The Bulldog - 1958
Year Book of Dawson High School
Dawson, Navarro County, Texas


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Title Page

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Annual Staff:
Ronnie Slater (Assistant Editor); Carolyn Cagle; Barbara Merrell; Charles Jordon; Paul Rowna; Doyle Thompson;  Wayne Priddy; Billy Franklin; Randy Howard (Editory) & Forward

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Dedication - The Annual Staff of 1958 lovingly dedicates this yearbook to our friend and teacher (
W. J. Moore)

Annual Staff

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School Board Members

Page 5
Superintendent's Message; Principal's Message

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Faculty -
Livian Barnes - First & Second Grades; Frenchie McDonald - Second & Third Grades; Mrs. Mary Conner - Fourth Grade; Mrs. Bryant Merrell - Fifth Grade; Mrs. Edgar Davis - Sixth Grade; Mrs. Honor Davis - Seventh Grade
W. J. Moore - Agriculture; M. A. Kimbrough - History; E. B. Robinson - Home Economics; Romie Perryman - English; Mrs. J. W. Stephens - Commercial

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Fly Page - Seniors

Page 8
Senior Class Officers -
President ... Dennis Priddy, Vice President ... Billy Jack Seaton, Secretary ... Billy Franklin, Sponsor ... Bob Arnold

Page 9
Dennis Priddy, Carol Franklin, Donald Ray Adams, Barbara Merrell, Donald Hardin, Luann Baker

Page 10
Barbara Prater, Wiley Cottongame, Carolyn Fondren, Billy Franklin, Ann Peden, Jerry Merrell

Page 11
Billy Jack Seaton, Mary Jane Stewart, Bobby Almond, Virginia Fulton, Alan Howard, Alice Perkins

Page 12
Lynda (Adams) Tanner; Snapshots

Page 13
Fly Page: Juniors

Page 14
Junior Class Officers:
President ...  Raymand Price, Vice President ... Billy Ray Peterson, Secretary ... James Matthews, Treasurer ... Donna McCall, Sponsor ... Ronnie Perryman

Page 15
Billy Peterson, Charles French, Raymond Price, Becky Taylor, Shirley Dyer, Leska Garner, James Matthews, Don Nesmith, Ronnie Slater, Mary Matthews, Dorothy Adams, Donna McCall

Page 16
A. B. Perkins, Yvonne Bateman, Willie Mae Black; Snapshots

Page 17
Fly Page: Sophomores

Page 18
Sophomore Class Officers:
President ... Charlie Chambers, Vice President ... Eddie Davis, Secretary ... Doyle Thompson, Annette Tackett, Sentinel ... Wayne Priddy, Sponsor ... W. J. Moore

Page 19
Maurice Johnson, David Brown, Doyle Thompson, Faylene Tanner, Patsy Chasteen, Annette Tackett, Eddie Davis, Charlie Chambers, Tommy Christian, Carolyn Cagle, Evelyn Perkins, Shirley Lewis

Page 20
Glenn Holt, Paul Rowan

Page 21
Fly Page: Freshmen

Page 22
Freshman Class Officers: President ... Sandra Jordon, Vice President ... Beverley Roloff, Treasurer ... Donna Pitts, Secretary ... Jamie Prater, Parliamentarian - Doris Franklin, Sponsor ... M. A. Kimbrough

Page 23
C. W. Jordan, James Britton, James Houck, Sandra Jordan, Janice Evans, Beverly Roloff, Ray Rogers, Randy Howard, Jamie Prater, Donna Pitts, Dianne Brown, Mickie Parrish

Page 24
Alton Bateman, Albert Moore, Larry Murray, Barbara Teakell, Doris Franklin, Noel Newton, Beth Williams, Jo Anna Perkins, Reba Walker

Page 25
Fly Page: Favorites

Page 26
Most Popular:
Dot Adams & Billy Franklin

Page 27
Senior Favorites:
Billy Franklin & Ann Peden; Junior Favorites: Donnie Nesmith & Yvonne Bateman

Page 28
Sophomore Favorites:
Charlie Chambers & Carolyn Cagle; Freshman Favorites: Randy Howard & Beverly Roloff

Page 29
Football Sweetheart:
Luann Baker; Basketball Sweetheart & Queen of the Hubbard Tournament: Becky Taylor

Page 30
F.F.A. Sweetheart:
Barbara Merrell; F.H.A. Beau: Alan Howard

Page 31
Best All - Around Athletes:
Ann Peden, Billy Franklin, Barbara Merrell

Page 32
Best All - Around Students:
Charles Weldon Jordon & Barbara Merrell

Page 33
Nominee For Corsicana Fair and Rodeo:
Carol Franklin; DAR Good Citizen Award: Barbara Merrell

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Fly Page: Sports

Page 38
The 1957 Dawson Bulldogs

Page 39
Football Review

Page 40
Football Team:
Alan Howard, Billy Franklin, Billy Jack Seaton, Jerry Merrell, Dennis Priddy, Bonnie Slater

Page 41
Football Team:
Charles French, Donnie Nesmith, Charlie Chambers, Doyle Thompson, Wayne Priddy, Randy Howard

Page 42
Football Team:
James Houck, Jamie Prater, Wiley Cottongame, Bobby Almond

Page 43
Boys Basketball:
Alton Bateman, Charlie Chambers, James Lee Britton; Manager: Randy Howard, Doyle Thompson, Ray Rogers, Alan Howard, Tommy Christian, Billy Franklin

