Corsicana Graduates - 1899 - 1917
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Corsicana Graduates 1899-1917


By Prof. J. E. Blair


The following facts regarding the

graduating classes and the alumni of

the Coraicana High School have been

compiled with some effort and pains,

and may be of interest to the many

friends of the schools.

   The Commencement held last even-

ing was the 34th annual commencement

in the history of the High School.

The first graduating class was sent

out in 1884, and consisted of two members,

Miss Wilma Edwards and Miss

Belle Hand, now Mrs. Sam Kepr.

The numbers of boys and girls and

the totals in each class from the beginning

are as follows.

Year— Boys Girls Total

1884      0        2           2

1885      4        5           9

1S86      4        1           5

1887      2        4           6

1888      3        5           8

1889      4        4           8

1890      4        4           8

1891      0        4           4

1892      1        3           4

1893      0        8           8

1894      2        9         11

1895      0        5           5

1896      1      11         12

1897      4      11         15

1898      2      15         17

1899      6      13         19

1900      7      16         23

1901      7      24         31

1902      7      11         18

1903    15     16          31

1904    15     26          41

1905—12th Grade added. No graduates

1906    10    12           22

1907      3    12           15

1908      6    13           19

1909      7    13           20

1910      8    12           20

1911    17    25           42

1912    19    22           41

1913    17    31           48

1914    17    17           34

1915    15    24           39

1916    19    28           47

1917    17    19           36

Totals 243   425       668

                     -- o--

   The rapid gain in the size of the

classes and in the proportion of boys

are noticeable. Of the 668 graduates,

327, or almost half, have graduated

in the last nine years, since the writer

came to Corsicana. It would be difficult,

impossible, to estimate the value

to this community of the training

which these nearly seven hundred

young people have received in the Corsicana

High School.


   Below we give the names of the

members of each of the graduating

classes from the first in 1884. In only

a few cases have we been able to

procure the married names of the

young ladies who have married.

         Class of 1884.

Miss Wilma Edwards. Mrs. Belle

Kerr, nee Hand.

          Class of 1885.

   Emmett Sutherland, B. B. Bates,

Mrs. Allie Moore, nee Mullins; Robert

Haynes, J. Elmer Butler, Mrs.

Claytie Woods, nee Gibson; Mrs. Jennie

Sanderson, nee Gillespie; Mrs.

Maggie Carter, nee Anderson; Mrs.

Hattie Kneale, nee Phillips.

         Class of 1886.

   Elbert J. Gibson, Frank Royall, Gus

Southworth, J. M. Church, Mrs. Resa

Miller, nee Polk.

         Class of 1887.

   Fred W. Freeman, George Wollett,

Miss Nettie Mosely, Miss Annie Scarborough, Miss Bertha Bunert. Mrs.

Maggie Sanders, nee Kerr.

         Class of 1888.

   Gustave Southworth, J. M. Roberts.

John R. Mays. Mrs. Mattie Howell,

Nee Grady; Mrs. Callie Chamberlain,

nee Mancel; Mrs. Buena Selig. nee

Sedgeley; Mrs. Carrie Nix, nee Hale;

Miss Julia Bradley.

          Class of 1889.

   Claude W. Jester, William M. Morgan,

Wiley Lee Coleman, Barney Wilson,

Mrs. Nannie Goldstein, nee

Deutschner; Mrs. Ada McRaven, nee

Mullins; Mrs. Hettie Harris, nee Livngston; Miss Genie Collum.

             Class of 1890.

   John Archer Reed, Sam Dunham.

Nash Read, F. Wyche Greer, Miss Katie

Daffan, Miss Lula A. Elliott, Miss

Pearl Rainwater, Miss Freddie Mosely.

            Class of 1891.

   Mrs. Ada Woodward, nee Buckner;

Mrs. Maggie Sanders, nee Kerr; Mrs.

Ada McRaven, nee Mullin; Miss Freddie


            Class of 1892.

    James Lee, Mrs. Mary Gideon, nee

Duron; Miss Edna Freeman, Miss

Susie Mullins.

            Class of 1893.

    Mrs. Willie Hawkins, nee Gihbs;

Mrs. Lillie Banister, nee Butler; Mrs.

