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The University Training School was projected by the Corsicana Conference in 1899 with Reverend J. W. Atkinson as president.  The Northwest Txas Conference Journal of 1904 reported: "This pioneer training school, known as university Training School, was put into operation, providing secondary education and training students in preparation for university entrance."  A few years later the name was changed to Central Texas College and two years of college work was added.  Central Texas College was located at the south end of Fordyce Street (the principal street) in Blooming Grove.  It was a co-educational junior college offering academic and fine arts courses.  The campus covered fifteen acres and consisted of three buildings and an athletic field.

The faculty members and their families plus the boarding students brought new and interesting college life to the fast growing town of Blooming Grove which at that time boasted a population of fifteen hundred.

Central Texas College failed in the fall of 1912.  This failure was indeed a blow to the cultural pride of Blooming Grove.  The buildings were used for several years as a business college and boarding houses.  Finally the campus was divided into town lots known as the Training School Addition.

Today on the site of C.T.C.  stand the home of mayor Don Von Hoffman, wife Gale and children.

Ruth Ramsey

Change of Name.

Blooming Grove, Tex., Nov. 26.
Training School, located at Blooming Grove have bonded the institution and changed its name to Central Texas College. The growth of this school calls for a new building.



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