Page 44
Boys Basketball:
Tommy Christian, Alan Howard, Charlie Chambers, Billy Franklin, Randy Howard

Page 45
Boys Basketball:
Charles French, Doyle Thompson, James Lee Britton, Ray Rogers

Page 46
Girls Basketball Team:
Ann Peden, Barbara Merrell, Donna Jo Pitts, Beverly Roloff, Janice Evans, Sandra Jordan, Doris Franklin, Carolyn Fondren, Patsy Chasten, Leska Garner, Luann Baker

Page 47
Girls Basketball Team:
Barbara Merrell, Luann Baker, Patsy Chasteen, Carolyn Fondren, Ann Peden, Sandra Jordan

Page 48
Girls Basketball Team:
Shirley Dyer, Beverly Roloff, Doris Franklin, Janice Evans, Donna Pitts, Faylene Tanner

Page 49
Baseball Team:
Ray Rogers, James Houck, Doyle Thompson, Alan Howard, Billy Jack Seaton, Tommy Christain, Billy Franklin, Jamie Prater, Ronnie Slater, Jerry Merrell, Charlie Chambers, Larry Murray, Randy Howard, Alton Bateman

Page 50
Baseball Team:
Billy Jack Seaton, Jerry Merrell, Alan Howard, Billy Franklin, Ronnie Slater, Doyle Thompson

Page 51
Baseball Team:
Charlie Chambers, Tommie Christian, James (Throck) Houck, Jamie Prater, Randy Howard, Larry Murray

Page 52
Baseball Team:
Ray Rogers, Alton Bateman

Page 53
Fly Page: Organizations

Page 54
Future Homemakers of America

Page 55
Future Homemakers of America

Page 56
Pep Squad

Page 57
Becky Taylor & Leska Garner; Drummers: Doris Franklin, Donna Pitts, Sandra Jordan, Janice Evans

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Fly Page: Elementary

Page 62
Eighth Grade:
Kenneth Murray, Francis Perkins, Gary Grice, Judy Parrish, Billy Humbert, Myrtle Peterson, Gene Davis, Shelba Baker, Thomas Lambeth, Joel Sawyer, Rebecca Hardin, Sammy Craig, Mary Lee Slater, Jimmy Adams, Linda Raley, Donal Sawyer, Dorothy  Herring, Jim Broughton, Jimmy Bruce, Terry Long, Joyce Adams

Page 63
Seventh Grade:
Debye Kerby, Kenneth Bumpers, Nancy Lawrence, Robert Gabie (?), Bobbie Mims, Norwood Warner, Gaynelle Walker, William Priddy, Linda Gannon, Jerry Blissett, Brenda Dyer, Collins Bumpers, Louise McCall, Ronnie Davis, Shron Ivy, Milford Jordan, Betty Jo Price, Elton Taylor, Francis Adams, Newton Matthews, Emma Hollingsworth, Virginia Moore, Billy Don Howell

Page 64
Sixth Grade:
Carlton Taylor, Mary Toten, Douglas Lennox, Delores Perkins, Ronnie Lawrence, David Clark, Burt Hollingsworth, Brenda Parrish, Richard Price, Carolyn Bruce, Victor Freeze, Curtis Slater, Ronald Lynn Garner, Kay Priddy, Eugene Price, Betty Murray, Curtis Peden, Wayne Smith, Frank Stewart, Sue Parrish, Raylon Lewis, Gary Broughton, Joe Raley, Ronnie Chasteen

Page 65
Fifth Grade:
Sheila Slater, Ralph Baldwin, Wanda Pierce, Roger Warner, Carolyn Rogers, Sammy Montgomery, Sue Sawyer, Otis Cannon, Francis Ronnings, Wayne Gannon, Betty Lewis, Larry Prater, Ann Prater, Larry Whitener, Carolyn Murray, Donnie Chasteen, Betty Godwin, Gary Howell, Sandra Gunn, Ivan Webb

Page 66
Fourth Grade:
Johnny Shaw, Lenora Montgomery, Gary Lawrence, Penny McClain, Jackey Clemons, Nancy Kerby, James Almond, Beth Humbert, Jerry Godwin, Betty Dawson, W. P. Chasteen, Sammy Davidson, Dianna Tanner, Charles Slater, Joann Little, Carolyn Long, Helen Teakell, Linda Perkins

Page 67
Third Grade:
Barbara Ganze, Raymond Bruce, Lena Moore, Connie Gannon, Leslie Whitener, Jeri Prater, Jim B. Graham, William Mims, Ann Hollingsworth, David Allard, Terry Stewart, Jean Almond, Roy Hayes, Danny Davidson

Page 68
Second Grade:
Sandra Slater, Wesley Ronning, Jeannie Lou Freeze, Donna Brown, Jackey Teakell, Patsy Davis, Monnie Montgomery, Bennie Clemons, Patsy Spruiell, Hazel Perkins, Patricia Lewis, Lila Salinas

Page 69
First Grade:
Jerry Shaw, Kathy Cannon, Craig White, Brenda Ganze, Gene Rogers, Linda Davis, Johnny Flynn, Kay Montgomery, Roger Teakell, Dan Gannon, Barbara Hardin, Eddie Lewis

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Fly Page: Advertising

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