Hallie Davis, nee Ransom; Miss Ida

Richardson, Miss Hulda Hodges, Miss

Bessie Lea, Miss Lizzie Byrd, Mrs.

Katie Purifoy, nee Woods.

            Class of 1894.

   Isaac Reed, Leland Malone, Mrs.

Mattie Guynes, nee Smith; Mrs. Ella

Crawford, nee Johnson; Mrs. Nola Sessions, nee McCurdy; Miss Estelle Davis, Miss Eva Church, Miss Annie

Leighton, Miss Dona Sutherland, Miss

Malka Deutschner, Miss Alice Leigton.

            Class of 1895.

   Mrs. Mabel Horton, nee Martin;

Mrs. Nina Haslam, nee Faulk; Mrs.

Edna Rankin, nee Duncan; Miss

Grace Darling.

            Class of 1896.

    Edwin Church, Mrs. Maggie Taylor,

nee McCammon; Mrs. Alie Hughes,

nee Maddox; Mrs. Maggie Church, nee

Freeman; Mrs. Pearl Joplin, nee Fanning;

Mrs. Willie Hammett, nee Winn;

Mrs. Rena Richardson, nee Johnston:

Miss Celyne Lehman, Miss Helen Robbins, Miss Ruth Church, Miss May Clark, Miss Rosalie Cahn.

              Class of 1897.

    J. Albert Sowell, Walter Guthrie,

Charles Gibbs, Ewing Edens, Mrs. May

Guthrie, nee Lea; Mrs. Mabel Caldwell.

nee Molder; Mrs. Jewell McClung, nee White; Mrs. Meta Keith, nee Ransom; Miss Edna Martin. Miss

Inez Freeman, Miss Aggie Witherspoon,

Mrs. Annie M. Wilson, nee Douglas; Miss Mary Rainwater, Miss Eva Richardson, Miss Pearl Carter.

Class of 1898.

   Edgar Metcalf, Walter Armstrong,

Mrs. Merle Ponder, nee Hayes; Mrs.

Eva Carroll, nee Duncan; Mrs. Maida

Johnson, nee Dyer; Mrs. Daisy Murchison,

nee Polk; Mrs. Mettie Drummond,

nee Bartlett; Mrs. Charles

Miles, nee Crawford; Miss Bertha Jackson, Miss Annie  Bonham, Miss

Margaret Guthrie, Miss Ollie Shropshire,

Miss Myra Winkler, Miss Alberta

Croft, Miss Hixie Harrison; Miss

Hattie Kenner, Miss Nora Weaver.

                 Class of 1899.

   Ira James Kerr, Woodbury Norris,

Chas. Richard McAfee, George Alexander

Duren, Steve Pace, Eldred Mays,

Miss Ruth Calhoun Angus, Miss Pearl

Bates, Miss Annie. Smith, Miss Potter

Lou Allice Teas, Miss Augusta Helm,

Miss Bessie Pressley. Miss Beatrice

Cahn,  Miss Alma Lee, Miss Isabella

Cahn, Miss Rhoda Eliza Smith, Miss

Sarah Irene McCrery. Miss Blanche

McKie, Miss Clara Glendora Wimberly.

                 Class of 1900.

   Ivan L.  Martin, Robert Palmer

Blanding, Max Akin Elser, Orlande O.

Hollingsworth, W. Ben Boltz, Mrs.

Nena G. Elliott, nee McSpadden;

W. Perry McCammon, Mrs. Mona Lee

Edens, nee Anderson; Miss Willie

Bradley McCrery, Miss Willie M. Lea,

Miss Florence Ella Baker, Miss Lillian

Church, Miss Hettie May Leonard,

Miss Kate Church, Miss Adele Deutschner,

Miss Eunice Hamilton, Miss

Stella Herman, Miss Mary H. Curtis,

Miss Julia Deutschner, Miss Ruth

Adelaide Harris Miss Joy Houston,

Miss Jewell L. Sowell, William Sanford


                 Class of 1901.

