottom picture – Melanie Holcomb, Jodi Brown, Monica Patrick Bottom right picture –Mar’Leigh Davis

Page 5
Administration and Board – Top Row - Debra Ackley, Jared Bass, Tammy Beard, Jodi Brown, Joseph Crum, Harry Dodson, 2nd Row – Jill Ephlin, Jerry Guidry, Anson Hargadine, Haley Harrell, (not pictured - Michael Hauser), Richard Hilleman 3rd Row – Amy Jenkins, Colby Jock, Benjamin Kinnison, Ashley Mahone, (not pictured- Stacy McDonald), Keitha McDougald 4th row – Monica Patrick, M’Lissa Price, Darrell Shelton, (not pictured – Clifton Sikes), Leslie Tarkington 5th row (not pictured – Michelle Thormann), Karla Williams, Lawrence Williams, Myrna Wright

Snapshots – Left picture, Middle picture – Right picture

Page 6
Seniors –Top Row - Morgan Adams, Briza Balderas, Erick Balderas, Rowdy Barlow, Amy Baskin, 2nd row - Preston Buckhannan, Jose Camarillo, Adriana Camarrillo, Selena Cantu, Stacey Carroll, 3rd row - Gina Chavez, Lucas Cheek, Karley Davis, Jesse DeVries, Rachel East, 4th row - Erica English, Kari Farmer, Brandon Glascow, Jonathan Green, Caitlyn Grubbs

Page 7
Seniors – Top Row - Abigail Gutierrez, Allison Gutierrez, Kate Hanson, Cayman Hawk, Hunter Hawkins, 2nd Row - Alexandra Jordan, Clay Kennedy, Steven Kendrick, Garrett Lane, Brandon Lima, 3rd Row - Joshua Linton, Kimberly Mack, Allie Marquis, Jared Mason, Sandra Mirafuentes, 4th Row - Cassie Morgan, Tyler Morris, Kourtney, Nevill, Kenneth Newland, Victoria Ortiz

Page 8
Seniors – Top Row - Chad Owens, Daniel Pelzel, Jimmy Potter, Jacob Praytor, Joyce Ramirez, 2nd row - Dustin Raxter, Courtney Reames, Colton Reamy, Bryan Rogel, Bernadette Ross, 3rd Row - Charles Sanches, Jonathan Seabolt, Mandie Shankle, Jason Simmons, Bryson Smith, 4th Row - Marques Roundtree, Maria Solis, Steely Southard, Steven Sullivan, Jonathan Sweeney

Page 9
Seniors – Top Row - Taud Taylor, Falcon Thompson, Weston Tipping, Travis Whiteside, Desiree Wiggins, 2nd Row - Jarod Wilkinson, Jacob Williams, Tyler Wilsford, (not pictured – Aaron Singleterry)

Senior Flower - Blue Rose, Senior Colors – Black & Silver, Senior Songs – “We own it” by 2 Chainz & “In these halls” by Madilyn Bailey

Page 10
Seniors before 2014 – Top Row – Snap shot - Bryson Smith, Lucas Cheek, Tyler Morris 2nd Row - Morgan Adams, Briza Balderas, Erick Balderas, Rowdy Barlow, Amy Baskin, Preston Buckhannan, Jose Camarillo, 3rd Row - Adriana Camarillo, Selena Cantu, Stacy Carroll, Karley Davis, Jessie DeVries, Rachel East, Erica English, 4th Row - Kari Farmer, Jonathan Green, Caitlynn Grubbs, Kate Hanson, Caymen Hawk, Hunter Hawkins, Allie Jordan, 5th Row - Steven Kendrick, Clay Kennedy, Garrett Lane, Brandon Lima, Josh Linton, Kimberly Mack, Allie Marquis

Page 11
Seniors before 2014 – Top Row – Left Snapshot - Right Snapshot - 2nd Row
- Sandra Mirefuentes, Cassie Morgan, Tyler Morris, Kourtney Nevill, Chad Owens, Daniel Pelzel, Jimmy Potter, 3rd Row - Jacob Praytor, Joyce Ramirez, Dustin Raxter, Courtney Reames, Marcques Roundtree, Charles Sanches, Mandie Shankle, 4th Row - Aaron Singleterry, Bryson Smith, Steely Southard, Jonathan Sweeney, Taud Taylor, Falcon Thompson, Wes Tipping, 5th Row - Desiree Wiggins, Jarod Wilkinson, Jacob Williams

What was your favorite BG memory? “Going to the King Tut Museum in Dallas when we were in sixth grade.—Amy Baskin

Page 12
Senior Superlatives – Best Romance – Wes Tipping and Daniel Pelzel, Mr. & Ms. BGHS – Jose Camarillo and Steely Southard, Best Couple – Hunter Hawkins and Kimberly Mack, Class Clown – Erick Balderas, Life of the Party – Victoria Ortiz

Page 13
Senior Superlatives – Most Likely To Be On Reality TV – Jared Mason, Most Likely to Become an Olympian – Hunter Hawkins, Most Likely to Teach at BGHS – Allie Jordan, Most Likely To Become President – Joyce Ramirez, Most Spirited – Dustin Raxter, Most Outspoken – Briza Balderas, Most Friendly – Sandra Mirafuentes, Most Changed – Jimmy Potter, Best Nickname – Tyler Wilsford (Woody), Biggest Flirt – Karley Davis, Best Role Model – Stacey Carroll

Page 14
Junior Class – Top Row
- Ruperto Aguilar, Eliseo Alvarez, Presley Atkeisson, Colton Barham, Sarah Beard, Dylon Blackmon, Dalton Blake, Jacob Boyer, 2nd Row - Calloway Brady, Brandon Brazier, Ariel Bullard, Zackery Burns, Daniel Camarillo, Joshua Campa, Cody Carroll, Carlee Childress, 3rd Row - David Cochran, Jaden Coley, Kayln Comer, Colten Couch, Bradley Cravens, Cassandra Cruz, Cole Curry, Amy Curtis, 4th Row - Shelby Dickens, Tyler Ellis, Amber Erwin, Jonathan Fonseca, Lysette Garza, Pedro Gonzales, Kate Haden, Katie Haden, 5th Row - Brandon Hays, Sidney Horner, Parker Jackson, Robin Jones, Austin Kennedy, 6th Row - Brooke Koscielniak, Clayton Krajca, Garrett Leopard, (not pictured – Tyler Lewis), Danielle Lima

Class Favorites – Emory McDougald, A’Lora Smith, Nick Snodgrass

“If There Can Be No Victory, Then I will Fight Forever.“ – Dalton Thornton

Page 15
Junior Class – Top Row - Ricky Linton, Sheaila Luna, Allie Macon, Haley, Macon, Emory McDougald, (Not pictured – Laine McGraw), Bailey Melton, Elizabeth Melton, 2nd Row - Brittany Miller, Minerva Mirafuentes, Dylan Newland, Amy Nunez, Frances Padilla, Ricky Padilla, Erin Plyer, Madison Prater, 3rd Row - Seth Ralls, Iris Rangel, Chelsea Reames, Nick Reed, Jonathan Rivera, Chastedy Sargent, A’Lara Smith, Nick Snodgrass, 4th Row - Sarah Southard, Haley Stout, Carlos Terrazas, Dalton Thornton, Robert Tovar, Tristan Warmack, Kaylee Warren, Sarah Watkins, 5th Row - Treounah Wiggins, Kelly Williams, Kaitlynn Wright

Top Snapshot – A’Lora Smith, Brook Koscielniak, ?, Kate Haden, Jonathan Rivera, and others Bottom Left Snapshot - Bradley Cravens, Emory McDougald, Colton Barham, Tyler Ellis, Dalton Blake Bottom right snapshot - Amy Curtis, Carlee Jo Childress

“Use Your Smile To Change The World. Don’t Let The World Change You’re your Smile.” - Amy Curtis

“Too Much Of A Good Thing Is A Bad Thing.” – David Cochran

“ Success Isn’t Just About What You Accomplish In Your Life. It’s About What You Inspire Others To Do.” - Carlee Jo Childress

Page 16
Sophomore Class – Top Row - Luke Andrews, Samantha Armstrong, Katelynn Barr, Tyler Baumgartner, Callie Bearden, Carter Bearden, Skybre Blades, 2nd Row – Johnny Bustamante, Justin Cagle, Chelsea Callahan, Roberto Camarillo, Landon Carpenter, Nicholas Carrillo, Shawn Caudle, 3rd Row – Michael Couch, Shelby Cox, Mar’Leigh Davis, Samuel Espinosa, Jennifer Gamez, Brock Garcia, Taylor Gonzalez, 4th Row – Lane Goodwin, Micah Haden, Jonathon Harris, Skyler Hawkins, Shelby Hays, Katlyn Hughes, Omar Huichapa, 5th Row – Gage Johnson, Hagen Jones, William Jones, Coraleigh Keys, Jody Kirby, Annan Kirk, Tyler Kuhn, 6th Row – Robert McCarter, Samantha McGee, Dalton McGraw, Alexis Millner, Sophia Newland, Brittany Nichols, Dylan Nors, 7th Row - Jarod Obenour, Brody Owens, Nathan Paz, Logan Peterson, Cynthia Potter, Jaunya Pyburn, Zoey Rios

