The 1948 Bears Den
Year Book of Frost School
Frost, Navarro County Texas


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This yearbook belonged Kay Frances Kidd

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Dedication - Mr. W. V. Harrison

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Faculty - W. V. Harrison, W. T. Davis, O. K. Vinson, Mrs. J. J. Slater, Mrs. J. W. Strain, Mrs. J. S. Scott

Page 5
Faculty - D. B. Palmer, Mrs. W. V. Harrison, Mrs. F. L. McClure, Mrs. O. R. Kusler, Miss Beatrice Jones, Mrs. G. I Warren, Mrs. Jake Mason

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Seniors - Max Tullos, Jackie Bailey, Joyce Malone, Jimmy Hooser, Carl Hassel, Nell Campbell, Lola May Posey, Kenneth Slater

Page 8
Seniors - Benny Scott, Robbie Ponder, Alice Frederick, Wayne Haveman, James D. Hawkins, Gladys Muesse, Bessie Moore, Joe Sheppard

Page 9
Seniors - Billy Joe Watts, Sara Mitchell, Betty Ellington, Charles Moore, Joe Brown, Jack Jones,

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Class Will

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Senior Class Prophecy

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Class Poem

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Class Poem

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Class Poem

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Undergrads - Leon Crawford, Bobbie Johnson, Gwynne Hooser, Robert Hollifield, Billy Bonnett, Shirley Brown, Dorothy McClure, Charles Ellis, Bobby Templeton, Mary Ballew, Betty Faullin, Ben Roberts, Clarice Wooley, Lora Scott

Page 17
Freshman Class - Charles Young, James Gant, James Moore, George Ballew, Eugene Gray, Sally Key, Shirley Airheart, Leroy Ballew, Clinton Grizzard, Mrs. Slater, Patsy Snellings, Cynthia Havemann, Emogene Frederick, Walter McClure, Jack Torbert, Otis Hinkle, Sue Brown, Mary Tom Templeton, and Mrs. Strain

Sophomore Class - Doyle Chilton, Jack Sheppard, Jo Ann WIlloughby, Charles Way, Charles Harper, Terry Freeman, John Dennington, Viola Butcher, Celestine Ellis, Walter Ray Vest, Mr. Davis, Charles Cagle, Billy Ray Vest, Bobby Long, Bobby Blake, Gene Roberson, Charles Adams, Bud Fitzgerald, Leta Joyce McElroy, Mary Frances Northern, and Mary English

Page 18
Seventh and Eigth Grade - Kenneth Stroder, Maurice Honea, Arnold Armstrong, Keith Ballew, Don Smith, Buddy Ross, Frances Ann Moore, Alma Jean Hassell, Myra Lee Downey, Jessie Raines, Carolyn Griffin, Callie Sue McClure, Jackie Nell Hustead, Jackie Malone, Thelma Hinkle, Frances Max Watts, Jimmy Carroll, Jackie Roberson, R. D. German, Harold Cagle, Richard Saunders, W. V. Harrison, Billie Gene Pevehouse, Jerry Beth Green, and Lena Jewel Dortch
Student Council - Betty Ellington, Robbie Ponder, ALice Frederick, Mrs. Slater, Nell Campbell, Leta McElroy, Betty Jo Faulin, Emogene Frederick, Sue Brown, Jimmie Hooser, Kenneth Slater, Charles Adams, Walter Ray Vest, Mary Frances Northern, Bobby Templeton

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Fifth Grade - Jimmy Brown, Mildred Sonnenburg, Ann McClure, Bobbie Vest, Lillie Klutts, Eugenia Reed, Barbara Gantt, Mary Green, Glenda Dortch, Nathaniel Raines, Rudy Key, Marshall Dawson, Patsy Airheart, John Klutts, Bobbie Buckner, Christen Shelton, Richard Fields, Maurice English, Reva Dortch, Mrs. F. L. McClure, Rufus Selby, Deloris Foster, Sara Cagale, Richard Kusler, Donald Stubblefield
Sixth Grade - Nelda Ann Cagle, Betty Sonnenberg, Barbara Lou Haveman, Harold Horn, Edward Stanley, Harold Faulin, Kenneth Reed, Charles Pevehouse, Darrel Bailey, Victor French, Ann Jones, Virginia Mahaley, Kay Frances Kidd, Barbara Jean McElroy, Bobby Sharp, Vance Long, Melva Ray Stubblefield, Gene Pulter, Annie Sue Armstrong, Jane Jones, Mae Dell German, Larry Lewis, Gerald Roberson, John M. Scott, Katherine Cochran, D. B. Palmer