   Ralph Blackburn, Harris Ransom,

John Scarborough, Cliff Sparks, Douglass

Johnson, Jacob Ratner, Hugh

Lamar Stone, Mrs. Minnie Moore, nee

Ransom; Miss Mary Armstrong, Miss

Willie Bush, Miss Minnie Cornell,

Miss Daisy Deviline, Miss Annie Hammett,

Miss Lizzie Johnson, Miss Camille

McCammon, Miss Evalyn McKie,

Miss Kate Molder, Miss Clara Petty,

Miss Bessie Savage, Miss Mamie Wilson,

Miss Minnie Bonner, Miss Mary

Julia Christian, Miss Nellie Damon,

Miss Lizzie Golden, Miss Ethel Hines,

Miss Rosa King, Miss Flora Bess Mc-

Crery, Miss May McSpadden, Mrs.

Maggie Hastings, nee Pannell; Miss

Delia Smalling, Miss Sallie Woolf.

          Class of 1902.

   Wesley Edens, Lowry Martin, Em-

mett Wilkerson. Fred Barth, Arthur

Levi. Roscoe Megarity, Stuart Woods,

Mrs. Page Allen, nee Curtis; Miss

Bessie Ambrose. Miss Emma Jackson,

Miss Blanche Johnson, Miss Annie

McCammon, Miss Zillah Treadwell,

Miss Florence Craven. Miss Jessie

Edens, Miss Clarkie Jeffers, Miss

Freedman Johnston, Miss Mary Slade.

           Class of 1903.

   Douglass Standing. Wiley Clarkston,

Pacie Golden, Notie Lee, Carter Pannill,

Morris Worthington, Wright Kerr,

Alva Little, Francis McKie, Jesse McGarity,

Norma Polashy. Hawkins Scarborough,

Henry Walker, Clyde Wimberly,

Earle Johnson. Miss Lena Robinson,

Miss Winnie Yeager, Miss Pearl

Baldauf, Miss Isla Carroll, Miss Sallie

Coleman, Miss Ethel Douglass,

Miss Lena Goldberg, Miss Lula Jones,

Miss Minnie Mikell. Miss Conger Neblett,

Miss Pet Roberts, Miss Velna

Crawford, Miss Katie Hamilton, Miss

Nannerle Hardy. Miss Lila Smith,

Miss Olga McWhorter.

              Class of 1904.

    Alma McAfee, Byron Cheney. George

Jackson, Reid Robinson, Neill Johnson,

Sam Clopton, Lloyd Kerr, Ben Talbot,

Carroll Ray, Will Gibson. Claude Kinnebrew,

Charles Van Hook, Allyn Gordon,

Sydney Marks, Cleveland

Wilkerson, Miss Alma Martin. Miss

Mabel Caston, Miss Bennie Duncan,

Miss Mary Kate Johnson, Miss Jonnie

McCrery, Miss Louise Mosely.

Miss Fannie Simkins, Miss Pannill

Brown, Miss Lela Cherry, Miss Bloomah

Goodman, Miss Cecille Lehman,

Miss Katherine McDaniel, Miss Alice

Prine, Miss Mary Beck, Miss Grace

Christian. Miss Edna Henderson. Miss

Jeanette Levy, Miss Louis McSpadden,

Miss Myra Vaughan. Miss Allie Bar-

cus. Miss Edith Buckner, Miss Maggie

Collier, Miss Cora Henry, Miss Lila

McClellan. Miss Emma Mikell, Miss

Frankye Watt.

   No class In 1905. 12th Grade added.

              Class of 1906.

   Kenneth Bullock. Hugh Johnston,

Liston Tatum, Willie Damon, Stanley

Kerr, Damon Woods, Wilmot Hervey,

Vernon McKinney, Worchester Jennings,

Clyde Stroud. Misses Thomasine

Cobb, Ruby Houston, Velma Mc-

Afee, Ruby Fryar, Nellie Jefferson,

Bunnie Cobb, Rowena Anderson, Sadie

Hammett, Estelle Levy, Alberta

Brashear, Lillian Hilliard, Ivor Overton.

               Class of 1907.

    Downing Kneale, Charles Allen,

Harry Blanding, Misses Mary Hughes,

Ray Daniel, Ruth Pressley, Mabel Bonner,

Dettie Hammett. Geneva Tarver,

Callie Blair, Ruth Hamilton, Edna

Hamilton, Mary Peterson, Hallie Cullen,

Vera McKinney.

                Class of 1908.

   Allan Woods, Warren Ambrose.

Dubart Miller, Henry Nosely, J. W.