Page 17
Sophomore Class – Top Row – Tara Rippenkroeger, Alberto Rodriquez, Hannah Rose, Kaylee Rose, Ezekial Salazar, Dalton Shastid, Chase Smith, 2nd Row – Tamia Smith, Chad Southard, Hannah Southard, Keller Southard, Alyssa Sprabary, Richard Sterling, Joshua Sweeney, 3rd Row – Zane Thomas, Celinda Warren, Joshua Wiggins, Wesley Wigington, Jedidah Wout

Top Left snapshot - Top Middle Snapshot – Top right Snapshot – Mascot Mar’Leigh Davis and fans Bottom Right Snapshot –

Class Favorites – Brittany Nichols and Joshua Wiggins

Page 18
Freshmen – Top Row – Jourdan Anderson, Angel Balderas, Lacee Banks, Tanner Beard, (Not pictured – James Louis Bell), Timothy Bosher, 2nd Row – Mathew Braizer, Peyton Buckannan, Gabriel Buckley, Victoria Carlos Pasillas, Ricky Linton, Zavier Cole, 3rd Row – John Conger, Sarah Conger, Cheyanne Derhammer, Klarissa Esparza, Jasee Farish, Jodie Fouts, 4th Row – Scott Fry, Jocelyn Gaona, Ruston Goff, Adriana Gonzales, Gary Grey, Hannah Hagle, 5th Row – Alexandria Harbuck, Ashlyn Haygood, Adrea’Lynn High, Mariah Horner, Emily January, Jacob Johnson, 6th Row – Brandon Kerens, Adelina Kindrick, Nathan Klander, Kaitlyn Lewis, Jesus Martinez, Ethan McCall, 7th Row – Anthony McCanlis-Barr, Gage McGraw, Vanessa McNeil, Madelynn Miller, Cody Monroe, Isaac Ochoa, 8th Row – Shawn Pfolsgroff, Emma Phipps, Marisol Ramirez, Bryan Reamey, Summer Robertson, Ivan Rogel

Page 19
Freshmen – Top Row – Steffini Singleterry, Zackary Snider, Christian Stewart, Hannah Tetreault, Destiney Tidwell, Skylar Tipping, 2nd Row – Yaritza Torres, Allexander Tovar, Rhyann Tunnell, Kelsey Whitten, Erik Wiley, Dakota Wiggens, 3rd Row – Jailene Williams, (not pictured - Phenoix Willis), Rodeshia Willis, Calista Wilson, Patrick Yates

Class Favorites – Calista Wilson & Gage McGraw

Words of Advice? - “Dynamite comes in small packages.” - Jourdan Anderson

“I like listening to Country Music when I’m stressed out.” - Alex Harbuck

What is your favorite part of Freshman year? - “I love coach Price’s class the most.” Jasee Farish

“I mostly come to school for gym.” – Alexander Tovar

“I really love playing my bari-sax in band.” – Tanner Beard

Page 20
Eighth Grade Class – Top row – Logan Andrews, Caleb Ashford, Agustin Avila, Alexia Bailey, Edith Balderas, Luke Baumgartner, 2nd Row – Melana Bayer, Travis Berryhill, Chelsie Blaylock, Brint Bray, Ceasar Camarillo, Timothy Campbell, 3rd Row – Raul Cantu, Makayla Caudle, Morgan Dawson, Hanna Douglas, Kalob Esparza, Adam Espinosa, 4th Row – Ezequiel Euceda, Amanda Farmer, Morgan Fry, Jason Garcia, Samuel Goff, Logan Golden, 5th Row – Emma Gray, Robin Gray, Mindy Guzman, Virginia Harrell, Katherine Herring, Kate Harris, 6th Row - Breanna Horner, Kylie Huston, Ian Kirk, Christopher Langford, Ivan Mandujano, Chloe Marquis

Page 21
Eighth Grade Class – Top Row – Mariel Calderon Martinez, Fernando Martinez, Matt Matous, Michael McCarter, Chance McQueen, Cameron Millner, 2nd row – Lorena Mirafuentes, Nathan Murphey, Olivia Murrell, Jhase Newton, Maricruze Acero-Padilla, Clair Plemons, 3rd Row – Samantha Ray, Adreanna Sanchez, Adeline Shastid, Brindon Straw, 4th Row – Douglas Taylor, Manuel Villegas, Katelyn Warren, Makenzie Watkins, 5th Row – Ethan Whitten, Joseph Williams, Matthew Wilsford, Tana Young

Class Favorites – Matt Matous and Melana Bayer

“When I’m older I want to be and ER Doctor.” - Clair Plemons

“When I’m older I want to be a Music Producer.” – Nathan Murphey

Page 22
Seventh Grade Class – Top Row - Dixon Aderhold, Cheyenne Arnold, Tristan Arteaga, Edwardo Balderas, Raquel Balderas, Sierra Berryhill, Andrew Black, 2nd Row - Sevyn Blackman, Sidney Bosher, Tatum Briggs, Stephen Carroll, Lawson Covington, Rosaisela Diaz, Jacob Dickinson, 3rd Row - Tiffany Drago, Jacob Eldridge, Joshua Eudy, (Not pictured – Colby Ferguson), Kasey Fisher, Noah Garcia, Troy Gorman, 4th Row - Brooklynn Grooms, Mackenzie Grooms, Madalynn Grooms, Claire Haden, Jacie Hamilton, Jacob Harvey, Alexus High, 5th Row - Hugo Huichapa, Dorothy Jimenez, Kristin Keating, Caden Kennedy, Dakota Lewis, Cheyenne Lucas, Aidan Melton, 6th Row - Kayla Melton, Rylie Melton, Samantha Melton, Christian Mershawn, Brady Miller, Danielle Miller, Joseph Miller, 7th Row – Wyatt Morgan, Quinton Nelson, Logan Newland, Blake Nichols, Abigail Nino, Gisselle Nino, Angelina Orozco

Page 23
Seventh Grade Class - Class Favorites – Noah Garcia and Claire Haden

What has been your favorite part of 7th Grade – “Mrs. Fisher’s because we have homework days.” – Riley Melton

“Centex Band” – Allysann Thorman

“Minecraft” – Sevyn Blackman

Top Row – Korri Owens, Ramiro Perez, Stephen Phipps, Tristan Pickett, Tyler Pyburn, Stephanie Ramirez, Jessica Raney, 2nd Row – Jose Saldivar, Savannah Riddell, Kassandra Rodriguez, Alex Roe, Isaiah Ross, Norah Salazar, Richard Saunders, 3rd Row – Macie Skains, Riley Skains, Demetrius Smith, Destiny Springer, Reney Terrazas, Allysann Thormann, Scott Tucker, 4th Row – Samantha Vazquez, Micah Wafer, Kendrick Walker, Camden Willis, Radiance Willis, Dylan Woolridge

Page 24
Top Row – Michael Adkins, Mykayla Adkins, Gabriel Alvarado, Alejandro Alvarez, Kade Arismendez, Joseph Avila, 2nd row – Hunter Barr, Kayleigh Blissett, Brannon Carpenter, Jaydin Castillo, Julian Chavez, Taylor Cochran, 3rd Row – James Coker, Tempest Couch, Tory Cox, Keariann Crawford, George Dazey, Jordan Dechaume, 4th Row - Ethan Derhammer, Toby Devries, Jaco Esparza, Kylee Farish, Carlos Flores, Mary Fonseca, 5th Row - Mckenzie Fouts, Lucy Garcia, Ernesto Garcia Ramos, Isaac Haden, Brianna Hernandez, Star Holdway

Page 25
Sixth Grade Class - Class favorites – Madison Peterson and Carson Willis

Top Row – Claire Kirk, Kristen Kraemer, Damon Lovett, Maribel Martinez, Briana Mendez 2nd Row - Kristin Nelson, Elizabeth Nino, Ethan Nors, Madison Peterson, Colton Pitz, 3rd Row – Harley Plant, Logan Prater, Haidyn Praytor, Marissa Ramires, Shawn Rasco, 4th Row - Laura Solis, William Stuckert, Jessica Sykes, Aaron Tarkington, Evette Terrazas, 5th Row - Dalton Tidwell, Guillermo Velazquez, Carson Willis, Rahmiyah Willis, Olivia Zapat

Page 26
Junior High Staff - Top Row
– Brooke Anderson, Evelyn Beard, Aaron Ehly, Jana Fisher, 2nd Row – Ashley Golden, Darlene Haden, Laura Haden, Mary Ann Haden, 3rd Row – (Not pictured- Haley Harrell), Sharon Harris, Robert Hilleman, Misti Hutchison, 4th Row – Sandra Lewis, Paul Patison, (Not pictured – Armin Piel), Kathleen Price, (Not pictured – Michael White), (Not pictured – Kathryn Wilganowski), Doyle Bell

