50th Reunion of the
Corsicana High School
Class of 1957
Corsicana, Navarro County, Texas


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— CHS Class of 1957
On Oct. 20, you may have seen a strange sight in Corsicana. Men and women in their late 60s were racing in cars all over town, speeding, driving up over curbs, making illegal U-turns, leaping out and running to the center of Beaton Street where they stood and pointed at buildings and shouted at one another. Bystanders and shoppers were astounded and amused. Some of them even attempted to help, but since they were under 40 they had no idea which direction to send the eager senior citizens who were acting like they were 18 again.

They were looking for The Ideal Theater, the original Mexican Inn, the Piggly Wiggly store, J.C. Penney’s, Duke & Ayers, the Corsicana Daily Sun building on Main Street, the Navarro Hotel, Amy Yeldell’s house, the Wolf Brand Chili Company, the Dairy Queen, the A&W Root Beer stand, Mrs. Linscomb’s Tastee Freez, Bobby Torrito Baseball Field, and the 40-yard line of the old Tiger Field. These were just a few of the 26 locations that participants had to find in an hour and a half. They had to take a picture of the group or a group member holding a large number standing in front of the no-longer-in-existence building. Then they had to race to the next “location,” and make it back to Star Hall with their cameras before the other cars. There were many arguments, a lot of wrong turns, several near-accidents, and much happy laughter. Nedom Muns organized and planned this savage game, and in spite of the near fist-fights that broke out at the finish line, the participants were grateful for his creative endeavor. It made them feel like kids again, and they acted like kids again.

This was all part of the 50th reunion of the Corsicana High School Class of 1957, which began on Oct. 19 with a fiesta dinner of fajitas catered by Mike and Yoli Amez. There were piñatas hanging from the ceiling and multi-colored tablecloths, all part of the festive evening planned by Martha Grady Washburn and Billie Morris Carroll. After dinner, the class presented Ann Call Griffin with a scrapbook of letters from class members thanking her for her 50 years of dedication to keeping the class together. This was followed by a lively and hysterical karaoke session arranged by James Venable with the help of BJ the DJ, who provided 1950s music for both nights. The evening ended with the class singing “All Hail Corsicana” which was led by Judy Ware Jerman, the 1957 CHS queen.

Before the fierce scavenger hunt Oct. 20, the group enjoyed a savory array of dishes served at a welcoming come-and-go brunch at the home of Dolores King Stone, where class members visited and autographed their Class of 1957 Memory Books.

The 150-page memory book contains high school and recent photographs, addresses and phone numbers of every classmate from the class of 1957, including many people who began elementary school with the class but graduated at different times or moved away before graduation. The 54 members of the class who have since passed away are also included. The book is a trip down memory lane for anyone who grew up in Corsicana in the ‘40s and ‘50s. Class members wrote their individual recollections of coming of age in a small town in Northeast Texas during a time when Ike was in the White House and people didn’t have to lock their doors. There are old photographs of those no-longer-standing buildings, a brief history of the town, and lists of ‘50s memorabilia, such as sock hops, blue suede shoes, S&H Green Stamps, hula hoops, rock ‘n roll, movie stars, and historical events. A copy of this book, compiled and produced by Patricia West Hays, has been placed in the Corsicana Public Library and can be viewed there in the genealogy section.

On the night of Oct. 20, the class dressed up for a sit-down dinner. Star Hall was transformed by Anna Griffin Sanders of Annie’s Garden into a magical fairy land with a ceiling of twinkling lights. The tables were set with white tablecloths, royal blue satin runners, gold chargers, and delicate flower and candle centerpieces. Class members received glass coasters engraved with the words to the CHS “All Hail Corsicana” in boxes wrapped with gold ribbons. All the women received orchids to wear in memory of those special prom nights of long ago. The evening began with a candlelighting memorial service for deceased classmates led by Harold Scott. Nedom Muns served as master of ceremonies for the program, which included viewing a DVD prepared by Megan Carpenter Vadasy with help from Patricia Clark Owen.

After an elaborate dinner catered by Traditions of Tyler, the class danced to ‘50s music and laughed and talked the night away. The evening ended with “All Hail Corsicana,” led this time by Gail Toldan Combs just as she did on graduation night May 31, 1957. Photos taken during the weekend were burned onto CDs by Elise Johnson for participants to take home.

As a final surprise, the class presented Griffin with a very special Raymond Weil watch, purchased with generous contributions from the class. Griffin is the one person who has spent 50 years keeping the class address records up to date, planning and coordinating reunions, and mailing notices to all members. She has also been responsible for providing flowers, with funds raised at each reunion, for all funerals of deceased members of the CHS Class of 1957.

Ninety-two people who were members of the class at some point in their lives attended this 50th reunion. Total attendance was 126 over the weekend, including spouses and other family members.

The class of 1957 holds an auction each year to raise money for “Helping Hands” which provides assistance to former classmates, classmates’ families, and current CHS students in need. The class has contributed over $7,000 to special causes in the last six years, thanks to the efficient help of Eleanor Collier Statham, who has also served as special assistant to Griffin. The 2006 reunion auction funds were set aside for the 50th reunion in order to keep costs reasonable for participants.

The class will continue to meet on the third Saturday in October each year to hang out together for a day, reminisce about those long-ago times, and catch up on current happenings.

Corsicana Daily Sun
Submitted by Patricia Hays


Class of 1957 50th Reunion
Photo submitted by Beverly Anderson Cook-Glass

Queen Judy Ware, Senior Year Coronation, on
right and her best bud Margaret Smith.
Photo submitted by Beverly Anderson Cook-Glass


Left to right, Eleanor Collier Statham, |
Ann Call Griffin and Nedom Muns.
Photo submitted by BBeverly Anderson Cook-Glass


This is our class secratary for the last 50 years since Graduation as well as our senior year.  She is Ann Call Griffin and her husband Dan Griffin.  Ann is the glue that kept our class stuck together and kept up with all of us for reunions starting at 1967, then every 5 years after that until our 40th and at that time, she started planning for one every year the third weekend of October.  The class took up money and presented her with a beautiful gold watch and a bouquet of red roses.  When they presented the gift, she immediately responded, "Oh, a retirement watch."  Our master of ceremonies, Nedom Muns, quickly told her no, she could never retire.  She put so much effort and love into this passion of hers and the class loves her back.
Photo submitted by Beverly Anderson Cook-Glass


Margaret Rose Miller was the first female ever elected as President of Student Body at CHS during our Senior Year of Class of 57.
Photo submitted by Beverly Anderson Cook-Glass


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