Payne, Bertrand Polasky, Misses Rosa

Clarkson, Margaret Pressley, Francis

Willis, Mollie Blackmon, Emily Kate

Johnson, Laura Taylor, Jessie Johnson,

Belle Costa, Nellie Lindley, Estell

Van Hook, Geline Call, Ethel Mcquiston,

Edith Watson.

                 Class of 1909.

    Ernest Hines, Ralph Watson, Sam

Frost Call, Tate Miller, Lexie Jarrell,

Robert Higgins, Dan Spurlock, Misses

Agnes Blanding, Elizabeth Johnson,

Winnie Myrick, Katleen Young, Kathleen

Bullock, Lee Haslam, Alma Melear.

Minnie Roberts, Dorothy Drane,

Jessie May Hilliard, Mary Miller, Cecil


               Class of 1910.

   Raymond McIver, Douglass Johnson.

Henry Grady Holmes, Ben Blackmon,

Frank Ogle, John E. Blair, Jr.,

David Houston, Lilian Kiber, Evelyn

Crews, Ben Todd, Carrie Berry, Lois

Hornbeak, Etta Sparks, Sammie

Cobb, Katherine Key, Fay Scott, Ellen

Van Hook. Margaret Clarkson,

Josephine McDonald, Latona McGill.

                  Class of 1911.

   Albert Phillips, Orren Hailey, James

Dyer, Jr.; Waid Willis, James Woods,

Wilson David, Max Wolens, Harry Jacobs,

Carl Mirus, Walter Hugh Caldwell,

Olo Peterson, James Holman,

Charles Davis. Paoli Blair, Mike O'-

Connor, Beauford Jester, Misses Josephine

Peterson. Caroline McCrery,

Julia Callicutt. Nettie Ramsey, Nadine

Kerr, Jessie Cullen, Ellen Mcquiston,

Margie Hyndman, Mittie McAfee,

Maude Ransom, Sophia Levy, Allie

Pearl Speed, Rosa Miller, Kate

Hughes, Ruth Burkhalter, Mary Leslie,

Lizzie Tinkle, Vesta Purifoy, Berta

Frey, Viola Seagraves, Margaret

Lowery, Gladys Greenlee, Maggie Alford,

Birdie Johnston, Irene Prine.

              Class of 1912.

   Walter Cousins Blair, Roy Fox, Lewis

Hixson, Hubert Love, Max Molloy,

James Payne, Carl Wilson, Robert Elliott,

Robert Hailey, Douglass Jackson,

Percy McKinney, Reginald Nicol,

William White, Leo Fox, Trim Hale,

Dan Kiber, Augustus Mays, Hood Parker,

Opie Wills, Misses Lena Mae

Conner, Annie George Holmes, Lillian

Jones, Augusta Mirus, Katherine

O'Neill, Ethel Roughton, Marie Walton,

May T. Bingham, Fern Chesire,

Eunicee May Houston, Lilla Kerr, Modena

McAfee, Helen Park, Gussie Ruth

Smith, Loretta Elms, Josephine Bogy,

Louise Clopton, Rosa Johnston, Chris-

tle Minter, Ila Mae Morris, Rachael

Ross, Katherine Stout.

              Class of 1913.

   Claude Absher, John Garner, Gordon

Johnson, Charles Rankin, Hugh

Sloan, Jack Walker, Uriah Cerf, Dan

Hartzell, Christopher Knox, Ivan Ros-

enberg, Troy Tarver, Jack Walton,

Aubrey Costa, George T. Jester, Jr.,

Walter Love, Finis Senor, Fred Up-

church, Misses Nannie Albritton, Willie

Brown, Ruth Callicutt, Mildred

Calwell, Pansy Dorman, Blanche Gilbreath,

Janie Mattingly, Marguerite Parker

Corinne Slade; Bernice Stevens, Nautye

Byrd Warnell, Alice Blair,

Sadie Cohen, Lillian Cheney, Edwina

Collier, Annie Franklin Eddie Jarrell,

Modena Miller, Annie Maude Pugh,

Norah Spurlock, Violet Temple, Vida

Bragg, Hattie Cobb, Aileen Cheney,

Hazel Davis, Marie Frey, Elizabeth

Matchett,  Dorothy McDonald, Gladys

Redden, Clara Stell, Clifton Townsend.

