The 1942 Bears Den
Year Book of Frost School
Frost, Navarro County Texas


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This yearbook belonged to Theresa Green

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Faculty - Mr. W. V. Harrison, Mr. Arnold Armstrong, Mr. Wallace Davis, Mr. Harry Hurley, Mrs. J. S. Bason, Mr. Glen Sybert, Mildred Siceloff, Almarie Jenson, Fanelle Smith

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Seniors - Jamie Lee Baker, Ramsey Fields, Ivaleta Ballew, Lillian Bogan [Smith], Bobby Frank Johnson, Ruby Cagle, Bertie Cook, Dean McClure

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Seniors - Melba Ellis [Rossiter], Mariam Hightower, Bobby Frank Mimms, Dicky Hyer, Billy Mitchell, Sam Moore, Lucille Pevehouse, Evelyn Hoden, Marvin Speer, Wanda Watts, Laverne Bailey, Helen Smith

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Seniors - Accomplishments

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Seniors - Accomplishments

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Junior Play Cast, Senior Play Cast, Reading Table, Home Economics Cottage, Mr. Glenn Sybert [Mr Sybert is buried at the Sparkman Hillcrest Memorial Park in Dallas, TX #177020955]

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Class Prophecy

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Class Will

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Class Will

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Juniors - Lorene Armstrong, Bill Bowman, Effie Burnham, Doris Jean Coley, Billy Campbell, Bettye Sue Daniel, Mildred Dortch, James Dortch, Patricia Doyle, Frances Faulin, Bryan Dunagan, Christieen Field

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Juniors - Evelyn Fuller, Tommy Fuller, Louise Fuller, Mary Frances Gothard, Charles Herd, Wanda Horn, Syble Hunt, Jack Mimms, Marita Jones, Betty Joe Jones, Mardist Miles, Annie Laura Key

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Juniors - Bera Mae Merrell, Allan Ray Morgan, Georgia Ruth Northern, June Omberg, Price Smith, Phyllis Ponder, Werdna Mae Scott, James Carroll Thrailkill, Louise Stevenson, Maxine Tallmon, Ernwood Tullos, Helen Watts

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Sophomores Class Photos - Brown, Hill, Neal, Moore, A. Ryan, Johnston, Ballew, Caffy, R. Geen, Rivers, French, Ratliff, Vest, Thompson, Lookingbill, Woolley, Couch, Haley, Thrailkill, Eddlemon, Roden, Burns, Ross, Scott, Bowen, Campbell, Wilkins, Meador, Shuttlesworth, Hollifield, S. Green, Harrington, Hayes, T.; Ryhan G.; Shuttlesowrth, D.; Shuttlesworth, W.; Smith, D.; Ponder, C.

Freshmen Class Photos - Harrington, Moore, Armstrong, Parum, Short, Ponder, Omberg, Crawford, J. McClure, Honea, Hodges, Vest, Hoyle, Hinkle, Gothard, Rowin, Thrailkill, Way, D. McClure, D. Hightower, Kinslow, Anderson, York, Young, English, Cagle, K. McClure, Dyer, Wilbanks, S. Hightower, Johnson, Reeves, S. E.; Richards, J; Sanders, R.;

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Seniors & Juniors Who's Who - Sam Moore, Lucille Pevehouse, Miriam Hightower, Bobby Mimms, Bill Bowman, June Omberg, Frank Hodges, Georgia Northern

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Sophomores & Freshmen Who's Who - Billy Johnson, Patsy Scott, Wilma Ballew, Otis D. Hill, Billy R. Moore, Jerolyn Way, Danny Anderson, Wanda Hoyle

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Football - Frost Champions - Players

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Football - Players

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Football - Scores

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Basketball Boys & Basketball Girls

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Basketball Boys & Basketball Girls

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In Former Days

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Annual Staff - Frostbite Staff

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Tennis Club & Homemaking Club

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Girls 4-H & Boys 4-H

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Our Friends

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Advertisements - Frost Gin Company, Williams & Shaw Gin

Page 41
Advertisements - Patterson's Pharmacy, Ed Ditt McCormick, Bailey Brothers Grocery

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This and That

Page 43
Advertisements - Scott's Store, Hightower's Barber, Bonnett's Store, Ross Service Stateion, Omberg & Mitchell

Page 44
Advertisements - County Clerk, Charles T. Banister Criminal District Attorney, Citizen State Bank of Frost, Webb Studios, Merrill's Hardware

Page 45
Advertisements - C. O. (Cap) Curington, Pete O'Daniel & Sonny Boy, Halley Blake Assessor Collector, Ombert & Mitchell, Slay's Service Station, Collin Street Bakery

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Autographs Page

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Advertisements - Taylors Publishing

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