Left Snapshot - Top Row – Darlene Haden, Mary Ann Haden, Jana Fisher, Misti Hutchison
Bottom Row – Laura Haden, Brooke Anderson, Ashley Golden

Right Snap shot – Left to Right – Brook Anderson, Misti Hutchison, Ashley Golden, Doyle Bell, Jana Fisher, Laura Haden, Darlene Haden

Page 27
Elementary Staff – Top Row – Louann Adair, LouAnn Armstrong, Matt Anderson, Jennifer Button Gina Calhoun, 2nd Row – Shelly Chapman, Maria Camarillo, Karen Cox, Margaret Grubbs, Wanda Harris, 3rd row – Maria Hernandez, Tara Humphrey, Kari Ivey, Becky Lamb, Leslie McAnally, 4th row - Everlene Nelson, Cinda Melton, Robyn Saunders, Glenda Southard, Kathie Roderick, 5th row – Kila Zapata, Karen Pelzel, Caroline Southard, Carole Tipping

Page 28
Fifth Grade - Top Row – Yvette Alejandres, Tayler Bearden, Tanner Bearden, Johnathan Bell, Sierra Blades, Graciana Blackman, Jaden Bradey, 2nd Row - Samantha Briggs, Shelby Byrd, Mildred Calel, Sera Cole, Roy Dazey, Jennifer Drago, Seth Erwin, 3rd Row - Crisela Espinoza, Alexandra Fisher, Tara Fry, Marissa Gaona, Ivan Garcia, Mackenzie Grimes, Emma Haden, 4th Row - James Hirth, Kori High, Colby Holder, Caitlin Holub, Macon Hurford, Jeremiah Jackson, Alexis Leverette, 5th Row - Michael Mata, Audrey Miles, Bailey Miller, Kayson Motherson, Kyle Motter, Colton Nicholson, Cristany Ochoa

Page 29
Fifth Grade - Top Row - Adison Palos, Chase Paschal, Chance Pasco, Alejandro Perez, Michael Pickett, Labecca Praytor, Titerria Pyburn 2nd Row - Yulisa Rebollar, Sandra Roe, Jesus Sanches, Kennedy Skaggs, Kyle Skrdla, Mariah Sparkman, Brittney Smith 3rd Row - Kevin Swanson, Kymberlee Thormann, Gavin Tucker, Juan Vasquez, Sergio Watkins, Olivia Weisskopf, Katelyn Wigington, 4th Row - Felicity Whiteis, Mackenzie Wilganowski, Jacinda Williams

Page 30
Fourth Grade - Top Row - Kinley Barham, Courtney Bayer, Machenzie Black, Kamryn Brown, Mattew Byrne, Skylar Couch, 2nd Row - Will Cravens, Peyton Dawson, Licia Derrick, Chloe Diltz, Alivia Doolan, Allie Doolan, 3rd Row - Bryson Edmerson, Aston Ehly, Aleks Espinoza, Jesus Farelas, Bryson Fisher, Monica Flores, 4th Row - Nicole Gamez, Garris Goff, Landon Golden, Kaylyn Gorman, Nathan Haden, Samuel Harvick, 5th Row - Ashleigh Hellner, Anthony Hernandez, Katelyn Herring, Devon Hood, Abbie Howard, Nabor Jimenez

Page 31
Fourth Grade - Top Row - Da’Vontay Jordan, JoAnna Krajca, Mascaro Lance, Israel Lopez, Angela Luna, Omar Mandujano, 2nd Row - Bianka Mata, Seth McGraw, Haleigh McNutt, Sadie Miller, David Mirafuentes, Sam Mostillo, 3rd Row - Delaney Northern, Martina Ochoa, Stephanie Orozoco, Roy Petty, Zane Praytor, Dwyght Price 4th Row - Madison Putman, Bailey Rasco, Kelby Redmon, Elijah Rios, Christian Rowland, Trent Sherrard, 5th Row - Sandra Silvedrio, Kinley Skains, Cameron Smith, Lily Soto, Cheyenne Taylor, Tony Terrazas, 6th Row - Dillon Tidwell, Adam Tovar, Ryan Wooldridge

Page 32
Third Grade - Top Row - Maleni Avila, Christopher Badicore, Macie Bearden, Kelton Bell (Not pictured - Camila Benavides), (Not pictured - Landon Biggs), 2nd Row - Chloe Blaylock, Jayse Bryant, Travis Byrd, Diego Camarillo, Jose Cervantes, Braidee Cofer, 3rd Row - Kenneth Cole, Shaelee Cook, (Not pictured - Brooklyn Crofut), Kai Dazey, Kendel Ephlin, Josie-Ann Erwin, 4th Row - Trey Erwin, Antonio Flores, Rachel Fry, Makayla Gillen, Tianna Glenn, Camden Gorbet, 5th Row - Eli Haden, Johathan Hammon, Peyton Hays, Calvin Heil, Kian Long, Stephanie Lopez, 6th Row - Eythyn Martinez, Allie Melton, Andrew Melton, (Not pictured – Aaya Meneimneh), Sierra Montelongo, Sarah Nicholas

Page 33
Third Grade - Trenton Nicholson, Amy Nolasco, Abraham Ochoa, Patricia Ochoa, Jana Qualls, Tanner Patrick, 2nd Row - Bethanie Pickett, Kendel Plyer, Megan Praytor, David Ramirez, Marvin Ratliff, Jaden Rowe, 3rd Row - Justin Rucks, Adam Sanchez, (Not pictured – Reagan Short), Gabby Silverio, Brooke Snodgrass, Olivia Southard, 4th Row - Brinna Templet, (Not pictured - Casey Usery), Jessica Velasquez, Gabriel Watkins, Kiernen Winde, Nicholas Young, 5th Row - Niecey Yzaguirre

Page 34
Second Grade - Top Row - Steven Anderhold, Preston Atkeisson, Benjamin Baumgartner, Joel Calel, Chase Cambell, Sage Carver, Zachery Castillo, Alexis Cheek, 2nd Row - Darryn Crandall, Madison Davis, Landry Diltz, Garrett Douglas, Ava Eldridge, Seth Eldridge, Joshua Erwin, Loralee Evans, 3rd Row - Asleigh Fonseca, Ronny Gamez, Khloe Gonzalez, Heaven Gruzins, Emily Haden, Chloe Harvick, James Huffman, Noah Hutchison, 4th Row - Wade Ivie, Brianna Lacy, Hector Lopez, Christopher Martinez, Emma Mershaw, Caden Moore, Riley Morse, Alexis Nino, 5th Row - Jacob Nunn, Miguel Ramirez, Brigg Ray, Zane Snodgrass, Amy Sorsby, Rhett Southard, Carlos Tavera, Christian Torres, 6th Row - Juan Torres, Keonica Turner, Tania Vasquez, Rabecka Weaver, Jacob Weisskopf, Rebekah Whitten, Joshua Wooldridge

Page 35
First Grade - Bryson Ackley, Ivan Alejandres, Daisy Arvizu, Madison Barkley, Riley Bedard, Jayden Caudle, Elizabeth Comeau, Haydan Conn, 2nd Row - Lane Covington, Kimberly Cruz, Grayson Ehly, Yazhir Flores, Fynnlee Fondern, Blake Gan, Yvette Garcia, Tyler Gillen, 3rd Row - Yesenia Gonzales, Ethan Haden, Bethany Heil, Karina Herring, Kenadi Hood, Payge Huffman, Kegan Hurford, Simona Jimenez, 4th Row - Alyssa Jordan, Hannah Jordan, Michael Jordan, Jackson Lawhon, Jakobee Lewis, Janey McGraw, Harley Minor, Nathaniel Nicolas, 5th Row - Jacob Ochoa, Torres, Pineda, Lexi Prater, Riley Ross, Peyton Rowe, Nathan Templet, Abigail Thompson, Jace Trull, 6th Row - Valeria Vera, Stephanie Villatoro, Kaitlyn Weaver, Colton Whitman, Korbyn Young, Sophia Zapata

Page 36
Pre-K - Top Row - Bryssa Aguilar, Sarahnelly Arias, Kaci Armstrong, (Not pictured – Gracie Arnold), Joel Barajas, Casen Barkley, 2nd Row - Devin Baston, Grayson Baumgartner, Keegan Bell, Monty Bland, (Not pictured – Stephanie Bunyard), Eduardo Cantu, 3rd Row - Cassie Cook, Olivia Clore, Clay Crawford, Carli Cunningham, McKenna Davis, Amanda Erwin, 4th Row - Channing Farrell, Christopher Flores, Allena Fonseca, Evelyn Garcia, Jaydin Gillen, Mary Guidry, 5th Row - Mallie Hatch, Ireland Hatcher, Roselyn Hernandez, Gabriel Husky, Laci Johnson, Darius JuWillie, 6th Row - Austin Lacy, Esmaelia Lawhon, Savannah Leverette, Ruby Lopez, Giovanni Martinez, Anayeli Martinez, 7th Row - Emilee May, Haylee Laroux, Aislin McKinley, Elijah Melton, Brenden Millner, Chris Nolasco