(This was the largest class in the history

of the High School—a total of


              Class of 1914.

   Ford Albritton, King F. Elliott, Ben

J. Garitty, Clark H. Hardison, Mahlon

Hammett, Will Hoffman, Wayne Howell,

Allyn Lang, Oakley Love, Noel

Marchbanks, Whitson Overcash. Lloyd

Russell, Ralph Stell, Louis H. Shwarts,

Vest Sitton, Hugh Tinkle, Homer Watson,

Misses Jessie Allen, Evelyn Callicutt,

Cora Castellaw, Lida Kate

Cheney, Vivia Garner. Gladys Madden,

Maurice Matthews. Leta McAfee,

Edith Noble, Lucy Payne, Ruth Powell.

Willie May Powell, Gertrude Sparkman,

Pansy Sheppard, Eunice Taylor,

Llllie Tidd.

               Class of 1915.

   Oscar Albritton, William Barnhart,

Thad Collum, Robert Goodman, Ralph

Gray, Sam Harwell, Bryan Horton, Archie

Justiss, Albert Levy, Reuben Mixson,

Gerald Molloy, Elmer Minter,

Chester Pugh, Bruce Thompson. James

Walton, Misses Marion Allen. Gertrude

Ballew, Mildred Beaton, Ellen Carpenter,

Hazel Dreeben, Ruth Garner, Bessie

Grant, Genevieve Inabnit, Lucile

Kerr, Frances King. Emma Kiber, Eunice

Lindsey, Margaret Lotspeich,

Gertrude McQuiston, Fae Perriman,

Kate Salmon Prince, Georgia Roughton,

Willie Pearl Ritchey, Martha Suttle,

Alma Walker, Dora Witherspoon,

Vallie Dale Younger, Leslie Young.

          Class of 1916.

   Rowland Barnett, George E. Daniels,

Wade Eugene DuBose, Micajah

T. Edwards, Henry I. Fox. Campbell

M. Gillespie, Gabriel Goldberg, Raymond

Harwell, Frances Warren Hicks,

Arnold Taylor Hodge, Carl A. Kumke,

Lima W. Love, Peter Thorp Montfort,

William Villan Mowlam. Charles Clifton

Pugh, Lawrence D. Ransom. Louis

Wolens, Boyd Rivers, Arthur Bentley,

Misses Pauline Allen. Sarah Frances

Benson, Artie Ora Birdwell, Benadette

Bishoff, Erla Mae Brennan, Mabel

Curry, Margaret Elms, Dale Goolsby,

Mary Anna Gray, Fannie Elizabeth

Hardison, Nannie Bufa Hawkins,

Birda Kathleen Hixson, Edith Houston.

Isabelle Natalie Kaufman, Anna Belle

Kiber, Lena Mae McClure, Mary

Elizabeth Mizell, Marion Oldham, Jewell

Patton, Vaudie Read, Gussie Roughton,

Margaret Olive Shirey, Gazzie Suttle,

John Allyn Warnell, Clara Upchurch,

Isabel Molloy, Louise Molder, Alice

Maude Mowlam.

            Class of 1917.

    William Marvin Chilcoat, Joseph S.

Daniel, David Wyatt Draper, Garrett

Bartlett Drummon, Stanley L. Eddins,

J. Lloyd Hamilton, Abie Jacobs, William

Lawrence McGill, Aaron Samuels,

Robert Stell, Jr., Al T. Underwood,

Earle H. Varnell, Luther M. Wells, Joe

Wolens, Joseph Elbert Woods, William

Harvey Young, Clifton Yarborough,

Martha Alexander, Annie Louise

Alford, Margaret Davis, Winnie Lee

Davis, Ruby Gallahar, Elsie Maud Garner,

Ellen Jackson, Ida Levine, Corinne

McClure, Augusta McGlohen, Lu

Rainey Oldham, Nona Ella Purifoy,

Eliza Caroline Robinson, Zelma Rosson,

Annie Love Story, Allee Thompson,

Jewell Williams, Minnie Persons

Witherspoon, Eva Cobb.


It is quite probable that in this long

list of names there are some errors.

We shall be glad to be advised of any

errors, so that we may correct our

records. Very truly,



The Corsicana Daily Sun  -  Saturday, May 26, 1917


Submitted by Diane Richards


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