Page 20
Third Grade- Eual Buckner, Jeffery Templeton, Jerry Brown, Betty Sue Bell, Jessie Lee Bridger, Peggy Hunt, Lillie Key, Janice Green, Nedra Massengale, Connie Patterson, Rosemary Strain, Mike McMinn, Georgie Russell, Carolyn Wooley, Patsy Hunt, Linda Ballew, Barbara Williams, Glynell Crawford, Billy Hooser, Lillian Ann McClure, Miss Beatrice Jones, Mary Lynn English, Betty Jene Grizzrd, Barbara Foster, Neva Joy Stubblefield, Donald Bailey, Weldon Carrol, Joe Frederick
Fourth Grade - Barbara Beavers, Nelda Ruth Bell, Joy Elaine Ballew, Jackie Slater, Wayne Gray, Bobby Ellis, Curtis Muesse, Jane Knight, Jimmie Fuller Strain, Sonny Green, Strain Armstrong, Doug Harrison, Bobby Honea, Walter Williams, Melvin Grizzrd, Linda Willoughby, Barbara Bonnett, Karen Long, Charles Gray ?, John Frank Neel, Sue Scott, Janice Ross, Barbara Jean Clifton, Clarence Foster, Mrs. Kust?.

Page 21
First Grade - Arnell Chamblee, Helen Marie Morgan, Patricia Vest, Doris Putman, Juanita Hollifield, Janice Woolley, Pat Grizzaffi, Joy Dyer, Robby Dortch, Nedra Nell Harper, Betty Basham, Phil Massengale, Luc Ann Adams, Jerry Buckner, Robert Raley, Mary Nell Roberson, Betty Jo Wright, Billy Wilbanks, Linda Smith, Kris Moore, Glen Ballew, Pierre Grizzard, Norman Henthorne, Nelson German, Peggy Lewis, Wendell Dyer, Herbert Lynn Slater, Mrs. Jake Mason.
Second Grade - Gwendal Carroll, Mervin Butcher, Peggy Smith, Paul Faullin, Pats Putman, Ann Roberts, Evelyn Stanley, Neva Joy Wright, Johnny McClure, Charles Dortch, Kenneth Thompson, Richard Green, Janet Cochran, Emma Ruth Sonnenberg, Marceline Raley, Jenice Long, Jerry Sue Malone, Ann Boyd, Leah Ballew, Linda German, Larry Fields, Alva Lyn Smith, Kenneth Burleson, John ALva Dortch, Clays Tanner, Jackie French, Doris Butcher, Geraldane Lewis, Mrs. G. I Warren

Page 22
The Frost Bite Staff - Betty Ellington, Alice Frederick, Mrs. J. J. Slater, Nell Campbell, Jackie Bailey, Joe Brown, Joyce Malone, Robbie Ponder, Joe Sheppard

Page 23
Senior Class Play - "Maid to Order"

Page 24
Junior Class Play - "Meet the Folks"

Page 25

Page 26
Frost Polar Bears of '48

Page 27
Frost Girls' Basketball Squad, District Champs '48, Pep Squad Leaders

Page 28
School Fun

Page 29
Candid Photos

Page 30
Candid Photos

Page 31
Autographs Page (followed by some blank pages)

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Page 33
Advertisement - R. C. Wood & Son

Page 34
Advertisement - Gillen Chevrolet Company

Page 35
Advertisement - Frost Gin Co. & William & Shaw Gin Co.

Page 36
Advertisement - Bailey Bros. Grocery & Marker; Patterson's Drug Store

Page 37
Advertisement - Johnson's Pharmacy, McCormick's Funeral Home, J. B. Brown's Grocery, Ellington's Service Station

Page 38
Advertisement - Southland Cotton Oil Company, McAdams Pharmacy, Citizens State Bank, Scott's Store

Page 39
Advertisement - J. M. Dyer Co., Humble Service Station, Frost Feed & Hatchery, Bonnett's Store

Page 40
Advertisement - Marks Brothers Dept. Store, Hill & Shipe Shoe Star, Sam Daiches Jeweler, K. Wolens Dept Store

Page 41
Advertisement - Mahaley Grocery & Market, Frost Lumber Co., Sheppard's Barber Shop

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