Page 37
Pre-K - Top Row - Emily Nolasco, Belen Ochoa, Rileigh O’Dell, Lauren Partida, Daniel Ramirez, Braydon Reed, 2nd Row - Mylee Rich, Colten Richards, Riley Richards, Anthony Rios, Weston Roberts, Addison Rodriguez, 3rd Row - Jacob Santillan, Martinez Tavera, KeMauriea Turner, Dezarae Valentine, (Not pictured – Mallory Wallen), Shealynn Winge, 4th Row - Aleah Bacidore, Don Blaylock, Julianne Cantu, Elizabeth Clendening, Joseph Haden, Levi Haden, 5th Row - Gus Harwell, Kole Holman, Parker Jones, Anthony Larremore, Thomas McAnnly, Tucker Lewis, 6th Row - Trae Loving, Ian Mershawn, Rebecca Melton, Scotlynn Murray, Hertor Nino, Rylee Phillips, 7th Row - Jasmine Pyburn, Brandan Qualls, Erik Ramirez, Haylee Reiger, Clayson Richards, Paxton Southard, 8th Row - Noah Torres

Page 38
Organizations - Student Council, Future Farmers Of America, Band, FCCLA, BGFCA

Page 39
Organizations – Picture Blooming Grove, Texas; bluebonnets, churches, and cows likely come to mind. Our school, however, is much more than this. We are a school of artists, athletes, leaders, and, yes, agriculture enthusiasts. This diversity is reflected in our school’s organizations. And just like our student body, although they are few, they are anything but monotonous.

Page 40
2 snap shots of Student Council

Student Council - Top Row –
Iris Rangle, Adelena Kindrick, Shelby Cox, Jessie DeVries, Amy Curtis, Jennifer Gomez, Annan Kirk, Allysa Sprabary, 2nd Row – Robin Jones, Kate Haden, Colton Barham, Brody Owens, Tyler Ellis, Carlee Jo Childress, Emma Phipps 3rd Row - Omar Huichapa, Wyatt Sanchez, Tanner Beard, Dalton Blake, Patrick Yates, Nick Snodgrass Bottom Row - Dustin Raxter, Joyce Ramirez, Jacob Prayter, Mar’Leigh Davis

Fellowship of Christian Athletes - Left picture - Falcon Thompson, Rowdy Barlow, Steeley Southard Right picture -Top Row - Dustin Raxter, Dylan Newland, Taud Taylor, Zane Thomas, Dalton Blake, Rowdy Barlow, Emma Phipps 2nd Row - Emory McDougald, Jessie DeVries, Dylon Blackmon, Lanie McGraw, Colton Barham, Rachel East, Mar’Leigh Davis 3rd Row - Kate Haden, Carlee Jo Childress, Chelsea Callahan, Brook Koscielniak, Madelyn Miller, Calista Wilson, Brittany Nichols, Sarah Conger 4th Row - Shelby Cox, Hannah Southard, Kelsey Whitten, Mariah Horner, Alex Harbuck, Tara Rippenkroger, Callie Bearden, Danielle Lima- Bottom Row - Sarah Southard, Bailey Melton, Sheila Luna, Adriana Camarillo, Vanessa McNeil, Jacee Farish, Bernadette Ross

Page 41
FCCLA – Family, Career and Community Leaders of America - Group picture – Top Row - Mariah Horner, Carlee Jo Childress, Jordan Anderson, Cassandra Cruz, Sarah Southard, Vanessa McNeil, Chelsea Reames, Selena Cantu, Jailene Williams, 2nd Row - Jacee Farish, Angel Balderas, Kate Hanson, Haley Macon, Kelsey Whitten, Tara Rippenkroger, Samantha Armstrong, Adalena Kindrick, Yaritza Torres, Lacee Banks, 3rd Row - Callie Bearden, Annan Kirk, Amy Curtis, Pedro Gonzalez, Emily January, Calista Wilson, Madelyn Miller, Stephanie Singletary, Nathan Paz, Shelby Cox, 4th Row - Chelsea Callahan, Emma Phipps, Kelly Williams, Lanie McGraw, Allie Marquis, Dustin Raxter, Jessie DeVries, Robin Jones, Briza Balderas, Kate Haden, 5th Row - Robert Tovar, Patrick Yates, Skylar Hawkins, Jacob Prayter, Dalton Shastid, Eliseo Alvarez, Taud Taylor, Aaron Singletary, Zane Thomas, Jared Obenour, Bottom Row - Sheila Luna, Joyce Ramirez, Mar’Leigh Davis, Omar Huichapa, Brittany Nichols, Hannah Southard, Sandra Mirafuentes
Right Top picture – Calista Wilson, Kimberly Mack, Hunter Hawkins Middle Right picture – Jacee Farish, Emma Phipps, Danielle Lima, Middle Left picture – Zane Thomas, Brittany Nichols, Tara Rippenkroger, Center picture - Bottom left picture - Amy Nunez

Page 42
Navarro County Youth Expo & FFA - Top left picture –Wesley Tipping, Jacob Lane, Taud Taylor Top Middle picture – Steely Southard, Top Right picture - Jacob Boyer 2nd row left picture – Lanie McGraw, 2nd Row Right picture - Mr. David Brewer 3rd row picture – Bottom Left picture – Mar’Leigh Davis, Mr. Shelton Bottom middle picture - Micah Haden, Harry Dotson, ? Bottom Right picture - Steeley Southard

Page 43
One Act Play - “Rest In Peace” and Bless You!”
Back row - Jacob Prayter, Zane Thomas, Jennifer Gomez, Amy Baskin, Sarah Beard, Mar’Leigh Davis, Hagen Jones, Front Row - Mrs. Ephlin, Annan Kirk, Samantha Armstrong, Allysa Sprabary, Samantha McGee, Tara Rippenkroger,

Bottom Left picture - Tara Rippenkroger, Samantha McGee Bottom Right picture – Mrs. Ephlin, Hagen Jones, Jacob Prayter, Mar’Leigh Davis, Samantha McGee, Annan Kirk, Tara Rippenkroger, Jennifer Gomez, Samantha Armstrong, Zane Thomas, Amy Baskin

Page 44
High school Band snapshot, Christmas Concert snapshot, Spring Concert snapshot

High School Band – Left to Right – Row 1; Shelby Dickens, Gabriel Buckley, Stacy Carroll, Mr. Bass, Mrs. Roderick Row 2; Kelsey Witten, Chelsea Reames, Amy Baskin, Adelina Kindrick, Preston Buckhannan, Peyton Buckhannan, Row 3; Jasee Farish, Shealia Luna, Jourdan Anderson, James Bell, Drex ?, Jailene Williams, Kelly Williams, Row 4; Samantha Armstrong, Shelby Hays, Erik Wiley, Sophia Newland, Tamia Smith, Row 5; Ruston Feaster, Cheyanne Derhammer, Tanner Bedard, Jacob Praytor, Annan Kirk, Row 6; Erin Plyer, Hannah Tetreault, Amber ?, Hannah Hagle, Ethan McCall, Sarah Beard, Mar’Leigh Davis

Bottom left snapshot at Second Playoff Game group, Bottom center picture – Annan Kirk State Qualifier Two years in a row, snapshot of marching band

Page 45
Junior High Bands:
Beginner Band
– Michael Adkins, Mykayla Adkins, Gabriel Alvarado, Joseph Avila, Kayleigh Blissett, Brannon Carpenter, Jaydin Castillo, Julian Chavez, Taylor Cochran, Tempest Couch, Tory Cox, Jordan Dechaume, Ethan Derhammer, Toby Devries, Jacob Esparanza, Kylee Farish, Ruby Fonseca, McKenzie Fouts, Ernesto Garcia, Lucy Garcia, Brianna Hernandez, Star Holdway, Claire Kirk, Kristen Kraemer, Peyton McGee, Elizabeth Nino, Ethan Nors, Colton Pitz, Haidyn Praytor, Marissa Ramirez, Shawn Rasco, Callye Short, Laura Solis, Will Stuckert, Jessica Sykes, Aaron Tarkington, Christian Thornton, Dalton Tidwell, Jackson Usery, Guillermo Velazquez, Carson Willis, Rahmitah Willis, Olivia Zapata.

Middle School Band – Caleb Ashford, Austin Campbell, Raul Cantu, Lawson Covington, Jacob Dickinson, Hannah Douglas, Adam Espinosa, Joshua Eudy, Amanda Farmer, Troy Gorman, Robin Gray, Mackenzie Grooms, Madalynn Grooms, Claire Haden, Jacob Harvey, Hugh Huichapa, Iain Kirk, Cheyenne Lucas, Chance McQueen, Kayla Melton, Brady Miller, Lorena Mirafuentes, Nathan Murphey, Claire Plemons, Stephanie Ramirez, Jose Reyes Saldivar, Savannah Riddell, Kassandra Rodrigues, Isaiah Ross, Adreanna Sanchez, Destiny Springer, Reney Terrazas, Allysann Thormann, Radiance Willis, Tana Young

Page 46
NJHS – group picture – Korri Owens, Claire Haden, Ruby Fonseca, Kylie Farish, Madison Peterson, Blake Nichols, Sierra Berryhill, Tory Cox, Allysann Thorman, Claire Kirk, Jessica Sykes, Robin Gray, Tana Young, Katie Warren, Zane Washington, Travis Berryhill, Luke Baumgartner, Logan Golden, Logan Andrews, Cate Harris, Melana Bayer, Claire Plemons, Star Holdway, Will Stuckert, Alejandro Alvarez

NHS – group picture – Front row – Colton Barham, Sarah Beard, Dylon Blackmon, Dalton Blake, Jacob Boyer, Calloway Brady, Cody Carroll, Tyler Ellis----(not visible in the picture—Erica English) Back row not visible in the picture – Danielle Lima, Kaley McGraw, Emory McDougald, Bailey Melton, Minerva Mirafuentes, Erin Plyer, Nicholas Snodgrass, Sarah Southard, Kelly Williams

Scholarship Assembly – Cayman Hawk, Cassie Morgan, Rowdy Barlow, Stacey Carroll, Jessie DeVries, Rachel East, Jacob Prayter,

Academic Awards – Stacey Carroll, Amy Baskin, Kimberly Mack, Daniel Pelzel, Wesley Tipping, Cassie Morgan, Rachel East, Jacob Prayter, Allie Jordan, Cayman Hawk

Page 47
Academics – Blooming Grove may be a small town, but don’t let that fool you. Our school definitely houses some academic heavyweights. From securing top spots in academic University Interscholastic League competitions to earning membership of the National Honor Society, the BG kids prove year after year that even down south there’s something going on up top.

Page 48
National Honor Society - Officers: President- Jacob Praytor, Vice President – Amy Baskin, Treasurer-Steely Southard, Historian-Morgan Adams, Secretary-Stacey Carroll

Existing members – Garrett Lane, Wes Tipping, Joyce Ramirez, Falcon Thompson, Daniel Pelzel, (not pictured – Hunter Hawkins and Allie Jordan)

Inductees – Front Row- Colton Barham, Sarah Beard, Dylon Blackmon, Dalton Blake, Jacob Boyer, Calloway Brady, Cody Carroll, Tyler Ellis, Erica English, Back row – Danielle Lima, Kaley McGraw, Emory McDougald, Bailey Melton, Minerva Mirafuentes, Erin Plyer, Nicholas Snodgrass, Sarah Southard, Kelly Williams

National Junior Honor Society – Sixth Grade Inductees - Front Row – Ruby Fonseca, Kylee Farish, Madison Peterson, Claire Kirk, Jessica Sykes, Back Row – Tori Cox, Will Stuckert, Alex Alvares, Star Holdway

Seventh Grade Members – Front Row – Korri Owens, Claire Haden, Sierra Berryhill, Allysann Thormann, Brooklyn Grooms, Jacie Hamilton, Macie Skains, Back Row – Brady Miller, Blake Nichols, Tatum Briggs, Kasey Fisher, Noah Garcia, Stephen Carroll, Dorothy Jimenez, Riley Skains, Dylan Wooldridge, Thomas Saunders, Jacob Harvey

Eigth Grade Members – Front Row – Morgan Dawson, Addie Shastid, Cate Harris, Melana Boyer, Tana Young, Katelyn Warren, Back Row – Claire Plemons, Logan Golden, Luke Baumgartner, Logan Andrews, Zane Washington, Brint Bray, Iain Kirk, Caleb Ashford, Robin Gray, Travis Berryhill

Page 49
University Interscholastic League - Front Row – Stacey Carroll, Emily January, Falcon Thompson, Jose Camarillo, Annan Kirk, Cheyenne Durhammer, Morgan Adams, Back Row - Joyce Ramirez, Colten Couch, Steely Southard, Daniel Pelzel, Allie Jordan, Mica Haney, Cody Carroll, Ezekial Salazar

Junior High University Interscholastic League – From A-Z – Michael Adkins, Caleb Ashford, Joseph Avila, Melana Bayer, Sierra Berryhill, Travis Berryhill, Kayleigh Blissett, Brint Bray, Tatum Briggs, Austin Campbell, Stephen Carroll, Tory Cox, Morgan Dawson, Kylee Derhammer, Toby Devries, Kylee Farish, Colby Ferguson, Kasey Fisher, Noah Garcia, Ernesto Garcia, Logan Golden, Emma Gray, Robin Gray, Mackenzie Grooms, Cate Harris, Jacob Harvey, Brianna Hernendez, Hugo Huichapa, Claire Kirk, Iain Kirk, Brady Miller, Kristen Nelson, Blake Nichols, Ethan Nors, Korri Owens, Madison Peterson, Stephen Phipps, Claire Plemons, Tyler Pyburn, Sam Ray, Marissa Ramirez, Isaiah Ross, Thomas Saunders, Addie Shastid, Jessica Sykes, Aaron Tarkington, Dalton Tidwell, Katie Warren, Carson Willis, Rahmiyah Willis, Dylan Woldridge, Tana Young, Olivia Zapata

Page 50
Who’s Who? – Wes Tipping, Jesse Lynn Devries, Jose Camarillo

Page 51
Who’s Who? - Amy Baskin, Garrett Lane

Page 52
Scholarships – Top left - Taud Taylor, Wesley Tipping, Courtney Reames, Jacob Prayter, Desiree Wiggins, Kimberly Mack, Steeley Southard, Jessie DeVries, Garrett Lane, Rachel East, Amy Baskin Top right –Steeley Southard, Allie Jordan, Garrett Lane Middle – Desiree Wiggins , Kimberly Mack, Courtney Reames Bottom left – Caymen Hawk, Cassie Morgan, Rowdy Barlow, Stacey Carroll, Jessie DeVries, Daniel Pelzel, Rachel East, Jacob Prayter, Bottom right – Selena Cantu

Page 53
Awards Day – Top Left - Mrs. Lane, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Holcomb Top right – Erica English, Cayman Hawk, Kari Farmer, Rowdy Barlow, Wesley Tipping , Jessie DeVries, Victoria Ortiz, Jacob Williams, Jose Camarrillo, Lucas Cheek, and others Middle – Stacey Carroll, Amy Baskin, Kimberly Mack, Daniel Pelzel, Wesley Tipping, Cassie Morgan, Rachel East, Jacob Prayter, Allie Jordan, Cayman Hawk Bottom left – Mrs. Lane and Garrett Lane Bottom right – Cheyanne Derhammer, Kaitlyn Grubbs, Brandon Lima, Daniel Pelzel, Alex Tovar, Roberta Tovar

Page 54
Sports snap shots

Page 55
Sports – Looking at the teams that represent BG, you may see certain faces time and time again. While many of our athletes participate in multiple sports throughout the course of the year, they are anything but spread thin. With multiple teams and individuals advancing beyond district competitions this year, our Lions fought ferociously to victory and remain forerunning defenders of our Lion pride.

Page 56
Varsity Football – Top row –L to r – Tyler Wilsford, Taud Taylor, Erick Balderas, Brandon Glasgow, Zack Burns, Dalton Shastid, Keller Southard, Tyler Baumgartner, Aaron Singleterry, Tyler Morris, Robert Tovar, Dustin Raxter, Jimmy Potter, Hank Seabolt, Dalton Blake, Jody Kirby, Dalton McCarter, Brody Owens, Ricky Linton, Brandon Hays, Tyler Ellis, Jarod Obenour, Dalton Thornton, Garrett Lane, Jared Mason, Josh Linton, David Cochran, Travis Whiteside, Coach Hargadine, Coach Kinnison, Coach Anderson, Coach Grubbs, Coach Williams, Coach Guidry, Coach Ehly, Coach White, Jose Camarillo, Dylan Newland, Kaitlyn Grubbs, Hannah Tetreault, Daniel Camarillo, Bradley Cravens, Gina Chavez, Briza Balderas, Marcus Roundtree.

“Winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.” – Travis Whiteside
“You may beat me but you’re gonna have to bleed to do it.” - Tyler Morris
“Nothing hurts once you’ve Won.” - Erick Balderas

3 snapshots

Page 57
Junior Varsity Football – 1st row – Gage McGraw, Ethan McCall, Wesley Wigington, 2nd row – Jed Wout, Lane Goodwin, Landon Carpenter, Cole Curry, Seth Haden, Tristen Reamy, Josh Wiggins, 3rd Row – Ricky Castillo, Dakota Williams, Sam Espinosa, Taylor Gonzales, Michael Loveseat, Alex Tovar, John Conger. 4th Row – Nathan Paz, Jonny Bustamante, Erik Wiley, Ruston Goff, Albert Rodriguez, Erwin Luevano, Angel Balderaz
Coaches – Aaron Ehly & Anson Hargadine

Coaches – Coach White, Coach Williams, Coach Ehly, Coach Hagadine, Coach Guidry, Coach Anderson, Coach Grubbs, Coach Kinnison

4 Acton snapshots

Page 58
Varsity Cheerleaders – Top left picture – Erica English, Middle top picture – Karlie Davis, Mandy Shankle, Courtney Reames, Erica English, Right Top picture – Courtney Reames and Mandie Shankle
Center picture –Varsity Cheerleaders - Courtney Reames, Erica English, Mandie Shankle, Robin Jones, Amy Nunez, Karley Davis, Sarah Beard, Mascot Mar’Leigh Davis
Bottom –Senior Cheerleaders – Courtney Reames, Mandie Shankle--Sponsor-Colby Jock, Erica English, Karley Davis

Page 59
Junior Varsity Cheerleaders – Kaitlyn Hughes, Tara Rippenkroger, Madelynn Miller, Brittany Nichols, Mariah Horner, Jasee Farish

8th Grade Cheerleaders – Cate Harris, Breanna Horner, Morgan Fry, Adeline Shastid, Claire Plemons, Tana Young

7th Grade Cheerleaders – Kristin Keating, Claire Haden, Kasey Fisher, Tatum Briggs, Macie Skains, Madalynn Grooms

Page 60
Cross Country - Top picture action shot

Middle picture – Top left – Hunter Hawkins, Cole Harris, Weston Tipping, Daniel Pelzel, Middle – Presley Atkieson, Kimberly Mack, Parker Jackson, Jesse DeVries, Front – Jaylenne Williams, Sheaila Luna, Bernadette Ross

Bottom left – Cole Harris Bottom Middle - Morgan Adams and Parker Jackson Bottom Right – Amy Nunez

Page 61
Track & Field
Top Left – Jr. High Boys – Back row –
Ramiro Perez, Jacob Eldridge, Noah Garcia, Stephen Carroll, Tristen Arteaga, Stephen Phipps, Andrew Black, Middle Row – Demetrius Smith, Seven Blackmon, Daniel Grimes, Caden Kennedy, Lawson Covington, Blake Nichols, Aidan Melton, Bottom row – Dakota Lewis, Dixon Aderhold, Quinton Nelson, Brady Miller, Hugo Huichapa, Thomas Saunders, Jacob Harvey
Varsity Boys -Back row – Chris Thompson, Jody Kirby, Cole Harris, Tyler Baumgartner, Juayna Pyburn, Seth Haden, Landon Carpenter, Michael Couch Middle Row – Eric Wylie, Ricky Linton, Hunter Hawkins, Joshua Wiggins, Robert Tovar, Dylon Newland, Rustin Goff, Bottom Row – Daniel Camarillo, Josh Linton, Jed Wout, Zack Snider, Roberto Camarillo, Nathan Paz,

Varsity Girls – Back Row – Kimberly Mack, Emily January, Brittany Miller, Joyce Ramirez, Aaron Plyer, Jessie DeVries, Presley Atkeisson, Triana Wiggins, Middle Row –Vanessa McNeil, Alex Harbuck, Amy Nunez, Jasmine Sutton, Amy Curtis, Courtney Reames, Front Row – Jailene Williams & Tamia Smith

Middle Right – Jr. High Girls – top row – Korri Owens, Claire Haden, Tyler Pyburn, Kasey Fisher, Riley Skains, McKinsie Grooms, Madelynn Grooms Bottom Row – Kayla Melton, Macie Skains, Stephanie Ramirez, Radiance Willis, Raquel Baldaras, Kristin Keating, Brooklyn Grooms

Boys - Bottom Left – Top Row – Luke Baumgartner, Austin Campbell, Sam Goff, Nathan Murphey, Logan Andrews, Jase Newton Middle row – Chris Langford, Fernando Martinez, Caesar Camarillo, Joseph Williams, Manuel Villegas, Bottom Row – Matt Matous, Agustin Avila, Kalob Esparza, Chance McQueen, Brint Bray

Girls – Top Row – Robin Gray, Claire Plemons, Addie Shastid, Alexis Bailey, Morgan Dawson, Morgan Fry, Tana Young, Bottom Row – Kaitlyn Warren, Melania Bayer, Cydney Rios, Mindy Guzman, Marel Martinez, Kate Harris

Page 62
Varsity Volleyball – First Row – Sydney Horner, Hannah Southard, Falcon Thompson, Treounah Wiggins, Second Row – Brittaney Miller, Mandie Shankle, Allie Jordan, Sarah Southard, Cassie Morgan, Kimberly Mack, Joyce Ramirez, Rachel East, Carlee Childress, Third Row – Steely Southard
Coach – Katheryn Wilganowski, Manager – Bernadette Ross

Snapshots - 1. Steeley Southard 2. Coach, Haley Harrell 3. Falcon Thompson & Rachel East 4. Brittney Miller, Rachel East, Allie Jordan, Mandie Shankle, Steeley Southard, Sidney Horner, Falcon Thompson, Trieana Wiggins, Kimberly Mack, Cassie Morgan 5. 6. Steeley Southard, Mandy Shankel, Falcon Thompson, Rachel East, Allie Jordan

Page 63
JV Volleyball – First Row – Bailey Melton, Sarah Southard, Sheila Luna, Second Row – Brooke Koscielniak, Tara Rippenkroger, Katelyn Hughes, Callie Bearden, Third Row – Kate Haden, Brittany Nichols, Celinda Warren, Shelby Cox, Fourth Row – Chelsea Callahan, Mar’Leigh Davis, Carlee Childress
Coach – Katheryn Wilganowski
Manager – Bernadette Ross

Freshman Volleyball – First Row – Sadie Stevens, Jailene Williams, Vanessa McNeil, Rhyann Tunnell, Second Row – Clarissa Esparza, Alex Harbuck, Kelsey Whitten, Destiny Tidwell, Third Row – Jasee Farish, Emily January, Mariah Horner, Madelynn Miller, Calista Wilson, 4th Row – Stephanie Singleterry, Emma Phipps, Sarah Conger, Joseline Ganoa,
Coach – Katheryn Wilganowski
Manager – Bernadette Ross

Page 64
Varsity Baseball – ( This is actually the JV Baseball team-Varsity picture is not in the book)

Snapshots – 1. Brody Owens 2. Colton Barham 3.Tyler Ellis 4.Keller Southard 5.Dalton Blake 6. Logan Peterson

Page 65
JV Baseball – Back Row - Top picture – Back Row – Dylon Blackmon, Xavier Crawford, Dalton Shastid, Juanya Pyburn, Jacob Boyer, Carter Bearden, Lane Goodwin , Bottom Row –Alex Tovar, Jacob Johnson, John Conger, Dalton Thornton, Dakota Williams, David Cochran,

JV Softball – Back Row – Zoey Rios, Jocelyn Ganoa, Mar’Leigh Davis, Emma Phipps, Sarah Conger, Bottom row- Jasee Farish, Tara Rippenkroger, Callie Bearden, Madelyn Miller, Destiny Tidwell

Page 66
Varsity Softball – Top Row – Cassie Morgan, Shelby Cox, Chelsea Callahan, Steely Southard, Rachel East, Brittany Nichols, Sarah Conger, Sidney Horner, Bottom Row – Bailey Melton, Brooke Koscielniak, Danielle Lima, Katie Haden, Falcon Thompson, Madi Miller

Bottom left snapshot – Katie Haden, Steely Southard, Madi Miller

Bottom right – Bailey Melton

Page 67
Power Lifting – Back Row
– Joyce Rameriz, Joshua Wiggins, Hank Seabolt, Nick Snodgrass, Alex Tovar, Middle Row – Desiree Wiggins, Daniel Camarillo, Morgan Adams, Jaylene Williams, Jed Wout, Hannah Rose, Courtney Reames, Bottom Row – Vanessa McNeil & Tamia Smith

Tennis – Kelly Williams, Nathan Klander, Amy Nunez, Zane Thomas, Joyce Ramirez, Wyatt Sanchez, Parker Jackson, Robin Jones, Morgan Adams, Iris Rangel, Miss Jenkins

Page 68
Varsity Basketball – Top row left to right – Manager Taud Taylor, Coach Anson Hagadine, Juanya Pyburn, Rowdy Barlow, Keller Southard, Coach Aaron Ehly, Coach Benjamin Kennison, Bottom row left to right – Tyler Ellis, Brody Owens, Tyler Morris, Dalton Blake, Tyler Baumgartner, Daniel Pelzel, Dylon Blackmon, Tyler Lewis

Seniors - #1 – Daniel Pelzel, #10 – Rowdy Barlow, #13 – Tyler Morris

#2 – Tyler Ellis, #3 Tyler Lewis, #4 – Dalton Blake, # 5 Brody Owens, #12 – Juanya Pyburn, #14 Dylon Blackmon, #20 Keller Southard, #30 Tyler Baumgartner

Tyler Morris – “Play for the name on the front of the jersey, not on the back”
Daniel Pelzel – “When a gifted team dedicates itself to trust and combines instinct with boldness and effort – it is ready to climb.”
Rowdy Barlow – “Sometimes I felt like giving up, then I realized how many people I----

Page 69
Varsity Girls’ Basketball – Top row left to right – Coach Mac, Brittany Miller, Erin Plyer, Kate Haden, Amy Curtis, Manager, Vanessa McNiel, Bottom row left to right – Treounah Wiggins, Sidney Horner, Hannah Southard, Mariah Bruyere

Kate Haden – “Make it Count”
Tre-Breezy (Treounah Wiggins) – “You already know!”
Erin Plyer – “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”
Sidney Horner – “Winners never quit and Quitters never win.”

Page 70
Boys JV Basketball – Top row left to right – Coach Anson Hagardine, Lane Goodwin, Xavier Cole, Carter Bearden, Ethan McCall, Gage McGraw, Jesus Martinez Bottom row left to right – Dylan Nors, Jarod Obenour, John Conger, Patrick Yates, Dylan Newland, Ricky Castillo

Girls JV Basketball – Top Row left to right – Coach Mac, Sarah Conger, Jocelyn Ganoa, Emma Phipps, Manager Vanessa McNiel Middle Row left to right – Annan Kirk, Ariel Bullard, Alex Harbuck Bottom Row left to right – Kelsey Whitten, Jaylean Williams, Jasee Farish

Page 71
Junior High Basketball (8th grade girls) – Top left picture - Top row – Coach Gary Grubbs, Morgana Dawson, Tyler Pyburn, Addie Shastid, Coach J. J. Guidry Middle Row – Brianna Horner & Cydney Rios Bottom row – Samantha Ray, Cate Harris, Melana Bayer

Top Right picture – 7th grade boys - Top Row – Blake Nichols, Scott Tucker, Noah Garcia, Stephen Carroll, Camden Willis, Stephen Phipps, Ramiro Perez 2nd row – Jacob Harvey, Thomas Saunders, Dixon Aderhold, Josh Eudy, Hugo Huichapa, Dakota Lewis 3rd row – Reney Terrazas, Jacob Dickinson, Jacob Eldridge, Tristan Arteaga, Lawson Covington, Isaiah Ross 4th row – Brady Miller, Aidan Melton, Logan Newland, Sevyn Blackman, Demetrius Smith

Middle picture – 7th grade girls – top row –Coach Gary Grubbs, Tatum Briggs, Kasey Fisher, Madalynn Grooms, Coach J. J. Guidry middle row – Riley Skains, Macie Skains, Korri Owens, MacKenzie Grooms, bottom row – Tiffany Drago, Brooklynn Grooms, Claire Haden, Kristin Keating

Bottom Left picture (mixed 7th & 8th grade boys – Top row – Coach Gary Grubbs, Claire Plemons, Alexis Bailey, Hannah Douglas, Coach J. J. Guidry Kneeling – Katherine Herring, Raquel Balderas, Kasey Rodriques, Allysann Thormann Sitting – Lorena Mirafuentes

Bottom Right picture – 8th grade boys - Top row - Raul Cantu, Luke Baumgartner, Sam Goff, Nathan Murphey, Austin Campbell, Fernando Martinez, Brindon Straw Middle Row - Ethan Whitten, Travis Berryhill Bottom row – Chance McQueen, Kalob Esparza, Agustin Avila, Matt Matous, Michael McCarter

Page 72
Football playoffs – 2013-2014 Blooming Grove VS Leonard snapshots

Page 73
Sports snapshots – 1. Katie Haden, Steely Southard, Kaylee Warren 2. Hunter Hawkins 3. Desiree Wiggins, 4. – Dylon Blackmon, Xavier Crawford, Dalton Shastid, Juanya Pyburn, Jacob Boyer, Carter Bearden, Lane Goodwin , Bottom Row –Alex Tovar, Jacob Johnson, John Conger, Dalton Thornton, Dakota Williams, David Cochran, 5. Varsity Basketball – Top row left to right – Manager Taud Taylor, Coach Anson Hagadine, Juanya Pyburn, Rowdy Barlow, Keller Southard, Coach Aaron Ehly, Coach Benjamin Kennison, Bottom row left to right – Tyler Ellis, Brody Owens, Tyler Morris, Dalton Blake, Tyler Baumgartner, Daniel Pelzel, Dylon Blackmon, Tyler Lewis

Page 74
Powderpuff Volleyball – Tyler Ellis & Coach Elye

Spirit Week – Stephen Phipps, Blake Nichols, Sevyn Blackmon, Steven Carroll, Miss Hollingsworth

Homecoming – Kimberly Mack, Steeley Southard, Joyce Ramirez, Allie Jordan, Falcon Thompson

Kickball Tournament – Taud Taylor, Wesley Tipping, Jared Mason, Travis Whiteside, Rowdy Barlow, Eric Baldares, J. T. Sykes, Tyler Willsford, Aaron Singletary

Prom – left picture – Kaylee Warren, Haley Stout, Danielle Lima, David Cochran, Ariel Bullard, Jordan Anderson
Prom Right picture – Colton Couch, Stacey Carroll, Preston Buchanan, Jacob Prayter, Selena Cantu, Amy Baskin, Amber Erwin

Page 75
Student Life – Although they may be the premiere attractions at our school, there is more to BG than academics and athletics. Our students enjoy a variety of social activities as well. Whether we’re glitzed out for a dance or trying our hand at an unfamiliar sport, we can enjoy a good laugh together. This contributes to the close-knit relationship enjoyed by our BG students.

Page 76
Snapshots – 1. Group picture 2. Erica English & Miss Holcomb 3. Jonathan Sweeney, Stacey Sweeney, 4. Group picture 5. Wall picture 6. Kaylee Warren, Brook Koscielniak, Chelsea Callahan, Tara Rippenkroger, Shelby Cox, Jennifer Gomez, Zoey Rios, Kaitlyn Grubbs, Brittany Nichols, Mar’Leigh Davis 7. Cassie Morgan, Triana Wiggins, Kimberly Mack 8. Amy Nunez 9. David Cochran, Jose Camarillo, 10. Calista Wilson 11. Dustin Raxter, Jimmy Potter, Aaron Singletary, Hank Seabolt, Bryson Smith, Wyatt Sanchez, 12, Group picture 13. Group picture 14. Marcus Roundtree, Kate Hanson, 22. Lucas Cheek, Kenneth Newland, Jimmy Potter, Josh Linton, Jonathan Sweeney, Aaron Singletary 23, Band group picture

Page 77
– 1. Group picture 2. Dustin Raxter 3. Bailey Melton, Dalton Blake, Kate Haden 4. Miss Brown 5. Brandon Glasgow, Jared Wilkinson, Bryson Smith, Wyatt Sanchez 6. Colton Couch, Stacey Carroll, Preston Buchanan, Jacob Prayter, Selena Cantu, Amy Baskin, Amber Erwin, 7. Group picture 8. Wall picture
9. Lucas Cheek, Kenneth Newland, Jimmy Potter, Josh Linton, Jonathan Sweeney, Aaron Singletary 10, Band group picture

Page 78
Homecoming – Top left - Kimberly Mack, Steeley Southard, Joyce Ramariz, Allie Jordan, Falcon Thompson Top right –- Kimberly Mack, Steeley Southard, Joyce Ramariz, Allie Jordan, Falcon Thompson Bottom Left – Allie Jordan & Zane Thomas Bottom Right – Steeley Southard & Allie Jordan

Page 79
Television Tuesday – – Miss Jock, Amy Curtis, Madison Prater, Zane Thomas, Ariel Bullard, Samantha Armstrong, Samantha McGee, Shelby Dickens, Morgan Adams, Steeley Southard, Allie Jordan, Mandie Shankle, Amy Baskin, Minerva Mirafuentes, Stacey Carroll, Colton Couch
Morning Monday – Group picture
Trucker Thursday –Miss Ephlin & Miss Jock
Patriotic – Wednesday – Group picture
Spirit Friday – Kate Haden, Brook Koscielniak, Bailey Melton, Mandie Shankle, Chelsea Calhoun

Page 80
Prom King & Queen
– Wes Tipping & Courtney Reames
Top left picture – Cayman Hawk, Dalton Thornton
Top right picture – group picture
Bottom left picture – Colton Couch, Stacey Carroll, Preston Buchanan, Jacob Prayter, Selena Cantu, Amy Baskin, Amber Erwin
Middle bottom picture – Jonathan Sweeney & Samantha McGee
Bottom right picture – Mandie Shankle, Tyler Morris

Page 81

1. Chelsea Reames, Tristen ?, 2. Mandie Shankle, Tyler Morris 3. Hunter Hawkins & Kimberly Mack 4. Erica English, Dalton Thornton 5. Group 6. Kaylee Warren, Haley Stout, Danielle Lima, David Cochran, Ariel Bullard 7. Kourtney Nevill, Karlee Davis, 8. Destiny Tidwell, Chasity Seargant, Haley Stout, Kaylee Warren, Ariel Bullard, 9. Nick Snodgrass, Jasee Farish, 10. Emma Phipps, Dylon Newland,

Page 82
Kickball tournament – 1. Group picture 2. Group picture 3. ? 4.Michael Couch, Ethan Candanoza, Taylor Gonzalez, Dalton McCarter, Katlyn Hughes, Nathan Paz, 5. Group picture 6. David Cochran, 7. Sam McGee, 8. Courtney Reames & Desiree Wiggins 9. Taud Taylor, Wesley Tipping, Jared Mason, Travis Whiteside, Rowdy Barlow, Eric Baldares, J. T. Sykes, Tyler Willsford, Aaron Singletary

Page 83
Powderpuff volleyball – 1.Group picture 2. Michael Couch, 3. Coach Elye & Tyler Ellis 4. Michael Couch, Jody Kirby, Cole Harris, Josh Wiggins, Roberto Camarillo, Keller Southard, Lane Goodwin, Brody Owens, Seth Haden, Ricky Linton 5. Brook Koscielaniak, 6. Roberto Camarillo 7. Group picture

Page 84
Graduation – 1. Kenneth Newland, Jimmy Potter, Joyce Ramariz, Dustin Raxter, Courtney Reames 2. Mr. Marty Weaver, Mrs. Karen Lane, John Southard, Stacy Carroll 3. John Southard and daughter Steely Southard 4, Laine McGraw, Mrs. Karen Lane, Mrs. Evelyn Beard , Tammy Beard, Dylon Blackmon, Bro. Grady Cashion, 5. Blooming Grove class of 2014 group picture 6. Group of Grads 7. Group picture 8. Girls - Cassie Morgan, Rachel East, Jacob Prater, Allie Jordan, Cayman Hawk 9. Group picture – same as page 90 & 91

Page 85
Graduation – It’s the day we’ve all been waiting for! It’s time to move on to a new phase in our lives. For some, that means advancing to the new and exciting world of junior high. For others, that means taking our first steps into adulthood. We’ve enjoyed our days at BG and will take with us the lessons we’ve learned and the memories we’ve made. We present to you the Blooming Grove graduates of 2014.

Page 86
Kindergarten Graduation – top row - Gracie Arnold 2nd row Left to right - Kaci Armstrong, Josyline Balderas, Joel Barajas, Casen Barkley, Devin Baston, Grayson Baumgartner 3rd row – Stephanie Bunyard, Monty Bland, Roselyn Hernandez, Keegan Bell, Eduardo Cantu, Olivia Clore 4th row - Clay Crawford, Cassie Cook, Carli Cunningham, McKenna Davis, Amanda Erwin, Channing Ferrell, Bottom row - Christopher Flores, Allena Fonseca, Evelyn Garcia, Jaydin Gillen, Mary Guidry, Mallie Hatch

Page 87
Kindergarten Graduation – top row left to right - – Ireland Hatcher, Gabrielle Huskey, Laci Johnson, Austin Lacy, Ruby Lopez, Mayli Lawhon - 2nd row – Savanna Leverette, Emilee May, Giovanni Martinez, Aislin McKinney, Elijah Melton, Chris Nolasco 3rd row – Emily Nolasco, Rileigh O’Dell, Belen Ochoa, Lauren Partida, Jacob Raike, Daniel Ramirez 4th row - Braydon Reed, Mylee Rich, Anthony Rios, Weston Roberts, Addison Rodriquez, Jacob Santillan Bottom Row - Raleigh Self, Leo Tavera, Kemauriea Turner, Shealynn Winge, Mallory Wallen, Isabella Zapata

Page 88
Senior Class of 2014 group picture – top left to right - Johnnie Green, Wyatt Sanchez, Brandon Lima, Jared Wilkinson, 2nd row – Brayan Rogal, Hunter Hawkins, Preston Buchanan, Colton Ware, 3rd row – Kenneth Newland, Jared Mason, Bryson Smith, 4th row – Dustin Raxter, Hank Seabolt, Garrett Lane, Daniel Pelzel, 5th row – Kari Farmer, Kate Hanson, Marques Roundtree, Morgan Adams, Joyce Ramirez, Stacey Carroll, Bottom Row – Abigale Gutierrez, Sandra Mirafuentes, Allyson Gutierrez, Caitlin Grubbs, Adrianna Camarillo, Kimberly Mack, Courtney Reames

Page 89
Senior Class of 2014 group picture – Top row left to right – Wesley Tipping, Taud Taylor, Rowdy Barlow, Clay Kennedy, Brandon Glasgow, 2nd row – Aaron Singletary, Jimmy Potter, Tyler Morris, Eric Balderas, Jonathan Sweeney, Lucas Cheek, Jacob Prater, 3rd row - Jose Camarillo, Alexandra Jordan, Mandie Shankle, Steeley Southard, Jessie DeVries, Briza Balderas, Bottom row – Desiree Wiggins, Selena Cantu, Cayman Hawk, Cassie Morgan, Falcon Thompson, Karley Davis, Courtney Nevill, Victoria Ortiz,

Page 90
Blooming Grove Graduation Friday June 6th 2014 group picture (back row teachers – Ashley Mahone – Cheryl Hollingsworth, -Michelle Thorman - Myrna Wright, Michael Houser – Darrell Shelton, Pam Davis - Clifton Sikes-- Group picture of graduates

Page 91
Blooming Grove Graduation Friday June 6th 2014 group picture of graduates

Valedictorian – Stacey Carroll (school board member – Marty Weaver & John Southard)
Salutatorian – Amy Baskin (school board member – Marty Weaver

Page 92
Graduation 2014
Top Left – group of graduates same as page 91 & 92 - Top right picture - Hank Seabolt, Mandie Shankle, Aaron Singletary, Bryson Smith, Marcus Roundtree, ?, Steeley Southard Center picture – Steven Kindrick, Garrett Lane, Allie Marquis, Sandra Mirafuentes, bottom Left – graduate Bottom middle – Kenneth Newland, Jimmy Potter, ? Bottom right – Joyce Ramirez

Page 93
Graduation 2014
Top picture – group of graduates same picture as page 91 & 92 - Middle Left – John Southard and Erica English, Middle right – John Southard, Marty Weaver & Mrs. Karen Lane Bottom – Graduation group picture same as page 91 & 92

Page 94
Advertisements – Nathan J. Myers, CPOA – Message to Cassie from Mimi – Message to Allie Marquis from Aunt Vickie & family - Nelson Propane Gas – Big H Tire Service Brenda Griffith – E. R. Robinson Overhead Door and Openers - Hubbard Livestock Market, LLC Devon Perkins - Sheryl May Hair Slingerz

Page 95
Advertisements – The production of the BG yearbook would not be possible without help from our local businesses. Please support these businesses and keep BG yearbook awesome! Also, check out some of the graduates of 2014! Congratulations on your accomplishments and best wishes for your future endeavors!

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Congratulations on Retirement!! Clifton Sikes

Page 97
Congratulations picture – Kimberly “Kim” Mack – from Mom, Haley & Chul

Page 98
Congratulations picture– Wes Tipping from Mom, Dad, Britt, & Kelsie

Page 99
Congratulations picture – Cayman Hawk from Momma & Daddy

Page 100
Congratulations picture – Courtney Nichelle Reames from Mom & Dad

Page 101
Congratulations picture – Rachel East

Congratulations picture – Cassie Morgan from Momma & Kyle

Page 102
Congratulations picture – Selena Cantu from Dad, Mom & Julianne

Page 103
Congratulations picture – Amy Baskin from Mom & Dad

Page 104
Congratulations picture – Erica English from Mom & Dad

Page 105
Congratulations picture – Taud Taylor from Mom

Page 106
Congratulations picture – Karley Davis from Dad, Angie, Jacob, Alexi and your grandparents
From Mom, Dad, KP & Keegs

Page 107
Congratulations picture – Garrett Lane from Mom & Dad

Page 108
Congratulations picture – Briza Balderas from Tio Alex, Tu Papa, Uncle Gonzalo, Mom, Brother, Tio Jose Alvarado

Page 109
Congratulations picture – Bryson Smith from Gracie

Page 110
Congratulations picture – Daniel Pelzel from Mom & Dad, Brenna, Michaelle

Page 111
Congratulations picture – Kourtney Nevill from Mom, Mark, Logan & Justin

Page 112
Congratulations picture – Mandie Shankle from Mom & Dad

Page 113
Congratulations pictures – Jonathan Sweeney & Jacob Williams from Mom, Meme, Pop, Joshua, Joseph and your entire family

Page 114
Congratulations picture – Stacey Elaine Carroll from Mom, Dad, and Stephen

Congratulations picture – Cassie Morgan - from Dad, Mom, Jeff, Tyler, Dakota

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AD – Hometown Pharmacy

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Ad - A-1 Grocery Trey & Paula Southard

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Ad – Micro Title Navarro County, LLC The Waggoner Family

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Southard Pecan – Steely Southard

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Ad- James Olsen

Ad – Griffin-Roughton Funeral Home

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